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Wedensday, August 23rd  2000 15:30h

    Well, this weekend as of right now I am planning on updating alot of picutre galleries.  Galleries 7-13 should be what I get done this weekend.  Plus I will fix the Photopic2 section. 

    Everything else is going to get on its way.  I will edit all the old links too if I have time but that I will most likely save for nest weekend.

Monday, August 21th 2000  20:30h

    Yes,  I updated a little late but I had visitors this weekend.  I updated some new picutre galleries.  Posterpic2, Photopic2, and movie6 galleries were the ones I did today.  I also put in a background for all the main pages on the site.  It takes a  little longer to load initally, but i think it was a good thing to put up.  It make the site a little more Orginial then Plain. 

    I am currently working on more picture galleries and some old fanfiction from the other site.  Everything will be back up soon and a lot better orginized.  So keep checking back for great stuff comming up.

Saterday, August 12th 2000  09:30h

    I Updated 2 more Picture galleries the Photopics and the Posterpics.  This are two galleries from the old site but with a big imporvement.  You can actually enlarge the pictures this time. 

    In the pictures section you will also see some links but thoes are comming soon the are not up yet.  So be paient and I am usually updating them about 1 or more per week.  This week I just had some extra time and did 3 galleries.


Friday, August 11th 2000  16:00h

    The "movie5" picutres section has been added to my galleries.  The picuters here might seem a little blurry if you look into them alot but that is becuase that is what happens when you get them from a subtittled tape. 

    I am thinking of a background to put on all the pages and I some good ideas that I am sure you will like.  If you think you have a cool suggestion I might like email me.

Saterday, August 5th 2000  14:00h

   Okay,  I uploaded the movie #1 pictures and all the Music Video I have at this time.  Everything on the site should be fully operational now, but if you find something wrong or not working please email me and let me know so I can fix it. 

    As of right now I am trying to keep my site simple but good.  If I don't get the results I was looking for I will put all the other material that I took off back on.  If you remember what the old site looked like write me some email and tell me what you think of the new one, please the TRUTH only!

Friday, August 4th 2000  23:00h

    Well, The site is pretty much done being remodeled.  Everything on the site should work as of right now except the following: Pictures (movie1), and Music Videos.  Thoes two should be up and running by the end of tomorrow, I will update again when complete. 

    I don't have alot of the old stuff that i had on the other site.  I thought it was a waste of space... but if you really liked it and want it back just Email me and I will put back what you want.  Don't forget I am always open for suggestions.  If you want me to find something for you just Email me and ask, I will see what I can do.

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