Dragon Ball volume 13 summary and personae list. New Characters: Piano: First appears in volume 12, but not named until now. Piccolo's right-hand demon. Drum: The last of the warriors that Piccolo creates -- a big, fat monster that can easily defeat Tenshinhan. Fighting styles: Other notes: Choushin-sui: Super god water. The potion that Senpyou has that can give someone god-like power, if it doesn't kill you first. Story: Volume 13 Pilaf notices that the five balls are moving, and Piccolo wonders if someone's going to try to take the two away from him. Kamesennin wants to find a good place to fight, and says that his wish for Shenlon will be to have Piccolo permanently destroyed. At the same time, Yajirobee is driving Gokuu to Karin Tower. They talk about how the Dragon Balls work, and Gokuu keeps telling the driver to head more to the left. And Piccolo dreams of getting his youth back. Kamesennin finds a good place to fight, they turn the plane back into a capsule, bury the Balls out in the open, and then the old man tells Chao-zu that if Piccolo makes Shenlon appear, he should shout out the wish. He also wants Chao-zu to hide in one place, while he and Tenshin hide together in a different location. Pilaf says that the Balls have stopped moving, and Kamesennin says that Piccolo's getting nearer. Mei tells Piccolo that they've arrived. Tenshin wonders if the Balls will be kept on the ship. They both curse when they watch Piccolo swallow the Balls for safe keeping. This means that they have to free up the Balls first, and Tenshin gets ready for a fight. However, Kamesennin says that he's drunk an immortality water and therefore can't die, so he'll do the fighting. Then he sprays Tenshin with a paralysis gas. Next, he tells Tenshin that there is no such water. But, this is something he has to do himself. He shouts out a reminder to Chao-zu, then steps out to challenge Piccolo. Piccolo loves a good fight, so he takes the challenge. The old man discloses where he'd buried the Balls, and says that Piccolo has to fight him to get them. Which the demon king finds hilarious. They banter for a bit, until Kamesennin states that his master had been Mutaito-sama, and then throws out the Denshi Jar capsule. This is the one thing Piccolo fears, and Tenshin realizes that if the old man uses Mafuu-ba, he'll die. Kamesennin starts the spell, but Piccolo's servant is the only one on the ship who understands the danger. The demon king tries to escape, and the old man yells out "Mafuu-ba!!!!" It looks bad for Piccolo, except that this is a very hard spell to control, and Kamesennin's aim is a little off. Uttering his regrets, he dies. A long ways away, Gokuu feels a strange sensation hit him, but he doesn't know what it means. Back at the fight site, Piccolo's gang all gloat, and Piccolo gets the Balls. This is his day for youth and power. Mei, Pilaf, and the servant cheer on the demon king as he summons Shenlon. The sky turns black, Tenshin curses his paralysis, and Shenlon appears. Piccolo is impressed. Tenshin uses ESP to tell Chao-zu that he can't move, and that Chao-zu must make that wish. Piccolo starts out, as Chao-zu interrupts him. But, Chao-zu is killed before he can finish the wish, and Tenshin curses a lot. Shenlon asks for the wish, Piccolo asks for his youth. He is now back to full power. The sky has gone black, which means that Piccolo has gotten all seven Balls. Gokuu curses this, and then points out the Tower ahead of them. At the ship, the group applauds their leader. Then, as Shenlon says goodbye, Piccolo kills him. The servant is the only one not shocked by this. The sky clears, and the Balls fall to the ground -- nothing more than inert rock, now. Which means that Piccolo is safe from any conceivable attack. Gokuu's Dragon Radar has lost trace of the Balls, which confirms his worst fears. The camp is deserted at first, but Upa comes running out to greet his friend. Bora asks Gokuu what had happened to him, and Yajirobee wants to find something to eat. Now that Piccolo is back at full power, he will become ruler of the Earth. Pilaf asks for some little share -- 1/5th, even 1/10th. Piccolo tells Piano to bring up Mei and Shuu so that he can repay his friends. He then tells them to disappear, as he has no further use for them. Pilaf nervously says that this is a good joke, to which Piccolo replies that he's not the joking type. As ruler of the Earth, he doesn't need them anymore, and he asks if they want to die. Pilaf and crew are ejected from their own ship. Gokuu has told Bora why he needs to get to the top of the Tower, but since he's in no shape to climb it himself, he asks Yajirobee for help. The monk refuses, until Gokuu says that there's a room at the top of the Tower, with this great food called "senzu." Senzu is a weird name, but what the heck. Food is food. Bora promises to help them, too. And, we get to see that Pilaf really isn't dead. Mei complains that their fortunes that at their lowest ever. Bora prepares to throw Yajirobee, Gokuu thanks the Indian, and Upa wishes them well. Even this far up, the top of the Tower can't be seen, which bothers the monk, who starts racing up it. At the King's Castle, home of the Emperor of the World, Piccolo arrives uninvited. The guards try to turn him away, but he just calls them "annoying insects." Back on the Tower, it is nightfall and Yajirobee wants to know how much farther he has to climb (Gokuu tells him to not give up.) Piccolo meets the biggest guard so far, but isn't impressed with the guy's punch. He asks the guy what the Emperor's name is, and the guy refuses to answer. So, he dies. The next guard is more helpful, and he tells the demon king that the emperor is at the top of the west building. Piano notices the Emperor trying to escape in a flyer, and Piccolo goes to meet him. Finally, Yajirobee can see the top of the pillar. But, Gokuu is asleep and can't join in the rejoicing. On the flyer, Piccolo announces himself as the new Emperor. One guard objects to this, and finds out two things: bullets can't hurt this monster, and that guards can't fly. The Emperor asks for Piccolo's demands, and he replies that it's simple -- he wants the Emperor's aid in taking over the world. The Emperor of course says that's impossible. So, Piccolo wipes out an entire section of the city. The Emperor then capitulates and the demon king laughs insanely. Finally, Yajirobee had made it to the top of the Tower. Gokuu thanks him for it. Gokuu and Senpyou exchange greetings, and it turns out that the cat already knows everything concerning Piccolo -- he was watching it from the top of the Tower. Gokuu needs help, and he gets a senzu seed. Hearing the name, Yajirobee stuffs a handful in his mouth, upset with both the quality and quantity. The monk moans in pain as Gokuu explains that munching on one seed is like eating 10 days worth of meals. However, Gokuu is surprised to find that's he's fully recovered, himself. Senpyou explains that one extra benefit of the senzu is full physical healing. The boy wants to receive more training, but Senpyou can't help him -- Kamesennin is dead. Gyokuu starts to run off to kill Piccolo, knowing that he won't succeed. Since the the boy is so determined to to face death, Senpyou offers the option of Choushin-sui (super god water.) Choushin can give one super strength. Gokuu can use this, and the monk asks where it is. Senpyou says that he has some here, but... after drinking it, the water can overwhelm and kill you. They ask how many people have tried it -- 14. None have survived. Gokuu will drink the water. Yajirobee tries to talk him out of it, but Gokuu insists. Especially since no one else can even try to stop Piccolo. Gokuu repeats that he'll drink the water, and he doesn't plan on dying. It smells bad, and the little taste Yajirobee takes nearly kills him. Gokuu gulps it down, and screams in pain. The monk tells him to throw up. Gokuu yells out that he won't die. Back at the old combat sight, Tenshin is unsuccessfully trying to master Mafuu-ba. But, he won't quit and therefore let his two friends down. He tells Piccolo to watch him. After 6 hours, Gokuu still hasn't died. The power of his god surges through him, and stuns Senpyou with it's strength. Finally, Tenshinhan gets the Mafuu-ba wind to land in the Denshi Jar, and he wants Piccolo to wait for him. Gokuu sits up, and the others cheer him. Gokuu can feel the power coursing in him. Racing in the jet, Tenshin calls Kame House and stammers out that Kamesennin, and Chao-zu are both dead. Piccolo got his wish to become younger. The turtle can't believe that his master is dead. Tenshin continues, stating that the bodies and Dragon Balls are located at BFK 2235. Yamcha wants him to return to the House, but Ten replies that he's mastered Mafuu-ba. The House wants him to wait until the others can be revived. Then, Oolong tells them to watch the TV. The Emperor comes on, telling everyone that Piccolo is their new Emperor. He pleads for help, and Piccolo indicates that the old dog has said enough. Piccolo introduces himself as the world's new leader. Tenshin knows that he has to go to the King's Castle. As the new Emperor, Piccolo wants to have some fun (and get rid of the horrific words "Heiwa" and "Saigi.") He bans the police and will let all of the criminals out of jail. Kushami thinks that this isn't all bad. On the Tower, Gokuu realizes that his power comes from his heart. Yajirobee doesn't think Gokuu looks any different. The boy stares out, and says that Piccolo is in that direction. Senpyou can't believe that Gokuu can see that far. He's about to leave, and the cat wishes him good luck. Senpyou also wants to give him something good. The cat yells out "Kintoen!!" Gokuu is surprised. Seems that Kintoen likes to travel in large packs. The boy asks if the monk wants to ride with him, and the answer is "I don't want to die!" He thanks them both for everything, and wants them to stay well. Senpyou tells him to not die, and then Gokuu pets his new Kintoen before flying off. Yajirobee likes this, and asks if he can ride one too. Senpyou thinks that MAYBE he can... Piccolo has decided to play a game. There are 43 districts. To commemorate his becoming Emperor, he's declaring this "Piccolo Day." So, every year on this day, he will draw a number, and then destroy the matching district. He will do this for 43 years. If anyone tries to fire a missile at the King's Castle, he'll kill everyone. Along the way, Tenshinhan vows to stop the monster with Mafuu-ba. Then, Piccolo draws number 23 -- which is where Buruma's family lives. Buruma rushes to the radio and pleads with Tenshin to go ahead and use Mafuu-ba -- she promises to use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life afterwards. Tenshin says that he's been watching the TV too. But, they won't be able to make anymore wishes of Shenlon, as the Balls are just pieces of stone, now. The people at Kame House don't understand, and he tells them that Shenlon has been killed as well. Oolong panics as he realizes that none of his dead friends can be brought back. Then Tenshin sees the castle. Yamcha decides to go attack Piccolo, too. Tenshin and Piccolo see each other, and Tenshin issues the demon king a challenge. Piccolo decides to accept it from this idiot, and descends to the ground. He waits for Ten, who is gloating over having a surprise for him. Then, Tenshin notices the tear in the Denshi Jar, and realizes that his last practice run must have caused the damage. Piccolo asks what's wrong, saying that the western district needs destroying. Tenshin decides to continue with the attack, without Mafuu-ba. They banter a bit, and Piccolo decides that the new Emperor himself shouldn't have to get his hands dirty. So, he spits out another egg, and calls the new creature "Drum," because of it's great strength. Tenshin calls the thing a monster, and waits for it to attack. Drum is to finish this fight quickly, because Piccolo is a busy man. Gokuu is getting closer. Tenshin wants the fight to be between him and that killer Piccolo, and attacks Drum. The fight is about even, and Piccolo is amused. Drum asks Tenshin if he wants to give up, and Ten refuses. Then Drum states that the fight is over and blind-sides the hero. Piccolo tells his creature to rip out Ten's heart, which Drum is happy to do. Ten swears, full of regret at having lost. Then, everyone is amazed at who shows up to save the day. Ten is glad that Gokuu is still alive. Gokuu notices that Piccolo's face looks different, and the demon king replies that he'd gotten his youth back. And will get his revenge again, too. Ten yells at Gokuu to escape while he still can. Piccolo tells Drum to kill the fool. Drum dies. (Note: This time, Piccolo doesn't react when one of his babies is killed -- either it's because he's younger now, or Toriyama forgot about that part.) And Tenshin can't accept that the boy standing in front of him is the real Gokuu. Piccolo and Gokuu promise to kill each other. Meanwhile, the Kame House group is splitting up: Oolong and company are to pick up the bodies of Kamesennin and Chao-zu, and get the Dragon Balls. Yamcha, Kushami, and Buruma will attack Piccolo. Kushami can't wait to get started, and Buruma says that it's a good thing Ranchi isn't along (Note: In Japan, when someone talks about you behind your back, it will cause you to sneeze.) Kushami sneezes, and Ranchi gets confused. Then she squeals out about the picnic they must be going on. Piccolo decides to fight Gokuu, but because the western district is waiting for him to destroy it, he will only spend 5 seconds on killing the boy. (The little note at the bottom of the page calls attention to the fact that Piccolo has one extra finger, for this one panel.) Tenshin comments on Gokuu's stopping the first blow. Gokuu beats on Piccolo, then says that the 5 seconds are up. Piccolo gets serious, but asks what the hell Gokuu is, when the boy doesn't die. Gokuu says that he'll resolve this with his own attack, and Piccolo is amazed that anyone would want to face his wrath. Gokuu's one punch sends Piccolo into Piano, killing the servant. Gokuu had moved so fast that Tenshin couldn't follow him, and the triclops can't understand how this could be. They trade more blows. In the next lull, Piccolo is fascinated that the boy is this good, and Gokuu wants the monster to fight at full power (Tenshinhan thought that that WAS full power. Gokuu promises to fight at full-strength, too. Piccolo powers-up, and Tenshin can't believe it. However, Piccolo thinks that Gokuu's power level hasn't changed at all. The demon king waves his arm, and Tenshin is amazed by the force of what is just a practice swing. End of book 13. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann July 7, 1993
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