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Q.  How many Cell Jr's were there?
1A. There were 7

Q.  Why did Trunks not kill 2nd form Cell, right before Cell absorbed #18?
2A. Vegeta Stopped Trunks, cause Vegeta wanted to see if Cell would be as strong as he said

Q.  When was the first time Gohan went SSJ2?
3A. NOT when Cell stepped on #16 head, but in the room of Spirit and Time when training with Goku

Q.  How did Gohan break his arm when fighting cell?
4A. He broke his arm when he blocked Vegeta from getting killed, by one of Cells energy balls

Q.  Who was in control of Majin Vegeta?
5A.  Vegeta was really in control of himself...but used it as an excuse to be bad again

Q.  How did Buu get out of the room of Spirit and Time after Piccolo destroyed the entrance?
6A.  He screamed really loud, cause he realized he could not have any more candy, and it opened a portal

Q.  What kind of candy did Buu turn Krillin into?
7A.  He turned him into a chocolate bar

Q.  Who fought  Durabra in the space ship?
8A.  Gohan did, since Vegeta and Goku already fought an enemy each

Q.  How many androids were in Trunks Future? Name them?
9A.  There were 2, #17 and  #18

Q.  What was the reason that Trunks came back to the past?
10A . To give Goku the medicine and keep him from dying

Q.  What was the name of the planet the Goku went to after escaping from Namek?
11A .  Planet Yardak, Yardia, Yardkia  (the spelling varies on whoever translates it)

Q.   Why did Goku not come sooner when Freeza arrived before him on Earth?
12A .  He sensed a strong KI that could kill Freeza and decided to wait

Q.   Why did Goku and Piccolo go try to get a drivers license?
13A.  Chi chi got mad at Goku and made him go get one, Piccolo also just cause he was with Goku.

Q.  What was the reason that Piccolo went to see Kaime?
14A.  To merge together and form the original body to beat the androids.

Q.  What made Kaime finally decide to merge?
15A.  Cell appeared and Kaime knew he was much more dangerous then the androids.

Q.  How many Androids appeared total from after Freeza to then death of Cell?
16A   There were 6 in the series  #16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and Cell.   Cell was the perfect android.
16A.. There were 9 if you include the movies #13, 14,15,16,17,18,19,20, and cell.

Q.  What finally made Vegeta go Super SaiyaJin?
17A.  When training out in space he realized that he will never be as strong as Goku, and that made him mad enough to go SSJ.

Q.  How many forms did cell go through after he hatched from his egg?
18A.  4 forms.   Cocoon form, normal form, absorbed 17 form, and absorbed 17+18 (Perfect) form.


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