Dragon Ball Book 29 Translation of Dragon Ball Book 29 Translated by Usagi North - A Division of Z-TV Enterprises Dragon Ball By Toriyama Akira Book 29 'Gokuh, Defeated!' Inside Front Cover Toriyama Akira I hate mice. Spiders and snakes don't bother me a bit, but I can't stand mice. At this time my house has suddenly become a mouse mansion. I caught 14 of them with just some fly paper. There are still a lot left. Since I am scared out of my wits it's hard for me to get back to work. If I just hear the patter of their feet I can't enter my work room. That's why I've fallen behind lately. Page 3 Dragon Ball Book 29 Gokuh, Defeated! Toriyama Akira Page 4 Cast of Characters (Clockwise from the top) Son Gokuh Kulilin Son Gohan Bulma Page 5 Vegeta Piccolo Trunks Number 20 Artificial Human Number 19 Page 6 Dragon Ball Gokuh, Defeated! Toriyama: Table of Contents Toriyama: By the way Yaji-Robe has appeared twice on the spine picture of the books! I've gotten tons of letters to that effect. You only rarely see something that idiotic. I am really sorry Page 7 Dragon Ball Chapter 338 The Artificial Humans Enter the City... Page 8 Tenshin-Han: Where are they!? Piccolo: Since we can't feel their 'ki' we'll have to search for them with our eyes Gokuh: okay, let's go down there and find them Gokuh: As soon as you find them, let the rest of us know!! Gokuh: Gohan, take care of Yaji-Robe. He should still be alive! Gohan: Okay! Piccolo: Let's go! Page 10 Gokuh: Crap! Who are they!? Where are they! Gokuh: I should of had Trunks show me their picture or something! Kulilin: Crap! It's not him, or him.... Man: He flew! Kulilin: Hey, have you seen anything unusual!? Man: Ya! You! Page 11 Gohan: Are you okay? Yaji-Robe: Cough cough... Yaji-Robe: What was that!? Yamucha: So they really did exist!! Page 12 Man: Hey, did you see that sky car blow up!? Man: Did you see it? Man: What? Page 13 Man2: Wha.. Page 14 Man: Hey you! Get outta the way! You're in the middle of the road! Page 16 Yamucha: A scream!! Woman: Someone help me!! #20: A human with an unusually high energy level is coming this way. Has my search system failed? #19: It is no failure, my search system has detected the same energy #20: It is far stronger than my data on humans allows for Page 17 #19: He's already found us... #19: Son Gokuh Yamucha: It was around here Yamucha; Where did they go!? Yamucha: Where'd they get to!? Page 18 Yamucha: Who killed these people? Did you see anything!? Man: Ya, it was a weird couple Man2: They were just there, but they disappeared Yamucha: They disappeared... Crap... Yamucha: Anyway I'd better call the rest #19: Incorrect, that's not Son Gokuh #19: It is not in complete agreeance with my data banks but there is a 96% chance that that is a human called Yamucha.... #20: No matter, we can get a lot of energy from him Page 19 Yamucha: But the people we're looking for aren't here Yamucha: It would be meaningless to call everyone Yamucha: Did you see anything? Where did the two killers get to? Yamucha: No way... #20: We killed them Page 20 Yamucha: Everyone!! Yamucha: My strength... Page 21 Bottom: Next Chapter 339 Yamucha's last Moment Page 23 Tenshin-Han: A large 'ki' is struggling and getting weaker Tenshin-Han: Who is it!? Kulilin: Is that... Kulilin: Yamucha!? Piccolo: They've shown themselves!!! Page 25 Gokuh: Yamucha!!! Gokuh: Kulilin, Yamucha's still alive, go back to where we left the senzu and bring them here to feed Yamucha Kulilin: Okay Page 26 Piccolo: So you're the Artificial Humans Piccolo: So this is what your turtle-like faces look like #20: That's strange, why do you know we are Artificial Humans? #20: It also appears that you knew we would come here #20: Why? Tell us please Piccolo: Why don't you force us to tell you Page 27 #20: I will Gokuh: There'd be too many victims if he fought here, let's go where no one else is!! Gokuh: You too, okay!? #20: I don't mind if no one else is around #20 But there is no reason to move from where we are Page 31 Gokuh: Stop it!! Page 32 Bulma: What was that, what just happened!? Yamucha: It's them, the Artificial Humans did that Yamucha: That's horrible Page 33 #20: I just wanted to make a place with no one else #20: It looks like you don't like this place Gokuh: Follow me!!! Gokuh: I'll destroy both of you!! #19: Do you think you can defeat us!? #20: All right, we'll go #20: Choose a place to die, Son Gokuh Page 34 Tenshin-Han: Why do you know Gokuh's name? #20: We know the rest of you as well, Piccolo and Tenshin-Han, correct? Gokuh: We can find out why later. Gokuh: Let's go!! Page 35 Gohan: Those are father and the rest Yamucha: The Artificial Humans are with them Kulilin: What!!!? Kulilin: I see, there going to fight somewhere else Yamucha: This is bad, I have to tell them... Yamucha: They can steal your energy!!! Bottom: Chapter 380 Son Gokuh vs. the Hate of the Red Ribbon Army Page 37 Gohan: Yamucha what do you mean that they can steal energy? Yamucha: I don't exactly what happened, but just by grabbing me, I lost all of my strength Bulma: If that's true then Dr. Gero's invented an amazing device Gohan: That's terrible, I have to go and warn them immediately Page 38 Yamucha: To tell you the truth, I don't want to go. I'm sorry Yamucha: They almost killed me, and I wasn't able to do a thing about it Kulilin: I'll go Kulilin: I have to bring them the Senzu Yamucha: you don't realize how strong the Artificial Humans are Yamucha: Crap!! Yamucha: I'm not going to fight, I'm only going to watch!!! Page 39 Bulma: Aren't you going? Yaji-Robe: Of course I'm not going Bulma: Why not? I've heard you're pretty strong and at a time like this even one more person can make a big difference Bulma: Your friends and the whole Earth are in a big pinch!! Yaji-Robe: Probably Bulma: 'Probably!!?' Doesn't this bother you at all!? Bulma: You're horrible!! Yaji-Robe: I.... Yaji-Robe: ...can't fly Bulma: I see... Page 40 #20: What's he doing!? How far is Gokuh going to go!? #20: This is far enough! You have no authority to choose where we fight Page 42 Piccolo: This is a high plain but it's surrounded by a maze of rocky hills Piccolo: They're planning on running away to the hills if the fight doesn't go right for them... Gokuh: Before we fight Gokuh: Tell us how you know about us #20: All right, I'll tell you #20: Even though you'll wish you'd never had asked Tenshin-Han: What's going on, Gokuh looks winded Tenshin-Han: All he did was fly here, so why... #20: Gokuh, we've followed your actions using a super small robot #20: When you were fighting at the Tenka-Ichi-Budokai, and even when you were fighting Piccolo and Vegeta Page 43 #20: In other words you've been studied ever since you destroyed the Red Ribbon Army #20: In order to figure out what kind of Artificial Human it would take to defeat you Gokuh: You hate me? #20: Of course, you destroyed the Red Ribbons army chances of ruling the world, leaving only Dr. Gero!! Piccolo: You speaking just as if you were Dr. Gero #20: Don't be ridiculous, I'm an Artificial Human created by Dr. Gero #20: Dr. Gero is dead, he no longer exists Gokuh: I see Gokuh: Were you able to spy on the fight on the planet Namek? #20: That was unnecessary, by observing your actions through when you fought Vegeta we've completely grasped your abilities #20: Even if you've gotten stronger since then, because of your age we've calculated that you can't have gotten that much stronger Page 44 Yamucha: This is bad, they aren't fighting and they're controlling their 'kis' Kulilin: Where are they!? Gokuh: You forgot to research the most important thing... Gokuh: You've lost!! Page 45 #20: What? Piccolo: You've made a fatal mistake....You don't know a thing about the Super Saiyajin #20: Super Saiyajin!? Page 47 Kulilin: They're over there Page 48 Tenshin-Han: That's an incredible 'ki!' Is that what Super Saiyajin Gokuh is like!? Gokuh: Both of you stay out of this Gokuh: They're first goal is me!! #20: You've gotten a lot stronger #20: That's an interesting technique, your power level is much higher than we calculated Page 49 #20: But you are still not strong enough for us to be afraid of #20: Even #19 acting alone could defeat you Gokuh: Really? Gokuh: Okay show us how strong you are Gokuh: Attack!! Bottom: Next Chapter 341 What's wrong Gokuh? Page 55 Tenshin-Han: That's incredible! I can't believe how strong he's gotten Tenshin-Han: So that's what a Super Saiyajin is like. He's at a completely different level than we're at Tenshin-Han: There's too much difference Piccolo: You think so... #20: He's much stronger than our projections indicated #20: This is impossible, what're we going to do... #20: Number 19 will run out of energy before he can take Gokuh's Page 56 Kulilin: There they are!! Gohan: Father!! Tenshin-Han: Don't worry, Gokuh's gotten awesomely strong. A Super Saiyajin sure is impressive Tenshin-Han: The Artificial Humans talked big, but they aren't able to do a thing Page 57 Yamucha: I must've been mistaken about them being able to take energy Kulilin: Great! Piccolo: Have you noticed too, Gohan? Gohan: Eh? Gohan: Yes sir Piccolo: Why is Gokuh stretching out this fight? He was fighting nearer his full power before Piccolo: So why is he acting like this now? Page 58 Tenshin-Han: 'Acting like this now?' What do you mean by that? Tenshin-Han: What are you talking about? Gokuh's winning easily now! Piccolo: He should be much stronger than this Piccolo: After Gokuh's changed into a Super Saiyajin he should be much stronger than this Gohan: Yamucha said they could take energy, do you think that's the reason? Piccolo: What!? They can steal energy!? Yamucha: Ya, he grabbed my face and without doing anything, it felt like he was taking my 'ki' Page 60 Yamucha: look at how calm he is after taking that much damage Tenshin-han: He's an Artificial Human, he probably doesn't feel pain or fatigue #20: He did it!! Page 61 He absorbed the blast...!! Yamucha: They can steal energy....Through their hands Piccolo: Son! Don't shoot energy attacks at them, they can absorb energy Piccolo: They can do it through their hands, so don't let him grab you either Page 63 Gokuh: They can steal energy...? Gokuh: That's not funny... Kulilin: Hey, doesn't Gokuh funny to you Kulilin: Have they already stolen that much energy!? Piccolo: They haven't stolen any energy directly from him yet #20: Good! Now #19 should be at full power!! On the other hand Gokuh's lost a lot of energy Bottom: Next Chapter 342 Gokuh Defeated! Page 67 Gokuh: Damn you!! Piccolo: Don't shoot Gokuh!!! Page 68 Gokuh: Damn it!! Kulilin: He's looking in bad shape, has that much energy been taken from him? Gohan: I know!! Gohan: Father's ill!! He's go heart disease Page 69 Tenshin-Han: What!? Piccolo: His heart!? Do you mean the viral heart disease the boy from the future talked about!? Kulilin: Don't be stupid! He's taken the medicine and has already recovered hasn't he!? Kulilin: It's just that Gokuh's energy's been taken Gokuh: This hurts, what's happened to my body... Kulilin: Gokuh! Here's the senzu take one! Page 70 Gokuh: Arigato Gokuh: This should help #20: Those are the senzu that can restore energy or heal even heavy damage #20: Looking at him coming back from the edge of death makes me believe in that story Page 72 Yamucha: The senzu didn't work Gohan: It really is the heart disease Kulilin: Why!? Didn't he take the medicine and get healed? Gohan: He never got ill Gohan: He's always been healthy so he never took the medicine Page 73 Yamucha: Hey! He's stopped being a Super Saiyajin! Page 74 Piccolo: Oh no!!! Piccolo: he's going to steal Gokuh's energy!! Page 75 #20: You can't proceed an inch past here #20: Do you want to test me? Piccolo: I will Page 76 Gohan: Piccolo!! #20: You can't call what Piccolo just did Bravery #20: I can only call him a reckless fool! Tenshin-Han: He's too fast! Vegeta: It is my duty to defeat Kakarotto! Vegeta: This is not an act you trash puppets should do Page 79 Chapter 343 Vegeta Appears Kulilin: Vegeta!!! Gohan: Vegeta!! Page 80 Piccolo: Did you say Vegeta!? Gohan: Piccolo!!! Piccolo: I tried to get them off guard and save Gokuh, so I pretended to lose Piccolo: Vegeta, you're getting in my way Gohan: Piccolo Piccolo: No matter how strong they might be, that kind of attack wouldn't hurt me Vegeta: I saw everything Vegeta: You idiot, you knew your body was damaged and you still turned into a Super Saiyajin Page 81 Vegeta: My target is just you Kakarotto Vegeta: Someone take him back to his house and give him his medicine! Page 82 Yamucha: Gokuh!! Gohan: Father!! Gohan: I'll take him back home!! Yamucha: No I'll take him!! Yamucha: I'm sorry but it doesn't look like I'll e able to do anything here.... Piccolo: The disease might be contagious so you should take me some of the medicine too Gohan: Thanks Yamucha Yamucha: Do your best guys! Kulilin: Get better Gokuh!! Page 83 #20: number 19 #20: you don't have to chase them!! #20: We should save the best for last #20: First let's take care of these noisy flies #20: If Vegeta joins them, this might be interesting Kulilin: Wha... Kulilin: Maybe we should retreat for a while Page 84 Kulilin: That guy from the future said that without Gokuh we were all, including Vegeta, killed by the Artificial Humans Kulilin: The conditions were different, but now they're the same Gohan: But if we run away they'll mess up another city Kulilin: That's why we have to wait for Gokuh to get better Piccolo: it's not certain that we'll be destroyed like he said Piccolo: There was a big change in when Gokuh got ill Piccolo: Probably because that guy came, history has changed slightly Kulilin: History's changed Kulilin: There's been no change in their fearsomeness #19: number 20 #19: Please allow me to destroy Vegeta Page 85 #20: You jerk, you already took lots of Gokuh's energy and raised your own power level a lot #20: Well, okay. But in return I get to take the energy from the remaining four Vegeta: From what little I've seen of your movements I know... Vegeta:'re not as strong as I've heard Page 86 Vegeta; You absorb energy from the palms of your hands, that's the only thing I have to be careful about #19: I appears that you've been watching us for a while but you forgot something important #19: We've already analyzed your fighting techniques Vegeta: You looked surprised when Kakarotto went Super Saiyajin though Vegeta: That means you don't have any data between when we fought Freeza and now Vegeta: You can't understand us Saiyajin through mere calculations Vegeta: There's something I want to know, can Artificial Humans feel fear too? Page 88 Kulilin: What!? #20: Him too!? Gohan: He changed into a Super Saiyajin!! Page 89 Kulilin: That's impossible, he can't change into a Super Saiyajin! Kulilin: You have to have calm heart Vegeta: But my heart is calm and pure Vegeta: It's pure evil Vegeta: The only thing I want was to become strong Vegeta: Therefore I trained hard Vegeta: Then I realized my limits Vegeta: When I got angry at myself my I awoke.... Vegeta: My ability to become a Super Saiyajin!!! Vegeta: I rejoiced Vegeta: My time to surpass Kakarotto and retake my position as the prince of the Saiyajin had come Page 90 #20: That's enough talk #20: Even though you've changed you still can't stand against us Artificial Humans. You'll wind up just like Gokuh Page 91 Vegeta: I thought that was about as well as you could do Page 92 Vegeta: I should have warned you that when I become a Super Saiyajin I become more violent Vegeta: I get just a little excited Vegeta: You don't feel pain, so you? Vegeta: How lucky for you Page 95 Chapter 344 The Upset of the Artificial Humans #20: What!? Vegeta: What's wrong Vegeta: Have I upset you garbage puppets' plans Page 98 Vegeta: You're well made Vegeta: Is that blood, or is it oil? Page 101 #19: Fu ha ha ha ha, now I've grabbed you!!! #19: It's impossible for you to win #19: I'll never let go of you!! Vegeta: Never? Page 102 Vegeta: Don't let go Vegeta: I see, not only do you take the energy through your hands, but you add it to your own energy #19: I won't let go!! Page 103 Vegeta: I see, this is the part of your palm you use to steal energy Page 104 Vegeta: You've taken a lot of my energy, but now you can't steal any more Vegeta: Can you feel pain Vegeta: Even though you're a puppet #20: Damn you!! Page 105 Vegeta: Don't get so impatient, I'll fight you after I finish the other one!! Kulilin: What the...!? Page 106 Vegeta: Take this!! Vegeta: This is the Super Vegeta Big Bang Attack!! Page 108 #20: Our calculation were mistaken #20: but you still have no chance of winning Vegeta: Humph Bottom: next Chapter 345 Number 20 runs away! Page 111 Vegeta: A lot of my energy been sucked out Vegeta: This is the only chance you'll have to beat me Vegeta: Attack me #20: What can I do? Vegeta: Before you boasted that I have no chance of winning Vegeta: I don't think that's true, but what did you mean? #20: No matter how much stronger you've gotten than I assumed #20: You're not strong enough to defeat the Artificial Humans Vegeta: Humph Vegeta: That's just sour grapes Page 112 Kulilin: He's running away. He's going to hide in the hills!!! Vegeta: Hey!! Give me a senzu!! Kulilin: But... Vegeta: Hurry up and do it!! Vegeta: Do you want me to let him get away!! Page 113 Piccolo: Do it Kulilin: Okay Kulilin: All right Vegeta: You're wasting my time Vegeta: Idiot Vegeta: I'm ready Page 114 Vegeta: You can go back home and take your time drinking your milk Vegeta: Just stay out of my way Kulilin: Damn him!! Why should I drink milk!! Page 115 Piccolo: He lost a lot of energy, just to let the Artificial Humans steal energy through the palms of their hands Piccolo: If he'd have fought with #20 just now, he would have lost. But he was acting like he still had something left. Vegeta really is a fighting genius Piccolo: He might be stronger... Piccolo: Than Gokuh Kulilin: Huh!? Tenshin-Han: Anyway, I'll go Tenshin-Han: I just want to make sure that the Artificial Humans are all dead Kulilin: I'll go too! Gohan: I'll go too! Otherwise why did I train so hard? Piccolo: understood, just stay out of the fight. He's not the kind of opponent you can fight Piccolo: He's hidden in the hills, and since he's an Artificial Human we can't find him by his 'ki'. If you find him let me or Vegeta know Piccolo: Be careful out there Page 117 Vegeta: Where are you!? Vegeta: Show yourself!! Vegeta: damn him, he's using this terrain to hide Vegeta: Well then I'll have to make him show himself Page 118 Kulilin: Wah!! Kulilin: Stop!! Kulilin: we're down here too! #20: I did it!! #20: I took his energy!! Vegeta: Damn him! Vegeta: He's faster than I thought!! #20: It looks like he's too used to finding his opponents by using their 'ki.' I know exactly where you are, but you can't find me #20: But still, I never dreamed that Vegeta would be this strong #20: it looks like I don't stand much of a chance against him, I'll have to return to the laboratory #20: I wanted to avoid... #20: The laboratory Page 123 #20: He's here too #20: This is perfect #20: If I take their energy and add it to my own, I'll be able to defeat Vegeta! Bottom: Next Chapter 346 Trunks' Return Page 124 #20: Whose energy should I take first? #20: I'll take Piccolo's, he's the next strongest after Vegeta #20: I should be able to take out Piccolo #20: I'm waiting for you Piccolo Page 125 Piccolo: Crap, he's probably already gotten away #20: now you can't call your friends #20: Now, I'll take your energy #20: We won't be found, I know where everyone else is Page 126 Piccolo: Go...Gohan, come here!! The Artificial Human... Gohan: Piccolo Gohan: Where... Gohan: Where are you!? Gohan: Someone's 'ki' is struggling Gohan: Over there!! #20: you only have a little 'ki' left #20: now you'll die!!! Page 128 Piccolo: Thanks Gohan #20: Why!? It was impossible for him to find us!! Page 129 Gohan: Kulilin, give Piccolo a senzu!! Page 130 Piccolo: Let me fight him Vegeta!! Piccolo: Stay out of this!! Vegeta: I don't care if you die Vegeta: but are you sure you won't just give him more energy!! Page 131 #20: So he's going to fight me alone, huh? #20: That's fine! If I take his energy again I'll be able to beat Vegeta Page 133 #20: That's impossible!! There's reason why I can't defeat him. I've already added his energy to my own Page 134 Trunks: I was too late! The Z Warriors and the Artificial Humans are gone Trunks: The island's been destroyed Trunks: What in the world happened here!? Trunks: I should probably use the time-machine to go a little farther back in time, but I just barely have enough energy to go back home Trunks: There's some 'ki.' I can feel a fighting 'ki' in that direction! Trunks: They must be fighting somewhere else! Page 135 #20: Damn you! Kulilin: he's strong!! What kind of training did Piccolo do!? Kulilin: He's not even a Super Saiyajin Page 136 Bulma: They must be where that big explosion just happened Yaji-Robe: you don't have to go there! Why don't you just go home? Yaji-Robe: Why don't we just leave this up to Gokuh Yaji-Robe: You have this kid to think about too Bulma: Did you see that!? That's him! That's the boy from the future!! Bulma: He's going to fight too!! I knew we were going in the right direction!!! Trunks: Over there! Page 137 piccolo: Remember this, when we fight when can explosively cause what you call our energy to increase! Piccolo: So the energy you just took from me was really nothing Gohan: He's going to win!! Trunks: Who's this Artificial Human? Trunks: Wha is everyone else fighting with!? Bottom: Next Chapter 347 Trunks' Suspicion Page 138 Trunks: This can't be... Trunks: What's going on here!? Page 139 Trunks: I didn't know any Artificial Humans like that, are there three of them #20: Damn you #20: It's impossible that Piccolo could be at this power level Piccolo: According to the history of the future we were killed by the Artificial Humans Piccolo: It looks like we changed history Piccolo: Maybe you weren't as strong as we thought Piccolo: Or maybe we just became too strong Kulilin: We did it! We beat them without Gokuh!! Gohan: Yes! Tenshin-Han: I don't like how much Vegeta and Piccolo have powered up, but it sure surprised me Vegeta: Piccolo, finish him off already! Vegeta: Or do you want me to do it? Page 141 Piccolo: No thanks! Piccolo: I started off as the evil that Kami-Sama cast off Piccolo: So I'm not as nice as Gokuh Kulilin: Who's that!? Gohan: That's.... Piccolo: Trunks!! Page 142 Vegeta: Trunks!? Did he say Trunks? Vegeta: That's my kids name... Vegeta: It's the same name...! Vegeta: He came from the future... Vegeta: I see Trunks: I don't know him either #20: Someone else has come #20: Who is he? He's not in my data banks #20: Anyway I've made a terrible mistake, I'll have to go to the laboratory Page 143 Trunks: Who's that? Trunks: You've been fighting with him haven't you Vegeta: What!? Vegeta: What do you mean who is this!? This is the Artificial Human you told us about Trunks: What's going on here? Piccolo: These aren't the one? Gohan: Eh!? Kulilin: What did you say!? What do you mean these aren't the ones? Tenshin-Han: That's impossible Page 144 Bulma: Look over there! There they are!! Bulma: Everyone's there!! Yaji-Robe: Who's screwed up the ground like that? Bulma: It must've been Gokuh! Yaji-Robe: Stop it! Don't go any closer! Bulma: It'll be okay! They're all still alive and it looks like they're done fighting Yaji-Robe: if you go any farther I'll drop this brat out of the window! Bulma: Go ahead! But didn't I tell you who the father is? That's Vegeta's son Yaji-Robe: Ve..Vegeta!? Yaji-Robe: This brat...uh I mean this nice little child... Yaji-Robe: Is your and Vegeta's son? Yaji-Robe: Let's go! Bulma: Thought you'd say that Page 145 Vegeta: So who is that!? Vegeta: What've you been talking about? Kulilin: It's no big problem, our history is changing from Trunks' past Kulilin: It's just a different Artificial Human than the one he knows Tenshin-Han: I hope so #20: If I try to fly away they'll just chase me... #20: I'll have to run away and hope I can hide in the crevasses Kulilin: Huh!? Kulilin: Isn't that Bulma? Bulma: Yahoo! Page 146 Yaji-Robe: Hey look! It's that guy! The Artificial Human's still here!! Bulma: Huh? Trunks: Watch out! Trunks: Stay away, it's too dangerous! #20: Now's my chance! #20: I told you the truth when I said you had no chance of winning!!! #20: I'm going to get Number 17 and Number 18 to kill you!!! Page 147 Piccolo: Number 17!? Trunks: Number 18!? Page 149 Trunks: Mother!!! Piccolo: That's jerk!! Page 150 Bulma: Phew! Bulma: That surprised me!! Chibi-Trunks: Wah!!!! Vegeta: He's gone! Vegeta: Crap! He ran away!! Bulma: Trunks, I'm glad you're okay!! Bulma: Thank you kid trunks: Are you okay!? Vegeta: Crap!! Vegeta: I'm not going to let him get away, I'll find him!! Page 151 Trunks: Why didn't you save them? Trunks: They're your wife and son!! Vegeta: Don't be stupid Vegeta: I have no interest in them Vegeta: You're in my way, move! Bulma: Was that strange old man an Artificial Human? Kulilin: Uh, yes he was Bulma: That was probably Dr. Gero himself...I've seen his picture in a 'Who's Who Book of Scientists' Bulma: That's odd, I wonder if he changed himself into a cyborg Yaji-Robe: Are they going to ignore me? Page 153 Title: Chapter 348 Title: Towards the Laboratory Kulilin: She said that that was Dr. Gero himself!! Trunks: Dr. Gero!? Page 154 Vegeta: Did you say that that Artificial Human was Dr. Gero!? Vegeta: What did he do!? Bulma: I've only seen his picture, but he's pretty famous among scientists, even though he is pretty nasty Bulma: He probably changed himself into cyborg so that he wouldn't die Trunks: But that's... Vegeta: You've lied to us all along... Vegeta: You said that Dr. Gero was killed by the Artificial humans Vegeta: Even the Artificial Humans are different Trunks: the only explanation is that history is changing Trunks: Probably because of the last time I came back in time Piccolo: He said something about Numbers 17 and 18, those are probably the Artificial Humans you were talking about Piccolo: What do they look like, I don't want to make another mistake Page 155 Trunks: You're right, Number 17 is a guy about my age with long black hair and a scarf around his neck Trunks: Number 18 is a cute girl type. Her clothes look kind of like mine...They both look cold and they have round ear-rings. They should be easy to identify Kulilin: A.... Kulilin: A girl type? Piccolo: Do they absorb energy through their hands too Trunks: Huh? No they don't Trunks: They have infinite energy Vegeta: Infinite!? You mean they'll never run out... Trunks: But what happened to Son Gokuh? Why isn't he here? Kulilin: He came down with the heart disease you warned us about. He just came down with it Trunks: Has time changed that much? Vegeta: Bulma, do you know where Dr. Gero's laboratory is? He's going to go back to there Bulma: It's location? Page 156 Bulma: I'm pretty sure it was in a cave in the mountains up near the Northern Capitol. That is if he hasn't changed it. Bulma: But I never knew Dr. Gero was a part of the Red Ribbon Army Piccolo: I see what you're go trying to do, get to his laboratory be him and destroy #17 and #18 before he can activate them Vegeta: I'd never do something that cowardly Vegeta: I just want to take care of the rest of this by myself Vegeta: The Artificial Humans wee just fought were pretty boring Trunks: Don't do it!! You're under-estimating the Artificial Humans!! You should find the laboratory and destroy #17 and #18 like Piccolo said Trunks: if we can't do that, we'll have to avoid fighting until Son Gokuh get's better!! Page 157 Vegeta: I don't need to wait for Kakarotto! Can't you tell that I've become a Super Saiyajin!? Vegeta: Since we're both Super Saiyajin I should be a lot stronger than him because I'm the prince!! Vegeta: I won't let you get in the way!! Tenshin-han: He's gone! Piccolo: Since Vegeta's become a Super Saiyajin he might be stronger than Gokuh Piccolo: Maybe we should let him take care of this Page 158 Trunks: I can change into a Super Saiyajin too, but I couldn't do anything about them. They're just too strong Trunks: I'm going too, I may not like him, but I'm not going to let my father die again!! Bulma: 'Father?' Did he say 'Father!?' Bulma: I wonder what he means? Was his father killed by the Artificial Humans too? Piccolo: It would serve no purpose to hide this from you any longer, that boy's name is Trunks Piccolo: His father is Vegeta, and you're his mother. In other words.... Piccolo: He's that baby after he grows up Bulma: Huh!? Page 159 Really!? Kulilin: I guess they do look alike Kulilin: So that's how he can change into a Super Saiyajin Piccolo: You should help find Dr. Gero's laboratory too Piccolo: It looks like we should destroy the Artificial Humans before they can be activated Tenshin-han: Hmmm Kulilin: I guess so Gohan: okay! Bulma: Trunks! You're going to grow up to be pretty handsome!! Bulma: You looked a little ugly so I worried about you Gohan: Bulma, please tell father about this Gohan: And that if he gets better soon, he should come too Bulma: Okay, but how'm I supposed to let him know? Bulma: My plane was destroyed Piccolo: Gohan, take them to your house Piccolo: If all we're going to do is destroy the Artificial Humans, we should be sufficient Page 160 Gohan: Okay... Gohan: But be careful Piccolo: Let's go! But we'll have to find them before Vegeta does! Kulilin: Okay Gohan: Okay, let's hurry Bulma: Be careful, we have a baby with us Yaji-Robe: Hey! Yaji-Robe: What about me!? Gohan: Huh? Yaji-Robe: Get me already!! Page 161 #20: It should be okay... #20: For me to start flying now Page 162 #20: They must be... #20: heading towards my laboratory Page 165 #20: They must be planning on destroying #17 and #18 before I can activate them!! #20: I can't let them do that!!! #20: I've never told anyone exactly were it is, so they'll have to search before they find my laboratory #20: Even if I take a detour I should still get there before them Page 166 Bulma: You want to know about your dead father? Hmmm, He did do a lot of evil things so I'm sure he's in Hell now Bulma: He had his good side too though, he had a lot of pride and he tried hard to hide his nice side, but I knew it was there Trunks: She lied to me! There's nothing good about him!! Trunks: He didn't try to save mother and baby-me. That's the worst thing a man can do Vegeta: is he planning on following me all the way there... Vegeta: This could be fun Page 167 Vegeta: That's right, he could change into a Super Saiyajin too Vegeta: And it's because he's my brat that he has Saiyajin blood Bulma: You can go a little faster than this Gohan: Okay Page 169 Title: Chapter 349 Title: Number 17 and Number 18 Awaken Piccolo: How much farther is the Northern Capitol? Tenshin-Han: It's just over there!!! Page 170 Kulilin: There it is!! Tenshin-Han: The laboratory was in a cave in these mountains somewhere wasn't it!? Tenshin-Han: Will we be able to find it in all of these mountains? Piccolo: Were going to have to split up and search. If you find the cave let the rest of us know Kulilin: The north sure is cold Page 171 Kulilin: So how should we let the rest of us know? Piccolo: Raise your 'ki' fast Tenshin-Han: I see Kulilin: Tenshin-Han, do you have any money, I'd like to buy a coat Tenshin-Han: what!? Just bear with it, I'm cold too Piccolo: You Earthlings sure are inconvenient Piccolo: If we don't hurry up #17 and #18 will be activated Kulilin: Ah, I should give you some senzu too Kulilin: There are only 6 beans left. We each get 2 Tenshin-Han: Thanks Page 172 Vegeta: How long do you plan to follow me around? Vegeta: Get outta here Trunks: I can't do that Trunks: You want to fight with the Artificial Humans don't you Vegeta: What are you going to do after I find the laboratory Vegeta: Are you going to destroy the Artificial humans even if you have to fight me first? Trunks: Probably Trunks: I've said it a lot already but you don't understand how strong #17 and #18 are Vegeta: Humph Vegeta: The more you say that the more I want to fight them. It's because I'm a pure Saiyajin Page 173 Vegeta: But that doesn't matter, where's the cave? #20: I thought they would come #20: But they won't find my laboratory that easily #20: Go ahead and waste your time, you'll die soon enough Page 174 #20: He he he #20: Here it is #20: Fu fu fu, it's Kulilin #20: He can't do anything #20: I've found him.... Kulilin: I've found him!! Page 176 320: Even if you call your friends now, they won't be here in time Kulilin: I have to hurry... Kulilin: ...and call them Kulilin: Everyone, hurry and come!! Tenshin-Han: He's found him!! Trunks: Who does that 'ki' belong to? Page 177 #20: I hoped I wouldn't have to use them #20: But now there's no choice Page 178 #20: I hope they've been fixed Page 179 #20: Are you awake #17? #17: Good morning Dr. Gero #20: That was a polite greeting #17: Of course sir, you gave me life Page 180 #20: Oh! #20: I've fixed him #20: Next I have to wake up #18 Page 181 #18: Good morning Dr. Gero #18: I see that you've decided to become a cyborg #20: Yes, I wanted eternal life #20: Too tell you the truth I was worried about you, most of your mechanisms are connected to an eternal energy furnace, and since that gave you too much energy you didn't respond well to the controls #20: Not only didn't you function well, but you also didn't obey my commands #20: You're going to have to work now, some of Son Gokuh's allies are coming here, I want you to take care of them all #18: Yes sir #17: Understood Page 181 #20: Here they come Tenshin-Han: This is a tough gate Piccolo: Get out of the way, I'll destroy it #20: Ku ku ku #20: Number 17!! #20: What are you doing!? #17: This is an emergency cut off controller isn't it #17: Just in case, right Page 182 #20: What are you thinking!? #20: Is this some kind of joke!? #17: Do you think I'd let you put us to sleep again? #17: You old freak Vegeta: If you destroy the Artificial Humans I'll kill you #20: Number 17 stop this stupid joke and kill the enemy on the other side of this door Piccolo: Hmmm Kulilin: The Artificial Humans have already been activated Bottom: Gokuh, Defeated
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