Dragon Ball volume 37 summary and personae list. New Characters: Ikousa: Idarsa's brother. Fights Goten and loses. [oa:v37] Kaiou-shin: Kaiou God. Knows that there's going to be trouble at the Budoukai, so has taken on the guise of a young punk with a mohawk, and entered the Budoukai. [fa:v37] Kibit: Kaiou-shin's big, muscular assistant. [fa:v37] Yamuu: Minion possessed by Babi Dee, set to find someone with enough energy, and then is to steal that energy. [fa:v37] [la:v38] Supopo-bitchi: Yamuu's overly-muscled partner. [fa:v37] [la:v38] Mighty Mask: Some guy that made it into the final rounds. Is cold-cocked by Trunks. Then, Trunks and Goten use the disguise to enter the adult's portion of the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai. [oa:v37] Jewel: Mr. Satan's protogee. In the final rounds of the TIB. [oa:v37] Killer: Black fighter, in the final rounds of the TIB. [oa:v37] Other notes: In this Budoukai, the kid's section is pretty much ignored. What little that is mentioned of the line-up is (ages listed if given): Pontatto vs Webley (Webley throws a crying fit, and loses) Ikousa (14) vs Goten (7) (Ikousa suffers a KO) Trunks (8) vs Goten (7) (Final match. Goten lands outside the ring and is disqualified) Adult final elimination rounds: Kuririn vs Punter (Punter lands out of ring) Shin vs Ma Jr. (Piccolo) (Piccolo defaults) Beederu vs Supopo Bitchi (Beederu dropped out of ring) Kibit vs Great Saiya-man (Gohan) (Match interrupted) #18 vs Mr. Satan (No match) Gokuu vs Vejiita (Vejiita and Gokuu disqual.) Mighty Mask vs Killer (No match) Yamuu vs Jewel (No match) [I love the drawings of Trunks and Goten dressed as Mighty Mask.] Combat techniques: Satsujin Punch -- Ikousa's "Assassin's/Kill Person" punch. Totsugeki -- Goten's dive bombing attack. Note: Chapters 433 - 437 have been summarized by someone else, and are on an FTP site somewhere. I've previously done 440 - 444, and am including those chapters here. 438, 439, and 445 are new to this file. Chapter Titles: 433: Trunks vs Goten 434: Trunks vs Goten 2 435: Children's Rounds, The Winner is Decided 436: Mr. Satan's Guts (Bravado) 437: The Mysterious Two Chapter 438: The Fighting Partners Are Chosen Piccolo comments that the two new strangers aren't from Earth (he can't place them, though,) and Beederu asks Gohan what the green one means by this. Gohan replies that the two are weird, and Beederu retorts that Piccolo'ss skin color isn't exactly normal, either. Kuririn wants to hurry up and go to the fight site. The announcer welcomes them, stating that things can now get started. Kuririn prays to Kami-sama (god) that he'll get a normal person in the first round; Piccolo replies that Kami-sama is named "Dende." Gokuu is looking around, noticing Shin's power, the bad weirdness of Supopo and Yamuu, and the strange bodyshape of the unlikely fighter "Mighty Mask." (Mighty Mask is great.) The announcer starts having people draw numbered balls from a box to determine their placement in the first rounds. Kuririn is surprised to get the #1 ball, for the first match. The announcer comments on #18's strange name, and she replies that it's as good as any. The young punk answers to the name "Shin", and Gokuu thinks that he's heard it before. Meanwhile, Trunks asks Goten what their victim's name was; Goten doesn't know. The announcer calls out for Supopo-Bitchi, and the lack of a reply makes the boys think that it's supposed to be them. However, the announcer corrects them ("it's "Mighty Mask",) and the real Supopo-Bitchi takes his number. The announcer wonders about Supopo's looking different from the last tournament, and Goten and Trunks argue with each other over their mistake.) When Beederu's turn comes up, she asks if her father is going to make an appearance, and the announcer answers that he's been empowered to select Satan's number as a proxy. Gokuu overhears the exchange, and is surprised to learn that the girl is Mr. Satan's daughter; Kuririn takes the chance to rib Gohan over his choice of girlfriends. A big, fat Turkish-looking guy named Punter gets number 2, and Kuririn is ecstatic. Punter goes up to his opponent and threatens Kuririn with a humiliating defeat; the ex-monk is very philosophical about that. Then, Vejiita draws #12; Kuririn responds to the fact that Vejiita and Gokuu are matched up in the first round, and Vejiita thinks a challenge to Gokuu to himself (he's happy to get the chance to defeat Kakarot himself.) This gets Trunks and Goten arguing over who's going to win. The announcer wonders over Mighty Mask's behavior, and Piccolo gets a little paranoid at having to face Shin. The announcer pulls Satan's number, and Kurirn is happy that the wrestler is facing #18. #18 says "who?" and Beederu berates the android. Yamuu is the last one to go, and the final line-up is announced. The announcer lists the rules again (You lose if you're down for a 10-count, touch anything outside the ring, or give up.) They're told that because of the need to hold so many combats, that each match will only last 30 minutes. Punter takes the chance to tell Kuririn that the runt won't last 10 seconds. The announcer builds up the excitement for the start of the adults' final eliminations. One attendant tells Satan that the great champion is facing a rather impressive, unknown woman in the 5th round, and Satan sits up fast, excited. Chapter 439: Kuririn's, Then Piccolo's Fight The announcer tells the crowd what the lineup is, and Yamcha comments on Vejiita's facing Gokuu so soon. Kuririn and Punter are called out, and Punter continues to threaten the runt over his uncoming defeat. The crowd is told that Kuririn had been a Budoukai competitor long ago as a boy, and that Punter had won previous lesser fights. Kuririn's unnamed daughter asks if everything's going to be ok, and Yamcha reassures her that Kuririn is the strongest one on Earth. For an Earthling. Punter states that the Budoukai is not something to play at; it's no place for little old men. Kuririn is bored, and Killer is convinced that Punter is not one to be trifled with (becuase of his massive build.) The match starts, and Punter does a series of handsprings to show that he's not only big, he's fast. There's no use in trying to escape. Giving in, Kuririn answers that he won't try to run away. Then, Punter claims that to show how tough he is, he'll let Kuririn deliver the first blow. Kuririn slaps the giant silly and kicks him out of the ring. The crowd is shocked, and the announcer is happily looking forward to a great Bodoukai after waiting so long. The announcer declares the next match, and quietly pleads for Ma Jr. to leave the ring intact this time (this is Shin's first touranment, but Ma had been in a great fight last time.) People in the audience recognize Ma from TV coverage of the Cell game, and are starting to wonder. [Note: No one recognizes Piccolo as being the Great Demon King Piccolo.] The fighters are wondering about Shin, and Piccolo is asking himself why Shin is here to compete. The punk replies that he's entered just for fun, and Piccolo is shocked at the punk's having read his mind. He concedes the match and walks back out of the ring. Shin ponders over Piccolo's having been Earth's Kami (god.) Gokuu wonders what happened, Piccolo states "next match," and Kuririn gets a little panicked -- HE'S the one to face Shin next round. So, the announcer continues on to declare match 3, between Beederu and Supopo-bitchi. The crowd goes wild, chanting "Beederu." Beederu is introduced as Satan's daughter; Supopo had been in a previous Budoukai, but seems to have undergone an image change. Shin walks by Supopo, and stares at the guy with serious intensity. Chapter 440: Shin's Unexpected Identity The crowd chants Beederu's name, and the girl thinks that Supopo gives out bad vibes. The match starts. Meanwhile, Piccolo confronts Shin, hoping to learn if he's mistaken. Piccolo thinks that Shin may be Dai-Kaiou, but Kibit interjects that this is Kaiou-shin. Piccolo's brain freezes, and Shin asks him to not tell anyone yet. There are 4 Kaiou-samas (Planet Kings) and above them is Dai-Kaiou (the Big Kaiou.) Piccolo has heard that the Kaiou's have their own god; Kaiou-shin = "Kaiou God." Gokuu wants to know what's going on, and Piccolo pleads with him to not say anything to him at all. On his little marble of a planet, Kaiou-sama is stammering that that young boy could be Kaiou-shin. He wonders why Shin would be on Earth. Back at the ring, Beederu is pounding on the much larger Supopo. Gokuu and Kuririn are impressed, and Gohan comments on her having improved a lot. The announcer is describing the action, biasing it in Beederu's favor. But, Supopo gets back up (Gokuu is concerned,) and gets pounded some more. Gohan thinks it's over, But Supopo just stands back up, grinning evilly. Gokuu notes that there's something weird about this guy. Chapter 441: "Beederu Trashed" Supopo is trashing Beederu, and punts her out of the ring. The crowd thinks she's going to lose, but she catches herself at the last moment, then flies back in. The announcer describes the action. Gohan states that she's doing well at using what he taught her, but Gokuu thinks it might have been better if she'd fallen to the ground. He states that Supopo is strange, and might do a lot of damage. Gohan wonders what this means, and Gokuu doesn't understand either. The fight continues, and it looks like Beederu's kick has killed the guy. However, Supopo just clicks his broken neck into place. The announcer rants over this. Beederu asks what this guy is, then gets punched in the nose. Gohan starts getting concerned. Kuririn is starting to agree with Gokuu's earlier assessment. Beederu flies up out of reach, and Gohan thinks this is a good tactic. However, Supopo-bitchi can fly, too. Beederu is concerned, and the announcer describes the action. Beederu's classmates can't believe what's happening, either. (The audience had been convinced by Satan that the people flying around during the Cell Game were just using some cheap special effects trick. However, Satan's daughter is now flying around, herself.) Then, Supopo's Ki-ai blows Beederu back down to the ring. The Z Fighters are trying to figure out Supopo's plans, since he could easily defeat Beederu, but seems to be dragging the fight out longer than necessary. Beederu's getting really battered, but she refuses to surrender. The crowd hates to see Satan's daughter treated like this, and Gohan wants the girl to give up already. Chapter 442: "Gohan Gets Mad" Beederu has taken even more punishment, and the crowd is afraid that she's going to die. Gohan yells out for her to surrender, the announcer begs her to give up as well, but she flat-out refuses to. Gohan freaks out over this. Beederu stands up (her shoulder is now dislocated,) and gets in a good kick to Supopo's face. He just giggles and licks the blood. Then he knees Beederu in the face, knocking out several teeth. Kuririn hates this, as does Beederu's classmates. Gohan starts powering up, and Gokuu assures the boy that the girl isn't going to die. Supopo is about to step down on Beederu's head, popping it like a grape, and the audience yells out for him to stop. Gohan turns into a Super Saiya-jin, cursing the bastard. Kuririn tries to stop him, but Gohan isn't listening. Then, another alien yells out for Supopo to stop playing around. The alien jumps up to the edge of the ring, and tells his partner that this isn't what they're there for. Just win the match. Supopo-bitchi tosses the girl's limp body out of the ring, and is declared the winner. Gohan powers down, and rushes out to his friend. The announcer suggests that the medics take over, but this is something for him to take care of. He also warns the alien about a reprisal, and Supopo smiles. The two aliens fly off. Gokuu asks if anyone has any Senzu Seeds, and Kuririn answers that there didn't seem to be a need for them. Gokuu declares that he's going to teleport to Karin Tower. Gohan comes in, and is told not to worry; the Senzu's are on the way. Satan panics over being told that his daughter has lost, and been badly hurt. He also can't believe that this has happened, since the girl is the second strongest person in the world, after him. He runs out to find out what had happened. Beederu is in great pain when Satan arrives in the hospital room. Gohan assures him that everything is ok, but Satan thinks that the boy is the guilty party. One medic corrects the man. Satan offers to give the boy an autograph as a reward, and tells him to keep out of the way. Gohan thanks Satan, and is about to leave when Beederu asks for revenge. Gohan replies that he'll win the next match, and then trash the bastard in the following round. After Gohan is gone, Satan demands to know what's happening, since he's the one that should be doing the revenging. Beederu just smiles with her eyes closed. Satan then does some more ranting, drawing the conclusion that Beederu may be in love. At Karin Tower, the cat gives Gokuu the seeds. The cat warns Gokuu that he has a presentiment of something bad about to happen, and the fighter replies that he does, too. [Note: Yajirobee is still living in the Tower, presumably because he's still trying to beat the cat. He's also now grown a moustache.] Chapter 443: "The Strategy Starts" The announcer is telling Beederu's fans that the girl is in stable condition, and that they should feel assured. The announcer then starts calling out the names for the fourth round -- Kibit and the Great... Gohan runs out to ask for a 1 minute break, in order to get some healing medicine to Beederu. The announcer is surprised, but agrees to wait. Gokuu returns, and gives the seed to his son. He was able to get three seeds. Then, Kibit comes up, and Gohan asks him to wait for a bit. He runs off, and Kibit just stares at him evilly. Gohan enters the hospital room, saying that he has something good. Satan swears at him, but Gohan proceeds to give the girl a seed. The doctor and Satan both tell him to not do this, but Beederu understands that Gohan may know something that the others don't. She agrees to eat the seed while her father yells at her. Gohan is happy, then rushes back to the ring. Satan swears to get even with the boy. Then, Beederu stuns Satan and the doctor with her quick recovery. She's very happy. Back at the ring, Gohan says that things are better now. The announcer tells people that the next match is about to begin. Gohan's classmates wonder over hearing that the Great Saiyaman is entering the ring, and one recognizes Gohan. The boy's hair is what gives him away. The three students argue over whether it's really Gohan, and why he's fighting. But, they cheer for him, and he decides to give up trying to disguise himself. He throws away his sunglasses, then is told that he looked more cool with them on. Gohan faces off against Kibit, wondering what to do. The other guy is probably really strong, but he doesn't want to power up. If he does, he'll give himself away to his schoolmates. However, Kibit states that he'll help out if Gohan will turn into a Super Saiya-jin. Gohan wonders about this. Kibit can't explain, but states that he wants to see the boy's power. Gohan doesn't want to do this in front of everyone. Kuririn wants to know what they're talking about, and Gokuu answers him. Outside the building, the two aliens are checking a meter to see if either fighter is the one they want. Doesn't look like it. Piccolo calls out, and Gohan answers back. Gokuu and Kuririn want to know what's happening, Piccolo can't answer, but Shin does. Shin says that he wants something bad to happen to Gohan, but he can't explain why. Gohan refuses to reveal himself to his classmates. Vejiita wants answers from Shin. So, Piccolo stammers out that Shin is really Kaiou-shin in disguise. Kaiou-shin is the ultimate god lording over all of the Kaiou's. Gokuu repeats this data. At the ring, the crowd is shouting for the fighting to start. And, Gohan is reluctantly powering up. Chapter 444: "The Energy is Taken" Gohan is standing in the ring, and the audience is shouting out catcalls -- the fight is taking too long to start. Chi Chi tells the crowd to shut up. Kuririn wants Kaiou-shin to explain his comment about Gohan turning into a Super Saiya-jin. The disguised one tells the group that he knows Supopo-bitchi and Yamuu -- they're after Gohan. But, they won't kill him, they just want his powerful energy. Gohan is pissed, and tells Kibit that he's going beyond a Super Saiya-jin (he doesn't know why Kibit wants him to do this, though.) This stuns a few people, and alerts a couple others. Beederu is one of the stunned ones, and is slow to realize what has just happened. The energy detector the enemy are using starts to react, and they comment on this. Gohan has an attitude problem, and wants to know what his opponent is going to do now that he's a Super Saiya-jin. Kibit is surprised at the level of power. Vejiita believes that Gohan has gotten soft since the fight with Cell. Kaiou-shin plans on stopping that power. In the audience, Gohan's classmates are recognizing the "golden-haired warrior" that had appeared in Satan City some time ago. Gohan wants his opponent to attack, and the other people in the audience are remembering the guys that had fought (and "lost" to) Cell in the Cell game. Then, Yamuu and Supopo-bitchi rush forward to grab all that energy. Kaiou-shin shouts out that the attack is coming, and Gohan wants to know what the two new guys are trying to do. Kaiou-shin freezes Gohan, allowing Supopo to grab the boy, and Yamuu to jam the energy collector in his back. Kuririn is mad, but Kaiou-shin tells the runt to not interfere. Supopo replies that if there is interference, the boy dies. The collector is filled, they marvel over how easy this was, and leave. The announcer tries to figure out what happened, Gohan lies helpless on the ground, and Kaiou-shin tells them that Kibit will heal Gohan. Kaiou-shin is going after the two, and will accept anyone that wants to come along to help. The audience is confused, Chi Chi is in a panic, Kuririn wants to know what to do, and Gokuu plans on helping Kaiou-shin. Chapter 445: "Fearful Enigma" Yamuu is happily bringing the energy back to Babi-di. A ways back, Shin is resolutely following him. At the ring, Beederu runs out to Gohan. The audience is surprised to see that she's recovered so quickly. Kuririn says that he'll fly with Gokuu, but he doesn't really want to. He needs to talk to #18, first. Gokuu is about to blast off when Vejiita accuses him of trying to avoid their upcoming battle. Gokuu asks if Vejiita heard what Shin had said, and the Saiya-jin Prince spits back that he doesn't know or care about anything concerning the Kaiou's. All he wants is to fight Gokuu. Gokuu promises to fight him after the Budoukai, but Vejiita replies that Gokuu is only on Earth for one day. So, Gokuu tells Vejiita to come on along with. Piccolo rushes after Shin. Gokuu asks Kibit about Gohan, and Kibit replies that it's ok, and that the boy will probably be following along after them very shortly. Gokuu flies away, followed by the angry Vejiita. #18 says that she's staying behind to win the money, and Kuririn tells her to not kill anyone. She tells him that if there's any danger, to run away. He flies off. Gohan asks where everyone is going, and Kibit answers that he can go too, if he wants. The medics come up, and gently try to get Beederu and Kibit to get out of the way. Kibit gives Gohan some energy, but not enough to bring him up to full power. In the distance, Trunks and Goten are wondering whether they should follow their fathers, or stay here. Goten hopes that his brother is ok. Kibit stops the energy flow, saying this is enough. The medics are shocked, Beederu is happy, Gohan is puzzled, and Kibit offers to explain everything if Gohan follows after him. Satan comes out, looking for his daughter. He's upset to see her standing next to the accursed boy that had given her the strange seed that had healed her so fast. Beederu wants to go with Gohan, but states that she'll go even if he doesn't want her to. There's one thing she really wants to know. So, inspite of the danger, the two fly off. Satan is shocked to see his daughter flying. One attendent answers that she'd been doing that earlier. Then again, so has everyone one else. Buruma wonders what's going on, Chi Chi is worried about her boy, and Yamcha is also puzzled. The announcer unhappily watches his Budoukai disappear in front of his eyes. Shin is happy to see that the others have caught up to him like he'd hoped. Gokuu wonders whether Shin needs the help to defeat Supopo and Yamuu, but is told that those two are small fry. He explains that long ago there was a sorceror -- Bibi-di -- who'd created a horrible monster named "Buu." Buu had terrorized Bibi's planet. Vejiita complains to himself that the Saiya-jin had done the same kind of thing. Shin replies that there had been 5 Kaiou-shin at that time, and Buu had killed 4 of them. Vejiita is upset that Shin can read people's minds. Buu had been imprisioned in a shell and hidden by Bibi-di. Only Bibi knew where Buu was, and when he died, things were looking up. Kibit also tells part of this story. While inside the shell, Buu can't use his fearsome powers. However, someone has found a way to let Buu out. Bibi-di had a child whose heart was as twisted as his father's; the sorceror Babi-di. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Apr. 10, 1994
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