Dragon Ball volume 35 summary and personae list. New Characters: Fighting styles: Other notes: Story: Kuririn recovers, and asks how Trunks had gotten the senzu seeds; Trunks answers, and Kuririn is stunned at seeing Gohan's immense power. Trunks also tells the runt to hurry up and move farther back. Cell sneers that the boy has great strength, but not enough to defeat him. Gohan says that he'll beat the monster, and Cell tells him to watch the true power of Cell. The resulting aura blasts everyone, and Gokuu says that now it's time to see the action for real. Cell asks for Gohan's reaction to the power-up, and the boy replies, "what about it?" The monster sneers and attacks, but Gohan takes the blow without staggering. When Cell pauses to rest, he can't believe how much damage he's taken in only 2 punches. Gokuu smiles, Vejita fumes, and the announcer rants about the small boy. After some more fighting, Cell realizes that he's going to lose in a fist fight. So he goes airborne to fire a Kamehame-ha. The Z Fighters start to panic, Cell announces that he'll destroy the planet with his full-power attack, and Gohan just stands there. Vejita thinks that it's all over, but Gohan quietly mutters "Kamehame-HA!!!!!" and chews Cell up pretty good. Cell wants to know how this boy got such great power, and Vejita worries over this, too. Gokuu yells out for his son to finish Cell off now, but the boy is just starting to have fun. Gokuu yells back that he doesn't know what Cell can really do, but Gohan waits for the monster to regenerate. Cell yells out "Shit" a few times, and then bulks up, adding that he's not going to lose. Trunks notices that Cell's speed changes with the massive build up of muscle. But, the monster is unstable, and the kick to the head causes him to spit up #18, and to change back down from his perfect form. Gohan considers this to be boring, because it's all over now. Cell swears, and starts ballooning. He's become a large bomb now, and in one minute he'll destroy the planet. If Gohan attacks, he'll just speed up the process. Gohan realizes that he's screwed up, and he collapses to the ground. The others wait for the end, and Cell counts off the remaining seconds. However, Kuririn comments on Gokuu's strange expression, and the fighter says that he's figured out how to save the planet. He tells them "bye bye," and teleports out. He appears in front of Cell, telling Gohan that he'll take over from here. He gives a last word for Chi Chi, and teleports out with Cell. But, the only place he can think of going, with only 4 seconds left, is Kaiou-sama's planet. Cell yells out "shit" and self-destructs. Piccolo tells the group that he can't feel Gokuu's power anymore, and Kuririn calls out his friend's name. Gohan screams out "father," and the announcer tries to figure out what happened. Kuririn tries to reassure the boy that it's finished, and they gather up #18's body to take back. The runt tries to tell the boy that everyone had done their best, etc. Gokuu apologies to Bubbles, and Kaiou bitches at the fighter (why not choose Kami-sama's tower, or some planet sparsely populated by humans?) They exchange excuses, until Gokuu realizes that Cell's spirit hasn't joined them in the "Other World." Kaiou figures out that this means that Cell is still alive. Back on Earth, Kuririn's trying to tell the group that since #18 hadn't killed anything living, she can't be such a bad person. Then, the group feels an incredible power, and an energy bolt leaps out to kill Trunks. Cell steps from the cloud of dust, wondering who he'd hit. Cell is back, and he explains that since a small piece of his head had remained unvaporized, he was able to regenerate himself back into his perfect form. And, because of the Saiya-jin blood in him, coming back from near-death has made him even stronger than before. Using Gokuu's teleport, he quickly returned to Earth. Vejita fumes over Trunk's death. Cell wants to know why Gohan's powered up again, and the boy answers that he's gleefully going to waste his father's killer. Cell asks how that's going to happen. Vejita yells out "Trunks!!!" and "Shit!!!", then attacks Cell. The ultra Saiya-jin fires off a lot of blasts before being batted away. Cell is about to kill the downed fighter, but Gohan protects him from the blast -- it messes up his right arm, though. Kuririn calls Vejita an idiot -- stating that Trunks can be resurrected via the Dragon Balls. Cell is tired of playing and is going to wrap things up. Piccolo adds that they've run out of senzu seeds. Cell prepares to destroy the fighters, and the Earth with them. Gohan apologizes to his father for not being able to protect the Earth, and the others over-react (Vejita can sympathize with the boy, and Piccolo rages outloud at their helplessness.) In the city, people comment on the earthquake. The announcer describes the action, and Satan calls it a trick. Cell asks Gohan what's wrong, adding that this will be the last shot. Gohan is giving in, when Gokuu speaks to him via Kaiou-sama. They talk back and forth, with Gokuu promising to help Gohan out with his Kamehame-ha. (Cell hears part of the conversation, and thinks that there's only one person about to attack him.) Gokuu assures the boy that they'll win, and Gohan apologizes for getting his father killed. Gokuu says that he's doing ok in the other world with Kaiou-sama, so the boy should have fun while he's alive on Earth. Cell and Gohan start their Kamehame-ha's, and Piccolo shouts out that the boy's power isn't anywhere near strong enough to defeat the monster. Piccolo warns the Z Fighters, and the shockwave knocks them aside. The blasts are pretty even, for a while. Piccolo announces that Gohan's going to lose. Cell knows he's going to win, and Gokuu keeps trying to make Gohan push harder. Gohan is using up all his power, trying to punish Cell for damaging the Earth and people. The monster tells them goodbye, then gets hit in the head by Vejita's blast. The distraction is enough to allow Gohan to completely vaporize every particle of Cell (he can't believe this is happening.) The boy collapses, and Gokuu congratulates him. There's much rejoicing, and the group is going to take the bodies to Kami-sama's and get some senzu seeds. The others fly off, leaving Piccolo and Vejita behind. The Namek comments on Vejita's having helped, and the Saiya-jin replies that he didn't do it to save Earth, whose people he doesn't care about. Piccolo understands. Vejita talks to himself, about having done it for his kid. He also fumes about Kakarot's going off and dying so that Vejita can't kill him himself. He doesn't have anyone to fight anymore. Satan is gibbering, and the announcer asks what happened. Thinking fast, the wrestler realizes that no one else saw the end of the fight. Satan declares that he'd stepped in at the last minute and saved everyone. The balls of light were just a trick -- he's the one that defeated Cell. So, the announcer repeats this to the viewing audience, and the masses of the world start chanting Satan's name. At Kami-sama's, Dende is healing #18, and Yamcha is warning him to leave before he gets killed (Kuririn doesn't think that's going to happen.) #18 jumps up, and Kuririn quickly tells her what had happened, #18 is surprised that it was Gohan, and Yamcha says "Yes!! And he's really strong, too!" Piccolo adds that she owes Kuririn for the favor of saving her body, and the runt says it was nothing. Gohan suddenly realizes that Kuririn likes #18, the runt tells him to shut up, and the others just figure it out for the first time. #18 insults the old bald man, and flies off. Yamcha yells out more insults, Tenshin tells him that he's wasting his time, and Piccolo wants them to hurry up and summon Shenlon. Gohan reassures the runt that all his friends are here, and Kuririn tearfully tells him to shut up. Shenlon appears, and #18 pauses to find out why the sky has gone black. The first wish is to bring back everyone killed by Cell, but Piccolo doesn't feel Gokuu's spirit return. Shenlon asks for the second wish, Yamcha asks about Gokuu, and is told "no-go." Then, Gokuu pipes up, via Kaiou-sama, and reassures them that with peace on Earth, there's nothing more for him to do. Besides, he'll meet them all again when they die, too. He tells them "Bye, bye." Shenlon stammers out, asking about the next wish. Yamcha says that asking for a necklace for his girlfriend is right out, right? After thinking a long time, Kuririn wants to know if #17 and #18 could be made fully human again. The dragon answers that since the androids are stonger than him, he can't do it. Yamcha wants to know why #17 is being included, and Piccolo states that since everyone killed by Cell has been wished back to life, that included #17. Kuririn then asks if the explosive devices inside the two androids can be removed -- "Yes, I can do that." It is done, Shenlon disappears, and Trunks asks why? Kuririn bashfully says that having bombs in you is a pitiful thing. Kuririn wonders about Yamcha's girlfriend, and the fighter tells him that that was just a cheap gag. Tenshin wants to know why the bomb was removed from #17, and the runt replies that it seemed reasonable, since #17 and #18 are probably lovers. Piccolo doesn't understand this love stuff. #18 jumps out from behind the pillar, calling the runt an idiot -- the two androids are brother and sister. They don't owe anybody anything for having the bombs removed. However, she leaves again with "until later." Yamcha shouts out "'Until later' -- you hear that? You still have a chance with her." Piccolo reiterates that he really doesn't understand this love thing. Then there's silence, as they realize that Gokuu is really gone. Teshinhan decides to leave, because Chao-zu is probably worried. He doesn't think they'll meet again, so everyone gives each other their best wishes and Trunks is told to return to the future and restore peace. Trunks is returning to the future. Piccolo is staying at Kami-sama's, but Gohan is given leave to come there and play with both Piccolo and Dende. The group splits up, and Trunks asks Yamcha what had happened to his father. He gets told, and is pleased with his father's behavior. Chi Chi breaks down at the news of Gokuu's death. Later, Trunks is saying goodbye to people, and Vejita signs his approval of the boy. End of Gokuu's story. In Trunk's future, in the west sector... Trunks announces that he's back, and Buruma welcomes him. He explains that the time in the Room of Spirit and Time had caused him to age 1 year in 24 hours. He further tells her what happened, and that he found his father to be a really cool guy (Buruma has trouble accepting that description of Vejita.) The radio announces that the androids are back, and Trunks goes out to fight them and return peace to the world. #17 and #18 are bantering about losing computer games when an old man shoots #17 in the face. The old man dies, and Trunks shows up to end the killing. #17 comments on the wimp still being alive, and #18 asks if it's ok for her to kill the guy off now. She can do whatever she likes. Trunks easily destroys her, and #17 asks how this is possible. Trunks just states that he's going to get revenge for the deaths of Gohan and friends. He finishes off #17, and says that it's over. Three years later, it's time for Cell to appear, and Trunks is going through the motions of going back in time. He then announces that he knows that Cell is present, and that the monster wants to kill him to take the time machine and go back to eat #17 and #18 to become complete. Cell wants to know how his victim knows this. This time, Trunks is going to finish things. They talk over past events, and Trunks states that he's the one that finished off #17 and #18 in this timeline. He blows Cell up into the air, and the two of them go out to an unpopulated area outside the city. They brag a bit, then attack. Cell then decides to demonstrate a really frightening power (kamehame-ha) and Trunks just completely eradicates the monster. Cell swears and dies. Trunks has won, and he thanks Gokuu and friends. The narration box simply says that the living Trunks has brought peace to his future timeline. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Nov. 11, 1993
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