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Dragonball Movie Biographies

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Saiya-Jin Characters in Movies

*Brolly (Burori) (Broli)
(from Movie 8) Super Saiyan born on the same day as Gokou;possessesa natural hatred toward Gokou. As a baby, he was sent for execution by King Vegeta (who feared Brolly's awesome power), but survived. Years later, he encountered Gokou again and went in a rampage. He beat everyone, but was eventually overwhelmed by Gokou.
(from Movie 10) survived Gokou's victory and crashed on Earth; loses sanity again. He was killed by a fireball combination of Gokou, Gohan, and Goten.
(from Movie 11) became a clone created from the DNA samples of his blood. The clone was unstable and trashed the laboratory that created him. (destroyed by hardening in water)

*Gokou Jr.
grandson of Pan. He appeared in the only Dragonball GT TV special on March 25, 1997. This coward gained courage and gathered the dragonballs to make a wish to heal his dying grandmother. At the end of Dragonball GT, Gokou Jr. appeared again in a tournament battle against Vegeta Jr..

*Gozita (Gogeta) (Gogita)
(from Movie 12) the fusion result of Gokou and Vegeta. In Dragonball GT, Gozita was formed again when Super Gokou 4 fused with Super Vegeta 4.

(from Movie 3) evil Saiyan who looks like Gokou. Taurus planted his energy absorbing tree in the Earth in hope to eat its fruit to become super strong. (killed by Gokou)

Good Guys in Movies

(from Movie 13) "godzilla-like" monster brought to life by evil magicians. Hirudegarn was cut in half to be stopped. Its upper body was absorbed by Tapion and its lower body was absorbed by Minosha. Hoi released the monster from Tapion's brother and Hirudegarn killed the kid. Then the upper body was released and the bodies fused back into one. Hirudegarn became to terrorize Earth, but was killed by Gokou's dragon punch.

Tapion's little brother who looks like Trunks. The bottom half of Hirudegarn was trapped into his body, but Hoi released it. Then, Hirudegarn smashed and killed Minosha.

hero whose home planet was destroyed by Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn's upper body was contained in his body and he was locked up in a box to make sure that Hirudegarn wouldn't become a threat again. The monster escaped but was defeated. Tapion left Earth and gave his sword to Trunks as a gift.

Bad Guys in Movies

*Android 13
(from Movie 7) one of the androids Dr. Gero was working on when he got killed by Android 17. Android 13 set out to destroy Gokou and fused with the shattered parts of Androids 14 and 15 to become a bigger stronger being. (killed by Gokou)

*Android 14
(from Movie 7) created with Androids 13 and 15 by Dr. Gero (killed by Future Trunks)

*Android 15
(from Movie 7) created with Androids 13 and 14 by Dr. Gero (killed by Vegeta)

(from Bardock Story) Gokou's father. Cursed by an alien whose planet he helped destroy, he foresaw the destruction of his planet and tried to save it, but was no match for Freeza.
(killed by Freeza)

(from Movie 9) space pirate. He wrecked a Tenkaichi Boudoukai tournament in an attempt to take over the Earth, but was defeated by Gohan. (killed by Gohan)

*Chauzu (Chaos)
in Dragonball Movie 3, he was the young emperor of Mifan. In the series, he was a student of Tsuru-sennin. He and Tenshin-han discovered that their master was evil and abandoned him. Chazu sacrificed himself in battle against Nappa, but was revived from a wish with the Namek dragonballs.

*Coola (Coora)
(from Movie 5)  watched his brother Freeza destroy Planet Vegeta and let baby Gokou fly to Earth in a Saiyan space capsule uninterfered (thinking that it was part of Freeza's plan). Upon learning about his brother's death, he landed on Earth for revenge, but was blown into the sun by Gokou's fireball.
(from Movie 6) merged with an alien spaceship floating in space. He attempted to conquer Planet Namek, but was defeated once again. (killed by Gokou)

 *Dr. Raichi
(from OVA special) survived the destruction of his planet that was destroyed by the Saiyans under Freeza's orders. He plotted revenge and created mutant monsters, including Hatchhyack, which were all killed by the Saiyan warriors. (killed from the Saiyans' fireballs)

*Dr. Wheel
(from Movie 2) evil scientist whose laboratory caved in on him. His giant brain was preserved in the ice, and he and his lab were restored by a wish made with the Dragonballs by his android assistant. He tried to take over Gokou's body, but was defeated. (killed by Gokou)

(from OVA special) powerful creation of Dr. Raichi. Hatchhyack was eventually killed by the fireballs of Gokou, Gohan, Vegeta, and Future Trunks.

(from Movie 13) one of the evil magicians who created Hirudegarn. He was responsible for re-unleashing Hirudegarn. (negligently stomped to death by Hirudegarn)

(from Movie 12) evil spirit of the dead that infested the body of a teenager working in the heavens. Janenba disrupted the heavens and brought the dead back to life. He was vanquished by Gozita and the teenager was restored back to normal. 

(from Movie 4) evil Namek conquerer. His spaceship crashed on Earth and he used the dragonballs to wish back his youth. (killed by Gokou)

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