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The Black Star Era (1-22)

Goku and Ubuu are training at Gods Palace, and the battle is just about to end.  Pilaf and his sidekicks are sneaking in the palace to look for the Mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls created by Piccolo when he first came to Earth before he split into Kami and Piccolo.  Goku accidentally gets turned into a kid again and the Dragon Balls disperse all over the galaxy!  If the balls are not returned to Earth within one year the Earth will explode.  Goku, Trunks, and Pan set out to look for the balls all over the galaxy.  They fight allot of strong monsters along the way and meet many new friends including the robot that becomes their friend named Gill.  On there search they stop at Gills home planet where they find out that about Dr. Myu and his plan to resurrect Bebei.

Bebei Era (23-40)

Bebei the Prince of the Truffles is being resurrected by Dr. Myu, who was actually created by Bebei himself.  Everyone thinks Dr. Myu created Bebei and is getting power for him but Trunks think he stops the machine that is holding Bebei and everyone thinks Bebei dies.  Bebei wakes up and looks like a little baby but actual is pretty strong.  Goku and the group easily destroy Bebei, well they think they do but he escapes in the spaceship with Dr. Myu.  Later Bebei discusses himself as a little boy and tries to take over Trunks body but Trunks is too strong still and forces Bebei out of his body.  After that Bebei disappears again and goes to Earth ahead of Goku and the group.  He takes over Goten and Gohan and both of them fight against Vegeta and eventually Bebei gets Vegeta and the rest of the world too except for Ubuu, Buu and Mr. Satan.  Goku gathers the rest of the balls ( which they don't show) and arrives back on earth. Bebei steals the balls and wishes for a new planet for the Truffles.  Earth blows up cause the dragon ball don't come back in one year and Piccolo dies with the Earth cause he felt that he deserved to die for not protecting the Earth.  Everyone safely escaped to the Truffle planet by SSJ4 Goku teleporting and spaceships.  Bebei and Goku fight and it ends up being Golden Oozaru Bebei Vegeta VS SSJ4 Goku.  Bebei get beat up so bad that he leaves Vegeta's body and escapes in a spaceship, but Goku lets him go and fires a Kamehameha at the ship while it is on space and forces it into the Sun and Bebei dies.

Super Android 17 Era (41-45)

Starts of in Hell Dr. Myu meets up with Dr. Gero and they discuss a plan to make a new Android 17 that would combine with the original Android 17 to make the Super Android 17.  There now is an #17 in Hell and one on Earth, but the one in Hell can link minds with the one on Earth causing a portal between Hell and Earth to open so they can escape.  Before they escape Hell they trick Goku to come to Hell so they can trap him.  Goku gets traps and find Cell and Freiza that have powered up allot and learned a new move together.  Goku almost gets beaten but luckily get out from a flaw in there plan and take care of them both.  Piccolo is in Heaven but goes to Hell to help Goku get back to Earth with the help of Dendi.  Dr. Myu take control of Super #17 from Dr. Gero and kill him.  Goku gets back and fights with Super #17 but SSJ4 is a matched.  Super #17 can absorb all Goku ki attacks and gets stronger each time he does.  Goku eventually figures out how to beat him and does.

Evil Shenron Era (46-64)

After defeating Super Android 17 the group tries to use the Dragon Ball to wish everything right again, but something strange happens.  The Dragon Balls are cracked and some strange black smoke comes out to make a big fat cigar smoking Evil Shenron.  He laughs at the group and disappears into 7 Dragons.  Goku fight the seven dragons, each have a different power the came from a different wish.  The last dragon they fight is the one star dragon that is the strongest and almost beat him, but he absorbs all the Dragon Balls Goku collected and transforms into the Ultimate Dragon.  Vegeta comes to help and can now go SSJ4 thanks to Bulma's invention.  Vegeta and Goku fuse to form SSJ4 Gogeta and kicks that crap out of the Ultimate Dragon.  Unfortunately the fusion runs out in 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes, so what are they going to do now.  The dragon is defeated with and Ultimate Genki-dama that Goku gets the energy from all the people all over the universe.  Everyone is happy the normal Shenron appears and tells Goku to hope on his back.  The Dragon grants one last wish before him and Goku disappear into the sky until people can learn to live without depending on the Dragon Balls. The last episode is about Goku Jr. 100 years later and Pan is the only one left alive.  ( I don't know what that episode means but could possibly mean one day a sequel but don't count on it.)

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