Dragon Ball volume 36 summary and personae list. Note: Most of this volume has been summarized by someone else. The missing chapters are: 425, 429, 430. New Characters: Mister Satan: Professional wrestler, and world figure. Beederu: Satan's daughter. Very strong, and leader of the city's amateur law enforcement service. Is in Gohan's school, and coerce's Gohan into entering the next Tenkaichi-budoukai with her. Gohan: He's now 16, and has been studying under Chi Chi's tutilage. He starts out the book by going to his new school. The Great Saiya-man: Gohan's alter-ego. He wants to protect his identity at school, so he gets a costume from Buruma, and spends lots of time in front of the mirror, practicing his poses. Shapner: The long blond-haired baseball player in Gohan's class. Ireeza: The short blond-haired girl who develops a lust for Gohan. Goten: Gohan's younger brother. Is already faster and more powerful that Gokuu or Gohan had been at that age. Looks like Gokuu used to. Age 7. Trunks: Son of Buruma and Vejita. Age 8. Slightly faster and more powerful than Goten, and already a Super Saiya-jin. Kuririn: Since he stopped fighting, he'd let his hair grow, and has fathered a daughter with #18. Dende: He's aged, and grown up a lot in the last few years. Is still the current Kami-sama. Vejita: Is living in the Capsule Corp. HQ, with Buruma. Yamcha: Has moved out of Capsule Corp., and is living in some unnamed location. Has never managed to sleep with Buruma. Tenshinhan and Chao-zu can not be found. Idarsa: The first boy that faces Trunks in the Budoukai. Other notes: At least 7 years have passed since the ending of volume 35. The world has embraced Mister Satan as its saviour. Satan City is the main location of the first part of the new story. Orange Star High School: Gohan's new school. Satan City: Where Beederu lives. Randoseru Town: Nearby town to Satan City. 439 East: The sector 1000 km from Satan City, where Gohan lives. Fighting styles: Story: (On the last page of ch. 424, Gohan is about to announce the name of his secret identidity, and tells us that he'll make the announcement on the next page. Heh.) Chapter 425 Gohan declares himself to be the Great Saiya-man, and goes through the fighting pose that he'd practiced earlier in front of a mirror for 2 hours. (A take-off of Sailor Moon.) He's impressed; no one else is. He tells Beederu to arrest the remaining bad guy, and she notices that the masked hero knows her name. The bad guy uses a smoke bomb to escape, and Gohan flies after him. Beederu realizes that the guy is flying, and it isn't a trick (her father kept claiming that it was.) Saiya-man catches the villian, and tells the girl to take them to the police. She asks Gohan how he snuck out of class, and he replies that he claimed to be going to the bathroom, falling for her little trap. Gohan asks how she knew, and she answers that his voice is the same. On the way back, he explains why he uses the costume, and denies that he's also the "golden-haired fighter." Then, Beederu states that he next Tenkaichi-budoukai will be in one month. The previous budokai (not the Cell Game,) had been won by Son Gokuu, and Beedure guesses that Gohan is Gokuu's son. Beederu likes the idea of the daughter of the last champion facing off against the son of the previous champion, and threatens to tell everyone at school who the Great Saiya-man is if Gohan doesn't enter the Budoukai with her. She also wants Gohan to teach her to fly. He doesn't have much choice, and he worries about this as he returns to class. Only to get a ribbing for spending so much time in the toilet. He considers today to be a very bad day. Chapter 429 Vejita is in the gravity room, training for the budoukai. He tells Trunks to leave, since the boy is having so much trouble coping with 150 g. But, Trunks wants to fight Goten in the competition, and then just switches over to super Saiya-jin mode, and waltzes around the room. Vejita is shocked, and asks in Goten can do this too -- Trunks says yes. Vejita gets very pissed, and comments on there having been a bargain sale on Super Saiya-jin. Deciding to make the most of a bad situation, Vejita states that if Trunks can hit him once in the face, he'll take the boy out to an amusement park. This makes Trunks happy, and he attacks full out. But, when he gets hit, Vejita loses his temper and blasts the boy in the nose. Trunks is about to cry, and Vejita tells him not to, and that he'll take both Trunks and Goten to the park. He also asks how strong Goten is, and is told that because the other boy is a year younger, he's a little weaker, and also can't fly. This bothers Vejita (who doesn't like the competition. Beederu has learned to levitate, but is annoyed by Goten's rapid progress (so Gohan tells the kid to settle down a bit when Beederu is around.) She complains about having been brought up as Satan's daughter, and asks about Gokuu. Gokuu was strong, but is now dead. Goten blurts out that Gokuu will be coming back for one day, and the girl misunderstands this to mean that the budoukai will bring back memories of the dead man. 10 days later, Beederu has better control over her ki, and is flying around freely. Chapter 430 We get to see people's training: Goten and Gohan fight each other in Super Saiya-jin mode; Gohan fights by himself in normal mode as does Vejita; Beederu and Kuririn train solo; Gokuu and Piccolo meditate; Trunks does one-finger push-ups in the gravity room; and Mister Satan drinks and reads magazines. Finally, it's time for the budoukai, which hasn't been held for a long time. The group speculates over whether Gokuu will actually show up. Gohan asks the Saiya-jin to not switch over to Super mode, and Vejita wants to know why. Buruma answers that all of them have been captured on video in Super Saiya-jin mode, during the Cell Game, and it would cause problems if they're recognized as the same people. It's fine by Vejita, who expects to win either way. Trunks and Goten also promise to not change over. This makes Gohan happier. At the island, the group is surprised by the crowds, and they look for Gokuu. People start running by to meet Mister Satan. The wrestler has appeared, and he basks in the attention. A reporter asks how he's feeling, and Satan replies that he's working at 120%. He laughs madly. Then, another reporter comments of Beederu's having cut her hair, and she tells hm to shut up. Yamcha is amused, and Goten recognizes Piccolo. Gohan asks if the alien has seen his father, and is told 'no.' Piccolo is uncomfortable with Gohan's attempt at a disguise. Chi Chi is getting worried, and suddenly, Gokuu arrives. Gokuu asks if everyone is fine, and they react predictably, not having seen the man for about 7 years. Uranai Baba departs, reminding Gokuu that he's only going to be able to stay on Earth for 24 hours; he thanks her. Gokuu is surprised at seeing that he has a second son, and Goten is frightened of this guy that Chi Chi says is his father. Piccolo tells them to hurry up and sign in. Trunks is upset at being told that anyone under 15 has to fight in the children's section. It's in the rules, so they doen't have a choice (Kuririn is very relieved, because it gives him a a slightly better shot at getting one of the top five awards.) Then, it's time to split up and either join the audience, or suit up. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Dec. 3, 1993
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