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Saiya-Jin Characters in DBZ

Gokou's and Chi-Chi's first son. He trained under Piccolo in preparation for fight Nappa and Vegeta. Gohan was responsible for Vegeta's defeat in the Vegeta Series. In the Cell Series, he reached SSJ1 and SSJ2 forms and killed Cell. In the Boo Series, Gohan learned how to enter Mystic form under Dai-Kaioushin's training. Gohan was absorbed by Boo, but rescued by Gokou and Vegeta. Afterwards, he married Videl and became the father of Pan. Gohan is also know as the Great Saiyan-man, a masked crime fighter.

second son of Gokou and Chi-Chi. He was able to reach Super Saiyan level at a young age, and can fuse with Trunks to become Gotenks.

the fusion result of Goten and Trunks; can reach SSJ3 level. Gokou taught the fusion technique so taht the boys can have a chance to defeat Boo, but it turned out that Gotenks was still no match for Boo.

Nappa (Bad Guy)
evil Saiyan partner of Vegeta. He and Vegeta travelled together to Earth to seek the dragonballs for immortality. Nappan is responsible for the deaths of Chauzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo. When Gokou beat him up, he was betrayed and killed by Vegeta. When Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu escaped from hell in Dragonball GT, Nappa escaped as well and was killed again by Vegeta.

Raditz (Bad Buy)
older brother of Gokou. He was sent to seek Gokou to return to the Saiyans, but to his disappointment Gokou was not evil as planned. (killed by Piccolo)

son of Vegeta and Bulma. He was able to reach Super Saiyan level at a young age and can fuse with Goten to become Gotenks. In Dragonball GT, he journeyed with Gokou and Pan in search of the Black Star dragonballs.

Trunks (future)
future Trunks who travelled back in time in hope to alter the future. He grew up in a world where Gokou died from a heart attack. Because Gokou was dead, no one was able to defeat Androids 17 and 18. The Androids killed the rest of the Z warriors and terrorized the world. Future Trunks travelled back in time to give Gokou medicine to prevent death from the heart attack. Upon arrival, Trunks killed Freeza and his crew. Later, he was killed by Cell but was revived by a wish from the dragonballs. Afterwards, Future Trunks returned to the future, which remained unchanged, and easily killed Androids 17 and 18 because of his training in the "present" timeline. At the same time, Cell was about to steal Trunks' time machine, but Trunks eaily killed form 1 Cell.

Vegeta (Vejita) (Bejita)
evil Prince of the Saiyans who grew up following Freeza's orders to conquer other planets. Vegeta was defeated for the first time by Gokou and retreated (Vegeta Series). Then, he allied with the Z warriors in battling Freeza in the Freeza Series, Vegeta easily gets jealous at other warriors because he wanted to be the strongest. Vegeta also vows that Kakarot's life belongs to him. In the Cell Series, Vegeta reaches SSJ level for the first time. Vegeta officially became one of the good guys in the Boo Series, when he realized that Gokou is stronger. In the Boo Series, he became one of Babi-di's zombies, Majin-Vegeta, and self-destructed in hope of destroying Boo. He was revived by King Yama to fight Boo. Vegeta also fuses with Gokou to become Vegetto. In Dragonball GT, Baby took over his body and he became Vegeta-Bebi. Then, he reaches SSJ4 level for the first time, and fused with Super Gokou 4 to become Gozita once again (since Movie 12)

Vegetto (Bejito)
fusion of Gokou and Vegeta fused when each wore one of Dai-Kaioushin's special earrings on opposite ears. Vegetto was able to stand up to Boo, but allowed Boo to absorb him anyway to rescue their comrades still inside of Boo's body and so that the effects of the permanent fusion would be cancelled.

Good Guys in DBZ

Android 16
peaceful android created and stored by Dr. Gero but unleashed by Androids 17 and 18.  He fought and got destroyed by Cell, but was repaired and reprogrammed into a Z warrior by Bulma. In the second battle, Android 16 was killed again, but his death triggered Gohan to reach SSJ2 mode for the first time.

Android 18
wicked cyborg sister of Android 17 created by Dr. Gero. She was absorbed by Cell but spit back out. She married Klilyn and became mother of Marron.

daughter of Vegeta and Bulma; resembles a young pecky Bulma and does almost nothing but shop.

elder Kaioushin. He watches the universe through a crystal ball. Dai-Kaioushin   helped Gohan enter his Mystic form and sacrificed his own life to revive Gokou to fight Boo.

young Namek who became the new guardian of the Earth when Kami fused with Piccolo. As guardian of the dragonballs, Shenlong can grant him 3 wishes instead of 1.
Specialty: healer

eldest Namek. In the Freeza Series, he helped unleash Klilyn and Gohan's hidden powers. (died of old age)

Kaiou (North; King Kai)
watcher who trained Gokou to battle Nappa and Vegeta. Kaiou also trained the Z Warriors in preparation of Freeza.

a higher form of the guardians whose people was killed by Boo.

daughter of Klilyn and Android 18. Marron is also Klilyn's first girlfriend, to whom his daughter was named after

best warrior on Planet Namek. He permanently fused with Piccolo in the Freeza Series.

dead warrior of West Kaiou. He fought Gokou in a battle tournament of the dead which resulted in a tie (also made an appearance in Movie 12).

daughter of Gohan and Videl. This one-fourth Saiyan teenager wanted to prove herself and tagged along most of the adventures in the beginning of Dragonball GT.

Porunga Shenlong
dragon of the Namek dragonballs; more powerful than the Shenlong of Earth; can grant 3 wishes at a time.

Sataan (Satan)
cowardly father of Videl. He assumed the title as the best fighter and hero of Earth when he stole the credit for killing Cell. Throughout his life with the title, he faked illnesses and used bribery to escape having to fight in the tournaments. At old age, he passed on his title to Ubuu.

Videl (Beeduru)
Sataan's daughter. She joined Gohan in crime fighting and became part of the Great Saiyan-man team. Later, she married Gohan and had a daughter, Pan.

Ubuu (Oob)
reincarnation of evil Boo. He is one of the good guys and went to train with Gokou. When fat Boo was killed by Baby, Boo's particles fused back with Ubuu; they were originally one. Ubuu also won Sataan's title as the world's best fighter.

Bad Guys in DBZ

Android 17
menacing cyborg brother of Android 18 created by Dr. Gero. Android 17 betrayed and killed Dr. Gero. He was absorbed by Cell, but was later revived. Android 17 returned at the end of the Boo Series. In Dragonball GT, he fused with Artificial 17 to become Super 17.

Android 19
fat android created by Dr. Gero. Specialty: ability to absorb energy from opponents
(killed by Vegeta)

Android 20 (Dr. Gero)
evil engineer of Red Ribbon. He developed a hatred towards Gokou since Gokou destroyed Red Ribbon. He devoted the rest of his life trying to destroy Gokou by creating a number of androids to do the job, but was betrayed and killed by Android 17. In hell, he allied with Dr. Myuu to create Artificial 17. 17 betrayed and killed him once again. (killed by Android 17/ Super 17)

tall muscular dark blue member of Team Ginew. Specialty: super speed (killed by Gokou)

evil little magician who plotted to destroy the world for the fun of it. He re-unleashed Boo but got into an argument with Boo that costed him his life. (killed by Boo)

father of Babi-di. Although he appeared only in a flashback, this little evil magician is the creator of Boo.

created by Bibi-di for destruction. He defeated most of the Kaiou-shins and was cursed into his fat form. Years later, he was unleased again by Babi-di and sent to destroy Earth. Boo went through various form changes (after absorbing good Boo, SSJ3 Gotenks, Mystic Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegitto) and even split into two beings.Fat Boo joined the good guys. The evil Original Boo was killed by Gokou and reincarnated into Ubuu.

Cell (Seru)
Android 21; created by Dr. Gero. He was completed in Future Trunks' timeline. Cell killed Future Trunks, stole his time machine, and traveled back to time to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to reach perfect form. The Z warriors defeated him, but he sacrificed himself in an attempt for a final victory by triggering the bombs in his body (Gokou teleported  Cell to explode in Kaiou's planet to save the Earth), but regenerated from a single surviving brain cell. At the end, he is killed by Gohan. In hell, he allied with Freeza in an attempt to take over the Nether regions, but stopped by Gokou and Paiku-han. Later, he was upgraded by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu and allied with Freeza again to fight Gokou, but was defeated once again by Gokou.

Cell Jr.
little blue replica (7 in all) of Cell.  (all 7 killed by Gohan)

father of Freeza and Coola. He gathered the damaged parts of Freeza and "repaired" him. (killed by Future Trunks)

satanic partner of Babi-di. He turned Klilyn and Piccolo into stone (his curse was lifted when he died). Like his partner, he and was betrayed and killed by Boo. (killed by Boo)

fat pink left-hand man of Freeza. This brainless goon was responsible for killing Bardock's crew. (killed by Vegeta)

Freeza (Frieza)
space conquerer who killed King Vegeta and took over Planet Vegeta. He used the Saiyans as mercenaries to take over other planets. Freeza later destroyed Planet Vegeta itself. He attempted to seek the Namek dragonballs to wish for immortality and was responsible for blowing up Planet Namek, but was defeated by Gokou. His body parts were found floating in space by his father (Cold) and was rebuilt into robotic form. (killed by Future Trunks) In the afterlife, he allied with Cell to terrorize hell, but was defeated by Paiku-han and Gokou. He attempted this once again in Dragonball GT, but was again defeated by Gokou.

Ginew (Ginyu)
leader of the Ginew Team.
Specialty: can swap bodies with victims
He tried to swap bodies with Gokou, but  Gokou threw a frog in the way and Ginew ended up becoming the frog.

short 4 eyed member of Team Ginew. Specialty: can pause time and paralyse his opponents by holding his breath. (killed by Vegeta)

rock-and-roll member of Team Ginew
(killed by Vegeta)

huge orange muscular member of Team Ginew. (killed by Gokou)

brainless little monster grown out of alien seeds. When Planet Vegeta existed, Vegeta trained by killing these brainless monsters. When Vegeta arrived to Earth, Nappa planted six of these to fight the Z warriors. One killed Yamcha and the rest were killed by Klilyn.

handsome blue right-hand man of Freeza. He was the one who gave Freeza the idea that the Saiyans might become a threat. From this idea, Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta. (killed by Vegeta)

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