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Sunday August 07th, 2005 15:02  By: Dragonballmaster  All Fans...I (DragonBallMaster) am looking for a person or group of people to help out and keep the site/s updated. is merging with  So us 2 webmaster are looking for a staff to help out and support the new Site.  Graphic Designers, News Updates, Story Writers, Media Creators, If it is related to DBZ and some other anime, then please apply.  You can re-design, re-construct, or pretty much re-do anything on the site (some limitations). You want new improved layouts, more content, better updates? Here is your chance!  If you are interested please contact me on Yahoo Messenger (dbzgtwebmaster This is Messenger ID only NOT and email.  Or Visit for more details on joining the staff.  PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS an EXPERIENCED/AVERAGE Webmasters APPLY! If you don't know how to run a website please don't reply.






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