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Sunday, 25 June 2000 Today I added some new pictures...   GO take a look I set it up allot better then the other site.  38 New pictures added this weekend and many more to come in the following weeks.  Sorry about being delayed so long  but starting in the beginning of July I will be putting 100% attention back on my site instead of only 30%.  most of the  links on this site are not currently up but  will be soon and  all NEW material...  So enjoy what is new and don't forget to check back soon.
Sunday, 17 June 2000 This is the newest addition to the site.  I was getting to hard for me to keep track of everything on the other site... so that is why I came up with this idea.   I hope you like everything.     I will keep updating that other material on, but I will let you know on this site what I have exactly changed.  I will be making new pictures for this page.. allot better then all my other pictures and a better layout then before too.  The film Clips will all be new and easier to download cause I got a new program that is easier and better then before.  This week I will be working mostly online and waiting for this weekend to update the site.  Feel free to email me cause I still check my mail everyday! 
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