Dragon Ball volume 25 summary and personae list. New Characters: Second-stage Freeza: Freeza is a changling, having several forms that mask the power of the suceeding form. This form is sort of a big horned demon. Fighting styles: Other notes: "Takkarato Popporunga Pupirittoparo." Phrase used to summon the Namekian Shenlon. Story: Ginyuu is getting trashed, and ridiculed, by Gohan and Kuririn. He just can't understand why he can't use this body's full power. Meanwhile, Jiisu is trying to figure out how Vejita can fight without a scouter. They banter a bit, then the Saiya-jin suggests a quick check of his power level. It's so far out of line that Jiisu thinks his scouter is malfunctioning. Vejita claims to be very close to becoming a Super Saiya-jin. Then he kills Jiisu, which bothers Gokuu. But, this is just the Saiya-jin way, and Vejita now turns his attention to Ginyuu. (He's been waiting a LONG time to do this to Gokuu's body.) Gokuu yells out that enough's enough, but Vejita is going to wrap things up just as Ginyuu shouts out "Change!!!!!" Gokuu sees this as his one chance, and he intercepts the blast. Ginyuu is very pissed, the hero is happier to have his body back. Vejita is confused as to what happened, and Gohan figures out that his father is really his father again. Vejita still isn't sure if Ginyuu is really Ginyuu, while Ginyuu and Gokuu both know that Gokuu can't interfere anymore. So, the team leader tries to take over Vejita's body yet again. However, a Namekian frog (this used to be a place with some lakes,) chooses that moment to hop by. Afterwards, the group hopes that Gokuu is ok, but Vejita really had done a number on him. The Saiya-jin asks where Ginyuu is, and is told to leave the frog alone. (Vejita likes this arrangement, anyway. NOTE: Presumably, Ginyuu can only change bodies by shouting out the key word, which he can't do any more.) Gokuu doesn't have any other senzu seeds, and Vejita threatens to take advantage of the situation to finish them off. But, Gokuu knows that it's ok, and Vejita replies that he needs them for the Dragon Balls, and to help handle Freeza. He takes them to Freeza's ship, planning to kill them after he becomes a Super Saiya-jin. Gokuu is put in the medical machine to heal, and Gokuu likes the feeling it gives him. Then, Vejita tells the other two that they need new combat uniforms. Kuririn and Gohan don't like the idea of looking like the bad guys, since it gives them a bad image. They're given the full outfits, which are a one-size fits all, for kids set. The clothes are very strong, but do stretch to fit the wearer. They like the suits, and Vejita tells them that Gokuu will heal completely in 40 to 50 minutes. Kuririn decides to go check up on Saichourou, and tells Gohan to stay behind. Freeza has almost killed Nail, without using his right arm. He asks Nail to tell him the secret of the Dragon Balls, but Nail just futilely attacks him again. Freeza gets in the last punch, and threatens to make the next a killing blow. Then, Nail tells the alien that he's wasting his time, since Dende is the one that knows how to summon Shenlon. Realizing that he's been tricked, Freeza rushes off, hoping that he'll get to the Balls in time. It's HIS wish that needs to be made. Meanwhile, Dende just has a little farther to go. Saichourou telepaths for the little Namek to hurry, since Nail is out of the race. Kuririn senses Dende, and they meet up. Kuririn tells him that the Dragon Balls don't work, and Dende replies that he knows -- the summoning has to been spoken in Namek. Makes sense to Kuririn. But, he wishes that he'd been told that sooner, however, Vejita was still a threat to them at that time. They hurry, since Freeza's presence is cutting Saichourou's life shorter. Gohan is wondering what's taking Kuririn so long to return (its been two hours.) Then, he flies to meet the approaching power sources. One disappears, leaving the other, which he identifies as Dende. They exchange greetings, then sneak into the camp to take the Balls while Vejita continues to sleep. However, as they find a safe place to summon Shenlon, they sense an incredible power coming in fast. It has to be Freeza, so Dende is told to call Shenlon NOW. ("Takkarato Popporunga Pupirittoparo.") There's a light, then the sky turns black, just as it does for Earth's Dragon Balls. Freeza is confused, Kaiou is happy, and Kuririn and Gohan are impressed by Shenlon's size. Dende says that this creature was formed from Saichourou's dream, and it's the first time he's seen it, too. Shenlon asks for the three wishes. Kuririn hadn't known about that part before. They're happy, but Dende tells them to hurry up. The first request is to bring everyone back killed by the Saiya-jin. Shenlon says he can't do that -- he can only revive one person at a time, not whole groups. No one had expected this, and Kaiou-sama relays the message to the others. Piccolo begs to talk to Gohan, and is instructed to grab Kaiou's shoulder. At the same time, Shenlon wants to know what the first wish is going to be, Kuririn and Gohan are panicking, and Dende is telling them that Freeza is getting closer. Piccolo calls out, and the two humans look around to find him. The demon explains what's happening (Kaiou is annoyed that Piccolo left off the "-sama" part of his name,) and tells them that the first wish should be to resurrect Piccolo. That way, Kami-sama would be brought back, and the Earth Dragon Balls would function again. The second wish is to bring Piccolo to Namek -- he's almost a match for Freeza, and he wants to avenge his people. The third wish is left for later, but it should be fun. Kuririn and Gohan discuss this, and Dende is told what to do. Still sleeping, Vejita senses Freeza's approach and wakes up. However, it's night already, and he sees this big monster. Knowing that he's been tricked, Vejita rushes to the dragon, with Freeza close behind. On Kaiou's planet, Piccolo is now alive again. So is Kami-sama (the god and Mr. Popo are both very happy.) Dende is told to make the second wish very fast. He does, but no one had told him to name a SPECIFIC place on Namek. Then, Vejita shows up, about to tear everyone apart. So, Gohan states that there's one wish left. This mollifies the Saiya-jin, and he demands to be made immortal. Freeza is now close enough to see Shenlon, and he's pissed at being cheated, too. There's an argument between the Earthlings as to whether they should bow to Vejita's demand. At this point, Piccolo appears on Namek, and he spends a little time getting used to this idea. He then locates Freeza and Gohan, and rushes to save his friends (well, Piccolo doesn't have friends, per se.) Back at the dragon, Shenlon is asking for the third wish, Vejita is still making the same demand, and Freeza's power is so close that Kuririn tells Dende to go ahead and do it (the runt curses a lot, too.) Vejita is overwhelmed by the possibilities that lay ahead of him. However, as Dende starts out, Saichourou dies and Shenlon disappears. Vejita is so enraged, that he's about to kill them all. And then Freeza arrives. The alien talks about the loss of his dream to become immortal, and the defeat of his Ginyuu team. He'll eradicate them all, but he wants to start with Vejita, so the others get out of the way. Freeza powers up, stunning them with his strength. Piccolo gets sidetracked when he senses a weak power. Nail is the first Namek he's ever seen. Nail is happy at seeing an Earthling, because this means that the other two succeeded in making their wishes. Piccolo states that he's here to save those two, and needs to be briefed quickly. Nail gives Piccolo a little present for Freeza (seems that Namek fighters can be absorbed into the bodies of other Namek fighters.) This gives him a MAJOR power rush, and he claims that he can defeat anyone now. He flies off, laughing madly. Freeza's new power level frightens Kuririn and Gohan, and the alien claims that he can easily defeat three little flies like them. But, Vejita wants to face Freeza by himself, explaining that this way he'll become a Super Saiya-jin. That old story amuses Freeza, who then attacks. Vejita's power climbs until Freeza's scouter explodes. Gohan and Kuririn are stunned at both fighters' power, but Vejita is the one breathing hard. Then, the Saiya-jin demands that Freeza take on his true form and fight at full power. (This is what Zarbon had talked about.) They're going to die anyway, so why not? The other two wonder what Vejita is talking about. Vejita states that it's a form of camoflage, masking the alien's true power. As small talk, Freeza reveals that he did indeed destroy Vejita's planet, and killed his father. Fine by Vejita, means that he's the new king of his race. Freeza flexes, destroying the combat jacket, to Kuririn's amazement. But, Vejita isn't impressed, until the actual change-over starts. This new monster impresses everyone. The second-stage Freeza decides to reveal a bit of his force, claiming to have a level well over 1,000,000. They escape the blast with some scratches, and the loss of one mountain. Then, it's Kuririn's time to die, and the others can't believe Freeza's speed. However, Dende was the real target, and Freeza apologizes for missing. Kuririn is flung off, and the alien taunts Gohan's attempts to save his friend. After Gohan thrashes Freeza a bit, Vejita frets over the chance that the boy is also close to becoming a Super Saiya-jin. But it's ok -- Dende has saved Kuririn (the Namek can heal people,) and not ok -- Freeza isn't dead. The alien hasn't even started warming up. And, Piccolo rushes along, sensing Freeza's energy and telling Gohan that he's coming. Freeza demonstrates that he's mastered power control, too. Vejita yells for the stupid kid to escape, but it's too late. So, Vejita attacks, believing that he can win. But, Freeza isn't going to play with him until he's done with the kid. This time, the fight goes the other way. Gohan can't follow the other's moves, and has to be told where to look. Finally, Freeza is going to kill Gohan by squashing his head. The alien asks if Vejita is coming to save the boy, and the Saiya-jin can't bring himself to do it. Then, Gohan dies and Gokuu feels this and curses his inability to save his son. But, they all sense a new power level -- Kuririn has been restored, and he lops off Freeza's tail. Freeza wonders how this is possible, and the runt fires off a few more Kiensan's (cutting energy balls.) Gokuu asks where his friend got this extra power (it's from Saichourou, having been awoken by Dende.) Then, Freeza catches up, and is going to exact revenge for the loss of his tail. Kuririn still isn't strong enough, and has to resort to Taiyou-ken to blind Freeza and get enough time to escape. Kuririn yells for the Saiya-jin to attack now, but Vejita is too busy watching Dende fixing Gohan's broken neck. Vejita would rather ask about the Namek's abilities, and Kuririn is happy to see the boy reenter the fight. Being a Saiya-jin, Gohan is stronger and faster, now that he's come back from near-death (he thanks Dende.) This proves to Vejita that Gohan is one of his race. This is when Piccolo appears, and he's the strongest of the group. They tell each other what has happened, and Vejita and Piccolo promise to continue their battle after this one is over. Freeza is annoyed that he missed killing one of the Namek. Gokuu is tring to figure out who has the new, greater power, and thinks that it's not Piccolo, but rather, it's Gohan. Piccolo announces that he's going to fight Freeza on his own, and Dende recognizes Nail's presence in the strange Namek. Piccolo tells Dende to get to safety, and the little Namek wonders how the other knows his name. They talk to themselves about Piccolo, Freeza calls the Namek an insect, and Piccolo attacks. The battle is starting to get serious, and Freeza has his first taste of mild pain. End of book 25. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 18, 1993
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