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Goku's Great Adventure (1-13) Episodes

It starts off in the mountains.  A little boy named Goku is doing his normal routine when out of no where a teenage girl (Bulma) hits him with her car.  Goku thinks its a monster trying to steal his fish so attacks and throws the car with Bulma inside.  Bulma yells at him and then they introduce themselves and they become friends.  Bulma finds out that Goku as one of the Dragon Balls that she has been looking for.  Goku does not want to give his up but agrees to go with here for an adventure to find the rest of the Dragon Balls.  Along there journey they fight many monsters, meet and help many new people.  They almost have all seven balls when the Evil Emperor that has been trying to get the Dragon Balls too (but only has one) steals the other six from Goku and Bulma.  They get trapped by the Emperor and can't get out until Goku looks at the full moon and transforms into the big ape monster and smashes out.  His fiends get out too and manage to stop the Emperors wish by making the wish for a pair of panties first.  Goku is still and ape and chases the Emperor away and they go off in separate directions for another year until the Dragon Balls are ready once again.  Every of Gokus friends wanted a different wish but after hang out with Goku learned that they already had what they wanted to wish for but just kept looking in the wrong places.

21st Tenkaichi Budokai (14-29)

This takes place right after the group goes their serpent ways.  Goku goes back to Master Roshi's (the turtle hermit that he meet on his journey) to train and become stronger.  Here Goku meets Krillin his training partner.  If they train hard they get to participate in the 21 Tenkaichi Budokai (World Tournament) and see how they do.  Goku and Krillin must past several tests before they train but most of the tests are things are just little errands.  The special training is nothing more then a whole bunch of work and exercise every day with a weighted turtle-shell on there back.  Master Roshi give them his special training for just about a year and then they go to the Tournament.  The day of the Tournament the boys are too strong for all the fighters there so Master Roshi enters discussed as Jackie Chun.  Everyone fights and does well and the last match comes down to Goku and Jackie Chun.  It is almost a tie but Jackie Chun is the winner just by a hair. Goku wants to train more to win next time but since it has been a year he goes off and look for the Four Star Dragon Ball (his gramps Dragon Ball).

The Red Ribbon Army (30-68)

So after almost winning the tournament Goku goes off to train and to find his Grandpa's Dragon Ball.  With Burma's Dragon Radar Goku has a easy time locating the balls.  He has to do some tasks and fight some monsters to get some of the balls but most of them are just laying around in hard to find places.  unfortunately not only Goku is looking for the Dragon Balls.  An evil Army planning to rule the world is also looking for the Dragon Balls.  The Read Ribbon Army is feared by everyone except Goku of course.  The RR Army stretches all over the world and in each different region there is a different commander.  Commander RED is the leader of the whole army but other help like BLUE, YELLOW, VIOLET.  They all fight Goku and give him a hard time but Goku eventually wins.  The worlds greatest Hit-Man is also hired Tiaopaipai.  Goku gets beat by him the first time but then goes and trains with Karin the Cat God ( that master Roshi also trained with 300 years ago)  to become strong enough to beat Tiaopaipai the second time.  Goku then easily gets all the balls except for one cause the Dragon Radar is broken again and he has to find Bulma to fix it.  So he goes off to find Bulma again.

Wish for Upa's Father (69-79)

Goku finds Bulma to fix the radar but she tells him that it is not broken.  They think that something eat it and can't wait for it to come out the other end.  Master Roshi suggests to go the Fortune Teller (his sister) to help them.  They go to her but she charges $10 million a turn.  They don't have any money so the take the second option, to fight 5 of her fighters.  If they win they get to get their question for free.  The first 2 fighters are pretty easy but tricky so Krillin, Yamaha, Upa and Pauar fight them and win.  Then next 2 Goku fights and wins with out to much trouble but the last guy is really tough.  They have a great battle and Goku almost loses but luckily wins.  The 5th fighter turns out to be Goku's dead grandpa that came back to life for 1 day to fight against Goku to test him.  Goku passed the test with flying colors and Goku got to say goodbye to his grandpa before he went back to being dead. Everyone was happy since they got to get the 7th Dragon Ball.  The reason the 7th ball was not on the radar was because Pilaf invented a special box to hide it from Goku.  They tried to steal Goku 6 balls as usually but ended up losing again.  Goku had all six balls and now could wish Upa's father back to life again.  After the wish Goku sets out to train more for the next tournament in 3 years.

22nd Tenkaichi Budokai (80-101)

Goku is off training for the next 3 years while Krillin and Yamaha train with the Turtle Elder.  The is a couple episodes with Goku training but that is right up to the day of the Tournament when Goku is almost late.  Goku meets all his friends there and fights in the pre-matches.  Only 8 out of 182 can win and Goku, Yamaha, Krillin, Jacki Chun, Tien and Chauzu (bad guys Goku meet while training) and 2 normal people were the final 8 finalists.   Tien beats Yamaha, Jacki beats Wolf Man,  Krillin beats Chauzu, and Goku beats his guy.  That is then end of round 1, round 2 Jacki give up against Tien (cause he is trying to teach him a lesson of  trying to be good not evil), and Krillin gets beat by Goku.  Final round Tien and Goku fight a good match but Tien just wins by a little bit cause Goku got hit by a bus.  Everyone goes out to eat and Tien offers to buy.  Goku forgot the Magic Staff back at the arena with the 4 star Ball so Krillin offers to go get it while Goku eats.  Everyone is eating when Krillin doesn't come back.  Goku rushes to see what happened and Krillin is dead and the Dragon Ball is missing. 

Evil Demon King's Secret (102-132)

Goku goes off chasing after Krillin killer and follows him with the dragon radar.  Goku weak from just fighting in the tournament get whooped and everyone thinks he is dead.  Master Roshi knows who it is from a note they found by Krillin.  He explains long ago his teacher beat and sealed the Evil Demon King Piccolo away in exchange for his life.  He was very strong and this was they only way to beat him was to seal him away again.  Goku is off to Karin's Tower to get stronger but he tells him that the only way is to drink the water of the gods.  Goku and his new buddy Yajarobie go off and get the water and Goku drinks it and gets stronger.  Piccolo gets the Dragon Balls wishes for eternal youth and then kills Shenlon.  Master Roshi Tien and Chauzu tried to trap Piccolo but master Roshi misses with the Demon Incinerator ( the only move to stop Piccolo) and then dies just like his master did. Piccolo also kills Chauzu and almost kills Tien. Goku comes back and kills piccolo but right before Piccolo dies he give birth to and egg (Piccolo Jr. the Piccolo we know in DBZ) and spits it away without anyone seeing.  Goku goes back to get healed at Karin's with the magic senzu beans and to see if there is a way to bring back Shelron to wish everyone alive again.  Karin suggest to talk to God which lives above him in a floating platform.  Goku uses the Magic Staff (that only way to get there) to go to visit god.  God likes Goku and brings Shenlon back to life but Goku must stay and train with God for 3 years if Shenlon is brought back to life.  Goku agrees and begins his training while the other wish for everyone killed because of Piccolo back to life.  Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, all train for the next world tournament were they can't wait to see how much stronger Goku gets.

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai (133-148)

Three years pass and some intensive training by everyone takes place.  Goku trained with god while the others went to see Corin and then trained on their own. Everyone shows up at the tournament with one minute to spare.  Goku got there and no one recognized him cause he got allot bigger.  Krillin got bigger too but not that much.  The preliminary matches started and Goku, Tien, Yamcha, Shin, Piccolo Jr., Krillin, Tiaopaipai, and Chi Chi.  First Match Goku Beats Chi Chi but only after Chi Chi reminds Goku that he said that he would marry her.  After the Match the announcer marries them on the platform.  Second Tien beats Tiaopaipai easily.  Third Yamcha loses to Shin (god borrowing a human body).  Last Piccolo beats Krillin but is a pretty good fight and piccolo is surprises how strong he is.  The finals move on and now it is Goku and Tien, just like the last tournament.  It is almost even Goku can hardly keep up with Tien and his super speed.  So Goku Takes of his weighted Shirt, shoes, and wrist weights weighing 200 lbs.  Goku easily wins then and is not even berating hard yet. Piccolo fights Shin (god) and almost loses but piccolo counters the Demon Incinerator and uses it and traps god in a little bottle.  Final match Goku and Piccolo.  Everyone now realizes that Piccolo Jr. is the evil Demon King Piccolo and get scared and run away.  Goku and Piccolo are about even and just like last time Goku almost gets beat but this time dose not kill Piccolo cause he knows that god will die too if piccolo it killed.  Goku wins the tournament and piccolo goes off but says he will get stronger and come back.  Goku like that and says he will get stronger too.  God wants Goku to become god but he jumps on his Candy Cloud grabs Chi Chi and flies away.  Everyone is amazed and goes back their own way.  

Goku's New Life (149-153)

Goku goes to Ox Kings (Chi Chi Dad) castle and they are getting ready for the wedding for Goku and Chi Chi to get married.  Every thing is fine and the wedding is set to take place tomorrow but and huge fire breaks out all around the castle and everyone gets out safe but the Ox King.  He went to save the wedding dress but got stuck in the castle.  Goku tried to put out the fire with the Kamehameha but it did not work.  It was the Eternal fire what was deep inside the earth that needed to be put out.  Goku and Chi Chi went on there way to go in search of the magic Bancho fan.  They eventually find it after a couple episodes of running around.  Goku eventually gets down to where the eternal fire is and meets his dead grandfather again.  Goku fixes the hole in the Eternal fire place that was causing the fire at Ox Kings castle.  Everyone was happy and Goku and Chi Chi finally got married and  lived happy ever after.  Next Dragon Ball Z. 

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