Dragonball GT Episode 20 (Aired 7/31/96) Tamageta zo!! Gokuu o osou kinzoku tsunami Surprise!! Gokuu's Attacked By a Metal Storm Gokuu and Rirudo fight, with the Shogun turning part of the mecha-forest into stone, and Gokuu's body smashing it into rubble. Rirudo announces his Hyper Mega Rirudo Pautsu (Parts?), and attacks with a power drill-powered tornado. (Gokuu is still excited, but the battle is losing its glamour for him.) Gokuu comments on Rirudo's great power, and they quickly revert to energy ball blasts. Rirudo gets pummeled deep into the forest. Meanwhile, Pan is once again fighting her way into the tower, while complaining about Gill. Right after entering the lab, Pan has just a second to yell at Gill before the lab's defenses activate and the room reforms to transport her back outside. Rirudo has gotten a little roughed up (the drill bit hand has been broken off.) Gokuu knows that Rirudo is still not fighting at full strength and demands that the Shogun power-up completely. The Shogun is impressed with the boy's confidence, and understands why he'd make a great gift to Dr. Myuu. Gokuu doesn't care about Myuu -- he only wants to see Rirudo's true form. The Shogun then incorporates part of the planet's cabling into his body; turning completely silver and smooth, except for some screw heads scattered over his torso. He is now in complete control of the entire planet. As Gokuu prepares to fire Kamehame-ha, Rirudo turns part of the ground into liquid metal, and makes metal trees grow up right in front of the boy (disrupting the Kamehame-ha.) The new liquid metal forest is huge, and Rirudo merges in to become part of it. Pan re-enters the tower, getting more annoyed every second. The red commandos are alerted, and are waiting for her. Pan comments that the robots underestimate her power, and they pile on top of her. She grouses that they are in her way, and she trashes them -- knocking the robots off the pathway and into the depths below. All except for one robot, which prudently jumps off the path by itself. Another robot arrives behind her, and Pan attacks. Then, she desperately tries to pull her punch when she recognizes the old robot from the trash compactor room. Pan asks why she can't stay in the room that Gill is in, and the old one answers that it's because of the trans-dimensional warp equipment used to send stuff places, like to Dr. Myuu's planet. Pan realizes that this is what happened to Trunks. She asks for instructions on how to use the equipment, turning her charms on the old one -- it answers "I don't know." So, Pan punches it through the ceiling into the floor below (it can flow through metal also.) She calls it a worthless old hulk. [Commercial Message] Rirudo joins with the liquid metal again, and tells Gokuu that he is one with the entire planet. Gokuu is fascinated. The boy loses interest fast though, saying that he already realizes that Rirudo has great powers; but, he's in a hurry and wants to start fighting full-out already. Rirudo seems to be taking the bait. On Myuu's planet, Dr. Myuu is watching the fight on a monitor, commenting that Gokuu seems to be the "Legendary Super Saiya-jin." He keeps laughing, and tells the frozen Trunks that he hopes to be using the Saiya's powers very shortly. Pan and the old robot get on an elevator, with a hundred red commandos. Pan complains about their brain-damaged thinking, and when the doors open again, none of the commandos work anymore. Pan confronts the traitorous Gill, ranting that everything that happened from Ruudo's planet onwards was all a trick to lead the heroes into the trap on this planet. Then, the defenses trigger again, and Pan is pulled into the walls to be deposited back outside. The old robot goes to the control console and pulls out a cylinder that deactivates the wall warp. Pan blasts herself free from the "rude" wall, and demands that Gill return the Dragon Balls so that the Earth can be saved. Gill claims ignorance, and Pan gleefully exclaims that it can't rely on the wall warp anymore. But, Gill phases through the door and leaves the room. Pan tries to get Gill to open the door, then prepares to use Kamehame-ha on it. The door opens, revealing more guards, these armed with guns. Pan decides to use Kamehame-ha on them instead. However, Gill reactivates the wall warp, the old robot gets captured, Pan loses her concentration, and the walls force Pan back out of the room. Gill says only one word -- "Pan". Back outside once more, Pan wonders what to do now. Then, she notices that one of the Dragon Balls is outside with her (Gill apparently transported the three Dragon Balls, plus the medal it had been wearing, out to Pan.) Pan is happy to see the Dragon Ball, but she also wonders "why?" Gokuu and Rirudo keep messing around, with the Shogun using the metal of the planet as extensions of his body. Gokuu is getting angry, and Rirudo taunts him, saying that Gokuu will soon be given to Myuu. ---------------------------- Note: I am not sure of the pronunciation of Rirudo's tornado attack. It sounds like "Hyper Mega Rirudo Pautsu". It could be "Parts", which doesn't make much sense. Or, it could be "Pa!", which is like the energy-focusing yell that Tao Pie-pie used in his "Dodon-Pa" attack. However, Rirudo only uses this attack once. Since he is killed soon, this attack will never be repeated in the future. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, October 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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