Dragon Ball volume 27 summary and personae list. New Characters: Super Saiya-jin Gokuu: The hair stands up and turns gold, there's a big aura of yellow energy, and the power is incredible. Fighting styles: Other notes: Story: Gokuu realizes that Freeza had only been fighting at half-strength. Buruma wonders about the earthquakes, and asks what Gohan and company are doing. Kuririn talks about the strength of the last Kamehame-ha, and Freeza is surprised that things had gotten so dangerous. He's pissed, and attacks again. Freeza wonders why Gokuu isn't fighting so hard now, and prepares to kill him. Gohan wants to help his father, but Piccolo thinks that the guy is up to spmething (he is -- Gokuu is creating a huge Genki Tama.) The energy here is much greater, so the Genki Tama created on Namek will be huge. Piccolo is amused, since this isn't a technique that Kaiou taught him. However, Freeza won't wait around long enough to be hit by it. Freeza wonders why Gokuu is just standing there, and the others are stunned at how big the sphere has gotten. Freeza is getting impatient, and Gokuu just needs a little more time. Piccolo asks if this is really a big Tama. The one on Earth was tiny, this one is 50-meters across. Things drag on, and Freeza finally loses his patience and attacks. Piccolo tells the other two to get ready, and Freeza asks what Gokuu is trying to do. Piccolo gives the two runts some of his power. Freeza wants to know why Gokuu has stopped fighting, and tries to anger him with some jive. Then, he looks up and realizes what the Saiya-jin had been working on. Piccolo tells the two to stay in place, as he goes to help Gokuu. Freeza is stunned at the energy in the Ball. Gokuu is frustrated at not being able to use the Ball in time, and Freeza decides to cook Gokuu. But, before he can deliver the killing shot, Freeza gets kicked in the head by Piccolo. Piccolo tells Gokuu to finish the Genki Tama, and Freeza is pissed with the Namek. Piccolo wants it fired now, but it isn't ready yet. The alien is annoyed with their just standing around and talking, but he gets blindsided by the blasts from the other two humans (Piccolo is pleased with them.) This is enough to make Freeza try to destroy the planet. However, Gokuu has completed the Genki Tama, and moves it in for the kill. Knowing that he's screwed up, Freeza tries to protect himself. The Tama explodes and takes out a huge section of the ocean. Kaiou-sama is convinced that Freeza has been destroyed, and starts celebrating. Kuririn and Gohan are safe, but they can't find Gokuu and Piccolo. Those two do surface (Piccolo has saved his one-time mortal enemy.) There's much rejoicing, and talk of going back home, when Kuririn remembers about Buruma. They joke around, and Piccolo comments on the destruction of the planet, and Saichourou's death (Kuririn wants to know how Piccolo knows about the elder.) Then, the runt sees Freeza. Gohan yells out Piccolo's name when the Namek gets shot in the chest. Freeza bitches about people who think that he's dead, because if anyone's going to do the killing, it's going to be him. Gokuu tells them to return to the ship and escape with Buruma, because they're just going to be in his way. But, Freeza isn't letting anyone escape, because of the damage he's received. Gokuu yells for Freeza to stop, but Kuririn is levitated up, and then exploded. Freeza asks if the brat should be next. This was a mistake, because Gokuu needed only one thing to break the barrier -- extreme rage. The other two wonder what happened, and the Super Saiya-jin orders Gohan to take Piccolo to the ship. Gokuu wants Piccolo healed, because if the Namek dies, so does Kami-sama. Gohan doesn't want to go, and Gokuu tells him to shut up and move. As he flies off with Piccolo, the boy thanks his father, saying that he'll be waiting, and hopes Gokuu will stay well. Freeza refuses to let the boy go, alive. Gokuu says that things have changed with Kuririn's death. The alien asks where all this power has come from. Gohan says that he understands his father's situation, that the man has become a Super Saiya-jin. There's some fighting, then some bantering. Freeza talks about having destroyed the Saiya-jin, and refuses to lose this battle. Freeza turns up the power, to no effect, then it's Gokuu's turn. Freeza gets pounded, and then he uses his finger blasts. And misses. The hero tells Freeza to shoot one more time, and takes the blast flat on the chin. The alien asks who this guy is, and he replies "I am the Earth-raised Saiya-jin, the Super Saiya-jin Son Gokuu." Freeza admits this, and thinks that everything is turning out to be a bad dream. How can all of this be happening to him, to Freeza? Gokuu says it's over. Gohan finds his father's spaceship, drops off Piccolo, and goes to find Buruma. Freeza is going to win by destroying the planet, and Gokuu curses. Kaiou explains what's happening to the dead heroes, and it looks like the planet is gone. At this time, Kami-sama contacts Kaiou and says that Mr. Popo has assembled the Dragon Balls and they can now wish the dead to life. They can bring back Tenshinhan and Yamcha, but not Chao-zu, who has died once before. Suddenly, Kaiou realizes that if Kami-sama is alive, Piccolo must be. And Gohan, Buruma and Gokuu, too. Freeza complains about having lost his touch. Namek won't explode for 5 more minutes. This gives Gokuu 5 minutes to get back to his ship. Freeza won't let this happen. He wants the chance to reach 100% of his real power. He attacks Gokuu, and says that's only 70% of what he can do. He only needs 30 seconds to power up. Gokuu decides to hold off and let Freeza charge up. Kaiou asks why, and Gokuu says that he wants the challenge, because he won't be able to do this again. They argue, with Gokuu saying that Kuririn was a good guy who needs to be revenged. Eventually, Kaiou gives up, saying that this isn't Son Gokuu anymore -- it's the soldier Super Saiya-jin talking. As he nears Buruma's island, Gohan asks what is happening to the planet. He rescues Buruma, who aks all kinds of questions. The boy says that there's no time for talk, they have to hurry. She wants to know where. Freeza is now at full power, and it's time to fight. Kaiou discouragedly tells Kami-sama what's happening. Tenshinhan doesn't want to be brought to life if Chao-zu isn't. Then, Kaiou wakes up and starts asking questions. "Yes, the Namek Balls are like the Earth ones. No, the Earth Balls can't resurrect some one dead more than one year. No, they can't bring back someone who died naturally. Don't know if they can bring back someone who's natural lifespan has been unnaturally shortened. They should be able resurrect Namekians." So, Kaiou-sama tells Kami-sama to change the wish from resurrecting the people killed by Vejita, to resurrecting the people that had died because of Freeza. This should bring back Saichourou, and give them the remaining wish from the Namek Shenlon. The dead on the other world think this is ok, because they haven't been dead all that long. Have to hurry, because Namek is about to blow. Kami-sama hadn't known about that part. Freeza and Gokuu are having fun, and they taunt each other. [The next cover page has Yajirobee commenting on Gokuu's being off and playing around somewhere.] The ocean is still filling in the hole, and Freeza says that they only have 2-3 minutes left. But, Gokuu isn't going to run to his ship until Freeza is dead. The alien says that Gokuu has a big mouth. Gokuu hopes that Gohan isn't screwing around somewhere. There's some more fighting. The Earth Shenlon is summoned, and asked if he can resurrect everyone who died because of Freeza. Shenlon doesn't know, but is told to try his best. There's more fighting, and finally the Namekians start realizing that they're not dead anymore, but there's something wrong with the planet. Freeza blusters, then notices that the sky has turned black -- can't be because the planet is going to blow, yet. Shenlon says that he's done it, and he leaves. Kaiou celebrates, Tenshin asks about Saichourou, and is told that the elder, and the Namek Shenlon are both alive. Kaiou contacts Saichourou, and tells him what's happening. Freeza stops asking what's going on when he sees Gokuu surfacing again. He curses the Earthling, rekindling Gokuu's rage over Kuririn's death. Kaiou and Saichourou agree to use the last wish to teleport everyone but Freeza to Earth. However, Gokuu breaks in to have the wished changed -- teleport everyone but himself and Freeza. They argue over this, and Dende is contacted to go to Shenlon, because the boy is the closest one to the Dragon. Gohan, carrying Buruma, asks why the sky is black, Vejita asks why he's alive again, and Shenlon asks for the third wish. Kaiou tells Gokuu what's happening, and the hero is happy. Then, Freeza sees Shenlon. Gokuu is surprised at seeing the Namekian dragon, and misses Freeza's sudden departure. Dende has started making the last wish and Freeza yells out "Make Freeza immortal and unaging!!!!!" Gokuu curses, and Dende completes the wish in Namek. Shelon says that he can do this. People start warping out, and Gohan is telling Buruma that they've almost reached Piccolo. Freeza is left floating, with his mouth open, as the Balls fly after the main elder. Freeza and Gokuu talk over what had just happened. There's only two minutes left before there's nothing left. So, Freeza and Gokuu are now free to fight with no restrictions. Freeza has decided that he's going to eat Gokuu fried. They revert to hand-to-hand combat again. On Earth, everyone is greeting everyone else, and the elder tells them where they are. On Namek, the battle is heating up for 5-7 pages. Then, Gokuu declares that he has won, and there's no point in continuing. Now, it's just a matter of saving Freeza's pride. Gokuu powers down and prepares to go to his ship. However, Freeza isn't having any of this, and attacks again. That was Gokuu's last offer, and and Freeza just blew it. The cutting energy ball chases after Gokuu, so he flies around before racing straight at Freeza. Freeza is amused at this children's trick. End of book 27. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 19, 1993
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