Dragonball GT Episode 7 (Aired 3/20/96) Itoshi no Hanii!? Hanayome wa Torankusu Beloved Honey!? The Betrothed is Trunks Pan blows her stack and ties up Gill after it has tried to eat some of the ship's circuit boards (she's looking very menacing with a pair of scissors.) Gill asks Trunks for help, and Trunks wants Pan to settle down. Gokuu, who is eating again, also takes Gill's side. When Pan claims that Gill will eat the entire ship, it chows down on her scissors. Then, they find a beautiful planet that Gill confirms has a Dragon Ball. They set the ship down in a nice countryside setting, and walk until they find a village. At first, it appears empty (Gokuu complains of being hungry again, and Pan complains that he's cleaning out the cupboard.) Eventually, they find all the villagers crowded around one house. Trunks asks what's happening and is told "Zuunama". Gill points out the fact that a woman in the house has a Dragon Ball woven at the end of her ponytail. The trio rush into the house, and verify that it's what they're looking for -- the #6 Ball.) Trunks says that they came a long way from Earth to find it, but the woman's boyfriend -- Doma -- brushes them off angrily, saying that they don't know when Zuunama will be coming back. Gokuu and Pan ask who Zuunama is, and Trunks suggests that the trio should talk to him when he arrives. The villagers look confused. While Gokuu eats, an elder explains that Zuunama is a horrible monster that had been demanding a lot of food. This time... Gill senses something approaching. It is a giant catfish, with the ability to create earthquakes by going into a dance and wiggling its 2 long whiskers. (Gill runs around in a panic until Pan trips it and tells it to shut up.) Zuunama has come to demand... a woman as a bride. The elder completes his sentence "his daughter is the one chosen to be the bride." At first, Zuunama is happy, but his betrothed doesn't come out; so Zuunama starts a big earthquake. Reenu, the elder's daughter, runs out to demand that Zuunama take her as a bride, and stop the earthquake. [Commercial Break.] The villagers hold Doma back, while Zuunama accepts her, and says it'll be back for her tomorrow. But, it wants her to look prettier than she does now. Zuunama thunders off, singing about the roars of earthquakes. Reenu faints. That evening, the village women prepare a feast for Zuunama, preventing a starving Gokuu from eating anything. Pan is incensed over the situation with Zuunama, and wants to defeat the monster. Pan tells the villagers that Trunks is Earth's #2 strongest fighter, and the boy hedges, commenting on his dad, Piccolo, et al being stronger. Doma wants to join with, and Pan agrees. The elder gives his blessing. Pan is impressed with Reenu's wedding dress (which was intended for her marriage to Doma), and she tries to force Gokuu to wear it. Gokuu demands to know why. Pan answers that he's to be a decoy until Zuunama is so drunk that it is helpless when Pan's giant scissors are used to cut its whiskers off. Trunks wonders where the scissors came from. Gokuu and Pan finally realize that Gokuu makes a lousy decoy. So, Trunks is forced to sit through a make-up session (partly because the Dragon Ball has been promised as a reward if they succeed.) The next morning, Trunks sadly poses in costume, glad that his parents aren't there to see him. Doma arrives, ready to head out. A kitchen woman arrives with a container of really strong sake, that Gokuu wants to drink (he can't because he is a kid.) Then, Zuunama arrives, singing "here comes the bride". Trunks runs out on the second floor balcony and trips, while Zuunama is angrily looking into the ground floor entrance. It demands that Reenu come out NOW. Trunks speaks out in his own voice, in woman's language. Pan gets on his case, so he changes pitch and says that he has a cold. Zuunama is cool with this, and tells the "girl" to come closer so it can look "her" over better. ------------------------------------------ NOTE: The artwork is substandard at times in this episode, and the next one. Gokuu's head is often the wrong size, and the star pattern on the Dragon Ball is wrong. The star pattern is corrected in episode 9. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, May 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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