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Saiya-Jin Characters in DB

Gokou (Goku) (Gokuh)
main character of Dragonball-Z-GT; Bardock's son (Saiyan name: Kakarot) who was sent as an infant to destroy Earth. He was found in Mount Paozu by Grandpa Gohan and banged his head on a rock. Having forgotten his Saiyan quest, he trained under his god-grandpa. He later trained under Master Roshi, Kami, and Kaiou. Gokou married Chi-Chi and became the father of Gohan and Goten. Gokou sacrificed himself for the defeat of his evil brother (Raditz), was wished back with the dragonballs, sacrificed himself again to save the Earth when Cell exploded, and came back to life when Dai-Kaioushin gave up his life so that Gokou could live to fight Boo. Gokou can naturally reach Super Gokou 4 level; considered the true Saiyan who appears every 1000 years. In addition, Gokou temporarily fused  with Vegeta to become Vegetto and Gozita. A natural warrior, Gokou dedicated his life protecting the planet. At the end of Dragonball GT, Gokou rode on Shenlong, fused with the dragonballs, and disappeared.

Good Guys in DB

Android 8 (Hatchan)
originally created by Dr. Gero as a guard for Red Ribbon, but Android 8 befriended Gokou instead. From then on, he became known as Hatchan. Hatchan appeared at the end of the Boo Series again and donated energy to Gokou in the final fight against Boo.

Bulma (Buruma)
teen technological expert in search of the dragonballs to wish for a boyfriend. In her journey, he met the Dragonball cast. As an adult, she became the wife of Vegeta and mother of Trunks and Bra. In DragonBall GT, she built the brute ray and enabled Vegeta to reach Oazuru form and Super level 4.

little witty daughter of Ox King. She married Gokou and bore two sons, Gohan and Goten. Chi-Chi was turned into an egg and squashed by Boo, but revived with a wish from the dragonballs.

Good half of Daimoa; Guardian of the Earth. This Namek is the creator of the dragonballs on the Earth and a trainer of Gokou. In the Vegeta Series, he also trained Klilyn, Tenshin-han, Chauzu, Yamcha, and Yajirobe. In the Cell Series, Kami permanently fused with Piccolo.

guardian of Karin Tower; grows senzu beans; trained Gokou to fight Daimao

Klilyn (Kuririn) (Krillin) (Kulilin)
little monk who trained with Gokou under Master Roshi. His true intentions for learning martial arts was to find a girlfriend. When he grew up, he married Android 18 and became the father of Marron.

bank robber with 2 sides. Lunch switches personalities with each sneeze. She fell in love with Tenshin-han in Dragonball, but hardly appeared again in Dragonball Z or Dragonball GT.

Master Roshi (Kame-sennin)
Turtle Elder. He and Tsuru-sennin trained under the same master, but they became enemies because Tsuru-sennin was evil and because they fell in love with the same girl. Master Roshi assumed the title as the world's strongest man when he won a Tenkaichi Boudoukai tournament. Later, he trained the Ox-King and Granpa Gohan. Years later, he trained Gokou, Klilyn, and Yamcha. Master Roshi also has an identity as Jackie Chun. Unfortunately, Master Roshi is a perverted man.

shape-morpher pig friend of our heroes. Oolong is a coward as well as perverted.

crazy loyal studen of Master Roshi and owner of Fire Mountain. He is also the father of Chi-Chi.

assistant of the Guardian of the Earth (Kami and Dende). When he became a zombie of Baby, he used the Black Star dragonballs to wish back Planet Plant for Baby.

Shenlong (Shenron)
dragon that appears when summoned when all 7 dragonballs are gathered; created by Kami; can grant 1 wish a year

Uranai Baba
Master Roshi's sister. This little old witch can bring a dead person back to life for 24 hours and can see the what's happening in the world with her crystal ball. She can also see the future (for money of course!).

cowardly fat warrior who hangs around in Karin Tower. His most important contributions were cutting off Vegeta's tail and giving sensu beans to our heroes when they were down.

Bad Guys in DB

Daimao (Demon King)
evil form of Kami; further split himself into Daimao (himself) and Piccolo. (killed by Gokou)

Crane Elder. He and Master Roshi trained under the same master, but the classmates became enemies when they fell in love with the same girl. In Movie 3, Tsuru-sennin was blown away by Tenshin-han when he tried to kill Chauzu. In the series, he was the master of Tenshin-han and Chauzu, but his disciples left him when they learned that he was evil.

Piccolo (Demon King)
evil son of Daimoa. He fought Gokou in a Tenkaichi Boudoukai to revenge his father but was defeated. A few years later, he allied with Gokou, trained Gohan, and became good. Piccolo was killed by Nappa but restored with the Namek dragonballs. He also fused permanently with Nail and Kami. Piccolo was killed again when the Earth exploded in the Babei Series. In heaven, Piccolo purposely caused trouble to be sent to hell to help Gokou return to Earth in Dragonball GT

first enemy of Gokou. He attempted to steal the dragonballs from Gokou and Bulma to wish for world domination, but ran away after Gokou reached Oozaru stage and destroyed his castle. Years later, in Dragonball GT, Pilaf reappeared and accidently wished Gokou back into a kid and ran away once again.

Puar (Poole)
accomplice of Yamcha. Puar went to the same morphing school of Oonlong and shares the same morphing ablity.

Tao Pai-Pai
Tsuru-sennin's brother. He has the title as the World's Greatest Assissant. After killing Bora and chasing after Gokou, Tao Pai-Pai was beaten and thought to have been killed by Gokou (with the help of Arale from Dr. Slump). Tao Pai-Pai was made into a cyborg to survive and reappeared in the Cell Series, where he made money offering a shelter that would protect people from Cell. Gohan encountered Tao Pai-Pai, destroyed the shelter building, and Tao Pai-Pai ran away in fear that Gokou had a son who was stronger than him.

Tenshin-han (Tien)
in Dragonball Movie 3, he was the duke of Mifan and guardian of Chauzu. In the series, he is a student of Tsuru-sennin. He and Chauzu discovered that their master was evil and abandoned him. Tenshin-han was killed by Nappa but is revived from a wish with the Namek dragonballs. He also appears again in the Boo Series and saves Gohan's life by deflecting Boo's fireball.

road bandit/robber with a shyness towards girls. He befriended our heroes, loss his shyness, and became one of the good guys. In the Vegeta Series, Yamcha was killed by a Saiba-man, but revived with a wish from the dragonballs.

Mr Roshi

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