Dragonball GT Episode 19 (Aired 7/17/96) Shutsujin!! Saikyou muutanto Rirudo Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo Trunks and Pan are trying to figure out who the great ki is coming from, and hoping that whoever it is hasn't defeated Gokuu. Gokuu's arrival alleviates that fear, but they are still worried about who else will be arriving soon. Pan adds that the Dragon Balls are missing, and she wishes that they'd never found Gill. Then, Rirudo arrives in a rush of dust-laden air. Rirudo comments on Gokuu's defeating Mega Cannon, and Gokuu replies that even with Rirudo's great ki, he can defeat the Shogun alone. Trunks also thinks that he can take the robot single-handedly. Pan butts in, trying to find out what is happening with Gill. Rirudo decides that he must tell the humans that he is the infamous Shogun Rirudo. Pan is not impressed, and she denounces Rirudo as the absolute worst. She attacks. Gokuu, Trunks, and Rirudo all expect the girl to get smashed into the ground again, but this time, she punches the Shogun hard in the face and follows it up with a kick that sends him flying backwards. Trunks and Gokuu are stunned. Trunks tentatively observes that Pan is indeed a chip off the old block, and Pan agrees, stating that when she wants to do something -- she does. She is not a mere kid anymore. She asks if Rirudo agrees, and demands the Dragon balls back. Rirudo says that he can't do that, and stands up. He straightens out his neck, with mechanical popping noises. Turns out that the Balls have been given to Dr. Myuu -- for his "All Galaxy Safe-something." Gokuu asks what this is, and we are told that Myuu has created all of these "machine mutants" in his quest to take over the universe. Gokuu doesn't understand any of this. Instead, he concentrates on the evils wrought be Rirudo. Rirudo suddenly targets on Pan and spits out some kind of light-green lightening. Trunks protects the girl and gets hit himself. The lightening changes, and Trunks falls to the ground, encased in a lead-colored shell (ala the deep-freeze treatment Han Solo received in the second Star Wars movie.) Then, the shell disappears. Pan demands to know what happened to her friend, and springs at Rirudo. This time, her punch has no effect and she is easily batted away. Gokuu can't understand Rirudo's cryptic answers, and is ultimately told that he can find out what's happening by visiting the big tower in the city. (Trunks was sent there prior to being shipped off to Myuu's planet.) Pan flies to the tower, telling Trunks to wait for her. Rirudo wants to capture Gokuu as well, and fires off more green lightening from his mouth. Gokuu evades the blasts, but part of the forest, and the entire ship, get lead-encased (they don't warp away, though.) Gokuu feels sheepish at letting the ship get trashed. Rirudo decides to switch to plain combat, which is to Gokuu's liking. At the tower, Pan is wondering where Trunks is. Then she decides on the brute force method and blows a hole randomly into the top of the tower. The alarm system goes off, and the "red commandos" are dispatched to level one. (Outside, Gokuu and Rirudo are fighting hard and destroying the countryside.) The first round of commandos is quickly trashed, while the lone survivor is requested to tell Pan where Trunks is. The last surviving red commando says "gack." [Commercial Message] Rirudo gets hammered into a cliff, and fires off a rocket punch to Gokuu's head. The boy complains about this sneaky trick. The machine mutant apologizes, and commands the rocket to return and hit Gokuu in the back of the head. The fist opens at the last moment, grabs Gokuu's face, and plows the boy into the earth. The hand returns to its owner, still holding Gokuu's limp body. Rirudo laughs, and so does our hero. Rirudo is surprised as Gokuu suddenly unleashes a rapid series of energy balls into the Shogun's belly at close range. Rirudo isn't hurt much after the smoke clears. In fact, he is having fun, and the two of the them resume bashing each other. In the tower, Gill is watching as Trunks is about to be teleported to Myuu's planet. Pan enters the lab room a moment too late. Gill tells her what she already knows about Trunks being teleported. It adds "Pan. Danger." Pan tries to attack Gill, but the room's defenses have been activated and the floor warps and appears to be ready to squeeze her. Instead, Pan is suddenly teleported down to the front gate of the tower -- unharmed. On Myuu's planet (a black sphere covered with huge conduit and black domes), in a black tower designed to look monster-ish, Myuu is very eager to start exploring the possibilities that have opened up with the advent of Trunks' falling into his clutches. Gokuu is firing energy blasts that hit everywhere but where Rirudo is standing. The mutant disses the boy, before part of a volcanic wall tears loose and falls on him. The Shogun gets angry, powering up and blasting the rock away. Gokuu seems to have disappeared -- Rirudo locates him just as the boy launches Kamehame-ha. The ensuing atomic blast apparently destroys Rirudo. But, Gokuu knows that things can't be that simple -- Rirudo is waiting at the boy's back, suffering a little superficial damage. Gokuu comments that while Rirudo escaped the Kamehame-ha's full fury, the mutant won't be so lucky next time. Rirudo isn't so sure -- he returns to the ground to do more hand-to-hand combat, while the (are you surprised) still-surviving EC4 swim through a metal pipe to approach their Shogun. All four robots materialize and grab the boy's arms and legs. Rirudo thinks that the fight is over, and Gokuu laughs. Rirudo asks what's so funny; the boy goes SSJ, his ki blows a huge crate in the forest, blasts Rirudo away, and smashes the EC4 into bits. Rirudo says that he now understands -- Gokuu had only been using half of his full power until now. Gokuu says "same for you, right?" It is time to quit playing around, and Rirudo switches to the next level up, absorbing all of the loose bits of machinery around him (including all of the EC4.) He announces that he is now "Mega Rirudo". When the hurricane subsides, the machine mutant is a cross between a metal ninja and a jet plane (mostly red body, with stiff short wings coming out of his back. His right hand is now the big power drill.) Gokuu is looking forward to having some real fun, and they rush forward again. ---------------------------- Note: "Shutsujin" actually translates to "Set out from the 'jin' in order to attack." The 'jin' is a military formation that is part camp and part grouping of foot soldiers. Probably, the closest English equivalent is "Engage!" ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, September 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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