Dragonball GT Episode 34 (Aired 01/22/997 Henshin Shippai!? Gokuu no Oozaru dai abare! The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Gokuu's Rampage! Gokuu goes crazy, and Vejiita-Baby remembers the destruction rendered on Plant by the old Saiya-jin. He refuses to lose to a Saiya-jin again. He tries a Revenge Death Ball, but Gokuu interrupts him and bashes him senseless. Pan feels a ki, and thinking that it is her father's, she flies to the scene of the fighting, leaving Satan confused on the ground (Satan still can not sense the energy of other people). Vejiita-Baby wakes up, pissed. Gokuu has fun wrecking buildings with Vejiita-Baby's body (Gokuu has a guided flame that he can breathe on people.) Pan flies with Satan to the city, and she wonders why Gokuu has turned into a monkey. Satan believes that Pan is mistaken, and that this giant monkey is just some stranger blowing stuff up. Chichi, Bulma, and Videl are trapped underground with a bunch of other Tsufuru-jin, and they complain about the problems that the Saiya-jin is causing them. On their planet, Dai Kaiou-shin and Kaiou-bit discuss what is happening, while the old coot is speculating on why Gokuu has no control while in his current Ougon Oozaru (Golden Giant Monkey) form. They still think that Gokuu should be reaching SSJ4 while in SSJ3 form. Pan tries to stop Gokuu, but he attacks her. Gokuu creates a volcano in the ground, runs to a safe distance, and pounds his chest. [Commercial Message] Suguro's friend (who had been the tricky dice from the game) is a small shape-changer that looks a little like Suguro does now. Suguro asks his friend to turn into a pair of scissors so that Kaiou-bit can teleport in and snip off Gokuu's tail. But, Dai Kaiou-shin yells at them. The old coot wants to wait until Gokuu can defeat Vejiita-Baby (which is barely possible right now.) Maybe this is how Gokuu with turn SSJ4, but Dai Kaiou-shin doesn't understand how it might happen. Gokuu, meanwhile, is creating a whole chain of volcanoes, and yelling "yatta" ("I did it!") in a high-pitched monkey voice. He sees the Earth again (first reflected in a pool, then again directly in the sky.) He wanders off. Vejiita-Baby decides to use Vejiita's abilities to fight Gokuu. Pan flies after her father, and Satan lags far behind. The monkey tries to keep climbing the mountain to reach Earth, but he can't go any farther after reaching the top. Pan comments that Gokuu misses Earth. Gokuu doesn't recognize her and hits her to the ground. Pan's gi falls out of her pack, and she remembers when she had been in her first Tenkai-ichi Budoukai. She shows her gi to Gokuu, and her blows her away. A photo floats out of a pocket in the gi, and Gokuu looks at it. It is a picture of the family at the beach, taken when Pan was a baby. Pan flashes back to the fun they'd had at that time. She tries to make the monkey remember, and cries from sadness. The monkey licks her tears, and looks from her to the photo, and back. He is confused. Then he pushes the girl out of the way of his view of Earth. He starts powering up -- turning into a black haired man with lots of muscles, and covered in red fur. He screams a lot, and there is lightning all around him. Pan doesn't understand what is happening, and Baby is concerned at the ki level he is feeling. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, February 1997. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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