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  Last Updated On:     Monday, August 28th 2000 20:15h
    The Galleries Movie7, 8, 9, and 10 have been updated.  I planed on have all of them done up to 13, but that was a bigger project then I planed for.  Even so, with these galleries alone have many new pics that should keep you busy till I finish the rest.  I also chaged the inital layout of the Gallery link page and add how many pictures are in each gallery.  It look a little better and is alot easier to understand, well I hope.

    For next update  more picture galleries and yes it keeps being put off, but alot of the old links from the other site.  The super fanfiction link is where I am going to put all the old date from the other site.  So, I will let you konw when I finished, or started on it.


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