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Saiya-Jin Saga (1-16) Episodes

Goku meets up with old friends and introduces them to his son Gohan.  Soon after, Gokus brother, Raditz, arrives and takes Gohan and will only give him back if Goku joins him and the other Saiya-Jins.  Piccolo joins forces with Goku to fight the extremely powerful Raditz.  Goku sacrifices his life in order to hold Raditz down long enough for Piccolo to blast them both into the next dimension.   Raditz was beaten with the lose of Goku but we find out that there are now 2 more Saiya-Jins that are much more powerful then Raditz on the way to Earth to get the 7 Dragon Balls.  Goku searches for the God of the Northern Galaxy, King Kai, in order to train to become stronger.  One year passes the Saiya-Jins arrive on Earth and Goku is wished back to life.  Goku finishes his training but it will take him and extra day to get back to earth to fight.  The Z warriors have to hold off for 1 days while Goku is on his way.  Piccolo is killed and the Dragon Balls disappear.  Goku finally arrives and easily takes care of Nappa but Vegeta is left and he is the Prince of all Saiya-Jins.  The battle is fought and Vegeta ends up barely escaping in his space pod leaving Goku in much need of a hospital.  Now me must find some Dragon Balls Piccolos home planet Namek to wish everyone back!

Namek Saga (27-53) Episodes

Goku is still hurt in bed but Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma go to Namek to start collection the Dragon Balls.  They meet some trouble on the way but easily take care of it.  Vegeta is also healed and on his way to Namek to stop his former Boss Freiza from getting the Dragon Balls.  Vegeta ends up stealing Freiza 5 Dragon Balls giving him 6 total cause Gohan stole the last one from Vegeta.  The Ginyu force, Freiza elite fighting team is called to take care of Vegeta and the humans.  Ginyu force is beating up on everyone when Goku arrives and teaches them a lesson.  Capitan Ginyu trades bodies with Goku but he ends up getting it back after a while.  Krillin tricks Vegeta and Starts to make the Wishes while Vegeta is asleep.  Freeza is coming and Vegeta wakes up.  Vegeta is about wish to be immortal but the Eldest Namek dies and the Balls disappear.  Two wishes were made but still one left on the Namek Balls but luckily the Earths Balls are back since Piccolo is alive again.

Frieza Saga (54-92) Episodes

Vegeta starts to fight Freiza in his 1st form while Piccolo is on planet Namek coming to fight too.  Goku is in the healing tank from fighting Capitan Ginyu and will be out soon to fight also.  Freiza transforms to 2nd form to beat Vegeta but needs to transform to 3rd form to beat Piccolo.  Goku come out fully healed and make Freiza transform to his 4th and final form.  The battle is fought and Freiza almost wins but then Goku turns Super Saiya-Jin after Killing Krillin and treating to hurt Gohan.  Freiza can not win but is going to blow up the planet to beat Goku.  The planet blows up Freiza Dies and Goku is no where to be found either.  What now.

Garlic Jr. Saga (93-102) Episodes

While the group waits for the Dragon Balls to come back in one year something that happens only every 10,000 years happens.  The death Star and some other planets are all lined up and mystical stuff like that.  That means that all Demons have 50 time more power while the stars are aligned.  Garlic Jr. (the guy Gohan beat in DBZ Movie #1) breaks out of the dimension that he was trapped in.   With his new power he easily takes over Kami (God of Earth) and traps him in a little bottle and keeps him.  Garlic Jr. uses some Dark Mist to turn all the earths people into his evil demon slaves.  Everyone is turned except for Gohan, Piccolo and a couple other Z fighters.  They have to get the holy water and spread it all over the Earth to turn the people back to normal, but the problem is they only have one day before the Dark Mist's effect is permeate.  Of course Garlic Jr. and his helper don't like this so they all fight and are beaten again.  The holy water is made to rain all over the Earth using the Seven Winds but Kami has to fight the previous gods of the Earth before he can pass to do this.  Well he gets past them and the Earth is saved.

Future Trunks Saga (103-110) Episodes

One year passes and Krillin and Goku are wished back to life But the Dragon says Goku is not Dead but is on his way home right now!  They can sense a powerful energy coming back, but its not Goku its Freiza.  Everyone is waiting to fight Freiza but they know they are strong but still they can't beat him.  Suddenly a strange kid appears and easily kills Freiza and his father.  Everyone is amazed and his power cause he too is a Super Saiya-Jin, but that's not it cause he says Goku will be there in 1 hour and knows were he is going to land too.  Goku arrives to everyone's amazement and the mysterious kid (Trunks) takes Goku off to the side and transforms and fights Goku to test him to see how strong he is.  Trunks is impressed and tell Goku that in a couple years some Androids are going to appear and they will be super strong.  Also that Goku will die of a heart disease if he dose not take the medicine he brought from the future.  Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma 20 years from the future.  Trunks leaves and says he will be back on the day the Androids are to appear.  Piccolo tells everyone ( cause Goku forgot allot of what Trunks said) what is going to happen about the androids so the all go off and train.

Android Saga (111-124) Episodes

Three years pass and everyone meets back up to see the arrival of the androids.  The androids arrive and almost kill Yamcha but luckily they had some sensu beans to save him.  The Z fighters started to fight the androids and found out that they weren't that strong after all.  I guess all the training they did paid off.  While they were fighting the last android Trunks came back from the future and noticed that the androids that Goku and the Z fighters where fighting were not the same androids as from his time.  Just after that Goku had his first heart attack and the last android escaped and ran back to his secret laboratory to activate that other androids #17 and #18.  The new androids were much much stronger then the others and they activated #16 that was even more powerful but easygoing and down to earth.  The androids went out on there mission to kill Goku.  Everyone went to figure out how to beat the androids and Piccolo new the only way was to rejoin with Kami and become whole again.  He goes back and joins and becomes powerful enough to beat the androids but as he is going to stop them a new problem comes up.  Trunks time machine was found in the woods but it was all old and broken.  How did that get there it looks like someone else came back from the future?

Cell Saga (125-179) Episodes

Tunks and Bulma go to investigate the time machine that was found and sure enough it was trunks from the fruture, but how since Trunks had the time machine in his pocket?  They looked around the area and found a giant shell from a creature that no one ever seen before.  Sure enough a little bit later on the news a whole city of people disapeared.  It was the monster from the future "Cell."  Cell was from 3 years in the future after Trunks killed and 2 androids.  Cell was made by Dr. Gero the same scientist that made the androids.  Cell was made to absorb android 17 and 18 to become the perfect android.  Cell was pretty weak and the new Piccolo could have beat him easily but Cell kept running away.  Cell would absorb humans to gain power and after about 30,000 humans he finally was stronger then piccolo.  Cell absorbed android 17 and 16 finally steped in to fight but was no chance since he got 17.  After absrobing 17 Cell changed forms and powered up alot.  Now he was going for android 18.  tien came to the ruscue and stoped cell for a couple minutes while andriod 18 escaped.  They escaped for a while but eventually cell absorbed 18 and when he did he became so powerful then no one standed a chance.  Cell declaired the Cell Games that would take place in 1 week.  Everyone used the Room of Spirit and Time to train and become stronger.  This is were gohan trained with goku and became Super Saiyajin.  Everyone came out and the Cell games took place.  Goku fought first to show Gohan how Cell fought so it would be easier when Gohan went next.  Goku almost won but cell can reform.  Goku gave up and let Gohan have a turn.  Cell beath up gohan sonme and made 7 cell jrs to hurt the rest of the Z fighters.  Cell did this to make Gohan mad so he would transform to SSJ2 so it would be a better fight.  Well, Gohan did transform right after cell killed andriod 16.  Gohan easily whooped up on Cell and hit him so hard that Cell sit out andriod 18.  Cell knew that he could not win like that so he was going to self-destruct but goku teleported him to king kia's planet and goku, king kia got killed.  Unfortanally Cell was still able to regenerate and come back to life not to mention that he was stronger now and back to his perfect form.  He fought Gohan more but since gohan was scared it was hard for him to win.  Goku had to talk to him in his mind and help Gohan not be afraid.  Cell got blown to bits and the world was saved once again.  Everyone was happy but Goku was dead and he did not mind cause now Gohan could protect the earth. Seven years passed while Goku was training in heaven and Gohan went to school and Goten was born.

Great Saiyaman Saga (180-194) Episodes

It has been 7 years since Cell Gohan starts High School today and has to travel to the big city to go.  Goten has been playing with trunks and Goku has been is about to enter a tournament in the heavens.  Goku is the new comer and no one thinks he should enter since everyone else has been training for 100-1000+ years.  The tournament is to celebrate King Kai's death.  Goku and Pikan end up being the last 2 to fight in the tournament and the Grand Kai disqualifies them both cause they both touched the roof of the stadium.  Actually the Grand Kai was scared to fight them and need some time to train.  In the mean while back on earth Gohan was going to school everyday, but he was riding the candy cloud.  It took him 2 hours to ride it to school but he did not want to fly cause some one might see him and think he was weird.  So that is how he came up with the Great Saiyaman Idea he would disguise himself so he could fly to school that only took 30 mins instead 2 hours.  One day while flying to school he heard someone in trouble and went down to help, and everyone thought he was a super hero.  Videl, Mr Satans daughter was also like a super hero just like her father.  Videl did not think The Great Saiyaman was cool and tried to find out who he really was.  They went on fighting crime for a while but soon they had to start training for the world tournament that was coming up soon.  That is not all cause the rumor was that Goku was coming back for 1 day to fight in the tournament.  

World Tournament Saga (195-204) Episodes

It is the day before the tournament and Goku is back. Goten got to meet his father and everyone was happy and had been training hard for the last couple months.  This was different then the last tournament cause there was a children and adult section unlike before where everyone fought everyone.  Plus the pre-fights were not going to be held instead you would have to punch a strength machine.  Mr. Satan went first and got like a 410 and all of the Z fighters had to hit it really soft and they all got about a 800 except for Vegeta that did not fell like hitting it softly and punched it so hard that it flew into the wall and turned into dust.  Goten and Trunks easily beat all the other kids and fought each other in the finals.  Trunks won but Goten did not care cause they were just having fun anyway.  Mr. Satan had to fight Trunks and was scared but he tricked Trunks to hit him really easy.  Even though Trunks hit him really easy hit him out of the ring and Mr Satan played it off like he let Trunks beat him but went into his room and cried cause Trunks hit him so hard.  The fight went on and Piccolo was up to fight a strange new guy and in the ring Piccolo gave up cause he figured out who it was.  The stranger was the Supreme Kai.  It was just about Gokus and Vegeta Match that Vegeta had been wafting for forever... but then something happened that they all had to fly off.  Then the Supreme Kai explains everything that why he is there and what he is looking for.  

Babadi Saga (205-216) Episodes

The Supreme Kai finally explains that he is here to stop Babadi, the son of Bibadi and the creator of Buu, from resurrecting Buu.  Many thousands of years ago Buu killed 4 of the Grand Kai's before his master Bibadi was stoped.  Now his son Babadi wanted to bring him back to life.  They went to stop him and this is were they all fought monsters but were extremely easy for Goku Vegeta and Gohan.  Gohan was fighting the last guy the Demon King when the fight was stopped cause Babadi wanted to charm Vegeta cause he saw some evil in his heart.  Vegeta get charmed and gets turned evil but not really cause vegeta let himself get charmed just so he could go SSJ2 to fight Goku.  So Goku and Vegeta start to fight and the Supreme Kai and Gohan go to try and Kill Buu before he comes back to life.  Buu comes back to life faster then anyone thought cause Goku and Vegeta were so powerful.  Buu comes back and almost kills Gohan and Supreme Kai.  Vegeta Knocks Goku out and goes off to fight Buu alone.  Vegeta scarifies his life to try and kill Buu.  It almost works but Buu is somewhat a magical creature and basically pulled himself back together.  Goku wakes up and finds out what is going on Buu is out looking for Trunks, Goten and Piccolo cause they helped Vegeta right before he died.  Goku had to leave soon but knew the only way to beat him was to use the Fusion Dance.  He did not have anyone to fuse with so he decided to teach it to Goten and Trunks.  Goku had to Stall for Trunks to go home and get the Dragon Radar so he went SSJ3 and was whooping up on Buu.  Goku  did not want to kill Buu cause he was dead an it was up to the people of Earth to kill Buu.  Trunks and Goten saw Goku go SSJ3 and wanted Goku to teach them that instead of Fusion.  Goku said no Fusion was better but then Goku had to leave and Piccolo finished teaching them.  While the Kids were training for Fusion they learned SSJ3 in the fused state by themselves. Now they were ready to go off and try to defeat the Evil Majin Buu.

Majin Buu Saga (217-287) Episodes

Majin Buu was being controlled by Babadi but really just wanted to do what he wanted to do.  After fighting with SSJ3 Goku Buu killed Babadi and went about doing he own thing.  Mr Satan, the worlds hero, went out to try and kill Buu but Buu thought he was funny.  So Mr Satan and Buu became friends.  Some human killed Buu's little dog that he had and then killed Mr Satan and Buu healed them before they died but right then Buu was so angry that he split into 2 Buu's.  The Good buu and the Evil Buu.  They fought each other and the Evil Buu Absorbed the Good Buu and turned into thin Buu.  Thin Buu was more evil now and just went around killing everything.  By this time the Boys were done learn Fusion and SSJ3 and tried to fight him but since he changed he was still to powerful.  Mean while Bulma wished everyone that was killed earlier in the day back to life.  Supreme Kais assistant was brought back to life and he went and found Supreme Kai and Gohan and took them back to Supreme Kai's planet to train.  There Gohan trained with the Zet Sword until he broke it and the Eldest Supreme Kai came out of it.  He power up Gohan which made him Kioshin Gohan.  Gohan went back to Earth and took over the fight from the boys (Gotenks.)  Buu was losing big time until he absorbed Piccolo and SSJ3 Gotenks.  Then Gohan was getting his butt kicked until the Eldest Supreme Kai give up his life to give Goku back his.  Goku was to go to Earth and use the Porta Earrings to fuse with Gohan.  While Goku was trying to fuse with Gohan SSJ3 Gotens ran out and Buu transformed back to being weak again.  So Gohan could beat Buu again and Goku was happy until Buu absorbed Gohan.  How Buu was powerful again and Goku had no one to fuse with.  Well, Goku was about to fuse with Mr Satan when he sense Vegeta.  Lord Emma allowed Vegeta to come back to life just like goku did for one day.  So Goku and Vegeta Fused into Vegetto and whooped up on Buu but did not want to kill him cause everyone was absorbed inside him.  So they tricked Buu and he absorbed them.  Vegetto put up a barrier and were able to walk around inside Buu.  They rescued everyone inside including Good Buu.  After they got out buu transformed back down to being weak.  But that was not just it Buu transformed way back down to being his old self before he was fat.  The earring were destroyed so the could not fuse again and the Fusion Dance took to long for Vegeta to learn so they had to fight him normal.  Buu was just a little bit stronger then Goku cause of all the fighting he had been doing but they used one of the wished from the dragon to wish Goku back to full power. The full power Goku used a Spirit Bomb to kill Buu, this used all the energy from the people of earth and was huge.  Buu got killed and everyone was happy and Mr Satan was know again for saving the Earth again.  

Final Saga (288-291) Episodes

After that everyone want about living like they normally did.  Gohan and Videl go married and had a daughter named Pan and Vegeta and Bulma had a daughter named Bra.  There was a couple filler episodes in between but nothing really great but they were cool enough for me.  They were having another world tournament which was 3 years after Buu.  Ubbu , the reincarnation of Buu, was there  and he fought Goku and in  the middle of their fight they  left to go train.  That was the end of DBZ and everyone was awaiting the next return of Goku to he what was going to happen.

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