Dragon Ball volume 41 summary and personae list. New Characters: SSJ-3 Gotenks: In Fusion form, Gotenks can switch to Super Saiya-jin 3; his hair grows down to his butt, his face becomes leaner, and his eyebrow ridges stand out more. In terms of power, he completely dwarfs Piccolo, and easily rivals Gokuu's SSJ-3 level. Gokuu comments that Gotenks has achieved SSJ-3 long, long before he ever could, and much more easily. [fa:v41] Ultimate Majin Buu: After consuming two powerful fighters, Buu has attained It's final form, and greatest level of power. It is tall, thin, muscular, and It's forehead-dangly now hangs long and low behind Its back. It also has all of the fighting techniques of Super Gotenks and Piccolo. Eventually, It absorbs Gohan, and gets even stronger. It looks like a cross between Itself, and Gohan, with some of Piccolo's clothing surfacing when It uses Piccolo's abilities. Kaiou-bit: Dai Kaiou-shin divulges that the Kaiou-shins used to have a technique (involves exchanging earrings) that acts just like Fusion, which Kaiou-shin and Kibit try out. Kaiou-bit has Kaiou-shin's facial features, Kibit's hair, and a body that's an average of the two. Kaiou-bit has a really high energy level as well. New weapons: Magic attacks: Dynamite Kick -- These are all standards punches and Rolling Thunder Punch kicks, with new names devised by Inoshishi (wild boar) Attack Gotenks Power Tackle Miracle Super Punch Great Kick Special Magnum Thunder Ultra Miracle Parfait Hyper Plasma Short Cake Galactica Donut -- Gotenks' encircling, crushing energy ring. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack - Gotenks spits out a ghost of himself. The ghost is a very powerful explosive, but also pretty stupid. Gotenks can control up to 10 at a time. Renzoku Super Donuts -- (Continuous Super Donuts.) This is like Galactica Donut, with four contracting energy rings being shot out, instead of just one. Places: Comments: Kami-sama's Palace is located directly above Karin Tower (where Karin-sennin and the Senzu Seeds are.) For Gokuu to reach Kami-sama's for the very first time, the boy had to use his expanding staff to connect the top of Karin Tower to the bottom of Kami-sama's floating Palace. At the time, the staff had a limited reach of about 40 meters, and had to be left in place afterwards. Now, however, the staff is missing, and Karin Tower is not visible while Buu destroys the Palace. Continuity error? Or was the staff gifted to someone else, and the Palace allowed to drift away from the Tower? Chpter 486: "The Fearsome/Awesome New Majin-Buu" "Kyoufu no shin-majin-Buu" The new Buu looks upward, laughing. Its focus is Piccolo and Dende, who are looking back down in concern. Kuririn walks up, asking what's wrong. Piccolo asks if the runt can't feel the energy of Buu's upgrade. Piccolo explains what happened. Kuririn stammers, hoping that the two Saiya-jin boys, in Fusion form, can take on Buu. Dende is silent, and Piccolo is doubtful. On Kaiou-shin's planet, Gokuu wonders if he's feeling Buu's energy, and Kaiou-shin confirms it. Gohan asks the old coot to hurry up with the power-up, so he can go fight on Earth. However, the old coot tells the boy to not worry, (he's actually reading manga, and not doing the spell.) Gohan is getting VERY impatient. Buu is just standing in place, looking at Its hands, and Satan is scared shitless. The older thrillseeker recovers from Satan's thrashing, scrambles up to get a gun, and starts shooting Buu. The bullets just pass through the new monster, and the holes seal up again. The monster stretches, laughs, and flies into the villian's mouth. The villian starts to expand, and blows up messily. Buu reassembles itself, and launches off to kill Satan. The hero is cowering over the puppy. The monster freezes, then disappears. Satan looks up, then convinces himself that the stupid creature ran away to escape his great power. However, Buu is hovering just overhead. It angerly says "Sa...ta..n...?" then flies away. Satan collapses, wondering if the monster remembers him. Buu tears over the countryside before zooming straight up. Piccolo realizes that Buu has sensed their energy. Then, the monster reaches the top of Karin tower, and grins at Piccolo, Dende, Mr. Poppo, Yamcha, and Kuririn. Chapter 487: "Eradicate Mankind" "Jinrui zetsu-metsu" Buu lands on Kami-sama's tower, and insolently says "Thought so." Piccolo expects to be killed, but Buu says "come out." No one understands, so Buu shouts "COME -- OUT !!!" Piccolo asks what Buu means, and the monster replies that he wants to fight someone that can challenge him. He can sense a strong power up here. Kuririn is scared, and the women come out to see what the noise is about. Buu is getting impatient, and Piccolo asks It to wait, since the hidden fighter isn't at full power yet, and Buu only wants to fight the hero at full power, right? Buu hates waiting, so It'll just have to kill some innocent victims. Piccolo keeps begging, but the monster grins, and walks the full circuit around the top of the tower. Everyone wonders what is going to happen. Buu returns to Piccolo, smiles, raises his arm, and starts firing off energy blasts straight up. The fireworks are spectacular, and the blasts arc down to the Earth, and each one kills exactly one person. Dende collapses at the sight of so much death. Buu smiles, and says that everyone on Earth is now dead. It wants It's opponent to come out to fight. Piccolo gives in. However, since the fighter is now sleeping, it'll take 2, no 1, hour. Buu asks how long one hour is. Piccolo creates a sandglass, and says that this will empty in one hour. Buu studies the thing, and answers "No way." So, Piccolo answers back that Mr. Satan's daughter is also up here with them. Buu recognizes Satan's scent, and concedes. But after 1 hour, It'll kill them all, the daughter too. It kneels down to watch the sand fall. Piccolo tells Kuririn to get Trunks and Goten into the Room of Spirit and Time. In there, 1 hour will last 15 days. Right now, the boys aren't good enough at Fusion to defeat Buu. Goten and Trunks are sleeping. In the mountains, Chau-zu and Tenshin-han are wondering what it was that just tried to kill them. Satan is walking in the countryside (the puppy is nearby,) and he wonders what all that fireworks had been about. Chapter 488: "Trunks and Goten enter the Room of Spirit and Time" "Trunks to Goten, Seishin to Toki no heya ni hairu" On Kaiou-shin's planet, Gokuu and Kaiou-shin are trying to understand the surge of power they're feeling (looks like the Earthlings are already getting trashed.) Gohan is losing his temper, and demands that the old coot finish with the spell already. The coot isn't letting himself be rushed, and Gohan explodes, powering up and yelling that he wants to fight Buu. However, his body has undergone a transformation (looks kind of god-like), and he wonders where this power has come from. The old coot needs more time to finish the spell, so Gohan sits down and meekly apologizes. The old coot returns to reading his manga. Gokuu asks Kaiou-shin if the old coot has really given the boy this power, and Shin is not so sure. Gokuu wonders how Gohan pulled this off. In Kami-sama's tower, Goten and Trunks stare at the new Buu, asking if this is really It. Piccolo confirms it, and then tries to get the boys to train in the room of Spirit and Time, for the equivalent of 6 hours. However, Chi Chi takes this chance to go up to Buu, slap It in the face, and demand that It return her dead Gohan. Buu turns Chi Chi into an egg, and steps on her. Goten almost goes berzerk, but Piccolo manages to get the boy to train in the SaTR, rather than throw his life away needlessly right now. Trunks is sure that they can completely defeat Buu, and Gohan is lost in hatred (like Gohan felt when Cell killed Gokuu.) Goten and Trunks are in the SaTR, and Trunks wants to eat. But, Goten keeps training, so Trunks runs to join his friend and keep up in power levels. Back at the Tower, Beederu asks Piccolo how Buu could know about her father, and Piccolo replies that Buu and Satan had become friends. Beederu ponders this, as Buu gets tired of staring at the sand dial. It destroys the clock, and Piccolo asks for just 30 minutes more. But It blows a hole in the floor of the Tower, in front of the demon's feet, and demands to be allowed to do some fighting. Piccolo relents, and leads the monster to the center of the palace. Kuririn is afraid that Buu will be guided to the SaTR, and Piccolo just looks stonely resolute. Chapter 489: "Gotenks has Confidence!!" "Gotenkusu ni jishin ari!!" Kamesennin, Dende, Kuririn, and Buruma are trying to understand Piccolo's motive in guiding Buu to the Room of Spirit and Time. Since Trunks and Goten aren't yet ready, and so on, they'll probably lose. However, Dende assures the group that the Room can be treated as a trap for Buu, and the Dragon Balls can be used to wish the boys back to life. Further, Kuririn comments that Piccolo is taking his time, so 1 minute in our world is 6 hours in the SaTR. Buu is getting more impatient, wondering why they haven't reached the room yet. Inside, the two boys are tired, and talking about having just finished a bout of Fusion mode, and how it feels to go past Super Saiya-jin level. They discuss the advantages of training in the SaTR, and having 1 week of extra training time. With glee, they envision being able to save all their frineds and relatives with their great power. Unfortunately, Piccolo uses ESP to tell them that he is on his way to let Buu into the Room to fight them soon. Goten panics, stating that they just came out of Fusion mode. Piccolo assures them that they have 6 hours to sleep and recover. They do this, and Piccolo asks Buu if he wants supper first. The monster angrily replies that he doesn't need to eat, but that It's tired of all this messing around. They reach the door, and go in. Buu looks around, commenting that it's a weird place. It finds the two boys waiting for It. They taunt the monster, and Buu isn't impressed. Piccolo silently pleads for the boys to not screw up again. As they start the Fusion pose, Buu loses his patience and bashes Trunks. Trunks yells at the monster to wait, It CAN understand the idea of waiting, right? Buu looks sullen. Goten and Trunks go through the dance, and with a flash they turn into Gotenks. Piccolo is happy, and Buu waits while Gotenks continues bragging. Buu still isn't impressed, while Piccolo believes that the boys have gotten a lot more power. So, Gotenks attacks Buu, and has no effect. Gotenks wants to know what went wrong, and Piccolo doesn't know, either. Chapter 490: "Fully Confident Gotenks" "Gotenks jishin manman" Gotenks laughs off his first attack, claiming that he wasn't really trying before. This time, it's for real. He lunges forward again, coming up with stupid names for his punches and kicks. Eventually, Buu bats the boy away, and Piccolo is extremely embarrassed. Gotenks blusters some more, but Buu complains that this hasn't been fun yet. So, the boy announces "Super Saiya-jin" and powers up. Piccolo comments on the fact that the SSJ occurred AFTER the start of Fusion. Gotenks is going to try again, but pauses while trying to decide which attack to use. He comes up with something that would unfortunately kill Buu after only one shot. Bowing to fate, Gotenks yells out "Galactica Donut!!!!" and draws an energy ring in the air. The Donut encircles Buu and tightens. The monster roars in pain. Then It sneers and says "just kidding." It breaks free, and plays Gotenks like a soccer ball. The two bash heads, and Gotenks decides to try yet another fantastic technique. This time, it's "Super Ghost Kamikazi Attack." Buu is stunned, and Gotenks spits out an evil little ghost (the ghost says "Hi----i. I'm a ghost.") Gotenks claims that he has won. Chapter 491: "Guaranteed to Kill You! Kamikaze Attack" "Hessatu! Kamikaze Atakku" The ghost floats forward, warning Buu to leave, because it considers itself truly scary. Buu is waiting, Piccolo wonders what kind of attack this is, and Gotenks expects imminent death. He tells the ghost to go ahead, and it rushes forward. Buu easily blocks the ghost, but it explodes and causes lots of damage to the monster. Gotenks gloats over the kamekazi ghost, and Piccolo tells the boy to hurry up and do it again. Gotenks eventually gets around to spitting out 10 more Super Kamekazi ghosts, but spends time getting them lined up and counting off. One ghost complains about another nudging it too hard, running the risk of making them explode. When Gotenks is finally ready, Piccolo points out the fact that Buu is boredly reading manga and drinking cream soda. Ghosts #1 and #2 are launched, Buu evades them, and they harmlessly blow themselves up. Buu says that it can't be taken out by the same attack twice, so Gotenks gets into a huddle with #3-#7. He stirs them up with a "Fight" cheer, and two ghosts slap hands in preparation -- blowing themselves up. The remaining ghosts, except #10, are sent forward, but while Buu is expecting them, the ghosts swerve off and settle down around something they've found. They discuss the "interesting thing" they'd located, and Buu comes over to check it out. One ghost calls the thing a turd, but the others correct it. When Buu is looking over their shoulders, the ghosts explode. Piccolo is impressed, and Buu has been reduced to a twisted kind of tadpole. #10 is told to go down Buu's throat and blow up, which is what happens. Standing in front of the blast, Gotenks claims that it's all over. [NOTE: Of course, it's never that easy. After all, Gohan is busy powering up, and he's the main star. The question is, what is he going to be fighting against? The next stage Buu? Also, some people have complained that the Dragon Balls make things too easy. If someone dies, they can just be wished back to life again. Toriyama himself is well aware of the problem, and will undoubtedly come up with a twist that leaves a lot of people dead at the end. Keep in mind that you can only be wished back to life once, and the masses killed by Vejiita at the Budoukai have probably been killed a second time when Buu turned everyone into candy and ate them. You also can not be wished back if you've been dead more than one year, which may also be a problem for a few people. Anyway, there's at least 200-400 people that will still be dead at the end, and maybe more.] Chapter 492: "The Different Dimension is Closed" "Tojirareta ijigensekai" Time passes on Kaiou-shin's planet, and Gokuu comments on Buu's energy having disappeared. Shin and Kibit think that maybe Gotenks has killed the monster, and Gokuu adds that Gotenk's Fusion energy has also disappeared. The old Kaiou-shin corrects them, saying that the fight is taking place in a different dimension, -- Gokuu realizes that the Kaiou means the Room of Spirit and Time. The old coot continues, saying that Piccolo had led Buu there, and Gokuu cattily replies that the Kaoi-shin have great powers, so Gohan will undergo a REALLY BIG power up. Kaiou-shin sulks, and says "I am useless." In the Room, Gotenks is gloating over destroying Buu, and Piccolo berates the boy, telling him to destroy the pieces of Buu before it can reconstruct. They do so, and Piccolo praises the boy for finishing the battle. Then, a strong wind sweeps in -- it is Buu, pulling Itself back together. And now, IT IS PISSED. Piccolo and Gotenks realize that burning Buu to death was a mistake, it left the particles of smoke and ash for Buu to work with. Which means that Buu can't be burned to death; It has to be destroyed by "energy." As an extra measure, the door to the Room has to be destroyed. Piccolo tells the boy to spit out more Kamekazi Ghosts, but Gotenks wants to intimidate Piccolo first (he knows that he still has several strong techniques) so he yells in dispair that he has used up his power, and now the world will be wiped out. Buu uses the chance to snap out the curl on Its forehead, snag Gotenks, and smash the boy about the Room. After a bit of getting bashed up, Gotenks gets angry, then mimics a public announcement: "Ladies and gentlement, now, another great technique." However, Piccolo decides to blow up the door leading out of the Room, and tells them that they are now all trapped here. Gotenks can't defeat Buu, so Buu can now do whatever it likes, because no one can get out of the Room to return to the normal world. Gotenks is panicking, because his little charade backfired. Piccolo and Gotenks call each other "baka" for a while. Buu is told that Its favorite sweets don't exist here -- It can't handle this, and yells out "I can't stand that!!!!" Its shout punches a hole between the dimensions, and It stares through the hole to the plaza of Kami-sama's tower in surprise. Chapter 493: "Escape From the Other Dimension" "Ijigen kara no dasshutsu" Piccolo realizes that Buu has just blown a hole out to the real world, and can now escape. The hole quickly closes, and Buu stretches out to reach the hole and gets out, leaving Gotenks and Piccolo trapped. At the Tower, Kuririn and friends cautiously step out to the plaza to investigate the noise they just heard. Meanwhile on Kaiou-shin's planet, Gokuu feels Buu's ki return, but not the Fusion energy of the boys. He curses his inability to see what's happening, so the old coot creates a crystal ball for them. (Gokuu is impressed.) At the Tower, a rubberband goo spins in the air before splatting on the ground. Kame-sennin and Yamcha both recognize the ki signature, as the monster regains Its shape. Buu says, "Lucky. You came out just as I was getting hungry," and turns everyone into chocolate. Gokuu curses futilely, and Gohan asks what happened. The Saiya-jin just replies that Gohan better get improved by the old coot, quickly (silently, he wonders what will happen if no one is left to use the Dragon Balls.) In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo and Gotenks fail to shout hard enough to blow another hole through the 'wall'. Piccolo is giving up, so Gotenks resigns himself to giving away his true power before he could pick the best time for showing it off. He switches to Super Saiya-jin 3, brags about his strength, complains about his hair and the fact that his face now looks more mean, and because there's no time to waste -- blows a new hole through the dimensions. Piccolo does his best to imitate a vampire that's bitten into the neck of an anemic. They escape and face Buu. Gotenks brags that they're out, and Buu does a double-take over Gotenks' image change. Behind It, Dende's palace is in ruins. Gotenks raves over how strong he now is, and via the crystal ball, Gokuu happily curses the boys for having reached SSJ-3 so much sooner than he himself ever could. Having eaten his fill, Buu is happy to return to work, and Piccolo and Gotenks now discover that all of their friends and family that had been on the Tower, have been consumed. Buu says "turned 'em into chocolate." Gotenks announces that now he is angry, and attacks. Buu, with chocolate smeared around his mouth, just sneers. Chapter 494: "Do Your Best, Super Gotenks-kun" "Ganbare suupaa Gotenkusu-kun" The powered-up Gotenks smashes into Buu, surprising both the monster and Piccolo, and doing severe damage to the surrounding buildings. There's some fighting, which includes Buu rolling himself up into a ball, and bashing his way through Kami-sama's palace, much to Piccolo's dismay. Buu has gotten pissed at being hurt. Soon, there is nothing left of the floating palace, except falling debris. Piccolo is stunned, and Gotenks keeps trying to get into a cool pose to announce his next attack, but is interrupted as Buu keeps almost hitting him. Piccolo yells at the boy, and Gotenks announces Renzoku Super Donuts. This time, the energy rings shoot out and entrap the rolled-up Buu, forming a volley ball. Gotenks wants to start up a team attack, and berates Piccolo for not showing the proper enthusiasm ("That's not right! What do you mean, 'umm', you're supposed to say "haiiiii".) Then we get "Pass", "Toss", and "Attack." The volley ball is smashed Earthwards, and Gotenks follows it, while Piccolo complains about not getting to have any of the fun. Gotenks laughs maniacally at what looks like a huge meteorite crater, and announces that he is scary. Chapter 495: "Super Fusion is STRONG!! "Tsuyoi zo!! Suupaa Fyuujon" Gotenks yells at Buu to come up out of the crater and fight again. It's starting to look like the monster is dead, when it fires an energy ball up at the boy. In retaliation, Gotenks fires a bunch of blasts back, and argues with Piccolo over the increased death toll. The boy believes that the Dragon Balls can bring all the normal people back, but Piccolo reminds him that one wish has already been used up. But, after stopping, it's clear that a lot of countryside has been eradicated. And, when Buu surfaces, It's pissed. Piccolo warns Gotenks about the upcoming battle, but the boy is overconfident, and Buu head butts him. A shouting match follows, which destroys a full city (Gotenks can do nearly everything Buu can.) They also punch and kick each other a bit. Gokuu is watching on the crystal ball, and he thinks that Gohan may not get a turn. Buu is looking pretty battered, and Gotenks boasts more as he prepares a Kamehama-ha. He tells the monster to die, just as his power disappears and he drops from SSJ 3 to the just plain Fusion form. (NOTE: Time passes faster for a fighter while in SSJ 3 form, as Gokuu discovered when his 24 hours allotted to him on Earth was less than he'd expected. Therefore, the 30 minutes that Gotenks can exist in Fusion form is being shortened by being in SSJ 3 mode.) Chapter 496: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place!!" "Zettai zetsumei dai dai dai pinchi!!" Everyone reacts to Gotenk's loss of super Fusion, Buu has a chance to recover, and Gotenks surrenders. Gokuu yells for the old coot to hurry up, as the runt has powered down. Gohan is happy for the chance to act, and the old coot replies that he'd finished 5 minutes ago; he was waiting for a big pinch, to make things more dramatic. Gohan asks if he's really going to be stronger now, and the coot tells him to power up. Without even switching to super saiya-jin mode, Gohan's ki blows everyone backwards, and the boy is impressed with the extra energy. Gokuu says his farewells to his son, and tells the boy to defeat Buu. They hug, and then Kibit teleports the boy to Earth (Kibit wanted to handle this task without Kaiou-shin's help,) then fulfills the boy's wish of changing Gohan's clothes to match Gokuu's fighting outfit. Kibit returns home, and Gohan rushes to find Buu. At the fight site, Goten and Trunks have separated, and Piccolo prepares to protect them. Except, Buu decides to fall asleep instead. As Piccolo is trying to understand why, the entire group reacts to the approach of a REALLY STRONG ki. Chapter 497: "Son Gohan's Big Counter Attack" "Son Gohan no dai gyakushuu!!" Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks all wonder who it is blasting in with such great power, and Buu starts reacting angrily. The demon guesses it's Gokuu, but Goten gets it right as Gohan skids in to a halt. The boy explains where he's been (and the fact that he's not dead,) the two runts rejoice, and Piccolo wonders whether this really is Gohan (face is slightly changed, but the energy is all wrong.) The hero asks where the others are, and is told that Buu killed them -- including Dende, which Gohan immediately understands means that they can't make wishes on the Dragon Balls anymore. Buu laughs that Its victims all tasted good when he turned them into chocolates. However, Gohan can still feel someone's energy. He smiles, which confuses the monster. Buu wonders if the fool wants to fight him, and is told "No, I'm going to kill you." Piccolo realizes that this is pointless, and the two runts panic, wishing that they could return to Fusion form and join in the fight. As Buu is laughing stupidly to Itself, Gohan powers up a little and kicks the monster around. Hard. When It catches Itself on a return trip Earthward, It looks back up, only to be told that the hero is BEHIND It. Gohan is grinning like Vejiita would, and everyone else looks very shocked (at the boy's sudden increase in power and speed.) Chapter 498: "Majin Buu's Weird Move" "Majin Buu no bukimina ugoki" Buu is looking a bit banged up, Gohan smirks that Buu can't win, and the rest have their jaws dragging on the ground. Then Buu grins, saying that It had felt the boy's fantastic power a very long distance away. They banter, and Buu declares that It WILL get revenge on the boy, by killing him. Gohan thinks that the monster is wasting its breath, but It self-destructs, creating a large mushroom cloud. High above the cloud, Gohan floats, holding Piccolo and the two runts in his arms. Later, on the ground, the others think that Buu may be dead, but Gohan states that the monster is still alive, just masking Its energy. Trunks is happy at this thought, because Gohan is still able to kick Its butt; in fact Gohan may be almost as strong as Super Gotenks. Goten corrects him, and Trunks allows that maybe Gohan is a BIT stronger than Gotenks. Then, Gohan asks where the Dragon Radar is, and Trunks answers that the demon last had it. Piccolo considers this a waste, because Dende is dead, and the Balls won't work now. But, Gohan tells them that he can feel Dende's energy. As the group flies over the cities, it looks like Buu killed EVERYONE. Except, there are two survivors. Mister Satan and the dog are walking under the hot sun, and Satan is hoping to find a beer to drink, although at this point he'd accept some water. Trunks is annoyed that Satan of all people had been spared, but Piccolo considers the blowhard to be a good soul underneath it all. Piccolo picks up Satan (he thanks them, and notices that Gohan is in with the group) and they fly off. Piccolo wonders how Dende was saved, and Gohan points out that from watching the crystal ball, he knows that Piccolo was in the Room of Spirit and Mind a bit longer than Buu was -- which means that some time passed during which Buu was trying to eat the survivors. 10 seconds had passed in the Room, which means that Dende at least had time to escape. Piccolo is so happy, he drops Satan, and Trunks has to save him. Finally, they locate Kami-sama out in the hills. Dende tells them that Mr. Popo had made sure that Dende was the only one not to be killed, and Piccolo replies that of course, Popo knew that the Balls would turn to rock if Dende died. Satan asks who the brat with the sickly skin color is, and is shocked to learn that the "brat" is God. On Kaiou-shin's planet, Gokuu is relieved to see Dende alive, Kaiou-shin asks what the Dragon Balls are, and the old coot wonders why Buu hadn't been defeated yet. On Earth, Satan is hysteric over hearing that his daughter is dead. Goten promises him that she can be brought back, and the guy demands that Goten "swallow 1000 needles if you are lying." Suddenly, the fighters feel Buu's energy -- the monster has changed somehow (doesn't look any different) and is flying towards them. Gohan flits off to get away from his friends prior to facing the monster again, and wonders what it is that has changed. Chapter 499: "The Trap" "Wana" Everyone is wondering what the difference in Buu is, and the monster calls to the runts to come out and fight. Gohan states that this is just between It and Him, but Buu answers that the boys can now do Fusion again; after that, It will fight Gohan. Gohan wants to start fighting now, but Buu asks if the runts are too scared to face him -- this is too much for Trunks and Goten, and they trade taunts. Piccolo realizes that something's weird here, but Trunk's arrogance flares up, and the runts perform Fusion. Gohan gets to see Super Gotenks for the first time, Buu is evilly happy, and Gotenks announces his presence as "the ultimate god of death." Buu wants Gotenks' power, and Piccolo's mind -- as Gotenks leaps in to stand next to Gohan, the monster emits two pieces of itself unnoticed. Gotenks tells Gohan to step back, as there is only room for one of them to fight, and the boy irritatedly does so. Gotenks prepares to finish off the monster, but is taken by surprise when the Buu-blob engulfs him. Piccolo is then a quick second. The two blobs return to Papa, and from the Other World, Gokuu tries to warn Gohan of the impending danger. Very soon, the Ultimate Buu forms: It is tall, thin, muscular, and It's forehead-dangly now hangs long and low behind Its back. It asks "Gohan-kun" if It's Ultimate Majin form looks cool. Buu finally explains that back when It felt Gohan's growing power, It starting making Its plans -- because It wanted Gotenks' power, after luring Gohan to the fight site, It allowed Itself to be "defeated" and then waited an hour to allow the runts to perform Fusion again. Its entire plan was to prepare itself to absolutely kill Gohan; the earlier form of Majin Buu could destroy Gohan, the new version is even stronger. Gohan disagrees. Chapter 500: "The Big Reversal" "Dai gyakuten" Buu wants to get started with the end-all battle (looks like the time limit on Gotenks' super power may also affect It) and they go at it. This time, Gohan is the one getting bashed (he even needs a warning from Dende to tell him that an energy ball is about to hit him from behind.) After the explosion, Gohan tries to hide his energy, but Buu easily finds him, and taunts the boy over the stalling tactic. The fight continues, and Buu uses the Continuous Donuts trick to imprison Gohan long enough to blow the boy away with Kamehame-ha. In the Other World, watching through the crystal ball, Gokuu and Kaiou-shin are panicking, while the old coot (who Gokuu calls Dai Kaiou-shin-sama; or Big/Great Kaiou-shin) offers Gokuu the chance to return to Earth. The others tell Dai that Gokuu is dead and can't return, but the coot offers to give up his own life to restore life to the dead hero. Kibit goes ballastic over a Kaiou doing something like this for a mere human, and the coot answers that he's doing this for all the worlds -- if Buu triumphs on Earth, It will come to destroy the Other World as well. Kaiou-shin volunteers to sacrifice himself instead, but the coot says that he's had a long 1000 years, so what the hey. Gohan exerts himself and breaks free of the Donuts just before the Kamehame-ha gets to him. Buu is mildly miffed. Meanwhile, at the gates to Heaven and Hell, The Gate Keeper is commenting on Vejiita's body and spirit having been saved intact. Uranai Baba gets to permit Vejiita his 24 hours on Earth, and the Saiya-jin Prince muses on how his very own evil self gets to return to Earth to fight Buu. (Vejiita now has a halo, and looks normal again, wearing his old fighting outfit.) Dai says goodbye and keels over. Gokuu's halo disappears, and he apologizes to the dead coot. But Dai (who now has his own halo) pops up and yells at the hero to quit wasting time and hurry up and leave. Amidst the ravaged countryside, Buu taunts Gohan over only having 1 second left to live. Chapter 501: "The Saviour Makes His Appearance!?" "Kyuu seishu toujou!?" (The sidebar in the weekly manga asks whether "Buu + Piccolo + Super Gotenks == Super Bupinks") Gohan rubs a bruise under his eye, as Buu tells the boy to keep trying harder. Angry, the boy attacks again, only to be smashed into the ground. He tries to fire off an energy blast, but the monster just bats the blast down at him (the blast goes down through the planet and comes out the other side.) Buu flies down into the pit, and finds the boy embedded in the wall. It laughs, stating that they've only been fighting 10 minutes, but It is having fun. Up on the surface, Dende cringes at the sounds of flesh being pounded to a pulp and tells Satan to grab the dog and run far away. However, the Hero is going to uphold his reputation, and kill the monster with the Colt .45 he pulls out. On Kaiou-shin's planet, Gokuu is preparing to teleport to Earth, when Dai Kaiou-shin stops him. The coot states that Buu is more powerful than Gokuu and Gohan apart, and adds that It probably will not wait while Gokuu and Gohan go through the Fusion pose in order to power up. Gokuu, in desperation, asks what he can do. The coot grins, having waited for this moment, and hands over his earrings. Gokuu is told to put one on his left ear. Gokuu asks if this is supposed to make him stronger. The coot continues, telling him to put the other earring on Gohan's right ear -- it will act just like Fusion. Gokuu is happy, and the coot explains that this is something that the Kaiou-shin's used to do a long time ago. Kaiou-shin can't believe this, and the coot tells him to exchange earrings with Kibit. Kaiou-shin and Kibit do this. There is a flash. On Earth, Gohan smashes into the rocks, and lies unconscious. Dende runs forward to heal him. Buu is preparing for the Big Finish, when Gohan jumps away (he thanks Dende.) Buu is surprised to see the boy looking healthier, but doesn't expect anything to have changed. Gohan takes a blast directly, and Buu then fires a shot to kill Dende. Gohan doesn't have time to react. Satan shoots the .45, and the blast breaks up. Satan gloats over the supreme firepower of his handgun. Of course, the real person to have interferred was Tenshinhan (the title refers to the Triclops, but Satan probably believes it refers to himself.) The Fused Kaiou-bit is rejoicing over the great power he is feeling, and he wants to go to Earth to fight alongside Gokuu. However, the Coot tells him to stay here and wait, in case Buu wins and wants to destroy the universe. Gokuu asks what the time limit is for this kind of Fusion and is told -- there isn't one: this form of Fusion is permanent. Kaiou-bit is shocked. Gokuu is in a quandry, since fusing will prevent the boy from having a normal life, but if they don't fuse, there won't be any school for the boy to attend. Dai Kaiou-shin tells him to hurry up and go to Earth, before Gohan gets killed. The hero teleports out. Buu is creating a bigger energy ball that will destroy the planet, and dares anyone to interfere with this attack. Tenshinhan and Gohan both realize that they've blown it, while Satan brings up his pistol and calls out that he will punish the monster. Chapter 502: "Successful!? The Earring Merger!" "Seikou-suru ka!? Potara no gattai!" The old coot tells Gokuu about the powers of the earring as it relates to switching to Super Saiya-jin mode (merge first, power up later), and Gokuu asks if the old coot had ever merged with someone himself. The coot then relates the story of how long, long ago, an old witch decided that she wanted to borrow his earring to see how she would look as "a pretty girl." The merger apparently never wore off, given the coot's current facial features. Kaiou-bit calls out that (according to the crystal ball) Buu is about to destroy the world. Gokuu teleports out, and Satan apologizes to Buu and shoots at the monster with his .45. Gokuu appears on Earth just in time to use a cutting energy ball (like Kuririn's) to chop the monster into three parts. Buu's energy ball shoots off into space. Gohan wants to know how his father can be back on Earth, and Satan cringes at the thought of being punished for hurting Buu. Buu recognizes Gokuu from the last time they fought, and tells the hero that It has gotten a lot stronger than it had been. Gokuu sneers, and brags that he now has a REALLY great "power up item." Buu isn't impressed, and the lower half of It (which had landed next to Tenshinhan) KO's the tricyclops with a kick before reuniting with the upper half. Buu and Gokuu jaw for a bit before Gokuu throws the earring to Gohan. The earring hits the ground and disappears inbetween some rocks. Gokuu yells at the boy to hurry up and find it, and then to put it on his right ear. Gokuu also pleads for a timeout, but the monster wants to kill the interloper before continuing to bash the boy. Gokuu swears and switches to SSJ3, Gohan find the earring and asks if it's like the ones Kaiou-shin wears, and Buu switches up his power to employ the characteristics of Piccolo and Gotenks. Gokuu powers back down to wait for Gohan to put on the earring, but the third part of Buu (the rubbery forelock that had been chopped off earlier) sneaks up behind the boy and envelops him. Gokuu swears and goes crazy, as Buu takes on Gohan's clothing and facial features. The Old Coot is watching on the crystal ball, and he says that it's all over now. Gokuu desperately searches for someone else to merge with -- Tenshinhan is down, Dende isn't a fighter, and the only one left is Mr. Satan. [The sidebar on the front cover flap basically explains that Dragon Ball has ended, and that books 41 and 42 will be a bit longer than normal, so that the readers can take longer to finish them. Also, it means that the last stories can be crammed into #42. That is, the complete Dragon Ball saga will be contained in books 1 -- 42. Now you know what the question was in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.]
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