Translation of Dragon Ball Book 31 Translated by Usagi North -- A Division of Z-TV Enterprises AtomicFractal 801.377.2180 Dragon Ball by Toriyama Akira Book 31 'Cell Lurks' Inside Front Cover Toriyama Akira I don't know when it happened but my work room has become something of a storage closet. It seems like magazines, plastic models, model guns, air guns and so forth keep coming in but never leave, so it's becoming harder to even find the space for a walkway through the room. Lately I only use the room the one day a week when my assistant comes to help out. So mostly I work in the living room were my children bother me constantly Page 2 Warning: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or event is entirely coincidental Page 3 Title: Dragon ball Title: Book 31 'Cell Lurks' Title: By Toriyama Akira Page 4 Title: Cast of characters Tag: Son Gokuh Tag: Kulilin Tag: Son Gohan Tag: Bulma Page 5 Tag: Cell Tag: Piccolo Tag: Trunks Tag: #17 Tag: #18 Tag: Artificial Human Number 16 Page 6 Title: Cell Lurks #17: Table... #18: ...of... #16: ...Contents Title: Chapter The Fight in Ginger Town 7 Title: Chapter The Mystery of the Monster is Solved 22 Title: Chapter Laughing Cell 36 Title: Chapter Son Gokuh Awakens 51 Title: Chapter The Saiyajin's Training 67 Title: Chapter The New Piccolo vs. Number 17 82 Title: Chapter Cell Lurks 96 Title: Chapter The Artificial Humans vs. Cell 110 Title: Chapter The New Piccolo's Resistance in a fight against Death 125 Title: Chapter Artificial Human Number 16 Starts His Move 140 Title: Chapter The Power of Number 16 in His Fight to the Death 156 Title: Chapter Impede Him! Cell's Perfect Form!! 170 Title: Cover Page Super Collection XXX 185 Page 7 Title: Dragon Ball Title: Chapter 362 'The Fight in Ginger Town' Page 8 Cell: Did you say I've mistaken you for someone else? Cell: Are you trying to tell me that you aren't the Arch Demon Piccolo? Piccolo: That's right Page 9 Trunks: I feel another new huge 'ki' Trunks: Who's that new person that's shown up!!? Another person we don't know has shown up... Kulilin: That's Piccolo!! Trunks: But this 'ki' is too large for him Kulilin: Incredible!! Kulilin: He really has rejoined with God!! Trunks: Eh? Rejoined...With God!? Trunks: The one he used to be a part of.... Kulilin: That's right!! Kulilin: Piccolo was already hugely powerful.... Kulilin: He's become a Super Namek-seijin!!! Trunks: Wonderful!! Trunks: Did he have the potential to become this powerful... Page 10 Piccolo: It was convenient that you got rid of the inhabitants of this city Cell: What!? What do you mean? Piccolo: I can go all out against you! Cell: What!? Page 13 Trunks: Who launched that attack!? Kulilin: They've started to fight in the air over there!!! Page 14 #17: Have you noticed a change in the air? #18: Ya #17: Maybe a volcano's blown up, or maybe.... #17: Anyway it's pretty far from here #16: It's in a Suburb of the Western Capitol #16: Two large powers are probably fighting Page 15 #17: Number 16, I didn't know that you had a power rader! Why didn't you tell us until now? #16: Because you never asked #17: I see #17: But the least you could do is tell us who is fighting #16: Neither one of them is in my data banks #16: But one of them is strong enough to fight you on equal terms #17: What!? #17: It looks like Dr. Gero made another mistake, you power rader's broken #17: There can't be anyone in this world strong enough to fight me #18: That's silly. Let's go number 16 Page 17 Piccolo: If that's the best you can do I was mistaken when I thought you were a terrible monster Cell: You're pretty good, even though I haven't gotten my perfect form yet Piccolo: Perfect form!? Piccolo: Don't tell me that's why you were absorbing people...!!! Cell: I take the essence of their bodies and convert it to energy Piccolo: Answer me!! Who sent you back to this time in the time machine!? Do Do you have allies!? Page 20 Cell: I sent myself... This body was too large for that time machine so it was necessary for me to turn myself back into an egg Cell: I'm surprised that you even knew about the time machine Cell: However... Cell: I bet you didn't know about this Cell: KA.... Page 21 Cell: ME.... Cell: HA.... Cell: ME.... Piccolo: That stance.... Piccolo: It can't be!! Bottom: Next Chapter 363 'The Mystery of the Monster Solved' Page 22 Cell: Ka.... Cell: me...ha.... Cell: me.... Piccolo: This is impossible!! Cell: HA!!!! Page 23 Piccolo: It's the real thing Page 25 Cell: Your life is mine!!! Page 26 Cell: Crap, I stung him in the arm Cell: Even so, the result will be the same. I'm going to take your life essence Page 28 Cell: Even though you escaped, now you can't use that arm. It looks But it looks like the tables have turned Piccolo: Yeah, now my balance is off as well. It's certainly gotten much harder for me Piccolo: Too bad but it looks like you'll win Cell: It looks like you've realized the futility of your position Cell: Fortunately after I take your life essence I'll be much closer to my perfect form Page 29 Piccolo: Before I'm absorbed by you answer my questions Piccolo: What are you? How come I can feel Gokuh's and Freeza's 'ki' from you? You can even do the Kama-Hame-Ha Cell: Okay, you're going to die anyway, I might as well tell you Cell: my name is Cell, I'm an artificial human Cell: Dr. Gero's computer created me Piccolo: Dr. Gero again...! Cell: Long ago, Dr. Gero started to collect genetic material from you warriors and was going to use the genes to create an artificial human Cell: However it was going to take to much time so he stopped. But the computer continued the research by itself Page 30 Cell: It collected cell's from Son Gokuh...Piccolo and Vegeta and Nappa's cells when they were on Earth fighting Piccolo: Gokuh wasn't very strong then.... Piccolo: So that's why your Kame-Hame Ha wasn't very powerful Cell: When Freeza and his father come to Earth we were lucky enough to get their cells too Cell: I would have been nice to get Trunks' cells too, but we already had enough Saiyajin samples Page 31 Piccolo: How were you able to collect the cells? Piccolo: There wasn't anyone suspicious at those times Cell: I thought Dr. Gero told you. It was the same spy robot he was using to spy on you Cell: It was a bee like mini-robot. Probably none of you noticed it, it took samples when it had a chance Cell: Watch closely. Even now it is sending data to the computer Cell: It might even want to sample your cells Piccolo: Damn you!! Page 32 Cell: Destroying it now it too late. It's already taken all of the necessary samples. The research has already begun Cell: I won't be perfected for another 24 years Piccolo: Don't be stupid! We destroyed Dr. Gero's lab!! Cell: The research computer was below the room you destroyed Piccolo: I see Piccolo: Why did it take you three years to grow into that shape from the egg? Cell: After returning to an egg, it takes three years of growth in the ground Piccolo: Here's my last question! Piccolo: Why did you come back in time? Page 33 Cell: In order for me to achieve my perfect form I need more than just life essence... I need to join with two important bodies Cell: The computer told me that those two bodies are.... Cell: Number 17 and Number 18 Piccolo: What!? Cell: When I started life in the future, there were nowhere to be found, I don't know what happened but in my future they had been destroyed, probably by Trunks Cell: Fortunately Trunks had his time machine. I killed Trunks and came back in time so I could find Number 17 and Number 18 Page 34 Piccolo: Why did you choose this time? Cell: Trunks' time machine was set to come to this time, all I did was push the button Piccolo: I see, Trunks was probably coming back to tell us that he somehow defeated the artificial humans Cell: The computer told me this too...! Cell: When I achieve my perfect form, I'll be the most powerful being imaginable Piccolo: For what reason!? Piccolo: Why do you want such absolute power? Cell: Reason? Don't ask me foolish questions... Cell: The computer was programmed to make as powerful a being as possible... Cell: Maybe because I have Saiyajin, Freeza's and Piccolo's blood in my veins Piccolo: I see Page 35 Piccolo: Thank you for clearing up those mysteries Piccolo: You've given me a lot to think about Cell:! Cell: You did that on purpose just to make me talk!! Piccolo: I can't allow you to get your perfect form Piccolo: You have my blood, didn't you realize that I could regenerate an arm? Bottom: Next Chapter 364 'Laughing Cell' Page 36 Piccolo: Cell, even though you've taken an arm's worth of my energy I should still be stronger than you Cell: Pretty smart, pretending to lose the use of your arm Cell: You're an evil genius Piccolo: That was what used to be god's wisdom Cell: Well Cell: So that's it!! Cell: So you're the combination of god and the devil Page 37 Piccolo: That's right Piccolo: It took you enough to figure that out Cell: That also means that the Dragon Balls don't exist any more Cell: How fortunate for me Cell: So that explains why you've become so strong Cell: ...even though you just look like the Arch Demon Piccolo Kulilin: Piccolo and god have rejoined! Kulilin: But who's that other thing? Trunks: It's probably what came out of that shell Cell: Trunks!! Why is he....? He must have come back in the time machine as well Cell: What a fool, not only have I killed him in the future, but I'll get to kill him in this time as well Page 38 Kulilin: It's a monster Kulilin: Did this kill the people in Ginger town? Piccolo: Yes Piccolo: Watch out for his tail. That's what he used to destroy all of the people Kulilin: But why... Kulilin: Why do I feel Gokuh's and Freeza's 'ki' from him? Piccolo: I'll explain later Piccolo: But first I have to take care of it Cell: Take care of me!? Kulilin: It can speak!! Page 39 Piccolo: I don't think you can win now Cell: I'm going to have to retreat Piccolo: I won't let you get away Piccolo: Not if that Kame Hame ha was the best you could do Kulilin: Kame Hame Ha!? Kulilin: Can he use Gokuh's Kame Hame Ha!? Cell: Not just the Kame Hame Ha, Kulilin Cell: If I felt like it I could probably use the Genki Dama as well Kulilin: Wow, why does it know my name? Kulilin: Gokuh'll freak when I tell him Cell: Is Son Gokuh still alive? Kulilin: Of course!! Cell: So he's still alive Cell: This past is different than the history I know Page 40 Cell: I'm going to get Number 17 and Number 18!! Cell: You can't do anything to get in the way of me getting my perfect form!!! Piccolo's the only one of you that stands a chance against the other artificial humans Page 41 Cell: Tai-You-Ken!!! Piccolo: Damn!! Page 42 Trunks: Crap! Trunks: He got away!! Piccolo: Damn it!! Piccolo: Wasn't the Tai-You-Ken Tenshin-Han's technique? Kulilin: The Tai-You-Ken wasn't that hard Kulilin: Gokuh and I could do it too Piccolo: Damn him!! Piccolo: I can't sense him!! Piccolo: So he knows that technique too!! Page 43 Cell: Idiots!! They can't stop me!! Cell: If I hide my 'ki' like this there's no way they could find me Cell: Now I can take the life energy of people, now that the Z Warriors have lost track of me Cell: ...when I've gotten stronger than Number 17 I'll force him to join with me!! Cell: The thing I fear the most now is the artificial human shut off controller Cell: If they can't move even number 17 wouldn't be able to stop them from destroying him Cell: Fortunately that controller's been destroyed Page 44 Cell: Well, there should be city around here. I'm going to take the humans' life energy!! And if Piccolo realizes what I'm doing I'll just move somewhere else Cell: Vegeta!? He hasn't been killed by Number 17 yet either Cell: He's a lot stronger than anticipated too Cell: I'd better hurry Page 45 Vegeta: One of the two people with those impossibly large 'kis' has disappeared... However one of them is still there Vegeta: It can't be artificial human #17 I couldn't feel his 'ki' at all... What are they!? Piccolo: Shit!! I let my guard down!!! Piccolo: I should have killed him when I had the chance!! Piccolo: Damn him Piccolo: I can't allow him to get his perfect form Kulilin: Wow Vegeta: PICCOLO!!! Vegeta: Impossible!! Page 46 Vegeta: Speak! Vegeta: What happened here? Piccolo: Tenshin-han's coming this way too Piccolo: I'll tell you everything after he gets here Vegeta: Anyway... Vegeta: At least answer this... Vegeta: Are you really Piccolo!? Why have you been able to raise your fighting strength in short a time!? Trunks: he's rejoined with god Vegeta: Wha... Vegeta: What did you say!? Rejoined!? Vegeta: His fighting strength was higher than mine! Vegeta: Impossible!! He's only a Namek-seijin Kulilin: Here he is! It's Tenshin-Han Page 47 Piccolo: What can I do...Even though I've gotten super powerful I can't defeat #17, #18 and #16 piccolo: I'll just have to defeat Cell Kulilin: Uh...I can't call you Piccolo... I guess it doesn't matter but Tenshin-Han is here Piccolo: Okay, I'll tell you everything Piccolo: Tenshin-han, you and Vegeta didn't see him, but that monster was made by Dr. Gero's computer by itself Vegeta: What!? Vegeta: That monster...? Vegeta: They used our cells...!? Page 48 Cell: There's all kind of humans... Cell: Wait for me Number 17 and number 18 Cell: In only a few days I should be much stronger than you. You're going to be absorbed by me!! Page 49 Piccolo: So that's the situation... We must stop Cell before he can transform into his perfect form...We must either find and destroy Cell or find and destroy #17 and #18 Piccolo: I think we're going to have to kill Cell before he get's stronger than me Vegeta: They're toying with me!!! Everyone's surpassing me, and I should be the strongest being in the universe Vegeta: This pisses me off!! Right Kakarotto Page 51 Title: Chapter 365 'Son Gokuh Awakens' Kulilin: Crap Kulilin: We're just going to have to find Cell somehow or other Trunks: Do you think we can? Trunks: Now that he knows how strong Piccolo's gotten he'll just hide his 'ki' and attack people anyway Tenshin-Han: We can't just let Cell and #17 and #18 combine Tenshin-Han: That would be horrible Page 52 Piccolo: This isn't just the Earth's problem... This is bad enough it might just destroy the entire universe Piccolo: He has Freeza's blood flowing through his veins too Vegeta: Mine too Vegeta: Why are we doing this planning? Vegeta: If they want to combine, let them! Then there will be fewer opponents for me to defeat Vegeta: I don't care what my opponent is like Vegeta: I'll still kill them Piccolo: You're underestimating them Vegeta Piccolo: Cell will be much stronger than the other artificial humans, and you weren't even able to touch them Vegeta: SHUT UP!! I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU!!! Vegeta: UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU FIRST!!! Page 53 Vegeta: I'm going to surpass them!! No matter what it takes!!! Vegeta: Even if I have to overcome a Super Saiyajin's limits!!! Trunks: You're going to surpass a Super Saiyajin!!? Vegeta: Kakarotto should do the same thing Vegeta: I'm sure of it Vegeta: But he can do whatever he wants! Page 54 Piccolo: Did he say he was going to surpass a Super Saiyajin!? Piccolo: Is he serious? Is that even possible!? Kulilin: Why don't you go back a little in time with your time machine Kulilin: Or would it be pointless to destroy #17? Trunks: Yes Trunks: Even if it helped out that dimension's future, it would do nothing for this dimension Kulilin: So it wouldn't help if we went to Dr. Gero's lab and destroyed it would it? Trunks: No, we should destroy it anyway Trunks: At least Cell wouldn't be born in this dimensions future Piccolo: You two go to the lab. We'll search this area a little more Trunks: Okay Kulilin: Okay, if you don't find Cell meet us at Kame-House. We might hear something about him on TV Page 55 Trunks: He's going to surpass even a Super Saiyajin..... Trunks: I never even thought of that Kulilin: Brrrr Kulilin: Do you really think there is an underground room? How're we going to find it? Kulilin: Should we just blow up this whole area and hope for the best? Trunks: Kulilin!!! Trunks: I found it! I think this is it! Kulilin: You're right!! Page 56 Kulilin: Damn it! So this is the computer!! Trunks: Look at this... This will probably become Cell Kulilin: Okay, let's do it!! Trunks: Wait! Trunks: Stop it! Trunks: I found a blueprint Page 57 Kulilin: What's it for? Cell? Trunks: No! Look, it says Number 17 right here!! Trunks: If I can get mom to look at this... Trunks: ..she might be able to find their weakness! Page 58 Kulilin: Die!! You bastard!! Kulilin: It looks like harvested more than expected Trunks: Yep Page 59 Trunks: Uh, Kulilin. Could you take these blue prints to mom? Kulilin: Why? Weren't you coming with? Trunks: I'm thinking about training with dad Trunks: If he can really surpass a Super Saiyajin I want to too Kulilin: Okay, but do you think Vegeta'll let you? Trunks: I don't want to work with him either... Trunks: But sparing with someone else is a lot better than training alone. Dad should know that too Kulilin: Okay, do your best Trunks: Okay Page 60 Tenshin-Han: Over there...! Tenshin-Han: I feel a slight disturbance of spiritual power Piccolo: Crap! Piccolo: We were too late. He's a fast bastard!! Tenshin-Han: There's nothing we can do. He can feel our 'kis' approaching and run away Tenshin-han: And if we try to hide our 'kis' we can't there in time Page 61 Cell: Ku ku ku... Cell: Fools Briefs: This is incredible Bulma: So you want us to look over these plans and try to find the artificial humans' weaknesses? Page 62 Briefs: Hmm, these are impressive Briefs: There are a lot of parts that even I don't understand Briefs: Too bad Dr. Gero wasted his genius on this Bulma: Hmm, he's built on a human base. Mostly organic matter with a few cyborg implants Bulma: If I'm right, he had the ability to put in implants at the cellular level too Bulma: I'll have to examine this further but his use of such small devices might be a weakness Briefs: We'll examine this as fast as we can Kulilin Kulilin: Thank you Sign: Two days past, and then a third Connie: The monster has reappeared in a large city in the southern region at point 48!! Connie: He's already killed more than half of the inhabitants Piccolo: Crap!! Piccolo: Now he's down south Page 63 Yamucha: If we use this, we won't have to worry about Cell feeling our 'kis.' Now he's ours Piccolo: He's a clever bastard...Even if we're close all he has to do is hide and we'll never find him Chi-Chi: What!? Page 64 Chi-Chi: Gokuh!! Chi-Chi: Are you awake!? Gokuh: I'm sorry I worried you Gokuh: I'm completely over my illness Chi-Chi: Thank goodness Chi-Chi: What are you doing!? Chi-Chi: Why are you getting dressed already!? Kame: Gokuh, are you better? Kame: Say what's going on....!! Chi-Chi: you need to rest more!! Page 65 Gokuh: I heard you all talk while I was dreaming Gokuh: I mostly know what's going on Gokuh: So something else's gone wrong, huh? Chi-Chi: Are you planning on fighting!? You'll die!! Gokuh: Don't worry... I won't fight yet Gokuh: If Vegeta can't win now, I probably couldn't either Gokuh: I'm going to aim to get stronger too Gokuh: Even than a Super Saiyajin!! Page 66 Title: Chapter 366 'The Super Saiyajins' Training' Kame: Are you really going to try to become stronger than a Super Saiyajin!? Kame: Is that even possible? Gokuh: I don't know Gokuh: But if I can't at least do that, I don't think we'll be able to defeat these enemies Gokuh: If it's impossible after a year of training I'll give up Kame: One year!? Kame: If it takes that long... Gokuh: Don't worry. Even though it will be a year I know a place where I can do it in a day Kame: Huh!? Gokuh: Chi-Chi, I want to take Gohan with me. Is that okay? Chi-Chi: You can't be serious Chi-Chi: what I want to say, but I don't think I have a choice Chi-Chi: Oh well... Gokuh: I'll make him as strong as I can!! Chi-Chi: However, after you defeat the artificial humans, you have to promise never to get in the way of Gohan's studies Chi-Chi: Also you have to promise to work harder! Gokuh: Uh... Gokuh: Arigato Page 68 Gokuh: Bye Kame: He disappeared Kame: How did he do that!? Chi-Chi: Got me... Page 69 Yamucha: Gokuh!! Gokuh: Hi! Gohan: Father!! Kulilin: How did you get here? Kulilin: With your Instantaneous Movement? Gokuh: Yep Kulilin: Are you all better? Gokuh: well, I am a little hungry Gokuh: Kamicolo Piccolo: You don't have to combine my names too...!! I am mostly based on Piccolo Piccolo: Just call me Piccolo Gokuh: I don't think I can beat either the artificial humans or Cell like I am now Gokuh: I'm going to take Gohan and go train Gokuh: To a place where we can train a years worth in a single day Page 70 Piccolo: I see. Are you planning on going to the Room of Spirit and Time? Piccolo: But no one's ever been able to spend a whole year there. Even you were only able to stand a single month Gokuh: Gohan, take my hand Gohan: Uh, okay Kulilin: Gokuh just answer this Kulilin: Are you scared that a stronger opponent than Freeza has shown up, or are you happy? Gokuh: Both Page 71 Tenshin-Han: What an impudent guy Tenshin-Han: Doesn't it bother him that people are being killed and the Earth might be destroyed? Kulilin: Way to go!! Gokuh hasn't given up yet!! Kulilin: I can see a little hope now Kulilin: He just might be able to surpass a Super Saiyajin Trunks: Gokuh!! Gokuh: How's your training going? Trunks: No good, dad only sees me as an impediment to his training Page 72 Trunks: Dad's just been standing there for three days Gokuh: Vegeta's impressive Gokuh: He's been standing there looking at the future of Super Saiyajin Vegeta: You bother me Kakarotto Vegeta: Get outta here Gokuh: Don't say that, I want to take you to a good place for training Gokuh: There's a room in god's palace where you can train for a year in a single day Vegeta: Really? Gokuh: Come with me. I'm not trying to talk you into training with me or anything Page 73 Gokuh: But only two people can enter the room at a time, and since we don't have much time you're going to have to go in with Trunks Vegeta: Okay Vegeta: But we're going in first Vegeta: Okay Gokuh: Fine #18: No one's here, not even Gokuh #18: He ran away #17: Probably #17: Number 16 do you know where he's hiding? #16: I can't feel his power on my radar #16: But if he's hiding with his friends he's probably at either the Capsule Corporation's headquarters in the Western Capitol, or at Muten Roshi's house in the southern F district Page 74 #17: I see #17: Which one's closer? #16: Muten Roshi's house #16: It's 2700 kilometers south east of here #17: Shall we go? #18: Might as well Mr. Popo: Okay Mr. Popo: Follow me Mr. Popo: Everything's in there, a bath, food and a bed. Train hard Vegeta: Kakarotto, why do you want me to train too? Vegeta: My ultimate target is you Gokuh: I don't think I can defeat these opponents alone Gokuh: You should realize that too Page 75 Vegeta: You might live to regret this Mr. Popo: Here it is. Who is going to use it first? Gokuh: Vegeta and Trunks are going in first Trunks: Thanks for letting us use it first Gokuh: Work hard, get along with your dad Trunks: It's hot Trunks: The air's thin too Trunks: And I don't know how heavy the gravity is Page 76 Trunks: Wha... Trunks: What is this!? Trunks: There's nothing here Trunks: It's just an empty white space Trunks: And it's huge Trunks: Is this why... Trunks: Gokuh almost went crazy and could only stand it a month Vegeta: I see Vegeta: This is perfect Trunks: How will I be able to stand a year here with dad Page 77 Yamucha: It's no good! We even hid our 'kis' Kulilin: I was afraid of this. There's too many places for him to hide Piccolo: This is bad Piccolo: He's almost certainly gotten much stronger... I don't know when he's going to try to combine with #17 and #18 Piccolo: We can only hope that Gokuh can find something stronger than Super Saiyajin Piccolo: We're going to have to work together to defeat the artificial humans Sign: it's been a day since Trunks and Vegeta have entered the Room of Spirit and Time News: This unknown devil is like some kind of natural disaster. He's already killed over 15,000 people!! News: The whole world's living in fear of this devil every day Page 78 Piccolo: You'll pay for this Cell! #17: Hello #17: Is Son Gokuh in? Page 79 Piccolo: Crap, I don't know if this is good timing or bad #16: It looks like Son Gokuh isn't here #17: Yeah Piccolo: Wake up! We have some nasty guests Kulilin: Huh? Kulilin: Uh!! Piccolo: Go away, Gokuh isn't here! #17: Thought so. Will you tell us where he is? Page 80 Kulilin: How did you know about this place? Piccolo: Do you think we'd tell you like that? #17: How about this? If you don't tell us, we'll force you to Kame: Are those the artificial humans? Piccolo: I see Piccolo: Try it Piccolo: There's an uninhabited island over there. Let's go #17: Oh well #17: You never learn Piccolo: You stay here. You should already know there's nothing you can do Page 81 Yamucha: Do you think he can win? Tenshin-Han: Impossible, not against all three of them Kulilin: In a little while two of the Saiyajin should come out of the room of Spirit and Time Kulilin: I hope he can hold out that long #17: If you don't tell us anything, this time we will kill you. Okay? Piccolo: It won't be as easy as last time! Bottom: Next Chapter 367 'The New Piccolo vs. Number 17' Page 82 #17: I have a hard time understanding why you want this fight. You have to know you can't win #17: I don't know if you're trying to delay us, or if you're just stupid Piccolo: Humph #17: If you're going to attack, go ahead Page 83 Piccolo: Are you going to fight me alone, #17? #17: Obviously #17: I won't even have to fight you seriously Piccolo: Good! If I only have to fight one of them hopefully I'll be able to beat him! If I can defeat one of them Cell won't be able to combine with them Page 84 #16: That's not Piccolo!! #17: What!? Page 89 Gokuh: It's started!! Piccolo's fighting Gohan: Is he fighting Cell? Gokuh: No, I can't feel his 'ki.' Piccolo must be fighting the artificial humans Gohan: Gohan: Why!? Gohan: Piccolo's going to be killed!! Gokuh: DON'T GO GOHAN!!! Gokuh: There's too much difference for you to fight them!! All you'll do is get in the way!! Gokuh: Vegeta and Trunks should be done soon. Piccolo'll be okay!! Gokuh: And Piccolo's become a super fighter himself Gokuh: Isn't Vegeta done yet!? Maybe it's impossible to become stronger than a Super Saiyajin Page 91 Piccolo: You have no escape!! Piccolo: Die!!! Page 93 Kulilin: What the...!? What was that!? Page 94 Piccolo: A barrier...? #17: Too bad! #17: That was close Piccolo: Humph Piccolo: I haven't even really started #17: Let's go somewhere else #17: Somebody blew up the island we were fighting on #17: You really should treat nature nicer than that Page 95 Cell: That 'ki' that's fighting so hard has to be the joined God and Piccolo Cell: The only person that could make him fight that hard could only be.... Cell: NUMBER 17!!! Cell: I've found him!!! Perfect timing!!! Cell: I go now!! Wait for me!! Cell: I'm already stronger than them!!! Bottom: Next Chapter 368 'Cell's Lurks' Page 96 #17: Pretty powerful for a non-artificial human #17: It looks like you aren't the arch demon Piccolo #17: I really don't care who you really are, I just want to know where Son Gokuh is. Where is he? Piccolo: You're goal is to kill Gokuh isn't it Piccolo: There's no way I'd tell you #17: let's continue fighting....Until you decide to speak Page 97 #17: Now I'm going to fight for real Page 100 Piccolo: You're a lot faster than I thought... Piccolo: But there's no weight behind your punch #17: What!? Pretty big words... #17: Coming from someone's who's fighting the strongest warrior in history Page 103 #18: He's very strong. They're about equal Page 105 Cell: I've waited for this day for a long time!! The day I get my perfect form Kulilin: Incredible!! Piccolo's doing great!!! Tenshin-Han: Crap!! Are we only good for standing here and watching!? Page 106 Kulilin: What's that!? Something's coming this way Tenshin-han: Cell!! Chi-Chi: Kulilin!! Phone call from Bulma. She says she's found the artificial human's weakness!! Bulma: That's right!! #17 and #18 have a built in cut off switch!! If they can't move, it'd be pretty easy to destroy them!! I've already made a controller o do that. Kulilin: Could you please bring that here now!! Piccolo's fighting the artificial humans right now!! Bulma: Okay, I'm on my way Page 107 Tenshin-Han: Great!! Tenshin-Han: If we can destroy the artificial humans then Cell can't get his perfect form!! Kulilin: Destroy her, huh Tenshin-Han: What? Kulilin: Uh, nothing Gohan: Father!! Gohan: Cell's started his attack!! Gokuh: I know Gokuh: Aren't they done yet? Hurry up Vegeta!! Gokuh: We won't be able to stop this Gokuh: Vegeta's a genius... Gokuh: He should have already have overcome the Super Saiyajin limits Page 109 #17: Even though we're about equally strong... #17: the difference in our stamina has already begun to show itself. I'll never start to run out of energy Bottom: Next Chapter 369 'The Artificial Humans vs. Cell' Page 110 Piccolo: Cell!!! Piccolo: Crap!!! Piccolo: I was paying to much attention to the fight. I didn't notice the surroundings #17: What? #17: Who's that weirdo Page 111 Piccolo: What!? Doesn't he know Cell!? Piccolo: The artificial humans don't know about Cell!! Cell: At last this memorable day has arrived Cell: The day that I combine with number 17 and number 18!! Sign: Number 17 Sign: Number 18 Cell: What's that? Cell: Because he has a Red Ribbon Army Mark on his chest, I'd say that he's one of Dr. Gero's artificial humans... Cell: No matter, he looks like an obsolete model Cell: I can safely ignore him Page 115 Cell: What are you going to do, Piccolo? Cell: If you want to try to stop me, go ahead Piccolo: In order to power up that much.... Piccolo: How many people were sacrificed? Cell: Sacrifice? I'd say that they were graced by become a small part of my power Page 116 Kulilin: I can't believe this Kame: Cell's 'ki's' gone up an unbelievable amount Tenshin-Han: To tell you the truth... Tenshin-Han: There's nothing we can do Kame: No matter how fast Bulma come's here, it'll take her at least 20 minutes to get here with the controller to turn off #17 and #18 Kulilin: I'll fly to go get it!! Kulilin: If I fly as fast as I can, I should be faster than her plane!! Page 117 Tenshin-Han: Kulilin... Tenshin-Han: I'm going to help Piccolo!! Tenshin-Han: Even if I can't help, it's still better than standing here doing nothing Kame: Don't do it!! Kame: Come back Tenshin-han!!! Kame: Does he want to die a useless death!? Kame: There's nothing I can do now.... Kame: I long for the days when I was still the strongest in the world Page 118 #17: I don't know who you are, but you're in our way. Get out of here #17: I'm playing with him now Piccolo: #17!! He wants to kill you and absorb you!! Piccolo: Run away!! #17: What!? Page 121 #17: What a surprise... #17: Is this some kind of a joke? #17: Who is this monster that wants to absorb me? Piccolo: To put it simply, his name is Cell. He was made by Dr. Gero's computer... Piccolo: He still isn't complete, but if he absorbed you and #18 he'll get his perfect form #18: What did he say...!? Cell: Rejoice brother! Just by becoming a part of my body, you'll assist in the birth of a perfect being!! Cell: We'll become the ultimate warrior that Dr. Gero spent so many years trying to achieve Page 122 #17: That's enough of this stupid joke...Why'd I let myself be absorbed by you? #17: I'm already the ultimate warrior Cell: What you want is irrelevant. Your fate is be absorbed #17: I'll shut your stupid mouth! #16: Run away number 17!! #16: His fighting strength is too high!!! #16: We can't allow him to achieve his perfect form #16: His goal isn't to kill Son Gokuh, it's to destroy the entire universe! #17: Oh well, I thought you had something important to say. But to tell me that I should run away... Page 123 #17: Don't try to make a fool out of me!!! Piccolo: Crap!! Page 125 Title: Chapter 370 'The New Piccolo's Resistance in his Fight Against Death' Piccolo: Die!!!! Page 128 Piccolo: Crap!! Page 129 #18: Are Number 17 and that guy that looks like Piccolo holding back? #16: No #16: Cell is just too strong #16: You should escape Number 18. Number 17 isn't listening to my warnings #16: If Number 17 get's absorbed and then you do too, no one will be able to stop Cell #18: What are you going to do number 16? Page 130 #17: Oh...crap!! Piccolo: Die!!! Page 134 #18: He did it! #16: He didn't do it #16: He hasn't even been damaged much Page 135 Tenshin-Han: What's going on!? There's too much difference between us Tenshin-Han: There's nothing I can do.... Page 136 Piccolo: Get out of here number 17!!! Page 137 Cell: He broke Piccolo's neck Tenshin-Han: This is bad Cell: It looks like I became too strong Cell: It looks like I killed and took the energy from more humans than was necessary Cell: Bye! Page 138 #17: he killed him Gokuh: His 'kis' disappeared Gokuh: We weren't in time Page 139 Gohan: Piccolo!!! Gokuh: What are you doing? Aren't you done yet? #17: I won't be that easy to beat!! #18: It looks like I should run away #16: Yes, save yourself #16: The time for me to fight has come. Before I have even met Son Gokuh #18: What are you going to do? #16: I will destroy Cell #18: Huh!? Page 140 Title: Chapter 371 'Number 16 Starts His Move!' page 141 #18: What are you doing Number 16? #18: Stop it! He'll break you! #16: You were good people. You never killed an animal or a person for fun #16: It was fun traveling with you Tenshin-Han: What's he planning on doing? Tenshin-Han: Is he really going to fight Cell? Page 142 Cell: Are you finished with your useless efforts? Cell: Well then it's about time I absorbed you page 143 #17: Let me go.... #17: you ugly monster!!! Cell: You're going to become part of this ugly monster Cell: Itadakou Page 146 Cell: Another jerk with no survival instinct's shown up #17: What are you doing Number 16? You can't be planning on fighting him!! #16: There's no other choice #17: Are you going to self-destruct? #16: According to my calculations, Cell and I should be about equally strong #17: What!? Page 148 Cell: Crap!! You're a pure robot!!! Page 150 Tenshin-Han: he did it!! Page 151 #16 now you won't be able to absorb Number 17 and Number 18 Cell: Too bad.... Cell: I have Piccolo's genes in me too Page 152 Cell: I can regenerate too Cell: At least that much #16: So in order to keep you from obtaining your perfect form... #16: I'm going to be forced to kill you Cell: That's impossible #16: We won't know until I try Page 153 Cell: I know!! Page 155 Bottom: Next Chapter 372 'The Power of Number 16 in his Fight to the Death!' Page 156 #16: Hell's Flash!!! Page 161 Kulilin: Wow! That was some attack!! Kulilin: What's going on back there? Kulilin: That couldn't have been Piccolo.... Kulilin: His 'ki's' already gone out Page 162 #17: Was Number 16..... #17: ...really that strong!? #18: Wow... Page 163 #16: Were you still here? #16: I thought I told you to run away!! #18: I don't' have to now #18: You've already killed him #16: I haven't!!! #16: He took some damage, but there's no way that could have killed him!! #16: Number 17!! You should run away while you have the chance to too!!! #17: Don't make me laugh!!! He hurt me. Do you think I'd run away without getting revenge #17: He's hurt isn't he? I want to deliver the coup de grace Page 164 #17: Come on out!!! Tenshin-Han: #17! It's Cell!!! Tenshin-Han: He's behind you!! #17: Wha...? #16: Shi....!!! Page 165 Cell: Here I am. Just like you asked!!! Page 166 #16: Crap!!! Page 167 Tenshin-Han: Cell's sucked him in!!! Page 168 #16: Run away Number 18!!! #16: you should run away too!!! Page 169 Gokuh: Cell's 'ki's' grown beyond the thinkable!!! Gokuh: Crud, he's absorbed Number 17 or Number 18... Bottom: Next Chapter 373 'We can't allow Cell to get his Perfect Form' Page 171 #16: Get out of here Number 18!!! Page 173 #16: How can he be that fast..... Tenshin-Han: This is bad.... Tenshin-Han: This is way bad...! Page 174 Tenshin-Han: I'm sorry Chaozu.... Tenshin-Han: I'm probably going to die.... Cell: Did you think you could get away? Cell: Not from me Cell: My speed surprised even myself Cell: Of course it's because I've absorbed Number 17 Page 175 Cell: I wonder how powerful I am Page 177 Cell: Wow... Cell: It looks like that's gotten a lot more powerful too Cell: Well then... Cell: You're smart enough to realize that you can't get away... Cell: It's your turn next Cell: Let's build my perfect form together Page 178 #18: If you try to get any closer to me, I'll blow myself up!! #18: You'll be frustrated if I die, won't you #17?: Can you hear my voice? #17?: It's me, Number 17 #17?: Now that I've combined with Cell I feel like I've never felt before #17?: You should let yourself be absorbed too! That's all you have to do to become the ultimate life form!! Page 179 #16: Don't let him fool you!!! #16: Cell's just using Number 17's voice!! Cell: You stay out of this!! Shut up!! #17?: How could a robot know how we feel? #17?: Number 17, there's no need for this confusion! Join with us and we can get the ultimate power!! #17?: Then we can follow our master, Dr. Gero's, wishes and kill Son Gokuh and then conquer the world!! #18: You're not Number 17!! We hated Dr. Gero for what he did to us!! #18: Number 17 would never call Dr. Gero, 'master!!' Page 180 Cell: Well then I'll just have to absorb you by force... Cell: It will take you an instant to prepare to shoot an energy blast... I should be able to move fast enough to stop you Cell: Give it up... Page 181 Tenshin-Han: Shin Kikou Hou!!! Page 182 Tenshin-Han: What are you doing!? Tenshin-Han: Get out of here!!! Cell: Damn you!! Page 183 #18: Can you fly!? #16: Yes, I think so Gokuh: Stop it! Don't do it Tenshin-Han!! Gokuh: If you use your Shin-Kikou-Hou any more you'll die!!! Bottom: Cell Lurks (The End) 15
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