Dragonball Z Battlegrounds

Dragonball Z Battlegrounds

Saiyan Saga Farmer's Field: The first battle field during Dragon Ball Z occurs in a farmer's isolated field. As the unsuspecting man tends to his chores, a Saiyan Space pod interrupt the quiet afternoon as it touches down. Radditz emerges and scans the area. The farmer approaches with his trusted shotgun and is easily killed by the powerful Saiyan. From here, Radditz travels to the next battle field, encountering Piccolo as he seeks out his younger brother. Later, Goku and Piccolo join forces and return to the place that Radditz's space pod touched down. Gohan is being held in the pod and Piccolo and Goku face off against the powerful fighter. Eventually Radditz is defeated at the hands of Piccolo with some help from an enraged Gohan. Unfortunately, Goku, who must hold Radditz in place for Piccolo's blast, is killed. Area where

Radditz first meets Piccolo: Radditz finds a large powerlevel on his scouter and follows the readings to a mountain where he finds Piccolo. Piccolo, always ready for a challenge,confronts the Saiyan. This battle doesn't amount to much due to Radditz locating the larger power level of Goku, his brother.

Roshi's Island/ Kame House: Unbeknownst to Goku and the friends he is visiting at Kame Island, Radditz is approaching. Goku shows off his son Gohan to Krillin, Bulma and Master Roshi and are catching up on old times when the large Saiyan appears. Radditz questions Goku about why he had not destroyed the populations of the Earth and learns that Goku has forgot his Saiyan heritage. It is here that Radditz grabs Gohan and gives Goku an ultimatum to join him. Goku makes an attempt to stop his older brother but is punched in the stomach.

Gohan's Training/ Saiyan Battle Area: A deserted area, this is where Piccolo begins Gohan's intense training for the upcoming arrival of the Saiyans. There is little to no trees, large pillars of rock, small caves and lots of dinosaurs. Gohan survives his training but looses his confidence and escapes to return home to his mother. Later, Nappa and Vegeta begin the fight in this deserted area by allowing their small army of Saibaman take on the fighters one at a time. Yamcha, Tien and Choutzu all loose their lives. Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan try their luck against the mighty Nappa but are no match for the Massive Saiyan warrior. Luckily Vegeta agrees to wait until Goku arrives back on the Earth but Piccolo is killed protecting Gohan when their time runs out. The East Capital (Eastern Capital)/ Vegeta and Nappa's landing ground: Vegeta and Nappa make a grand entrance as they touch down in the downtown area of this city. They then wipe out the district, destroying everything, and move to a more isolated spot for their battle with the Z fighters. Rocky Desert Area/Goku and Vegeta Battleground: Goku finally arrives and easily defeats Nappa, who is then killed by Vegeta. Vegeta and Goku face off and battle intensively. Yajirobe, Gohan and Krillin eventually end up there and join in the battle. This is were Vegeta transforms into his Oozaru form and has his tail cut off by Yajirobe. Unfortunately, Goku, Gohan and Krillin are all injured. Luckily, Krillin and Gohan are able to use a Genki Dama that Goku was able to form to weaken Vegeta. Gohan is transformed into his Oozaru form and is wreaking havoc but when his tail is cut off, he falls on Vegeta and he is defeated. Vegeta makes it to his ship and is allowed to leave by Goku and Krillin.

Frieza Saga Frozen

Continent of Yunzabitt: The landing spot of Kami when he arrived from the Planet Namek. Located on the Northern most continent. This is where Mr. Popo takes Bulma to recover the spaceship that Kami arrived in. After the spaceship is repaired and restored, Bulma, Krillin and Gohan use it to travel to Namek to recover the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Space Ship of Orphans/Escapees: While on the way to Namek, Bulma, Krillin and Gohan's ship accidentally enters a disguised space craft. The three set out to explore the ship but are quickly confronted with gun wielding youths that have a personal vendetta against a then, unknown, villain Frieza. Thinking that the small group from Earth are a part of Frieza's army, they attack Krillin and Gohan. At this time, the ship enters an asteroid storm and Gohan and Krillin end up saving some of the kids from a falling piece of the ship. Luckily, Bulma is able to save the ship and they are allowed to continue on their journey to Namek.

Mistaken Planet Namek/Planet of the Zaakuro: Bluma, Krillin, and Gohan crash lands on this planet and when they awaken they find two "Namekians". These "Nameks" show them around the planet and help them find the dragon balls. It is not until the group is recovering the last dragon ball, that they discover the Nameks are not who they claim to be. The two are actually aliens, Yaakuro, that had crashed on the planet and were playing a game with Bulma, Gohan and Krillin. The two trap Gohan and Krillin and attempt to take their ship. Luckily, the two aliens did not know how to operate it and the three quickly take care of them and are on their way to the true Planet Namek.

Namek Village/ Village of Muuri: One of the first battles on the planet that is witnessed by Gohan and Krillin is in Dende's village. Frieza and his henchmen are demanding the dragon balls, but the elder of the village refuses. The villagers think that all is saved when their warriors arrive, but they are easily killed. The village elder, is able to destroy the scouters of all the fighters before he is also killed. The other members of the village also fall, with the exception of Dende who is saved by Krillin and Gohan.

Vegeta battles Dodoria: It is here that Vegeta and Dodoria meet up. Dodoria is confident that Vegeta is no threat until the Saiyan reveals his true powerlevel to him. Vegeta threatens Dorodia and the pink villain tells him about the true cause of Planet Vegeta's destruction. Vegeta learns that Frieza was the one responsible and then kills Dordoia.

Frieza's Spaceship: Frieza's spaceship is dealt a lot of damage at the hands of Vegeta during the Freiza Saga. First, the proud Saiyan destroys the medical room when he blasts his way out of the Rejuvenation Chamber. Later, he sends a powerful ki blast down the corridors of the ship to distract Frieza and his men from his true intentions. Vegeta uses the momentary distraction to blast through Frieza's observation room and steal the dragonballs. Later, Vegeta returns and kills the group of fighters that are left behind to guard the ship. It is also here that Vegeta and Jeice's battle moves to, destroying even more of the ship. Even Goku does some damage, when he also blasts from the regeneration chamber that Vegeta put him in.

Ginyu Force Against the Z fighters: This is the place where Vegeta had hidden the Dragon Balls he had stolen from Frieza. The Ginyu force had arrived and arrived just as Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta returned to make their wish. From there, Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin battled against Guldo and Recoome while Captain Ginyu returned all the dragon balls to Frieza's ship.

Guru's House: Guru's place is a large Namek house that sits on top of a tall column of rock. Inside, the large Guru sits on a throne and there is pretty much nothing else there. This is where Gohan and Krillin go to seek out their true fighting potential. Frieza ends up blasting away the wall of Guru's house when he arrives.

Area where Frieza and Nail Fight: When Frieza arrives at the House of the Namek Elder, Guru, he is challenged by Nail. Nail, wanting to give Krillin and Gohan time to recover the dragon balls and make their wish, leads Frieza in the opposite direction of Dende who rushes to summon the Namek Dragon. It is only when Frieza got fed up with following Nail that the two stopped and the battle began. It is here that Nail is defeated and later fused with Piccolo.

Frieza battles Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin: This area is located just a short distance from Frieza's ship. Krillin, Gohan and Dende take the Dragon Balls here to make their wishes before Vegeta wakes up. They manage to make two wishes before Vegeta arrives, but Guru dies before Vegeta gets his wish. By that time, Frieza arrives and the three manage to hold him off until Goku arrives. This is also the place where Vegeta dies for the first time. He is buried by Goku but is returned to life by a wish from the Dragon balls.

King Kai's Planet: Soon after the Ginyu Force is defeated, its members are transported to King Kai's planet. They are brought to test the new skills of Yamcha, Tien and Choutzu. The group of evil villains first trash Kai's house, eating all the food and then declare that they are taking the planet for themselves. (Note: King Kai's Planet is located above the Earth and at the end of Snake Way. The gravity is 10x that of the Earth's. Kai, Bubbles and Gregory reside there. Also it is destroyed in the Cell saga when Goku transports the self destructing Cell there. The explosion kills Goku, Kai, Bubble and Gregory)

Garlic Jr. Saga

Roshi's Island/Kame's House: When Garlic Jr. releases the evil mist over the Earth, all are affected except for Krillin, Gohan and Krillin's girlfriend, Marron. Krillin and Marron were underwater, right off Roshi's island, when the mist floated over the area. Gohan had been trapped in a cave by his pet dragon. Gohan arrives on the island later, as the other two emerge from the water. They find their friends possessed and now servants of Garlic Jr. They are attacked and barely escape. It is at this time that Piccolo shows up and is bitten by Yamcha and the others. Krillin, Marron and Gohan escape. (Note: Kame House is located on a small island in the southeastern sea)

Sky Palace/Tenkai: Later, Gohan and Krillin go to Sky Palace to confront the evil Garlic Jr. and save Kami and Mr. Popo. There, Garlic's men attack them, but are no match for the enraged Gohan. Piccolo appears again, but this time as an enemy. He seems to have been affected by the bite from someone contaminated by the mist. Piccolo attacks Gohan and beats around badly. Krillin steps in and is "bitten" by Piccolo. Thinking that both Piccolo and Krillin have turned against him, Gohan continues the battle, not wanting to fight his friends. This turns out to be a distraction and Piccolo, who had not really been affected, releases Kami and Mr. Popo. While the three friends battle it out against Garlic Jr himself, Mr Popo and Kami must face the spirits of past gods in order to save the world. (Note: Kami's place is located at the top of an extremely tall tower that overlooks the Dragon Ball world. It is the same tower that holds Karrin's home and is located in the north)

Within Sky Palace: Mr. Popo guides Kami through the bowls of Sky Palace, a void where the spirits of past Kami's lurk. Kami is attacked and while he battles, Piccolo is also affected, fazing in and out as the life is sucked out of Kami. Finally, Kami is allowed to pass and Mr Popo releases the healing water over the Earth, returning everyone to normal.

Capsule Corps (temporary home of the Namek race): After being wished to Earth by the Dragon balls, the Namek people make their home at the massive compound of Capsule Corps, by invitation of Bulma. Capsule Corps is the home of Bulma and her family, Dr. and Mrs. Briefs, and is located in the West Capitol.

Outer space (Vegeta searches for Goku): After learning that Goku had survived the explosion of Namek, he takes off in the spaceship that Dr. Briefs made and travels around space trying to find him. Vegeta encounters some more of Frieza's fighters and destroys them. He eventually runs out of fuel and returns to Earth.

Trunks Saga Deserted area where Frieza Lands: This rocky deserted area is the site where Robot Frieza and his father, King Cold land their ship. Frieza sends his men out to kill the people of Earth before Goku arrives. It is here that Trunks makes his first appearance, transforming into a Super Saiyan and killing Frieza and King Cold with little effort.

Goku's Landing Spot: Not far from where Frieza's ship landed, Goku arrives back on Earth in the exact spot where Trunks predicted he would. He is welcomed by his friends, learns of Trunks true identity and of his own future.

Capsule Corps (Vegeta Trains): Once Vegeta returns to Earth, Bulma takes him in and this is probably when their relationship makes it beginnings. Once Goku returns and Trunks appears and warns them of the upcoming threat of the Androids, Dr. Briefs' makes a lot of equipment and a gravity chamber for Vegeta to train in. Vegeta almost kills himself but continues to train in order to reach the level of Super Saiyan. He is unable to accomplish this and leaves the planet again to continue his training.

Goku, Gohan and Piccolo Training Ground: Goku, Piccolo and Gohan begin their training near the Son House. Piccolo kind of stays with them during this time period and even makes an appearance in some Earth clothes when he and Goku attempt to get their drivers licenses.

Unknown Planet (Vegeta reaches Super Saiyan for the First Time): Although this is not mentioned until Vegeta fights Android 18 and transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time in front of the others, this is where Vegeta actually makes his first transformation. It is during an asteroid storm that Vegeta must protect his spaceship that he is confronted by a huge asteroid that he is barely able to destroy. His battered body is knocked to the planet's surface. Vegeta gets so angry with his failure to transform into a Super Saiyan that this causes his first transformation.

Android Saga The South Capital: Not seen but mentioned. It is near Paypaya Island were the Tenkachi Bodoukai takes place.

9 Miles South of South City/Capital (Androids arrival): This is the arrival point of the Androids that Trunks predicted although in his time it is Androids 17 and 18 that arrive there. The Androids, 19 and 20, enter the city, almost kill Yamcha and destroy most of the city before they are convinced to go to a more deserted battle area to fight.

Island (Goku vs Android 19 and Vegeta vs Android 19): Goku leads the Androids to this area to fight. Goku, having only traveled a short distance, seems to be worn out when they get there but he goes up against Android 19 anyway. Goku does fine at first but then the Android starts winning and it is obvious that something is wrong. It is then that the fighters realize that Goku is suffering from the heart virus that Trunks predicted. Luckily, before Goku can be killed by the android, Vegeta arrives and transforms into a Super Saiyan. He then destroys Android 19 and bluffs Android 20, who flees.

Mountains (Android 20 vs Piccolo): After Android 20 escapes, he plays hide-and-seek with the Z fighters until he manages to grab Piccolo and drain some of this energy. Gohan, alerted by Piccolo, knocks Android 20 off of him and the other Z fighters arrive and corner the android. Piccolo and 20 then fight and the Android soon learns that he is no match for the Namek. Trunks arrives and realizes that the Androids are not the ones that plague his future. Android 20 uses the temporary distraction to blast Bulma's approaching aircraft and again escapes. Bulma identifies the Android as Dr Gero and the Z fighters go in search of him and his lab.

The North Capital (Northern Capital): Area where Piccolo and some of the other Z fighters went to search for Android 20 (Dr Gero) and his lab. Not really mentioned or seen at any other time.

Forest (Android 20 vs Krillin): While searching the forested area where Android 20 was tracked to, Krillin encounters him and is almost killed. Luckily, Krillin is able to follow the android back to his lab and alert the others to the location.

Dr. Gero's lab (Android 20 vs Android 17 and 18): This is were Dr Gero (Android 20) keeps his creations. It is located within a mountain and holds Android 16, 17 and 18. The entrance is concealed in the side of the mountain and is where the Z fighters enter. Vegeta destroys the door of the lab but not before Dr Gero releases Androids 17 and 18. Dr. Gero attempts to stop them from releasing Android 16 and is killed by 17. Trunks seeing the another powerful android is going to be activated attempts to destroy the entire Lab. This attempt fails and the android is released.

Highway (Android 18 vs Vegeta): After Android 16 was released, the androids left and were pursued by Vegeta. Trunks attempts to stop his father but was unsuccessful. Vegeta catches up to the Android on a highway, where they were going to stop and steal a car. Vegeta faces off against Android 18 up and down this highway, even taking the battle onto moving vehicles. Vegeta manages to put up a good fight at first but soon it is obvious that he is outmatched. The other fighters arrive and the battle moves off the highway with the instructions that the other fighters must not interfere.

Off the Highway (Android 17 and 18 vs Z fighters): Vegeta continues his fight with Android 18 but she manages to break his arm. She is about to kill him when Trunks interferes, followed by the others, except Krillin. All are injured and the Androids leave, but not before they are questioned by Krillin. It is here that Android 18 kisses Krillin and he begins to fall in love with her.

Android 18 picks up some new clothes: Because her clothing was torn in the battle with Vegeta, the Androids stop off in a small town in order to pick up some new clothes for 18. She picks out the best outfit there (although she looks like she is going to a hoe-down afterwards) and then leaves without paying for the outfit. Of course the owner of the shop call the police.

Highway (Androids against police and motorcycle gang): The Androids are pursued by the police, but Android 18 quickly puts a stop to their pursuit. Later, they encounter a motorcycle gang which is quickly in the same way.

Cell Saga Forest (Cell's Time Capsule found)- Cell's Time Machine: In Trunks Future, Cell kills Trunks, steals his time machine and travels to the future to absorb Androids 17 and 18. In a forested area near Ginger Town, Cell's time machine is found and Bulma, Trunks, Gohan go to investigate it. There they find the time machine and Trunks identifies it as his own, but mysteriously it looks extremely old and Trunks still has his ship in capsule form with him. They then find the abandoned egg of Cell and his shed skin.

Room of Spirit and Time: Not really a place where the Z fighters battle against a villain, but it is where Vegeta and Trunks, Goku and Gohan, battle each other in order to prepare for the battles with the Androids and Cell. This is where Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan for the first time and where both Vegeta, Goku and Trunks reach USSJ form.

Ginger Town: This is the place that Cell first goes to and begins to absorb people to increase his energy. Cell manages to absorb the whole town and gains enough energy to battle Piccolo who, now fused with Kami, arrived to challenge him. Piccolo manages to learn of Cell's plans but is unable to stop the vile creature when he completely destroys the city and escapes to pursue the Androids. (Note: It is located near the Western Capital)

Island (Battleground of Piccolo vs Android 17 and Cell vs Android 17 and 16, Tien vs Cell): This is where Piccolo leads the Androids to fight. Once there, Piccolo attempts to destroy Android 17. Unfortunately, Cell arrives and the battle is halted while Cell announces that he is going to absorb the androids. Unexpectedly, Android 16 steps in and all are surprised to find out that he is much stronger than the other two androids. Cell manages to absorb 17 and reaches his second form. Android 16 and Piccolo are injured and Tien arrives and holds off Cell until the other Androids can escape. Tien uses up all his energy and Goku uses his instaneous movement to rescue him and Piccolo.

Island where Cell absorbs Android 18 and reaches Perfect Form (Vegeta vs Cell , Trunks vs Cell, Krillin vs Cell): Cell destroys all the islands in the area, but is confronted by Vegeta and Trunks on this island. It also happens to be the same island where Android 16 and 18 are hiding. Vegeta is winning the battle but then allows Cell to absorb Android 18 so that he can fight Cell in his perfect form. Cell transforms and defeats both Vegeta and then Trunks. He calls the Cell Games and leaves.

Cell Games Saga Cell Games Battle Ring: Cell goes to this area, which was inhabited. He eliminates the inhabitants of the area, clears the space and begins the construction of the ring where the Cell games will take place. This ring is very large and has four obelisks on each corner. The rules are simple, you loose if you are knocked out of the ring, give up or are killed.

Cell Game moved: During the fight with Goku, Cell realizes that the Ring is restricting the fighting so he destroys it and moves the fight to open ground. Goku fights for a time, but then Gohan takes his place. Android 16 is destroyed here and Gohan reaches the next level of Super Saiyan, Level 2. Cell attempts to self destruct and Goku transports him to Kai's planet. Cell blows up, killing all there, but he survives and rejuvenates himself and returns to Earth. There he kills Trunks and almost kills Vegeta. Gohan manages to save Vegeta and kill Cell with a one handed Kamehameha attack.

Parsley City (Trunks vs Androids after returning from past): Having trained in the Room of Spirit and Time, Trunks reaches a new level, becomes more experienced and more mature. After Cell is destroyed, Trunks bids farewell to his new friends and returns to his own time. Upon returning home, Trunks seeks out the Androids in Parsley City and using his new skills easily kills them.

Saiyaman Saga Satan City: The birth place of Mr. Satan. It is renamed after him when he claims that he destroyed Cell and he is named the World's Strongest Fighter. This is also the place where Gohan and Videl attend Orange Star High School. Gohan makes his debut as The Great Saiyaman here and begins his crime fighting career for a short time.

World Tournament Saga Budoukai Arena: This massive arena is where the Budoukai takes place and where Supopobitchi and Yam drain Gohan of his energy. Later, Vegeta and Goku are transported here by Babidi and Vegeta blasts the stands, killing many spectators.

Babadi Saga Babidi's ship: Babidi's ship is very large but is concealed underground in order to keep its location secret. Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and Kaioshin arrive here and enter through the top of the ship that is protruding out of the ground. The ship is layered and the Z fighter must battle a fierce opponent to progress to the next level through a hole in the center of each room. Babidi and the soon to be revived Buu are at the bottom of the ship. From there, Babidi controls the battles and is able to transport the fighters to different locations.

Pui Pui's battle (Zun): The first fight takes place on the first level of Babidi's ship. Vegeta faces off against Pui Pui and is transported to the planet Zun by the evil magician. There, Pui Pui is thought to have the advantage due to the intense gravity and fighting conditions but Vegeta quickly destroys him.

Planet With Out Light/Yakon's planet Dark Star: Yakon and Goku are the next to battle on the second level of Babidi's ship. Babidi transports Goku and Yakon to the planet Dark Star, where there is no light. Yakon has the ability to absorb light from any source and when Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, Yakon attempts to drain the light and power from the Saiyan. Goku pumps as much power into Yakon as he can and blows him up.

Third Level of Babidi's Ship/ Dabura against Gohan: Gohan and Dabura fight for a short time but the fight is stopped by Dabura. It is here that Dabura tells Babidi of Vegeta's evil and Vegeta is transformed to Majiin Vegeta, a minion and slave of Babidi.

Goku and Majiin Vegeta's Battleground: Babidi charms Vegeta and Vegeta challenges Goku. Goku at first refuses until Badidi transports them to the Boudakai arena and Vegeta blasts the fans. Goku finally agrees to fight Vegeta and Babidi transports them to a deserted area that has a lot of rocky mountains and no trees or grass. It is there that Goku and Majiin Vegeta battle, and where Vegeta knocks Goku out so that he can face Buu.

Buu Saga

Buu's House: Majiin Buu uses the people he turns to clay to create this monstrosity of a house. It is there that Super Buu is formed. Kaioshin's Planet- The battle with Kid Buu takes place here. Goku manages to transform into Super Saiyan level 3 and Vegeta is returned to life to help out with the battle. Goku, in his normal form, eventually forms a massive Genki Dama and hurls it at Buu. Buu manages to hold it back until Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and puts more energy into the attack, causing it to explode and kill Buu.

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