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UPDATED: 15 June 2000 Sorry for that long time with not updates... but I think it was worth it when you see what I have been working on.  This site and the whole layout have become too complex for me to keep working on... that is why I made site 2.  so all new updates will be made on site 2 unless other wise stated.  Thanks for your  patients...
UPDATED: 03 June 2000 Today's Update was some new Biographies on the page.  Two Enemy Bios from GT.  Also I have added about 6 new questions and answers on my Q's & A's page for all you inquisitive fans out there.  Also right above here I added a suggestion box for you to write in.  Still trying to think of a new layout for this page, but I am not sure if it really needs a new one?
UPDATED: 30 May 2000 Today's Update consists of some PowerLevels from the regular DB series.  I am trying to think of a new Layout for the Main page.  I don't like this one it is too confusing I think.  If you have any ideas please email me.  but besides all the small updates this week I am trying to make a new main page. 
UPDATED: 29 May 2000 I hope you all had a good weekend.  I know that I had one.  Today I uploaded some new Fanfic Other pictures.  I just recently found some old pictures that I drew about 3 years ago.  Go check them out and tell me what you think. It is all right if you laughs I don't care, it is all about being a fan to me.  Also I will be updating something ever day this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  So keep checking back to see what it is.   I am thinking of making the making the red type that indicates what I have changed into links so I will be easier for you to go straight to that page. 
UPDATED: 24 May 2000 I am currently working on the summaries for some of the movies.  It takes a long time to write them but I will be updating  some of the movies.  Everything else will be this weekend and all be done by the day after Memorial Day.  I will have allot of new stuff that Tuesday.  So check back then and have a Happy Holiday.
UPDATED: 20 May 2000 Today I finally finished a little portion of the Biographies page.  It is hard to create Bios for GT since there is not much actual data stated either in the episodes or in the Mangas.  I will be updating with more bios every time I get a chance.  That includes DBZ and DB for new bios.  The movies summaries page might be done this weekend if I luck, but if not definitely before next Friday. 
UPDATED: 18 May 2000 I working on getting the Biographies page up and running.  It is a little different layout than the rest of the site but I thought I would try something new.  I am about half way done now and it should be completed by Saturday afternoon.  As of right now just to get is up and running and to see how you like it I am only going to have the Bios of them during the DBGT episodes.  I will as time progresses get all the BIOs up from DBZ and SOME in DB. 
UPDATED: 14 May 2000 well, I am just finally recovering form my" super sickness" or something... Anyway I have started on the biographies and the section should be finished by next weekend.   Other than that I am also working on the movie summaries.  My time has just been really close cause I got promoted and I have lots more stuff to do now, it kind of sucks and has good things, but hey its all good.
UPDATED: 07 May 2000 I did not get to much accomplished this weekend cause I was sick.  I could hardly do anything.  I will be updating this week and a ton next weekend. 
UPDATED: 04 May 2000 Today I Updated the PowerLevels page.  I know that there are a lot of different PowerLevels for all the characters. If you go out there and look you may not agree.  I am not saying mine are exactly what A.T. wanted them to be, but they are all close.  The PowerLevels start getting all out of hand once you get past the freeza saga anyway.  I have GT PowerLevels up there but I just Guestamated as best I could?
UPDATED: 03 May 2000 I added some short fanfic sent to me on the fanfic other page... It is something like the Jerry Springer Talk show... Thanks for sending it and keep it coming and I will keep putting it up!  I am mainly concentrating on the Biographies section and the 1-13 summaries so I can finish those and get caught up then will start changing the poll at the top of the page every week or 2 depending on how many numbers I get.   Until them just Email me it you have a serious question.
UPDATED: 01 May 2000 Okay, since my typing skills are limited for a while it is hard for me to get the BIOs page done.  I did finish the Screen2 page, Other videos Page and added something new.  A DBZ ROMS Page, so you can play  all 3 of the DBZ fighting games for now.  I also changed the Poll if you did not notice was a close tie for the last one but the movie summaries won just by a hair.  The problem is that my finger is broke and typing is minimized so it might take me a while. 
UPDATED: 28 April 2000 I have bad news everyone... well not really but it is.  Yesterday I broke my finger.  So that really slows down my computer time.   I am still trying my best to finish all the things coming up in May but there might be a little delay. 
UPDATED: 26 April 2000 The Screen2 page and other videos page is nearing completing and the Biographies page I am still working on so I will keep you informed about what is going to happen.
UPDATED: 23 April 2000 I finished the PowerLevels page early and updated the link so go enjoy.  I am working on the May links that need finished.  The Screen2 page and the Other Video page.   The Biographies page might be pushed back a little bit...I am not sure yet but that is what it is looking like!
UPDATED: 22 April 2000 I have added a new Music Video to My Videos page, it not as good as my other one but it is something cool to watch.  Also right at the top of the screen I added a little survey to Help me Help you.  My PowerLevels page might be up ahead of schedule... I can't say when yet but maybe tomorrow??
UPDATED: 21 April 2000 I have added a new sound to this page if you have not already noticed... and also added 2 NEW songs in my Movie Soundtracks page.  Movie #2 and Movie #3 songs... that are Japanese versions NOT  the American ones.  Either tomorrow or Sunday I plan on adding a questions page...Q"s & A's just some a page of quiz questions if you ever wanted to challenge someone to a quiz... you would already  have an advantage.  I don't mean cheat and use   my question... its just something to make you learn more.
UPDATED: 20 April 2000 I am making some Surveys most likely this weekend.   They will be about new things that are coming on my site and what you all want to see the most?  I have about 5 ideas besides that new things coming in MAY.  I won't tell you now, you will just have to wait till this weekend to fund out what that surveys are!
UPDATED: 18 April 2000 I am still working on the site getting it ready for the first of the month.  I am now estimating about 30+ NEW pictures.   Hopefully if I can get it to work... I will also fix all the links to the current pictures so you will be able to view them at large size instead of super small size.   I know that is a hard to see "squinter"... but I am working on it. 
UPDATED: 16 April 2000 Well, I don't know what you will think but I like this layout better.  It is not too much different but it is a lot better looking I think!  I have also added some new pages that will be up sometime this month, so keep an eye out for the activated links.
UPDATED: 14 April 2000 I am back and starting a Friday of nice... I have just done some minor things really quick today cause I am preparing Sunday in 2 days... I plan to add more new pictures, songs, film clips, and other cool items.   I have updated some on my 1000Links page and some minor things here and there... so go look around.
UPDATED: 13 April 2000 Today I finally got back from a business trip and now will resume to Advance my site in the ranks of the Great's...0!
UPDATED: 02 April 2000 Today I leave on a Business trip and will not be back for a couple of days so don't expect to see anything new till I get back
UPDATED: 01 April 2000 krillins award_TB.bmp (144258 bytes) This is an Award I received yesterday.  It is a silver award which means I came in second place.  Second place to Planet Namek. I think that is not too bad.  Next time I will have the first place award though.  I add more links to my 1000Links page some are Awesome...Even better than my site for NOW!  Today I also added 3 new songs to my SoundTracks page.  GO check them out # 26, 27, and 28 on the list.... hope you like them.  One Important thing that I have decided... Starting this month in April I will update my site about 4 times a week.   So that means no more every day updates...personally I think they are just taking up space since they really don't say anything important.  Plus when I do update it will be easier for you to notice the changes rather than reading every single stupid thing that I write. 
UPDATED: 31 Mar 2000 Today I added a new thing and I am trying to see what will happen with this... and if you think you have a Good enough page... email me and I will add you to the network... most of the site there now are friends sites.... so if you site is not at least as good as those don't get you hopes up....
UPDATED: 30 Mar 2000 I have recorded episodes of GT on to the computer and now I just have to figure out how to put them on my page or to bread them down into battle scenes with the enemies?
UPDATED: 29 Mar 2000 I am working on new ideas for the site... soon to come a Biography page and the update of my MusicVideo page.
UPDATED: 28 Mar 2000 Today I made a new addition to my site well at least a little one...!  It is nothing big, but hey... I have a real job and I don't have any little helpers updating my site while I am gone.  Most of the other good site have at least 3 people working on them.... so please!
UPDATED: 27 Mar 2000 Just another day in the wild.... working on cool things and trying to better my site.  I am trying to find out a way to make all the music videos that I have smaller so you can download them... right now they are 12-19MB and that is too long for you to download... I am trying to make them smaller. It might be a week or 2 first thought... but I will get it done.
UPDATED: 26 Mar 2000 Today I finished edited the 1000Links page and the FilmClips page.  All the links should be working now on all the pages... IF you find a broken link please contact me so I can fix it.  I have also been giving some consideration on putting episodes up on the site... the only draw back it that each of  the episodes is 15mb of the cell saga and 80mb of the GTepisodes.... however putting them on a CD and mailing them is much easier...   Email me if your interest is sparked... Email me!
UPDATED: 25 Mar 2000 Today I updated my site... I added that little ball thing that I made at the top left of every page just for looks... You know cause in order for you site to be really good you have to have stuff like that... well so they say.....   Also today I updated my FilmClips page... it is not totally done cause I have to activate all the links that I up.... that should only take till tomorrow to finish... I could have done it today but DragonBall is only 50% of my life not all of it. 
UPDATED: 24 Mar 2000 I am working on the site as you read this.... should have many things uploaded by tomorrow or the next day at the latest.
UPDATED: 23 Mar 2000 This is cool people... If you like DragonBallZ. you will like this!  HERE you must see this Will also be found on my FanFiction page.   Alerted to me... by a DBZ fan   I have also updated a lot of my pages this last week and give me some feed-back on what else you would like to see soon?  I am slowly working on getting all the stuff I currently have put on the computer.... BUT once that is done I can start making NEW and exciting stuff again!!!!!
UPDATED: 22 Mar 2000 I got some more links put up on the page in the 1000Links, it only looks like 6 links but 3 of them are top sites lists that have about 50 or more sites on them..... so go look and don't forget where you started from!
UPDATED: 21 Mar 2000 Thing are going well with me updating the site and all.... Would you rather me finish the site first and then update it or just do little bye little like I am doing now?  
UPDATED: 20 Mar 2000 Okay, I'm back... not that you really cared.. but I did update my FanFiction Page and my DB, DBZ, and DBGT sums pages.  The rest of the pages are coming up soon and should all be done by next weekend... I know I have been saying that for a while now.. but I devoting this upcoming weekend and week to finishing my page... sorry I am taking so long...