Dragon Ball volume 42 summary and personae list. Chapters 499 -- 519. New Characters: Vejit: Gokuu and Vejiita finally merge using Dai Kaiou-shin's earrings. Vejit looks like Gokuu, with black hair standing in Super Saiya-jin form, and a cross between Gokuu's and Vejiita's fighting uniforms. The result is a street boxer with dangly earrings. The True Buu: A long time ago, Buu had absorbed two of the Kaiou-shins, which had resulted in It's becoming the Fat Buu that was trapped in the Ball and released by Babi-di. Now, with the cysts of Fat Buu, Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks removed from It, the True Buu looks like a sullen, evil little Buu child (about 12 years old.) It is completely ruthless, and easily destroys Earth with a house-sized energy ball. In the final Tenkai-ichi Budoukai, 10 years after the battle with Buu: Mou Kekko: ("I'm Fine, Thanks") A huge Mongolian. [oa:v42] Uubu: A little black-skinned country boy, with a shaggy mohawk. Looks very nervous, but determined. Is actually the reincarnation of evil Majin Buu. [oa:v42] Captain Chicken: A Professional wrestler in a chicken suit. [oa:v42] Otoko Sukii: ("I like men") A Big butch guy in a police cap and tights. [oa:v42] Nok: A blond longhair with a bandana and street clothes. [oa:v42] Kiraano: A blond pretty boy teenager, who Vejiita thinks has the best chance of being the foe they're looking for. [oa:v42] Chapter 503: "Son Gokuu's Final Merger!!" "Son Gokuu Saigo no Gattai!!" Buu is laughing over Gokuu's plight, asking who is left for the hero to merge with now that Buu has absorbed Gohan. The hero is wondering the same thing, and keeps coming up with Mr. Satan as the only option. Buu claims that out of the gentleness of It's own heart, It will give Gokuu 5 seconds to make one last shot at a merger. Gokuu is frantically thinking that a power of 1000 plus a power of 1 is still only 1001, which isn't enough to challenge Buu. (That and he'd have an ugly face afterwards, too.) Satan tells Dende that things look bad, since Buu didn't die yet, and he is out of bullets. Dende isn't too concerned at this news. Buu counts down the final seconds and Gokuu is about to throw the earring at Satan. The monster smirks -- time has run out. But, Gokuu freezes, feeling an energy trace that he quickly recognizes as Vejiita's. Meanwhile, a long distance away, Uranai Baba is telling the Saiya-jin prince that this is as far as she can bring him, since she's scared to get any closer to Buu. Vejiita is just happy at getting a second chance to kill Buu. Gokuu shouts out "Lucky" and teleports just as Buu zooms in for the kill. It misses, and realizes what has happened. Gokuu is happy to see Vejiita, while the Prince and Baba are surprised to see the hero alive again. Buu thinks that Gokuu has just run away to escape, and zooms off to track him down. Left on their own, Satan is wondering what to do next, and Dende is going to leave the site. Satan wants to stay with the green god, fearing retribution from Buu for having shot at it. Dende dislikes this situation a lot. Gokuu tells Baba to escape since Buu will arrive soon (she zips away) and tells Vejiita to wear the ring on his right ear. The Prince asks "why." Gokuu stammers out that it will cause them to merge and get great powers. Vejiita has no intention of merging with Kakarot. Gokuu yells back that Buu will defeat them otherwise. They argue as Buu rushes in to stop them. Having been brought back to life, Vejiita is stronger again. Vejiita had also been watching Gokuu from the other world, and wasn't impressed by the power up to SSJ 3. He doesn't want to merge at all. So Gokuu asks him if he also knows that Buu has eaten everyone, including Buruma, and powered up further by absorbing Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks. Buu discovers them as Gokuu makes one last plea. Vejiita submits and accepts the earring. He swears, asking if it's supposed to be on the right ear. Gokuu says yes, and adds that they won't seperate again afterward. This doesn't make Vejiita happier, but he finishes putting the earring on. Buu is about to throw a killing energy ball, but pauses at the sight of the merged Vejit (actually, the merged duo don't have a name yet.) Vejit looks like Gokuu, with black hair standing in Super Saiya-jin form, and a cross between Gokuu's and Vejiita's fight uniforms. The result is a street boxer with dangly earrings. Chapter 504: "Merged Father is Unrivaled in this Universe" "Tenka muteki no gattai Otousan" The new hero says "Vejiita + Kakarot gives me the name Vejit." He powers up to "Super Vejit", and easily bats Buu's energy ball back at the monster. Buu blusters a bit and attacks, only to get kicked in the face. Vejit replies that with a nose bleed, it's a good thing that the monster now has a nose. Buu blusters a little more, and gets trashed. In the Other World, Kaiou-bit is happy, and the Old Coot thinks that Vejit is strong enough to end things right now. Vejit spears the monster with a controlled energy blast, and complains that it's no fun if the monster doesn't fight full-out. So, Buu frees Itself from the energy spear, and emits a cloud to hide in. However, Gokuu beats the crap out of It, and says that feeling the monster's energy made up for not being able to see It. He's also holding Buu's torn-off forelock; he throws it away and vaporizes it. (The Old Coot is ranting that this is not a game, and he wants to know what Gokuu is waiting for.) Angry, Buu regrows Its forelock. [Note: Vejit could also be pronounced "Vejito". Until Toriyama spells it in romaji, there's no "official" spelling yet. However, Kakarot has been spelled this way in romaji before, so I'm going with Vejit for the time being.] Chapter 505: "Inciting Vejit (ie -- Vejit Starts Dissing Buu)" "Chouhatsu suru Vejito" Vejit is trying to make Buu angry, to make things fun. So, Buu spits out a batch of Super Kamikaze Ghosts, and sets them on Vejit. (This time, the ghosts look like cute, evil versions of Buu.) But, Vejit zips to the side, and wipes the ghosts out with energy balls. He asks if such a childish attack is the best It can do, causing the monster to rage in frustration and start up a punching attack. Dai Kaiou-shin is cursing over the escalating threat, and Vejit easily blocks the punches using just his feet (and he keeps teasing Buu about it.) While, far away, Dende is flying with Satan in his arms (Satan is holding the dog). Dende comments that the explosions they hear are from the battle, and Satan can't believe that the noises are so loud. Vejit kicks Buu in the face, and then tells the monster that to beat him, It really has to try harder. So, the monster asks if Vejit likes coffee candies. Vejit is turned into a gum drop, and Buu gloats over having won. Buu is happy, Kaiou-bit is shocked, and Dai Kaiou-shin believes that it's all over. Except that Buu suddenly punches Itself in the face with the hand holding the candy. The candy floats away, says that Buu hasn't won yet, and declares itself the world's strongest gum drop. The candy ball then trashes Buu some more, including blowing out the back of Buu's throat and lopping off Its forelock again. The monster gives up and returns Vejit to normal form. Vejit is happier, Kaiou-bit is relieved, and Dai Kaiou-shin wants to Vejit to just destroy the monster already. The hero announces that he'll finish the battle at the count of ten. As he's counting, Vejit wonders why the monster doesn't start powering up, and Buu is frantically trying to figure what to do. Suddenly, It remembers the blown-off forelock, and sics it against Vejit. As Vejit announces "10" (and is getting concerned that nothing will happen), the loose Buu-blob engulfs him from behind. Vejit protects himself with a skin-level energy barrier at the last moment. Then, the Buu-blob absorbs him and returns to papa. With Vejit integrated into It, Buu starts thinking "I did it!" Chapter 506: Missing. Buu is going crazy with joy (giving the world the finger, and so on), while Kaiou-bit is convinced that "it's all over." However, Dai Kaiou-shin comments that something's different this time -- Buu isn't undergoing a power up yet. Eventually, Buu realizes the same thing. He doesn't care, though, because there's still no one left to stop him from destroying all life now. He laughs insanely, and we get to travel down his throat, and inside It. The inside of Buu looks like a big sponge, with tunnels and wide open spaces. Vejit is complaining about how Buu keeps on acting stupid, and even inside It, the monster's laughter is irritating. Vejit is happy that his barrier worked the way he hoped, and he drops the spell in preparation for searching for Gohan and crew (Vejit believes that since Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan aren't dead, that they can still be rescued.) When the barrier drops, Vejit splits up into Gokuu and Vejiita again. Gokuu is stunned, since the merger was supposed to be permanent. He wants to keep wearing the earring, in case the two of them get back outside, so they can re-merge. However, Vejiita considers this a lucky break, and he destroys his earring to prevent a second merger from ever happening (giving the Kaiou-shins, who are still watching these events through the crystal ball, a big shock.) Vejiita decides to search for the others, so they can leave and see if Buu has destroyed the world yet. Gokuu disgustedly crushes his own earring and follows after. They quickly locate Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Gohan -- encased in giant cysts, unconscious but still alive. Buu is preparing to fire an energy blast to wipe out Earth, as Gokuu and Vejiita discuss why Gotenks has also split up within Buu (Gokuu says that the 30 minutes for Fusion had ended long ago, and that caused the two boys to separate.) Gokuu is thinking that maybe he and Vejiita can try Fusion inside Buu, but Vejiita is more interested in freeing everyone and leaving. The cysts get ripped out by the roots, and Buu goes into spasms. The Kaiou-shins rejoice, while Buu is trying to figure out what's wrong. Gokuu and Vejiita now start arguing about how they can get strong enough to fight Buu when they get out, and Vejiita goes ballastic (he'd been watching everything while in heaven, and there's NO WAY he'd ever go through that stupid Fusion pose.) Suddenly, Vejiita sees one more cyst -- containing the unconscious Fat Buu (Gokuu calls It Buu's Original form.) They try to figure this out as Ultimate Buu starts seeping up through the floor. Chapter 507: "The Buu and Buu Inside Buu" "Buu no naka no Buu to Buu" Vejiita and Gokuu are standing, looking at the cyst. The face of Fat Buu is visible, and Vejiita is explaining to Gokuu that from the Other World he'd seen the Thin Buu turn the Fat One into chocolate and eat It. The hero wonders if this means that everyone else who'd been turned into chocolate might be alive and trapped in here somewhere. Ultimate Buu answers "No. That one's the only one." Ultimate Buu is oozing up from the floor. It continues saying that It had thought there was something strange about these two (humans). Buu doesn't like this situation and is going to trash them, when Gokuu argues with Vejiita that they should escape outside, where they could have used the earrings again if Vejiita hadn't crushed his. Buu realizes now that the two can't merge again. (Vejiita berates Gokuu for giving away that little secret.) Buu leaps free of the floor, and the two Saiya-jin power up in desperation. Gokuu warns the monster to not come any closer, or he'll blow a big hole in It's body. It just sneers, and Gokuu blasts away. Outside, Dende is flying along, carrying Satan and the dog. The Green God says that they are nearing Buu now. Satan asks how the Namek knows this, and Dende answers that he can feel Buu's 'ki'. Satan says "What? Majin Buu's tree?" ("ki" can be translated as "energy", but it can also be read as "tree". This is proof that Satan is not even CLOSE to the Z Fighters in terms of training or skill, as he doesn't understand what Dende is talking about.) Dende lands, and the two of them stare out at the cliff where Buu is standing motionlessly. Satan wonders why It isn't moving, and Dende is trying to figure out the energy levels he's picking up. Inside, Gokuu's blast had little effect. Buu replies that It has just felt a little "tic" at the back of It's head. Because the two Saiya-jin are so small (think "Fantastic Voyage") they're not so strong anymore. Gokuu asks where the exit is, so he can defeat the monster, but It responds that the two aren't leaving -- they're going to be en-cysted. Vejiita doesn't agree, and he grabs the base of the cyst holding Fat Buu. He wonders what would happen if the Fat One is freed, or if it would turn out to be the Thin One that's released. Either way, Ultimate Buu would suffer a drop in power level. Buu panics, and tells Vejiita to let go, stammering out something like "I am not me." Gokuu repeats "I am not me...?", and the Saiya-jin Prince merely answers that Buu is becoming more interesting. Buu leaps forward, and Vejiita rips the cyst free from the floor and ceiling. Ultimate Buu collapses to the floor, and is reabsorbed. Outside, Buu's body is twitching in pain. It keeps bellowing, and Vejiita tells Gokuu to get moving and grab the others and run like hell. Buu screams more. Gokuu asks which way they should go, and Vejiita answers "You think I know?" The inside of the monster is shaking badly as It is about to change back into a lower form (now that the Fat One isn't a part of it.) Vejiita snarls out "where's the exit," as Gokuu spies a hole. They fly out of one of the vent holes in Buu's head, and everyone returns to normal size (including Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo.) Dende is impressed at this feat, but Vejiita is concerned about Buu's current condition (It hasn't changed over yet.) Instead, Buu seems to be trying to keep from puffing up like a blowfish. Chapter 508: "The REAL Majin Buu" "Junsui no Majin Buu" Buu's transformation seems to be slowing down (he looks like an angry, puffed-up Arnold Shuwa-chan.) While, in the Other World, Kaiou-bit is looking concerned. But, Buu is still changing. And, at last, Kaiou-bit's worst fear is confirmed. Buu has stablized, and now looks like a sullen, evil little Buu child (about 12 years old.) Vejiita and Gokuu are amused, and expect things to be easier now. However, Kaiou-bit is recalling what happened back with the battle between Bibi-di and the 5 Kaiou-shins. He himself had been badly injured, and the North and West Kaiou-shins had been killed. Buu absorbed the strongest one, the South Kaiou-shin (meaning that our Kaiou-shin is the East one.) The Great Kaiou-shin (Dai Kaiou-shin) of that time, was a very gentle soul, who thought that by being absorbed, he could control Buu's heart. The result was the Fat Buu we all know and love. But, by having the Fat Buu's cyst removed, the true Buu has emerged. The little boy Buu lets out a yell that hurts the ears of the two Saiya-jin (to their surprise), and It then prepares an energy ball strong enough to destroy Earth. At the last second, Vejiita's counter-energy ball deflects it. Vejiita brushes off Gokuu's thanks, and yells out that if Buu wants to destroy Earth, It has to beat the two Saiya-jin first. At first, Vejiita thinks that Buu is going to fall for this challenge, but It then snears and creates a bigger energy ball that It throws down at them (It is still standing on a tall crag.) Gokuu can't believe the size of the thing, and Dai Kaiou-shin is yelling at Kaiou-bit to go save the stupid people. The energy ball is heading for Vejiita and Gokuu, and Gokuu yells out that they're going to save the others and he'll teleport out. Unfortunately, there's only time for him to grab Mr. Satan (who is holding the dog,) for Dende to grab Satan's leg, and for Vejiita to get near Gokuu. Problem is, there's no one left for Gokuu to lock onto to teleport towards. Then Kaiou-bit appears, grabs Gokuu's hand, and teleports them to the Other World. The energy ball hits Earth, destroying it. The surviving group reaches the Other World (Satan is trying to cope with the idea of being in heaven) and Dai Kaiou-shin is rejoicing. But, Gokuu is torn up over losing Gohan, Piccolo, and the two boys, while Vejiita is pissed that instead of saving Trunks and friends, Gokuu had grabbed Dende, Satan, and the dog. Gokuu and Dende just stare down at their feet. Chapter 509: "Betting the Universe on this Match" "Zen Uchou o-kaketa Shiai" (Shiai can translate to "bout", "match", or "tournament".) Kaiou-bit questions whether Earth is really destroyed, and the coot says "yeah." Satan doesn't believe this, and even though Dende tries to explain who the two Kaious are (personages way above him in power, and whose word is to be respected) Satan doesn't fall for it. Instead, the World's Greatest Champion decides that this is a dream (that he's still at the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai) and that therefore he can fly back to Earth and get vengance for the death of his daughter (even though she only died inside his dream)... His attempt to leap from a cliff fails. Vejiita is pissed that the remaining Z Fighters were sacrificed in favor of saving this clown. The Saiya-jin prince mentions the Dragon Balls, and Dai Kaiou-shin goes all gaga over Earth having something that belongs only to the Namek. Dende suddenly realizes that although the Earth's Dragon Balls have been destroyed, if they go to Namek, they can get a new set. Gokuu replies that Namek is too far for him to feel anyone's ki for locking on and teleporting to them. However, Kaiou-bit (who has no idea what the Dragon Balls are) can teleport to any planet within the sphere of the Kaiou-shin planet. But, it seems that the Namek made themselves outcasts a long time ago, and Dai Kaiou-shin says that going to Namek is right out. So, Gokuu tries to bribe the coot with naked pictures of Buruma. Vejiita goes ballistic, demanding that Gokuu show off pictures of naked Chi Chi (Gokuu meekly responds that Chi Chi isn't all that much of a show girl.) Kaiou-bit calls out that Buu is pulling Itself back together again (Dai Kaiou-shin is mulling over Gokuu's offer.) Kaiou-bit gives the two Saiya-jin his earrings so they merge again, but they have other plans. Vejiita crushes his. The two heroes think that one Saiya-jin alone can destroy Buu. The Kaiou's don't believe it at all. As Gokuu is trying to lay out some plans, Buu warps in (to everyone's shock.) Gokuu realizes that Buu picked up teleportation from one of the Kaiou's a long time ago. In a panic, Kaiou-bit, Dai Kaiou-shin, and Dende warp to a safe planet. The old coot curses the Saiya-jin blood. To decide who goes first, Gokuu and Vejiita do Jan-ken-pon (scissors paper stone.) Gokuu wins, and Vejiita angrily powers down. Dai Kaiou-shin curses them, saying that both fighters should team up against Buu and get it over with fast. Vejiita wants Gokuu to show him SSJ 3, and Gokuu asks if that's ok, because it'll mean that the Prince won't get his turn at all. Gokuu turns around, and finds that Buu has fallen sleep. Gokuu angrily switches to SSJ 3, and Buu wakes up to beat It's chest like a little monkey. Gokuu (with solid hair down to his butt, heavier eye brows, and crackling fire dancing around him,) looks at Buu, thinking "weird guy.") While, looking at the old coot's crystal ball, Kaiou-bit yells out that they forgot someone. From behind his crag, Satan uncomprehendingly looks out at Buu and Gokuu. Chapter 510: "Vejiita and Kakarot" "Bejiita to Kakarotto" Vejiita is watching on, saying that it's about to start -- the Final/Ultimate battle of the universe. Kibit, Dende and Dai Kaiou-shin are apprehensively watching through the crystal ball. And, the fight starts with Buu leaping in -- only to get hacked up with Kamehame-ha. It regenerates, and gets bashed to the ground. Turning into a kite causes It to slow down, and then It sends Its leg through the ground to kick Gokuu a bit. Finally, the fight turns into a slugfest, and Vejiita keeps watching. The Prince is happy with his enemy, and thinks that he is finally starting to understand the differences between the two of them. Vejiita knows that he first started fighting because killing was fun, then because his pride wouldn't let him lose to anyone. But, not Gokuu. Vejiita thinks that Gokuu simply enjoys fighting, but inside the guy is just a Saiya-jin softie. Vejiita wishes Kakarot luck, calling the hero "Number 1." (In the meantime, Buu started biting Gokuu on the arm, so Gokuu started biting It on the head.) Buu uses Kamehame-ha on Gokuu, so the hero replies with a True Kamehame-ha. Buu is blown to pieces, which immediately fly back together again as the hero takes a breather. (Satan is being buffeted by the shockwaves from the blasts, and is trying to understand how there can be such big explosions in this dream.) As Buu is pulling itself back together, Vejiita says that he understands Gokuu's weakness, and that the hero is hesitating in destroying the monster entirely out of a relucatance to become a killer like Vejiita. But Gokuu corrects him, saying that if he just had 1 minute to collect his energy, he'd be able to wipe out Buu. Surprised, Vejiita promises to keep Buu busy for one minute, as the reconstructed monster does a belly dance to taunt them. Chapter 511: "Vejiita goes full-out" "Inochi gake no Vejiita" Gokuu asks the Prince if he understands what'll happen if he's killed now that he's dead, explaining that Vejiita would disappear from both heaven and Earth. Gokuu ends with "Don't get killed, Vejiita." The Prince pledges not to, powers up, and starts blasting away. Buu is cut in half, and pounded into bits that then re-merge behind Vejiita. Satan is shaken by the shockwaves, and Gokuu is concerned that the other Saiya-jin won't be able to hold such a pace for 60 seconds. Buu attacks from behind, and Vejiita is surprised that It has gotten so strong. Unfortunately, one minute hasn't passed yet, and Gokuu has to stay on the sidelines until he's fully charged. Meanwhile, Vejiita is about to be choked to death, when Satan decides that he's going to take advantage of his dream. The wrestler steps out, and announces that the saviour of the world, and champion of the Budoukai is going to kill It. Buu drops the limp Vejiita, and leaps to chop up Satan. Satan realizes that this dream is still too scary, and drops to his knees (thus avoiding the blow at the last second) to beg forgiveness. Gokuu shouts out encouragement to Satan, which seems to trigger a massive migrane in the tiny planet destroyer. Gokuu is wondering what happened, and Satan assumes that it's something he did directly. Buu keeps shouting and holding It's head. Chapter 512: "Super Saiya-jin 3 Disappears" "Suupaa Saiya-jin 3 Kieru" (The splash page has fat Buu holding up the "Dragon Ball" logo. On top is Trunks, Satan, #18, Vejiita, Kuririn, Gokuu, Gohan, Piccolo, and Goten. The only ones WITHOUT halos are Gokuu, Satan and Buu.) Buu is in pain, and Satan is convinced that he's the one that caused it. Gokuu is trying to figure out why Satan's appearance is affecting Buu like this. Vejiita, lying helpless on the ground, yells out, asking if Gokuu is ready yet. Gokuu's a bit confused about that, because he's almost at full power, but can't top it off. Suddenly, the little planet destroyer spits out Fat Buu, and looks much happier for it (the others are surprised at this.) Looking on through the crystal ball, Dai Kaiou-shin and group discuss this turn of events (basically telling us what we already know -- Little Buu doesn't have anything holding him back now.) Little Buu stalks towards Satan, and the "hero" warns the runt off, saying that he's really strong and likely to hurt the monster (he reassures himself that this is still just a dream.) And, Buu punches him in the nose, sending him rolling (Satan realizes that this dream can feel painful, as well as scarey.) He runs away, and from a distance shouts out that this time, he's going to get serious. Buu pounds its chest, and Satan inches back (thinking that he can get away from it.) Buu rushes forward to kill him, but leaps backwards to avoid an energy blast that cuts across Its path. It looks over, to see Fat Buu standing up and pointing at It. (The non-Buu's are surprised at this turn of events.) Fat Buu says that It hates the Little Buu, and that Little Buu shouldn't mistreat Satan. Satan is taken by Fat Buu's standing up for him, and Little Buu snarls in anger. The two Buus fight it out, with the Little One getting splattered a bit (It regens, though.) Vejiita is wondering what's taking Gokuu so long, and the Super Super Super Saiya-jin is cursing as he tries to push his power level to the limits. Then suddenly, the energy disappears completely and he drops back down to a normal Saiya-jin (Vejiita, Dende, Dai Kaiou-shin and Kaioubit look shocked. Gokuu is breathing hard and is looking at his hands in disbelief.) Little Buu sweeps down and blows off Fat Buu's head (It regens.) Satan calls out some encouragement to the Fat One, and Fat Buu acknowledges that It doesn't seem to be winning. Vejiita is looking determinedly happy, and seems ready to enter this game of "who's the most evil." Chapter 513: "Vejiita's Thought" "Veji-ta no kangae" Vejiita is berating Gokuu for screwing up the power gathering trick, and Gokuu is trying to figure out what went wrong (something about SSJ3 and power gathering.) Meanwhile, the two Buu's are still fighting it out, and that Fat One is getting the worst of the deal, which causes Satan to leap in and kick the Little One a bit. Little Buu uses its forelock to send Satan flying. When Fat Buu tries to turn Little Buu into chocolate, the Little One blows It's head off. The Fat One regens, and the fighting continues. Finally, Vejiita yells out at the Kaioushin's, and Dende, watching all this through the crystal ball. The Saiya-jin Prince wants Dende taken to the new Namek planet to gather up the Namek Balls and make a wish. Dai Kaioushin is musing on this, while Dende yells that they've got to get moving. Kaiou-bit gives in and teleports them and the dog to the Namek Planet. Gokuu wants to know what the deal is, and Vejiita answers that they have a responsibility to the people of Earth, which surprises the hero. Dende and group arrive on Namek, and it's looking deserted. This is an illusion, since the group is facing the wrong way. The Namek were anticipating Dende's arrival and they all greet him with the 7 Namek Balls. Dende thanks them all, and asks Vejiita for his wish. The Prince yells out he only has two wishes. First, restore the destroyed Earth planet; second, resurrect everyone that was killed at the end of the Budoukai, excluding the evil ones. Dende is hesitating over this, and Gokuu tells the green God to do what Vejiita wants. Dende agrees to it, asking what the third wish should be; Vejiita doesn't care. Gokuu asks about the second wish, stating that "Resurrect everyone killed by Buu" would do the same job. Vejiita corrects him, saying that it wouldn't bring back the ones that Vejiita himself had killed. Gokuu hadn't thought of that. Then, Dende yells back that the second wish won't work, because the Namek Balls can only resurrect one person per wish. This gives the Saiya-jin some heartburn until the Namek leader corrects Dende. Seems that in the past few years, the Leader had given the Namek Balls a power upgrade and they don't have a limit on the numbers of people affected by the wishes anymore. Dai-Kaioushin is getting annoyed at all of this uncontrolled power running around. Porunga (the name of Shen-lon's Namek counterpart) is summoned, and the Leader lets Dende make the wish, adding that he hopes Dende can still remember how to speak Namek. The demon dragon asks for the first wish, and Dende speaks it. Porunga answers "Ok", making a circle with its forefinger and thumb. Suddenly, Earth is whole again. Chapter 514: "The Message to the Returned Peoples of Earth" "Yomigaetta Chikyoujin e no messeeji" The Earth has been repaired, and the Namek Dragon asks for the second wish. Dende thinks a bit, then says in Namek, "Ressurect the people that died starting from the day that the Warlock Babi-Di came to Earth -- excluding the evil ones." The Dragon says that it understands, but it's a bit of a LARGE number of people to deal with... Kaou-bit is startled to think that this is even possible. The two Buus are still fighting, and the little one rips Its own arm off to turn it into a remote controlled volleyball that just trashes the Fat One. Vejiita is gettin concerned that Fat Buu is taking so much damage, and yells out at Dende asking whether the wishes are going to be fulfilled. Dai Kaiou-shin is annoyed that Vejiita is being so noisy, adding that Porunga has its own problems. Suddenly, the second wish is completed, and everyone that had been destroyed is back whole again on Earth. Lots of normal people, plus Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks (they're wondering what they're doing near a cliff overhang); at Kami-sama's Palace: Buruma, Kuririn, Beederu, #18, and the others; on Namek -- Dai Kaiou-shin; and on Kaiou-shin's planet -- Vejiita. (Dende wants to know what to do about the third wish, and Vejiita says "Whatever you want.") Gokuu is surprised that Vejiita's halo has disappeared, commenting that it's a good thing that Vejiita's heart isn't evil. Gokuu thinks that he understands the Prince's plan, and that the re-living fighters are going to band together to fight Buu. But, Vejiita corrects him, telling Gokuu to start up a Genki Dama. The Hero rants "the entire point of this was to do a Genki Dama? It won't work, because there's not enough people on this planet with Buu." But, Vejiita has a bigger concept in mind, and he asks if Kaiou-shin can project telepathy to the minds of the Earthlings, like Babi-di had. The Kaiou-shins can't, but someone who can calls in saying that he's the one they want. Gokuu recognizes Kaiou-sama, and the Buggy One states that he's willing to help since Vejiita wants Gokuu to use one of Kaiou-sama's tricks. The Saiya-jin Prince calls out "People of Earth, listen to me. Almost all of you were killed by Majin Buu, but brought back by a mysterious power. The buildings and streets around you have been restored, so you know that this isn't a dream." Satan panics at this, wondering what the weird guy is talking about. Gokuu tells Satan to be quiet, since the other one is talking to the people of Earth. This confirms Satan's idea that this IS a dream, and he demands to know why Gokuu and Vejiita are messing it up for him. Buruma is happy that Vejiita is alive, but Kuririn wants her to keep quiet so they can hear what's happening. Vejiita continues that Buu is worse that Cell, and therefore, the fighter that will combat Buu needs their help. Everyone is to raise their hand in the air, without fear that anything bad will happen to them. They are commanded to do this, while Kaiou-sama thinks that this is worded very awkwardly, calling Vejiita a "hetana yatsu" (which is a pun, because heta is normally written with the kanji for "down" and "hand".) Gokuu is told to start up, and the hero rips his torn shirt off, leaps into the air, and asks everyone to give him their energy. People do this, and the energy ball starts growing. A few people have problems understanding the idea (Buruma's father is wondering if he's doing it right, and Beedle just keeps looking around going "Eh? Eh?") Vejiita is wondering why the huge Genki Dama isn't finished yet, and he tells Satan to raise his arm. Satan looks stupid and responds "Huh? What's that thing? Why would I want to raise my arm? This is a dream, you know..." Vejiita swears. Chapter 515: "The Genki Dama Energy Won't Come" "Atsumaranai genki tama no genki" Gokuu is yelling out that he's not going to get enough life-force energy in time before Fat Buu gets defeated. Vejiita yells back that he understands, and he demands that everyone on Earth help out. However, when one or two humans try lifting their arms, their energy gets sucked out and it just confirms their fears that this is a trap laid by the monster (some of them think that this smells like Babi-di's ESP trick.) Vejiita swears, and Satan wonders about the voices he can now hear in his head. Meanwhile, Little Buu has defeated Fat Buu and is about to vaporize the Fat One. Satan panicks and throws a rock that hits the Little One in the head (this surprises Satan more than anyone else.) Little Buu now notices the huge Genki Dama and attacks. Vejiita gets in the way to give Gokuu a little more time to convince the idiots on Earth that things are serious (Gokuu doesn't think that he'll get the energy in time, though.) With one punch, Vejiita is doubled over, and is about to get his face smeared all over the field. Gokuu yells out for the Earthlings to please give him their energy by raising their hands. This helps a bit more, because the people that he'd met throughout his life recognize his voice and willingly raise their arms (Upa and Bora are still living at the base of the Tower, and little Upa has grown up, gotten married to a squaw, and now has a baby boy; Hatchan (Dr. Gero's earier attempt at making an android) and the prior victims of Red Ribbon's Muscle Tower goons are still living out in the mountains; #17 is living out in a shack somewhere). But, everyone else still thinks that this is a trap, and that Gokuu is one of Buu's minions. Vejiita is getting mashed, and Gokuu says that the energy still isn't enough -- that people still don't understand. Satan is listening to all the voices of those people, and he finally loses it. He roars out that they better damn well give up their energy, because he says so. This changes things, as people recognize Satan's voice. Satan states that if he's to defeat Buu, he needs their help. Gokuu is surprised by this turn of events, and Satan shrugs, saying "what the hell, no choice in the matter, is there?" Hands start shooting up into the air all over Earth, and cheers of "Satan! Satan!" echo through the cities. All of the life force energy flows up, masking much of the planet (as seen from space.) Buu is still pulping up Vejiita, and Gokuu and Satan are getting concerned. Suddenly, the energy shows up, and the Genki Dama mushrooms. Satan is impressed at the size of the energy ball (he's hiding behind a rock again), and Gokuu is now ready to party. Chapter 516: "Conclusion" "Ketchaku" Gokuu is ready to throw the county-sized Genki Dama, but Vejiita is lying helplessly on the ground right next to Buu (and Satan is behind his rock a short distance away.) Gokuu is yelling to Vejiita to pull himself together and get out of the way, while the Saiya-jin Prince is yelling back for Gokuu to just throw the Genki Dama. Buu, meanwhile, roars and throws an energy ball at Gokuu. The hero teleports out of the way, and then back in again to keep control of the Dama. However, when Gokuu looks down, Vejiita is now missing. Off to the side, Satan is running away with the limp body over one shoulder. Gokuu yells out that Satan really is the World's Greatest, and hurls the Genki Dama down as Buu fires off a blast at it. The blast explodes harmlessly -- the Dama presses up against the little monster. Gokuu uses his powers to push the Dama forward: Buu tries to push it back. The Dama chews up the rock where it touches ground. The hero curses as he exerts himself, but it looks like he's losing the battle of what has become a pushing war. He is tiring very rapidly and the "people" watching (Endaimaoh, the Namek Leader) all wish that they had more energy to bestow on Gokuu. Dende wants Kaiou-bit to take him to Gokuu for a healing job, but Kaiou-bit is too drained to make the teleport now. At this moment, Porunga asks if anyone is going to make the third wish; if not, he's going to leave. Dende yells out, asking if the Namek Dragon can restore Gokuu's strength, and the answer is "yes." Gokuu is about to give up, when suddenly he bumps up to Super Saiya-jin level (and is told what happened. He thanks the Dragon Balls.) Buu looks concerned. The hero gives a little speech about how the monster has fought, and that he wishes that It could come back as a Good Guy, so the two of them could fight again later. Then, with a "See you again", he salutes It before nudging the Dama and blowing Buu away. The Dama eats a huge trench through the surface of the Kaiou-shin planet, and as the smoke clears, it looks like every little bit of the monster has been wiped out. Tired, Gokuu powers down, and with a little smile, gives Vejiita the thumbs up sign. Chapter 517: "All's Well that Ends Well..." "Daidanen soshite..." (The splash page shows Gokuu sitting on the ground, beaten up, but looking relieved. The caption is "Right now, I'm a little tired.") The narration box states that all traces of Majin Buu have been destroyed, so the monster is gone for good. The Namek-jin and Kaiou-shins are all celebrating, while Gohan and Piccolo are cautiously establishing the fact that Buu's ki can not be sensed anymore. Satan asks Gokuu if they've actually won, and then yells out to the people of Earth that he, the Champion of the World, has banished Buu from this universe. The people buy it, although Beederu is less than impressed (the rest of the Z Fighters' friends and family all rejoice.) Kaiou-bit teleports to the Kaiou-shin planet, with Dende and Dai Kaiou-shin. Dende runs to Gokuu (but the hero tells him to heal the tired, beaten Vejiita first; this happens) and the puppy runs to Satan. Then, the puppy keeps running, and the group discovers that Fat Buu, while looking dead, is still barely alive. Satan wants them to use their mysterious powers to revive Fat Buu, but Vejiita wants to destroy the last of the threat. Satan doesn't think that Fat Buu is at all evil, while Vejiita thinks that with Fat Buu around, Little Buu may be able to regenerate. They argue (with Vejiita threatening to kill Satan along with Fat Buu), until Gokuu tells Dende to heal Buu. Because, without the help of Fat Buu and Satan, Gokuu and Vejiita couldn't have defeated Little Buu. But, Kaiou-bit asks if this is a good thing, since the humans have the memories of Little Buu burned into their minds. Gokuu answers that if they keep Fat Buu hidden for 6 months, they can use the Dragon Balls again to ask Shenlon to remove all memories of Buu from everyone. Dai Kaiou-shin isn't happy with the constant use of the Dragon Balls (probably jealous that the Dragon Balls are more powerful than he is), and Vejiita doesn't know why he's going along with this. Satan is ecstatic, and Gokuu wants Buu healed so that they can return to Earth, eat, and then get some sleep. From here, the story is all in pictures. The heroes teleport to Kami-sama's tower, and Kaiou-bit teleports away again. Everyone greets everyone else, except that Beederu recoils in horror when Satan shows up (because Fat Buu is right behind him.) Gokuu calms them all down, and Fat Buu acts like Its old, naive jolly self. Beederu is happy to see Gohan, and Oolong is hiding behind Vejiita and away from Buu. Finally, 6 months pass, and the Earthlings forget about Buu, although they still remember that the Ultra Super Hero Mr. Satan did something REALLY GREAT, for which they are all thankful. === End of the Majin Buu arc === 10 years pass. A teenage Trunks is flying in a space car, upset that something isn't going right. He hops out of the car, it turns into a capsule that he pockets, and Trunks then flies to the Gokuu house. There, a very nerdy Gohan (think: a young Clark Kent) is studying his books inside a spacious, two-story house. Lots of bookshelves everywhere. Trunks asks for Goten, and Gohan answers that Gokuu, Goten, Buruma, and Vejiita are all at the "mountain out in back." Trunks is surprised that his parents are also there. (The blurb at the bottom of the page asks what meaning there is in the fact that the heroes are still in training, and implies that there is a new threat coming from outer space.) Chapter 518: "And So, 10 Years Later" "Soshite 10 nen go" The splash page features each of the characters, as they now look at the start of the new arc. We have: Buruma: Looks like a 40-year old matron. She's become exactly the kind of pushy old broad that she'd always hated. Vejiita: No physical change. Mellowed out a lot, though. Gokuu: No change. Chi Chi: Chi Chi has also changed a lot. Face is more enlongated, with higher eyebrows, and long black hair pulled back in kind of an American Indian squaw look. Buu: Has moved in with Satan, and is no longer called Majin Buu. Now, It is known as Mister Buu. Bura: (Bra.) Daughter of Buruma and Vejiita. Looks like Buruma used to, including the hair pulled up at the back of her head. About Pan's age. Trunks: Looks just like the version of him from the future, back with the final defeat of Freeza. Doesn't have a sword, though. Goten: A teenaged version of Gokuu. Wild black hair, and rather lazy. Mr. Satan: Satan has suffered from the passage of time more than anyone else. He's probably in his late 40's, early 50's. Bald on top, with a heavy black fringe around the sides. He's also mellowed a bit. Bee: ("Beh"). The dog that Buu befriended. Bee is a big, old dog now. Kind of like an aging golden retriever. #18: The most wickedly attractive woman in the series. This android has matured a lot, and looks to be mid-30, with short blond hair combed up and over one eye. Kuririn: (There's a reason why the ex-monk looks so happy.) Kuririn is now a middle-aged runt, with a full head of hair streaked with grey. (Could easily be middle manager in some car parts dealer.) Marron: Kuririn and #18's daughter finally has a name in the manga (Chestnut. Maron pie is popular in fastfood restaurants.) Outside of aging a bit, Marron hasn't changed much. Still has her hair in two ponytails on the sides of her head. Gohan: The young Clark Kent; has wide-rimmed glasses and nerdy clothes. Has become a scholar. Beederu: (There's no proof that she's married Gohan, but they are at least lovers.) Kind of a 1930's flapper, with a pageboy haircut and a tight suit dress. Pan: (Bread.) Gohan and Beederu's young daughter. Age 4. Looks much like Beederu used to. Very big, cute eyes. Yamcha: With his long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and the scar on his cheek, Yamcha could either pass as a biker, or a trendy fiction writer. Kamesennin: Traded his sunglasses in for a pair from the Back to the Future movie. Otherwise unchanged. Dende: A young adult Namek. More mature-looking, but you know the problem. These guys all look the same to me. Piccolo: No change. Still wears the same outfit. New Characters: Mou Kekko: ("I'm Fine, Thanks") A huge Mongolian. Uubu: A little black-skinned country boy, with a shaggy mohawk. Looks very nervous, but determined. Captain Chicken: A Professional wrestler in a chicken suit. Otoko Sukii: ("I like men") A Big butch guy in a police cap and tights. Nok: A blond longhair with a bandana and street clothes. Kiraano: A blond pretty boy teenager, who Vejiita thinks has the best chance of being the foe they're looking for. Goten is on the ground, panting hard, and Gokuu is greeting Buruma and Vejiita (they just flew in by Capsule Jet.) Buruma berates Gokuu for not having visited them much, and the hero replies that he'd spent time with them only 5 years ago. Buruma goes into a fit (which is partly caused by Gokuu calling her a matron, and her getting angry at Saiya-jin for not showing their age. Vejiita's explanation of this doesn't make her calm down much.) Vejiita wants to know why Gokuu is entering the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai, which is going to start tomorrow. Gokuu says that there's going to be a really powerful fighter there, but Vejiita can't sense any strong energy sources, and he asks if the guy is from outer space. But, no, the guy is an Earthling who's guarding his powers. Trunks flies in and lands. Turns out that Goten is entering the Budoukai because Gokuu is, but the boy would really prefer to go out on a date, instead. (Vejiita ribs Gokuu about raising whiney little kids.) Pan flies in, and announces that she'd just circled the globe. She's going to be fighting, too (Buruma is aghast at this, because there's no children's rounds this time, and Pan would be fighting with the adults. Gokuu is optimistic.) So, Vejiita decides that it might be fun after all, and announces that both he and Trunks will be fighting. The Budoukai is on an island, and the audience is flying in. In one suite, Buu is eating, Beh is sleeping beside Satan's chair, and Satan is reminding the Champion Buu that when It finally faces Satan that It has to take a dive to let Super Champion Satan win. There's a knock at the door, and Satan opens it to find Gokuu and Pan. Satan hugs the girl, asking if she's here to cheer for him. Satan isn't so happy to hear Pan say that she'll be fighting also, and more shocked at learning that Goten, Trunks, Vejiita, and Gokuu are also entering (Trunks and Goten are dancing with each other.) Satan is in a panic, until Gokuu promises that whichever of them wins, they'll take a dive to let Satan save face. But, they don't know who's going to be able to defeat Mr. Buu. Goten asks Satan to find a place for their friends and family to sit, and he gets them benches right in front of the ring. Unfortunately, the stares from the rest of the audience makes Chi Chi, Buruma, Gohan, and Beederu uncomfortable, and they can't see anything from below the surface of the raised ring. (Beederu finds them seats in one of the neighboring buildings.) The announcer (same guy as ever, but with less hair) calls the fighters forward to explain the rules. There are only 12 fighters going into the Finals (having all of the evil people stay dead 10 years ago seems to have taken a toll on the Budoukai.) The winner of the finals rounds will go on to face Mr. Satan. Vejiita wants to know who the powerful foe is, and Gokuu can't answer. The hero does ask Buu to get ready to use It's magic to change the numbers around. They start picking numbers to see who will fight whom, and Gokuu asks Buu to give #3 to Gokuu, #6 to Kiraano, and #4 to Uubu. (Vejiita can't believe that little Uubu can be such a threat.) Gokuu says that back when evil Buu died, Gokuu wished that It could be reincarnated, and it looks like Enmadaiou heard his plea. Vejiita can't believe that the little runt could be evil Buu brought back, but Gokuu asks them what Ubuu sounds like when spoken backwards -- "Buu." Meanwhile, Ubuu is looking around nervously, thinking that his mother was right. This is a weird place, and the world's strongest fighters have come here to compete. But, Ubuu vows to win so that he can buy lots of food with the prize money to take back to his villagefolk. In the last panel, Gokuu is grinning, looking down at the boy. Chapter 519: "Bye Bye Dragon World" "Baibai Doragon waarudo" The splash page has Gokuu standing on a dragon, holding his old staff and floating in the clouds. On the next page, the adult Gokuu is placed beside the scene where young Gokuu confronts Buruma for the first time. The text is basically about young Gokuu growing up with the audience for the past 10 years. This is the last installment. The MC shows the finalized pairings: 1) Pan vs 2) Mou Kekko 3) Gokuu vs 4) Uubu 5) Captain Chicken vs 6) Kiraano 7) Mr. Buu vs 8) Son Goten 9) Trunks vs 10) Otoko Sukii 11) Nok vs 12) Vejiita The winner gets to face Mr. Satan at the end. The MC gives them time to warm up before the first match starts, and Goten starts complaining about getting Mr. Buu in the first round. Mou Kekko says that he's the one with the biggest reason to whine -- he's stuck with the little brat Pan. Pan gives the huge guy a "beeeh", and Kekko tells her to go home to her mother's breast. Otoko Sukii is ecstatic at being paired up with exactly his favorite kind of date, and Nok tries to taunt the "Old Man" Vejiita and claiming that Vejiita's gonna "dieeee". Vejiita pops Nok in the nose and the boy smashes into a wall before coming to a rest on the grass (he's missing a few teeth.) And then it's time to start the Budoukai. The speakers announce that of the 114 entrants, the final 12 have been decided. Mr. Satan is the one putting up the prize money. (If Buu wins, he gets the money back.) 4 year-old Pan and 2 meter, 30 cm-tall Kekko come out to the ring. A lot of fans taunt Kekko, a few wonder if Pan actually does have a chance, and Satan is in a cold sweat with worry. Gohan and crew yell out encouragement, and Bra tells Pan not to kill her opponent. The match starts, and Kekko is getting ready to fight because he doesn't have much choice. Pan leaps in, slaps Kekko hard, then kicks him out of the ring and into the wall. Pan wins (although there was some fear that she had indeed killed Kekko.) Satan checks the girl, hoping that she hasn't been hurt. (Captain Chicken is looking a bit worried now.) Gokuu tells Uubu that it's their turn now, and they shake hands before going out to the ring. The MC announces Gokuu as one of the top fighters from the previous Budoukai's (maybe even a match for Buu and Satan). 10-year-old Uubu is one of 5 children from a family that lives on an island to the south, and they really need the prize money. Buruma thinks it's a shame that Uubu came all this way just to fight Gokuu in the first round, but Piccolo expects that this will be a great match. Uubu is suffering stage fright, and can't move when the match starts. Gokuu tries to make the boy angry by insulting his hair, threatening to kill him, etc. Finally, Uubu responds when Gokuu says "And, um, ah, ... your mother is fat." (Trunks and Goten are trying to figure out what's happening.) Gokuu leaps forward, yelling "Your father is fat too!" (There's a couple "unko-tare's" thrown in; basically -- "your parents are shits.") Uubu takes a kick to the jaw. His eyes are blazing as he yells "Mom and Dad are NOT unko-tare!!!" Uubu's bare foot smashes into Gokuu's blocking arm, and the hero realizes that that kick REALLY HURT. They fight a bit, and tear up the ring with their footwork. Uubu shouts, and his ki blows Gokuu up into the air. Gokuu levitates, to everyone's shock (the audience has forgotten about the big fight 10 years ago.) Uubu stares at him in frustration. Gokuu realizes that the boy hasn't learned how to fly yet, and sets down to apologize for insulting him. He just wanted to see the boy's true power. However, Uubu still needs a lot of training to be worth fighting, so the hero announces that he'll go to the boy's house and live with them for a while. Uubu says that that won't work because they're a poor family (which is why they need the prize money.) But it's ok, because Gokuu can ask Satan for some cash (Satan will put out to avoid future trouble.) Gokuu flies up to the box seats and tells his family that he'll be disappearing for some years -- see you later. He then tells Uubu to get on his back, and they zoom off. Most of the family is trying to figure out what just happened, but Piccolo says that it's been a long time since he saw Gokuu looking so happy. And, Vejiita knows what's going on in Kakarot's mind. Gokuu is asking if Uubu really wants to grow up to be a big strong fighter so that they can fight again, and the boy says "yes." (Gokuu corrects him; the reply is not "ha----i", it's "o-----!"). They disappear over the horizon. The final narration box reminds people that they don't have to worry about terrible things in their lives -- the Dragon Balls are always there to help you out when you need them. On the last page, all of the characters (at their current ages) are waving to the reader, saying "Arigatou!! Sayounara!!" (Thank you!! Goodbye!!) (Yajirobee is looking shaggier and fatter than ever; Tenshinhan has thicker eyebrows, but he and Chao-zu are basically unchanged.) Then, Toriyama thanks everyone for sticking with him and this manga for the last ten years. (He indicates that he'll be taking a short rest, and then starting up something else afterwards.) (Note: This is similar to the way Toriyama ended Dr. Slump.) The End
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