Manga Subject: DBZ volume 39, take 2 Dragon Ball volume 39 summary and personae list. (Version 2. Added chapters 470 to 472, and the original Japanese titles along with the translated titles. Sorry about the earlier errors.) New Characters: Buu: A great, magical creature that Babi Dee wants to reactivate. He needs lots of combat energy (with a twist of evil) to wake up. Kaiou-shin is terrified of him, and with Kibit, has been trying to locate Buu for a very long time. Buu is first shown in a large nutshell, located in the bottom level of a rocket that's buried out in the countryside. When released, Buu resembles the Marshmellow Man from the Ghost Busters movie. Buu is like a spoiled baby, with awesome magical powers. His favorite pastime is to turn his victims into snack foods, and then eat them. [AKA: Majin Buu, or Magical Being Buu.] [fa:v39] New Weapons: Zet Sword: A very heavy sword that had been used by the Kaiou-shins a long time ago to fight Buu. It starts out embedded in the rock of a butte on the Kaiou-shin planet. Magic attacks: ??? ni natchae: What Buu says to turn victims into the desired sweets. Ame-tama ni natchae: Become plum candy balls. Places: Kaiou-shin-kai: Kaiou-shin's home. Various notes: Fusion: A process that allows two people to become one. It's not a permanent condition, and it apparently requires that the two be of near-equal power, and that they both have a certain amount of prepping. Metamoru: A planet whose people have learned to do the "Fusion" trick. One of the limits placed on the Dragon Balls is that people dead for more than one year can not be wished back to life. Therefore, if all of the wishes are used up now, anyone killed within the last few days will stay permanently dead. This is why it's such a major thing when Gokuu turned down the ressurection at the end of the Cell Game -- over one year has passed, and he can not be wished back to life. Chapter 460: "Magical Being Buu Emerges!?" "Majin Buu shuugen ka!?" Steam rushes from outlets around Buu's capsule, and Babi-di calls out that Buu is coming out. Kaiou-shin is giving up and wants to run. He and Gohan argue over this (Shin knows that no one can defeat Buu.) Babi is ecstatic, and Gohan is still waffling. Shin tells Gohan to run away fast, so Gohan switches up to full power. The others are surprised, and Gohan blasts at the capsule. Darbura grabs Babi and leaps out of the way of the energy beam. The blast hits the capsule, and Gohan keeps blasting. Babi claims that this will have no effect. Gohan focuses his blast, and the capsule shoots into the air and out of the way. It lands, and rolls to a stop. The capsule cracks in two, and Babi announces that Buu is coming out. But, there's nothing inside. Darbura and Babi look on in shock, and Babi yells for Buu to come out. Shin relaxes in relief, claiming that Buu had been destroyed ("Buu has been asleep for a long time, no matter how much energy you feed him, he won't be as strong as before.") Darbura doesn't think that everything is lost, since they still have Vejiita. Shin counters that Gokuu is facing Vejiita (and he would, anyway,) Shin will accost Babi, and that leaves Gohan and Darbura. Then, there'll be peace again. Gohan disagrees. There's a strong energy coming from somewhere. He locates it in the cloud above them, and adds that it had come from the capsule. Babi can't see or sense anything, but Darbura realizes that that cloud had not been in the sky just a few minutes ago. The cloud shrinks, and the others look on in disbelief. In the sky is a giant baby ("Buu is reborn," remember?) He kind of looks like a large turnip with arms and legs. He's wearing a black vest, a belt with a script 'M' on the front, a white cape , and baggy bloomers/diapers. His eyes are closed slits, and he has no nose. His first word is "Buu ------- !!" Chapter 461: "This is Magical Being Buu!?" "Koitsu ga Majin Buu!?" Buu lands heavily on the ground, and the others look shocked. He looks around, and takes a breath of fresh air. Darbura asks if this is really Buu, and Babi replies that Kaiou-shin is the the only one who's actually seen Buu. Gohan also asks, and Kaiou replies that there's no forgetting that terrifying face (Shin is really coming across as an idiot here.) Babi hears this, and is convinced, but Darbura isn't so impressed. Gohan was expecting something bigger, Shin says it's useless to run away, and Babi runs forward, calling out to Magical Being Buu. Gohan thinks that maybe he can take Buu, if the creature would show its true power. Meanwhile, Vejiita and Gokuu are about to attack each other again, when Gokuu calls out to stop. He feels a great power, and realizes that it's Buu's. Vejiita comments that from what Shin had said, he'd been expecting something stronger. He's disappointed. In fact, Shin had been surprised by how strong the Saiya-jin are. Therefore, while Buu may be terrifying from Shin's point of view, Buu isn't much compared to Vejiita and Gokuu. However, Gokuu thinks that Buu has a different kind of power. Vejiita takes this to mean that Gokuu wants to run off and angrily tells him to shut up and continue fighting. Babi is inching forward, introducing himself as the son of Bibi-di, and stating that he is the one who'd worked to get Buu released from the sphere after such a long time. Babi wants to become Buu's master, but Buu isn't interested. Babi rants about this, and Buu shocks him with a funny-face attack. Babi collapses in surprise, and Buu cackles to himself (a kind of laughing used in Japan long ago. Darbura calls Buu an idiot, claims that the creature has no power, and only has a stupid-looking face. Buu hears this, and hops over, acting like a very large baby. Darbura states that if Buu wants to tangle with him, he really is a stupid creature. Gohan asks if Buu's recovery has been a failure, but Shin is still very panicked. Buu vents some air through holes in his head and arms. Then, Buu looks mean. Gohan reacts to this increase in power, and Buu pokes Darbura's eyes out. A spinning kick sends Darbura into the rocks some distance away. Gohan and Babi are both shocked, Shin is resolute. Darbura isn't moving. Buu sets down on the ground, and gives himself a round of applause. Babi looks at the reader, and and rants about how great Buu is. Chapter 462: "Majin Buu's Threat" "Majin Buu no kyoui" Babi-di is ranting over how easily Buu defeated Darbura, and Buu is pleased with itself. Gohan can't believe the explosive power of Buu's energy/ki. Meanwhile, a ways away, Trunks has just felt a massive energy surge from a new location. Goten wants to know which direction to aim for (Buu, or their fathers,) and Trunks decides that the mysterious element of magic is more interesting. He and Goten fly in that direction. Gokuu and Vejiita have paused in their fighting, as Gokuu speculates that it must have been Buu that they felt. Vejiita doesn't care, and Gokuu tries to remind him that Buruma and Trunks are in danger now. Vejiita rages that Babi-di had removed those feeling from him. Gokuu doesn't think that Vejiita's soul has been completely taken from him. The Saiya-jin prince gives in, and decides that they'll put off fighting until after Buu has been conquered because Gokuu can't concentrate of the combat any more. Gokuu is pleased, and Vejiita asks for a Senzu Seed. Gokuu reaches in his pouch, commenting that together, the group can take on Buu. However, this was just a ruse, and Vejiita rabbit-punches Gokuu; the hero drops unconscious. Vejiita states that Gokuu is a very strong opponent, but weak when he lets down his guard. The prince eats the seed, and prepares to take on Buu by himself. After that, if he's still alive, he'll return to finish off Gokuu. Back at the rocket port, Babi-di is trying to get Buu to let him be its master. Buu sticks out its tongue. But, Babi states that he has his father's notes, and can use this data to imprision Buu in the capsule again. Buu decides that subservience is a better tack. Gohan asks Kaiou-shin if, since Buu looks like it's just a child, whether it'd be better to defeat Babi-di right now. Shin replies that Buu may not look it, but it is a fearsome monster. If Babi is killed, there'll be no one to seal it back in the shell. He hopes that Buu may be too much for Babi to handle later on, and the wizard will have to decide to seal up the monster on his own perogative. Shin rants over his choice of plans (bringing in the humans as bait) and wishes he'd used a different method (which he'd have done if he knew that Gohan was so strong.) Gohan wonders about this. But Shin thinks it's too late to even run away, but Gohan believes t5hat fleeing is still possible. Babi gives Buu its first order -- kill Gohan and Shin. Gohan cries out Shin's name, and flies off with him. He thinks that he has a speed advantage over the monster. Buu stands and watches, while Babi yells at it to move. Buu zips ahead of Gohan, (Gohan can't believe this,) and Buu speaks in a monsterly voice -- "You're dead." Gohan gets batted into the rocks. Shin's attack just makes Buu smile with intensity. Shin's head gets bashed in, and his body is effortlessly pounded into the dirt. Gohan angrily climbs out of the rubble, as Babi keeps repeating that Buu is really impressive. Chapter 463: "Dominating Weird Power" "Attoutekina bukimi pawaa" Buu is having fun as Shin tries to get up out of the rubble. Babi is shouting out for Buu to kill the Kaiou. Buu steps in as Shin focuses his ki. Buu steps back with the force, and replies in kind. Shin goes flying. Buu lands on Shin's back, crushing him. Babi rants about Shin joking that the guy has just now decided to take a lunch nap, and laughing over how he likes seeing people he doesn't like get beaten up. He wants to deliver the killing blow himself. However, Gohan comes in and kicks Buu in the face. Buu's cheek is mashed in, but the monster just pops it back into place. Babi swears, running to a better place to stand in. Gohan is trying to figure Buu out, and the monster pays Gohan back for interferring. Gohan starts a punch, but the energy ball blows him out and away. Babi is ecstatic at the force he's seen, but Kaiou-shin uses the chance to blow the energy ball up prematurely. Shin collapses, praying that Gohan is still alive. The boy falls into the woods, and lies motionless on the ground. Babi looks that Shin and says, "Hey, bastard. What did you do just now?" Babi says it's ok if Buu finishes Shin off, but Buu says that it's hungry and wants to eat Shin. Then, a spear sticks out from the monster's chest. Darbura is still alive, to Babi's annoyance. Goten and Trunks are near the fight scene, and they descend and switch out of Super Saiya-jin mode. The two are trying to figure out if the enemy has anything to do with the weird guys from the budoukai. When, suddenly, Goten spots the statue of Piccolo. They're trying to figure out why there'd be statues of Piccolo and Kuririn out here, when Trunks punches Piccolo. The statue topples over and breaks into pieces. The boys quickly leap behind the rock. Trunks hopes that no one noticed, and Goten is annoyed at his friend. Darbura is warning Babi that Buu won't remain his servant for long, and there'll be a big disaster waiting for the wizard soon. But Babi doesn't want to listen. Buu pulls out the spear, and its wound heals. Darbura is shocked. Then, the monster smirks and states that it's going to eat Darbura. Chapter 464: "Vejiita, The Final Battle to the Death" "Bejiita saigo no kesshisen" Vejiita is looking down into the hole linking the planet to Babi's ship, and commenting on how this will take him to Buu. He also notices that Gohan's energy has disappeared, which he considers to be his fault. Buu is dancing around, saying "Eat, eat, eat." Darbura is about to attack when Buu turns the demon into a cookie and eats said cookie in one big mouthful. Trunks and Gohan are shocked, Babi is impressed, and Kuririn returns to human form. Kuririn, Goten, and Trunks try to figure out what had happened with the statues, and the two kids realize what horrible thing they've done to Piccolo. Trunks wants to keep this a secret, but Piccolo is a self-healing demon, and he wants to know WHAT Trunks wants to keep secret. Piccolo is also shocked at feeling Buu's power. Trunks asks why Piccolo is still alive, and the demon replies that since his head was still intact, he could regen himself. They assume that the weird-looking guy (Buu) is Magical Being Buu. Kuririn can't believe that this terrifying level of power is coming from such a strange creature. Babi tells Buu to eat Kaiou-shin too, and the monster gets excited at the thought. Piccolo panicks at Shin's plight and gets ready to help him. Kuririn and Goten tell the Namek to stay hidden for the time being. Goten adds that Buu can heal himself of spear wounds, and can turn his enemies into confectionaries to eat. Piccolo just fumes. Buu is trying to decide what to eat next as Babi gloats. However, an explosion rocks the countryside and destroys Babi's ship. Everyone tries to guess what happened, and Vejiita steps forward from the dust. Trunks is happy at seeing his papa, and Babi rants over the damage to his ship. Vejiita guesses that the one with the "Busaiku" face is Buu. He'll kill Buu in revenge for Gohan's death. Piccolo is shocked that Gohan may be dead. Buu ponders over the word "busaiku," and Babi tells him Vejiita claims that Buu has an "ugly-looking face." It takes Buu a moment to realize that he's been insulted, then he decides to kill Vejiita. Babi says that this is a good idea. Kuririn comments on the explosive increase in Buu's power level. Vejiita says that he will not go to hell alone -- he'll take Buu with. Kaiou-shin thinks that Vejiita is intent on getting killed. Vejiita is still in Super Saiya-jin mode, from when he was fighting Gokuu. He powers up further, and bashes Buu around for two panels. Chapter 465: "Angry Magical Being Buu" "Ikaru Majin Buu" Vejiita is beating up on Buu while Babi-di is wondering what Buu is up to, Kuririn is commenting on Vejiita's strength, Trunks is rooting for his father, and Piccolo is saying that the Super Saiya-jin is stronger than Gohan was during the battle with Cel. But, Piccolo is also agonizing over how Buu could become so strong as to kill Gohan. The battle pauses and Buu pops out the dents in his face, giving Vejiita time to blast a hole in his chest. Babi is shocked, the others are happy. Until Buu stands up and heals the hole. 'That stung.' Vejiita remarks that Buu has a 'undying body,' and Babi roots for Buu. Buu powers up, saying that he hates Vejiita. Kuririn is concerned, Babi is clueless. Buu gets mad and blows up the area. Piccolo tells everyone to escape (too late,) Babi hastily throws up a barrier, and Vejiita takes the brunt of the blast on his arms. The crater left behind is huge, and Buu is more happy. Babi comments on this having been dangerous. Piccolo asks if everyone is ok. Then, Piccolo looks at the crater. He calls out "Kaiou-shin-sama!!!" while Trunks yells out "Papa!!!" At the crater, Vejiita is still in Super Saiya-jin mode, but is in pain and holding his left arm. Kaiou-shin's body is missing (possibly destroyed.) Chapter 466: "The Puppeteer Dies" "Kurumaku no saigo" [Note: Hitoshi broke his vow to drop DB, and translated this chapter when he was on the train and had found a copy of SJ just lying around. So, I'll turn this into a kind of script, for the longer bits of dialog.] (V == Vejiita, B == Babi-Di, P == Piccolo, T == Trunks) Vejiita is badly banged up, and swears while holding his left arm and staring at the crater Buu made. V: He's not just strong... He's also undying... Shit... B: He (Vejiita) is a strong one. If he hadn't gone against me, he'd have been a good servant. P: Gohan has died, Shin is gone, what's going to happen... T: My father won't lose, will he! Trunks doesn't like Piccolo's silent response. Buu steps forward. Buu: You're finished. Bye-bye. V: What can I do... How can I beat this monster... Vejiita is shocked to watch Buu rip off a lump of his stomach as if it were bread dough. He stretches it like taffy V: What a disgusting guy. What's he going to do... Buu spits out an energy ball, Vejiita dodges it only to leap into the path of the Buu-stuff. Buu tells the stuff to tighten, and it wraps Vejiita up like a hotdog in a bread twist roll. Vejiita drops helplessly to the ground, swearing as Buu walks up to him. The monster then has lots of fun kicking Vejiita around, and punching him into a pulp. Goten: He's going to get killed!! Kurir: What happened to Gohan and Gokuu? Did they die already!? Goten: My... my brother won't die!! Trunks gets mad. P: Be patient, Trunks... Even if you go, you can't do anything. You'll just waste your life!! You'll make Vejiita suffer!! T: No way!!!! P: Hey!!! G: Trunks!!! I'm going too!!! P: Goten!!!! P: Sh... Shit...!!! The two boys zip past Babi-di. The wizard floats around, asking what just happened. Trunks' flying kick smashes Buu through a bunck of hilltops. Goten works on freeing up the messed-up Vejiita. The boys ask if Vejiita is ok, and Babi watches them. B: What are they! There are more of them left... B: No matter how many of them there are. My Buu is invincible, he won't die. Kyahahahaha. However, Babi is not expecting Piccolo to be standing behind him. P: I can't forgive Buu, But you are the worst, Babi-di. B: Eh...? B: You...!! P: Even if I can't kill Buu, I can kill you.... B: Fu... Fuhihihi... Stupid... You won't be able to seal Buu any more. If that happens, Buu will destroy the world and there'll be nothing left. P: But that'll happen even if you don't die, right? B: ........ B: Buu!!! What are you doing!!!! Kill him!!! P: Die..!!! Babi is sliced in half by Piccolo's hand (Kaiou-shin had stated that Babi was physically weak...) He falls to the group, stammering B: It can't be... I'm supposed to be the ruler of the world... Presumably, he's dead when he hits the bottom of the crater. Piccolo spits on the corpse. The three Saiya-jin stand and stare at Piccolo. V: Trunks... Take care of Buruma... of your mother... T: Eh? Vejiita just smiles at his son. (Note: When Darbura died, Piccolo and Kuririn were released from the spell that had turned them into stone. But, although Babi-di has apparently died, Vejiita is still under control of the spell that increased the evil in his heart; he still has the 'M' on his forehead.) (Note: "Kuromaku no Saigo" can translate to "the end of the wire puller." Kuromaku refers to the person making the decisions behind the scenes. That is, Babi-di.) Chapter 467: "Farewell, Fighter With So Much Pride" "Saraba hokori takaki senshi" The script on the side of the title page is a famous tanka (poem) about the fleetingness of life. (Yukiko considers it too hard to translate fully.) Trunks is wondering why Vejiita told him to take care of his mother, and the Prince tells them to get very far away. He's going to fight Buu alone. Trunks and Goten argue, saying that they're very strong too. But, Vejiita answers that he'd never hugged his son, and does so now. Trunks objects, claiming that he feels shy. Vejiita tells the boy to take care, and pops him on the neck. Goten looks on in shock as Trunks falls unconscious to the ground. Vejiita sucker punches Goten, and Goten drops as well. Piccolo flies in as Buu picks himself out of the rubble, humming. Buu asks who had hit him just now, while Vejiita asks Piccolo to fly as far away with the boys as possible. The demon comments that Vejiita plans on dying. Vejiita just asks if he will go to the "other world" and meet up with Kakarot. But, Piccolo answers that since Vejiita had killed so many people, he'll go to some other place, lose his memory, refresh his sole, and become someone else. Vejiita resigns himself to this. Piccolo flies off, and Buu prepares to stop him. However, Vejiita yells out that the "ugly balloon bastard" has to beat him first. Buu gets steamed, complaining that the Saiya-jin has yet again insulted him. Piccolo tells Kuririn to run away, and they do (taking the boys with them.) Buu tells Vejiita to die. But, Vejiita answers that he finally knows how to destroy the monster. Kuririn wants to know what's going on, and Piccolo answers that Vejiita is finally going to fight for someone other than himself, at the expense of his own life. Vejiita continues that he will blow Buu up into pieces so small, the monster won't be able to regen. Then, he thinks a farewell to Buruma, Trunks, and Gokuu. He self-destructs, with the force of a very big Fusion bomb. Chapter 468: "The Demon, Twice" (or, The Return of the Demon) "Akumu futatabi" In the Capsule Corp. airbus, Buruma is wondering what went wrong to Vejiita to go berzerk at the Budoukai. Yamcha tries to reassure her that everyone he killed can be brought back with the Dragon Balls. But, Kamesennin adds that this does not include the ones killed in the darker past. Suddenly, the bus is rattled by a huge shock wave, and Buruma realizes that it has something to do with Vejiita. Meanwhile, back at the epicenter, the result of the explosion has caused Vejiita to be turned to rock. He falls to the ground and shatters. A safe distance away, Kuririn is frustrated at Vejiita's death, and Piccolo tells him to take the two unconscious boys. The demon king wants to go back to the blast site. He doesn't know what Gokuu's condition is, and Gohan's probably been killed by Buu. But, he also hears something moving around near Vejiita. He leaves, and Kuririn has trouble believing the news about Gohan. Piccolo arrives, and surveys the damage (not as much as he'd expected.) In a little hollow, Babi-di is swearing to himself. The wizard had partially protected himself with a shield. Piccolo is about to finish him off when he notices some clay-like things moving on the ground. They become hundreds of tiny Buu's, and they fly together. After a bit, Buu is intact again. It stretches out, and laughs happily to itself. Piccolo flies away in fear. Babi tells Buu to come over and heal him. Buu sticks its tougue out, but Babi threatens to seal it in the shell again, so the monster grins. With a zap, Babi is fully recovered. Buu is starting to get a calculating look on its face. Babi vows to claim vengence on the green bastard and the two shrimps. With Buu, he'll wreak horrible destruction on the planet, and kill the ones that interferred in his plans. Piccolo is telling Kuririn that Buu is alive, and he decides to take the two boys to Kami-sama's place. And, Babi is riding on the back of Buu, yelling out that he'll kill, kill, kill. Finally, out in the wilds, Kaiou-shin is badly injured, and is staggering around. He's praying that Gohan is still alive. In the final panel, Gohan looks pretty dead. Chapter 469: "A Slim Hope" "Kasukana kibou" Out in the middle of the blasted-up countryside, Gokuu regains consciousness. He swears, realizing that Vejiita has taken the last Senzu Seed, and has probably gone off to fight Buu alone. Gokuu can feel Buu's power, but not Vejiita's or Gohan's. He's concerned about that, and surprised to learn that Kuririn and Piccolo have apparently turned back from stone and are alive again. He wonders whether they can tell him what's happened, and teleports off. Piccolo and Kuririn are at Kami-sama's place. The runt wonders when the two kids will wake up, and Piccolo expects it'll be in one hour. They then mourn for Vejiita, Gohan and Gokuu. Kuririn asks if he can bring his family to Kami-sama's castle, but expects Dende to turn him down for wanting to bring only his family. Dende can't decide, and Piccolo reminds him that he IS Kami-sama now. So Dende says "ok." Then, Gokuu teleports in and the two fighters can feel his ki. They run out to greet him. Dende offers to heal Gokuu, and then the hero gets told what happened. Gokuu is frustrated, and Piccolo states that Kaiou-shin was right about Buu's power, and that Earth is in trouble. Kuririn comments that Gokuu can probably beat Buu, if there's enough time (Gokuu can only stay on Earth for 24 hours, most of which is gone now.) Gokuu doesn't think he can best Buu, though. He and Vejiita were about even, and Vejiita lost to Buu, so he'll probably lose too. Gokuu wishes that either Vejiita or Gohan were still alive right now, and Piccolo replies that there are other fighters still around to help. But, Gokuu needs another Saiya-jin for "Fusion." Piccolo asks about this, and Dende realizes that this is a powerful thing that the people from the planet Metamoru can do. It took Gokuu one week in the Other World to learn this. Fusion happens when two people combine into one. The super-powerful Saiya-jin that would result, Piccolo believes, could defeat Buu. Gokuu would do this with either Gohan or Vejiita, since they are about equal in power with him. The up side is that if Gokuu returns to the land of the dead, he'll meet Gohan. But the down side is that Vejiita has not gone to the land of the dead, because he was too evil. Mr. Popo reminds them that the two boys sleeping inside the palace could maybe used for the Fusion as well. Gokuu likes this idea, as does Kuririn. But, Piccolo complains that in the time it takes to teach the boys this trick, Buu will kill more people. However, those people can be brought back with the Dragon Balls. Kuririn is about to let people know what's going on when the sky goes black. They figure out that Buruma has probably gotten the Balls together to wish back the people just killed at the Budoukai by Vejiita. Dende reminds them that if the 3 wishes are used now, the Balls can't be used for a full year. So, Gokuu decides to teleport, but has trouble finding Buruma's ki. At Capsule Corp., Shenlon has appeared, and asks what the 3 wishes are. In the city, people act like they've never seen the sky go black before, and Beederu can't believe that she's looking at the towering dragon. Buruma can't figure out what to say, and Yamcha asks Shenlon if "Resurrect the people killed today" is ok, adding "don't bother with the evil ones." Shenlon replies "one down, two to go." Gokuu arrives, and swears about being too late. The group is surprised to see him, and Gokuu telepathically tells Dende that one wish was already made. Dende answers that if Shenlon only fulfills one wish before departing, the other two can be made after 4 months. So, Gokuu has Dende tell Kuririn not to bother travelling to meet Buruma and company. The hero also bids Shenlon farewell; the dragon says "bye-bye" and the Balls fly away in separate directions. Yamcha wants to know why Gokuu did this. And, riding on Buu's back, Babi-di wonders why the sky was black just a few moments ago. At the blast site, Kibit is surprised to find that he's not dead anymore after having been killed by Darbura. [Note: The above wording of the wish was enough to keep Vejiita and Darbura from being resurrected.] Chapter 470: "Babi-di's Revenge/Rampage Begins!!" "Babidi no fukushuusakusen hajimeru!!" Babi is riding on Buu's back, plotting his revenge. Kibit is searching for Kaiou-shin, and rushes off to help him. Kaiou-shin, meanwhile, is stumbling through the woods, muttering that Gohan is still barely alive; then the Kaiou's strength gives out and he collapses. Kibit arrives in time and saves the god by pumping energy into him. The two wonder how Kibit could be alive, then rush to save Gohan (Kaiou-shin can not allow Gohan to die.) They brood about Buu's evil having been released from the ship, but Kaio-shin feels that the Super Saiya-jin, and especially Gohan, have a good chance of defeating Buu. Kibit locates Gohan, and the god wants Kibit to take the boy to "Kaiou-shin-kai," to restore his power there. Kibit is astonished that a human would be brought there, and the god angrily states that they have to hurry. The three teleport out. At Kami-sama's palace, people are talking about bringing in Tenshinhan, Buruma's parents, and various livestock. Chi Chi wonders where Gohan and Goten are, and Buruma asks the same of Trunks and Vejiita. Kuririn panics, and Gokuu states that while the young boys are safe, Gohan and Vejiita are dead. Chi Chi faints, and Buruma yells out, crying. Then, the voice of Babi-di can be heard speaking to everyone telepathically. Babi is disturbing the peace in his search for "3 idiots." People wonder what's happening, and the magician presents an image of Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo. Piccolo swears, and Babi demands that the three come forth. This doesn't happen right away, so to demonstrate the awesome power of the frightening soldier Babi-di, the magician introduces the frightening Magical Being Buu. Then, Buu picks on the nearest town, because the "3 idiots" don't come forth. Piccolo panics as Babi commands Buu to kill everyone in town. Buu levitates the townspeople, and Gokuu wonders what the point is. Buu turns everyone into candy, and eats them. Babi proceeds to threaten the rest of the world. Chapter 471: "Time of Ordeal" "Shiren no toki" Babi is commenting on the fact that there are no survivors, and he orders Buu to make things more tidy -- which the monster does, by blowing the city flat. Babi then telepaths out that he wants the three idiots, but gets no response. So, Earth will be de-peopled in 5 days. However, he adds that anyone that wants to contact him just has to concentrate. If he gets a lead on where to find the three, the informer will be spared. Very quickly, one of the Tenkai-ichi judges responds, giving out the names "Ma Junior", "Trunks", and "Goten". But, since the judge doesn't have the three idiots' addresses, the names alone mean nothing. Babi makes the judge's head explode. Then, because he's a busy little maniac, he and Buu zip off to eradicate mankind over the next 5 days. Piccolo wants to leave to stop the evil two, but Gokuu states that Piccolo will just get killed quickly. Then there won't be anyone to train the two boys on how to do Fusion. Everyone else will then die, and there'll be no one left to use the Dragon Balls to resurrect people. The demon gives in. Meanwhile, on Kaioushin-kai, a small planet in the Other World (heaven) surrounded by many other planets, Kibit heals the almost-but-not-quite-dead Gohan. The boy asks where he is, and assumes that he must be dead. Kaiou-shin corrects him, and then Gohan asks how Kibit came to be alive -- Kibit doesn't know. The big guy then asks why a human was brought to their home -- Kaiou-shin replies that Gohan is going to be given the Zet Sword. Kibit goes ballastic, demanding to know why such a marvelous item is to be defiled by being handled by a non-Kaiou-shin. However, the big guy was dead before, and couldn't see how powerful Gohan is. As the three fly off, Gohan comments that this is a nice planet, and Kibit is ordered to give the boy a new set of clothing (this is done by magic, and Gohan is now dressed like a Kaiou-shin, inluding the earrings.) He's not so impressed by the image change. They arrive at a butte, where the Zet Sword is embedded in the rock. The little god states that all he knows is that no one has been able to pull the sword out of the rock, and Gohan comments that by the looks of the thing, it's been in place for a very long time. Back at the palace, Goten and Trunks are now awake, and crying over hearing that Vejiita had died. Gokuu tells them to stop, and that they are about to be taught a new techique for defeating Babi-di and Buu. Because he doesn't have much time left (his 24 hours on Earth are about to run out) he wants them to begin now. Chapter 472: "Zet Sword" "Zetto soodo" Gohan is asking what the sword can do, and Kibit answers "give strength." Maybe enough to defeat Buu. Gohan is uncertain, and Kibit is worried that the boy is too weak. Kaiou-shin tells him to just watch, and Gohan to get started. The boy strains away, and just roughs his hands up on the hilt. Kibit is satisfied at being proved right, but Gohan switches to Super Saiya-jin mode and tries again. Kibit expects the same results. Kaiou-shin is smug as Kibit states that this is pointless, only another Kaiou-shin can free the sword. Gohan then pulls the blade out, with Kaiou-shin cheering and Kibit acting really stunned. Back on normal ground, Gohan is in normal mode, but having lots of trouble weilding the heavy sword. Gohan wonders if Buu can really be defeated using this sword, and Kibit impatiently answers "of course." Gohan then asks Kibit to take the sword, because it's really heavy. The sword smashes to the ground, and Kibit fails to pick it back up. Embarrassed, Kibit bellows out that Gohan still has to do a lot of training to be able to use the sword properly. Back at Kami-sama's, Gokuu is explaining a bit more about "Fusion." Piccolo isn't happy that the technique is only good for 30 minutes, but the dead one states that 30 minutes is all that's needed, since the two boys are already so strong. However, Trunks and Goten just glower. They're angry that Gokuu wasn't around, or was too weak, to keep Gohan and Vejiita from dying. Piccolo is outraged, but Gokuu says it's ok, and adds that with Fusion, the two boys can get revenge for Gohan's and Vejiita's deaths. The two boys ponder this situation, but are interrupted by Babi-di's telepathic message. Babi still hasn't heard from the 3 idiots, and is announcing the imminent destruction of the very big city he's just found. The cityfolk are panicking, and some have sighted Buu floating in the air. Trunks is trying to figure out what's happening, Goten tells him to close his eyes -- they can watch Buu that way; and Piccolo advises them that it's better to NOT watch. Babi happily continues that the three still haven't surfaced, so Buu is going to get permission to turn the people into chocolate. Buu hungrily does this, to the shock of the two boys. Babi then states that Buu has just filled his belly with chocolate. They're about to look for the next city, when Trunks and Goten call out to the two villians. Trunks threatens them, while Piccolo wants the conversation to stop before their location is revealed. Babi is trying to figure out where his prey is, and yells for them to come out. Gokuu asks if they want to learn Fusion, and Trunks and Goten resolutely agree to it. (Three of the title splash pages from the weekly magazine are included at the back of this volume, spotlighting the appearance of Buu, the death of Vejiita, and the first time Buu destroys a major city.) -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Dec. 3, 1994 hh
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