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.hack//SIGN is a drama/sci-fi Japanese Anime series. This anime has a lot of talking amongst characters and displays a mysterious plot and theme that will draw the viewers to watch the next episode to see what will happen next. Dispite the lack of fight scenes that most viewers anticipated for this anime, .hack//SIGN focuses more on meaning and ideas that are presented to the viewer. .hack//SIGN can be best related to Serial Experiment Lain (but not as confusing). So if you loved SEL, then you will like .hack//SIGN.

.hack//SIGN begins with no introduction about characters or plot as we dive right into the action. We find a Wavemaster (Tsukasa) lying on the floor as if he just woke up from a nasty battle. Tsukasa seems dazed and confused as he slowly gets up where he sees a treasure box. Soon, we are introduced to Mimiru, a Heavy Blade character who seems friendly and willing to get to know Tsukasa. Their conversation is abruptly ended when the Wavemaster teleports out of the cave. Mimiru is ticked off, but seems to even out her emotions since the Wavemaster left the treasure behind.

Tsukasa and Mimiru eventually met up again when Tsukasa decides to ditch her and log out from the game. At this point of the anime, we find out that Tsukasa is unable to log out from "The World" and this is the focus point of the anime. Tsukasa also has the ability to have human senses in "The World", which was not meant to happen.

Tsukasa finally goes back to the cave where he woke up and he finds a strange cat like character hugging the treasure chest that seems to be unopened. There he finds a mysterious treasure and a woman's voice can be heard from a distance. Later on, Ginkan, a member of the Scarlet Knights, who has been tracking Tsukasa down, encounters him in the cave and starts a fight. He adds a magic field so Tsukasa cannot use magic. Luckily, Tsukasa is saved by a mysterious monster (A dumbell shaped monster), who we later find out is his guardian.

Later on in the next few episodes, Tsukasa discovers more about why he cannot log out and a mysterious place with a Bed, a Teddy Bear and a little girl (Aura) who is in a deep slumber. Who is this mysterious girl???

Another side story to the Anime that kind of connects to the main plot is the search for this mysterious treasure called the "Key of the Twilight". This was first mentioned on the BBS boards and everyone in "The World" tries to see if this treasure really exists or not. What is this mysterious treasure? Does it exists?

The story continues as we meet new characters: Bear (A blademaster who wishes to help Tsukasa and his problem), BT (A wavemaster who is cunning), Subaru (A gentle Heavy Axewoman who is deeply concerned about Tsukasa's situation), Crim (A funny warrior who joins the quest to solve Tsukasa's problem), and Sora (A devilish greedy character that only thinks about himself).

So to sum things all up, we have a Wavemaster (Tsukasa) that cannot log out, a mysterious girl (Aura) who seems to be an important figure in the anime, and a mysterious treasure that no one knows if it exists or not. All in all, this anime might be boring for viewers who love action, but I really enjoyed it for the story and the meaning behind it. Although it is still confusing at times, the anime just kept dragging me to watch the next episode everytime because I wanted to know what happened. I remember I watched 10 episodes straight cause it was just too exciting. So if you love dramas and things that make u think about life or real life situations, then this Anime is for you. I should also mention that the background songs are totally amazing as they fit the scenes perfectly. So check this anime out if u love drama, or maybe u want to see something different for a change, something that doesn't have much fighting or action, but something that will make u think about your views on life or about the computer gaming world.

.hack//DUSK continues off 4 years after the video games series as the group ".hackers" solve the mystery to the secret of "The World". One day, Shuugo, a teenager who has grown out of games, receives an e-mail from his twin sister, Rena, about some exciting contest they won. The prize for this contest was the expansion player characters (Kite and Black Rose), who were banned from all users for usage.

Shuugo agrees to play with his sister in "The World" and brings out the equipment from his closet. He enters "The World" as Kite... but in a Chibi type form. There he mets his sister (using the Black Rose character). He is stunned by how "hot" his sister looks.. (Man.. those Jap minds). They decide to explore "The World" as Rena wants to get her brother to know and understand the basics of playing the game. During this process, we are introduced to several other characters (Mireiyu, Sanjuro, and Hotaru), who later in the series play key roles.

As Rena and Shuugo begin their training in the Beginner levels, Shuugo encounters a very difficult monster, that appears to be out of place. We later find out that this monster is not even a beginner monster and belongs in the more advanced stages. Shuugo is defeated easily, but does not stay as a ghost for some reason (if you played the .hack video games, then you will know that if a member of your party is killed, they will remain as a ghost until they are revived or return to town). Shuugo then meets Aura in some strange place. Here, Aura gives him a bracelet and whispers to him... "Data Drain". Shuugo, having no clue what is going on, teleports back to "The World" where Rena is trying to escape from the evil monster. As Rena is about to be defeated, Enter Balmung to the rescue. Balmung quickly tries to contain the monster but he too fails... Shuugo in desperation shouts out "Data Drain" and magically his bracelet shines and shoots a beam at the monster, scattering the monster's data and turning it into a lower enemy which is easily defeated.

As you can see, quite similiar to the video games, .hack//DUSK revolves around a bracelet that has the power to data drain enemies. Later on in the series, we discover the truth behind the expansion player character contest and the enemies who plan on taking over "The World". Shuugo and Rena are not alone as they have a supporting cast in their quest to find out the truth: Mireiyu (Similiar to Mistral in the .hack video games), Ouka (A female character that can change to a wolf. She has no class as she uses her bare hands and feet to fight. She belongs to Shuugo :P), Sanjuro (Same character from the .hack video games), Hotaru (A very kind and gentle person who inherits a little grunty <-- pretty cute), Balmung (Same character from the .hack video game), Reki (Balmung's assistant who is his number 1 fan), and Kamui (Leader of a group similiar to the Scarlet Knights but works for Cyber Connect).

I recommend that if you want to watch .hack//DUSK, then please watch .hack//SIGN and play all 4 parts to the video game before watching .hack//DUSK. The reason for this is because .hack//DUSK has a lot of spoilers for the video game. Don't make the same mistake I made! But this is a pretty fun and exciting series to watch. It doesn't really have a story or meaning to it like .hack//SIGN, but it has tons of comedy.

.hack//LIMITED this short movies series is unique in itself.  This take you behind the secens of the sign/dusk words in a third view perspective. You relive the series but from the person in the OUTSIDE worlds point of view.  Most of the series take place in the real word and NOT in the game world like all of sign/dusk did.  It is a really good watch for those that want to see it all.

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