Dragon Ball volume 28 summary and personae list. (NOTE: Hitoshi's TV series summaries start at episode 122 of Dragon Ball Z, which begins with page 118 of this manga. So, I'm going to stop summaring at that point.) New Characters: Cyborg Freeza: He'd been rescued by his father, partially mechanized, and made much stronger and faster than before. Papa: AKA Great King Cold. Freeza's father. A huge horned demon, who has saved Freeza and turned him into a cyborg. Trunks: The golden-haired boy from the future. Carrying a sword, and wearing a Capsule Corp. jacket, he destroys Freeza and Cold, and warns the heroes of the threat that awaits them in 3 years. Is the son of Buruma and Vejita. #19: Dr. Gero's android. Comes from the alternate future. Fat, with a pointy head, looks vaguely Chinese. Steals people's energy through the contacts in his hands. #20: AKA -- Dr. Gero. Works for Red Ribbon. Came back in time with #19 to destroy the planet. Gets his energy the same way #19 does. Old, mean-looking, with very long silver hair. Fighting styles: Shunkan-iou: The teleport ability that Gokuu learns on Yardrat. But, he can only jump to a place where someone he knows is located (he has to feel that person's energy to teleport to that place.) Other notes: The future: This is a malleable thing, that can be altered by changing events in the past, which will then create an alternate timeline. Trunk's future still exists, but it's not the one that the heroes eventually grow into. Yardrat: The planet that Gokuu stumbles across after leaving Namek. Here, he learns a new technique, and picks up the heart disease that Trunks warns him about. Wiles-sei: The name of the heart problem Gokuu contracts on Yardrat. Story: Gokuu rushes towards Freeza, closely followed by the cutting energy ball. Freeze yells that this is an old trick. The ball apparently kills Gokuu, but the hero had used One Image, and is standing off to the side. Gokuu insults Freeza, basically saying that the alien can only handle a limited amount of power. Freeza creates two cutting balls to prove that he can. The same chase pattern occurs, but this time, as he approaches Freeza, Gokuu shoots a blast to raise a cloud of dust. Cursing, Freeza leaps out of the way of the first disk, but is smashed down into the path of the second. Gokuu tells him to not stand up, but it's too late. Freeza curses a lot, then begs for help. Gokuu, turning to leave for his ship, pauses. Kaiou-sama yells for Gokuu to not listen to the pleas. Then, Gokuu shouts that he's not going to help this kind of killer. Freeza begs one more time, and Gokuu gives him enough power to move on his own again. Back on Earth, the Namek are chattering, but one elder notices that Tsuuso's village hasn't shown up yet. Vejita answers that that's probably the one he trashed. The wish had been to bring back the people killed because of Freeza, and Vejita had killed those people on his own. The old Dragon Balls also land, and Saichourou says that after he dies, the new Saichourou should make a new set of Dragon Balls. The group agrees to this, and then the old Namek dies permanently. Piccolo gives his farewells, and Dende asks if Piccolo and Nail are now the same person (Piccolo just smiles.) Buruma asks where Gokuu and Kuririn are, and Gohan answers that Kuririn died again, and that he'd last seen his father fighting Freeza. Piccolo comments on this, and Buruma asks why Kuririn wasn't resurrected with everyone else. Gohan explains that Kuririn has died once already, and Dende overhears this. But, that restriction, on not bringing the same person back to life twice, doesn't apply if the Namek Balls are used for the second resurrection. There is much rejoicing, because that will get Chao-zu and Kuririn. Then, Piccolo complains about how stupid Gokuu is, but Gohan is convinced that the Super Saiya-jin will win. Vejita wakes up at the mention of "Super Saiya-jin." Back on Namek, Freeza is still giving Gokuu a hard time. They talk a bit about getting off the planet, where the ships are, and so on. But, Freeza is a bad loser, and tries one last time to kill Gokuu. This fails, and Gokuu's counter blast finishes off the alien. On Kaiou's planet, Kaiou is relaying what happened, but also adds that Gokuu won't escape in time. Yamcha answers that since Gokuu is a Super Saiya-jin, he still has a chance, so Kaiou starts chanting for Gokuu to hurry. Gokuu reaches Freeza's ship, and begs for it to work. Frantically looking for the start button, he does find it, but the ship doesn't react. He curses, then rushes outside to watch the ship fall into a crevice. Kaiou-sama relates what's happening, Gokuu realizes that the planet is about to explode and he screams "shi --- it!!!" Yamcha yells for Gokuu to not die, and then Namek explodes. Kaiou-sama can't find the planet, or Gokuu. Yamcha volunteers to talk to Buruma and to tell Gohan what's happened, using Kaiou as a channel. He explains what's happening, and then Buruma has to do the same for Gohan. She asks how Yamcha is doing, and he answers "as well as can be expected for a dead guy (more or less.)" He tells her that Gokuu had defeated Freeza (this surprises Vejita,) and tries to say that the hero had died in the explosion, but Buruma interrupts and tells him to quit joking. He yells back at her that it's the truth. Then, Buruma replies that Yamcha doesn't know that the Namek on Earth can recreate their Dragon Balls, which can bring back Chao-zu, Kuririn, AND Gokuu. However, Kaiou bursts her bubble by stating that although those people can be brought back to life, there'd be no place for them to return to, (ie -- Gokuu and Kuririn would appear where Namek had been, and would just die again shortly after.) Gohan panicks a little at hearing that his father and Kuririn can never be resurrected, and Buruma says that at least the others can be. Vejita speaks up (insulting them,) and states that the obvious thing is to wish for the remains of the two fighters to be brought to Earth, first. Buruma tells him that he's ok after all, and Gohan tries to thank Vejita, but the Saiya-jin just wants to meet a Super Saiya-jin, and then defeat him. This is when one of the Namek elders steps in and says that before they create the Balls, they need a nice place to set up camp. Buruma volunteers some land near the space in the city where she lives, and she extends the offer to Vejita (who accepts it with his normal grace, muttering that she has a big mouth.) Next, she asks everyone to wait while she goes to the nearby house to call for her father to come get them. Gohan asks to stay at Capsule Corp. as well, because he'd forgotten to study his homework and Chi Chi is going to be mad at him. The air bus comes and takes everyone to Buruma's place in the western district. Vejita, too. 130 days later, the Balls have been reactivated, and the Namekian Shenlon appears outside of the Capsule Corp. HQ. Buruma and her father are impressed at the dragon's size. Shenlon asks for the first wish, and the new Saichourou states that the Namek will wait for a while, so the Earthling's can make all three wishes. Gohan thanks him. Buruma wishes for the remains of Gokuu and Kuririn to be brought back to Earth. The dragon answers that Kuririn is a go, but since Gokuu is still alive, he doesn't have any remains to be teleported. Neither Gohan or Kaiou can believe this. Gohan suggests that maybe his father had found a space ship. Buruma then wishes for Kuririn to be brought back to life (he is very surprised.) As a free service, Shenlon had fixed Kuririn's clothes and healed his wounds, as well. Buruma says that the dragon may have a scarey face, but he does good work. For the third wish, Buruma shouts out to have Gokuu brought to Earth. There's some cheering. Then, Shenlon answers that since Gokuu is already on his way home under his own power, the wish can't be fulfilled. Kamesennin yells out for a nicer bride for Gokuu, then has to quickly add that he's just joking. (Piccolo notes that while Gokuu is alive, Kaiou-sama couldn't locate him.) So, the third wish is to have Yamcha resurrected. Another 130 days later, Tenshinhan and Chao-zu are resurrected together. The third wish of the second set is for the discovery of a new planet for the Namekians. One year has passed. Gohan is wondering what's happened to his father. The phone wakes him up -- it's Kuririn. Everyone now notices the presence of a stupendous power. Kaiou-sama hopes that it isn't Freeza [NOTE: Vejita is spending the day at Capsule Corp., with Yamcha and Buruma, having a BBQ.] Seems that Kakarot hadn't finished the job after all. Tenshin realizes that there's at least 2 strong people approaching. On the spaceship, the cyborg Freeza tells his father that this is the planet called Earth. Papa thinks that it's a little planet that will only take one blast to blow up. Gohan flies off, with Chi Chi asking where he's going. He meets up with Kuririn, and they discuss the evil that's getting closer. The ship is about to land, and Vejita thinks that he and Yamcha are at the contact point. Yamcha calls Buruma an idiot when she shows up. They argue, but since Freeza can blow up Namek, there is no safe place to hide on Earth, so she came to watch the fight. Tenshin and Chao-zu arrive, and the triclops wants to know why his killer has come to the battlezone. Ten wants to kill Freeza, and Yamcha has to calm things down. Vejita tells them to argue later, there's fighting to be done, and Freeza is going to have his scouter back. The Saiya-jin then comments that the Namekian is here, and people now notice Piccolo. Kuririn and Gohan now locate the others. They exchange greetings, and Piccolo shouts that the ship is coming. Gohan says that this really is Freeza, and Vejita wants to know if everyone can fly (to cover distance.) Yamcha panicks at realizing that Freeza is this strong. Tenshin and Yamcha can't believe that the others had actually fought this monster. Vejita mocks them, adding that Earth is about to end. Freeza comes out of the ship, and thinks that Earth is not a bad place. Cold decides that they'll wait 3 hours for the Super Saiya-jin to show up. Then they'll have some fun and kill everyone. Yamcha curses the fact that Freeza is still alive. Freeza orders his men to kill all of the Earthlings, and then a strange boy sets foot on the battlegrounds. Freeza asks the boy what he wants, and the kid replies "to kill the lot of you." Freeza repeats this, and asks if the kid knows who he is. The kid does. The alien doesn't know how this is possible, but he orders one of his soldiers to kill the brat. According to the creature's scouter, this Earthling garbage has a power rating of 5. All of the soldiers quickly die, which overwhelms the heroes, and amuses Freeza and Cold. The kid says it's now their turn. They banter a bit, and the boy states that he's come to meet Son Gokuu; Freeza recognizes the name. They banter some more, and the kid says that Gokuu isn't the only Super Saiya-jin now. Freeza and Cold are stunned as the boy powers up. The humans are trying to figure out where this power has come from, and Gohan recognizes it as being like his father's, at the end of the fight. Freeza attacks, Cold praises him, the boy avoids the blast. He makes some strange hand gestures, yells out "Freeza" and fires. Gohan points out where the action is happening, and Freeza gets diced before being vaporized. Kuririn and Vejita stammer a bit, and Pool and Buruma can't follow any of the action at all, but at least they have been saved by what looks like Gokuu. Yamcha states that this isn't Gokuu at all. The group gets closer to watch the action. Cold praises the boy's technique in killing his child, and asks to see the kid's sword. The kid hesitates, and Cold asks if something's wrong. With the blade in his hands, Cold admits that something like this could make someone undefeatable. Cold attacks with the sword, the boy catches it in one hand and moves the other for another blast as Cold yells out for him to wait. Cold dies, and the alien ship is destroyed. The kid invites everyone to wait with him for Gokuu's arrival. The group is surprised by this, and Vejita is trying to figure out where yet another Saiya-jin could have come from. The group decides that the kid can't be all bad, and they take him up on his offer. The kid finds the right coordinates (573 by 18220.) He lands, the others follow suit. He uses a capsule to make a little cooler, and since there's 3 hours left to wait, he offers them something to drink. (Kirin beer, and Post Water.) Buruma, Gohan, and Kuririn accept. [NOTE: Vejita is wearing a white button-down work shirt with "BADMAN" written on the back.] Buruma asks if they've met before, and Gohan wants to know how the kid knows his father (heard of him, never met him.) They ask him: How do you know Gokuu will arrive here in 3 hours; What's your name; Where are you from; -- all are answered with "Sorry, I can't tell you that." Vejita wants to know how the kid can be a Super Saiya-jin (since there are only 3 Saiya-jin left,) and is met with silence. Buruma finally notices the Capsule Corp. jacket, and asks if he's an employee (not really.) (It's another secret.) He does say that he's 17 years old. The group splits up, and kills time. Buruma notices the interaction between the mysterious kid and Vejita. Vejita wants to know why the kid keeps staring at him, and gets an embarrassed apology. People wonder to each other about this strange kid. This is as far is I'm going to go. Hitoshi's TV summaries pick up from here. The end of this book is covered by episodes 122, 123, and the first part of 126. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 23, 1993
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