Dragonball Anime Training Guide

Dragonball Z GT Training Guide

In this section you will find all of the types of training, and tutors from the start of Dragonball to the end of Dragonball Z. I hope to make this as detailed as possible, and provide a good, informative guide for all involved. The title of each method of training involves the name of the person, or people who actually taught the person how to train. I have put them all into chronological order.

Dragonball Training

Grandpa Gohan's Training

When Goku was discovered as a baby, his obvious skill was seen by his adopted father, and he taught him the basics of martial arts, helping him learn many techniques when he was just a young child. It could be said that this was Goku's foundation, and as Gohan was trained by Master Roshi, Goku would have learnt a style that was very similar. It takes him a while, but after his granddads death, and during his pre-teen years, Goku surpassed Gohan in terms of strength, becoming a better fighter than his former trainer after being taught some more skills by other martial arts masters.


Oorinji Temple Training

This was the initial training of Krillen. It was a style learnt by monks, and he was there for 8 years, but little else is known about this kind of martial arts. It is the foundation of which Krillen built his skills on, but he eventually left the temple because he was sick of people making fun of his size deficiency. We can assume that it didn't take him very long to become stronger than the monks of the temple, as very little is said about them after this point. 


Master Roshi's Training

This was the style taught to Goku and Krillen, and whilst it wasn't so much martial arts as tough chores, it was incredibly hard, and increased the two kids strength dramatically. The two young boys were so desperate to become stronger, that they were willing to plough fields with their bare hands, and deliver milk with 20kg turtle shells hoisted on their backs. After the training though, their strength nearly tripled. It took until adulthood for Krillen to become stronger than Roshi, but Goku managed it in the early years of his childhood, during a martial arts where he faced Roshi's (Jackie Chun's) conqueror - Tien, and almost won.

Roshi trained Yamcha a bit later on too, with Goku deciding to go his own way.


Karin's Training

To train under the powerful cat, Goku had to climb the whole column, a huge tower, without any help, and get to the top. Whilst there he had to take the holy water from Karin, and drink it for a massive strength boost. This was a clever ploy though, as the holy water was just ordinary water, but the combatant greatly increased their strength trying to take it. It took Goku three days, and his strength massively increased, making him powerful enough to beat Tao-Pie-Pie. It took Master Roshi 3 years to accomplish the same task against Karin. Between the 22nd and 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai's, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chaotzu, and Krillen climb Korin's tower as well.


Life's Training

After defeating Baba's five fighters and before the 22nd Worlds Martial Arts Tournament, Master Roshi tells Goku that his Turtle Hermit training is complete, and he should travel the world and experience life. Goku does so, defeating Ginkaku and Kiknkaku and saving a town, saving a young girl from the demon hoard and Shula, winning the Gozen-giai contest, and uncovering the plot with InoShikacho. He also works on his only weakness, his tail.


Holy Water Training

Another thing that Goku got off Karin to increase his strength was the 'drink of the Gods'. He battled for days on end attempting to hang onto his life after consuming the venomous fluid, but after he had managed to cling onto his life for long enough, the effects disappeared, and he was left an awful lot stronger, able to beat Piccolo Daimao. Goku was the only one able to take this drink.


Tsurusennin's Training 

It is not known when in the timeline that this happens, but it is known that this guy was trained by the same person as Master Roshi, but has a very different teaching style. He is ruthless, and has very little honor. His best students were Chao-zu and Tien, of whom learnt their base fighting style from him. He is later abandoned by his pupils due to them realizing his evil ways. 


Kami's Training

The first person to train with God was Goku, being the owner of the extending pole that is fixed to the top of Karin's tower, and goes all the way up to Kami's lookout. When Goku arrived, he met Mr. Popo, who was far stronger than him, and then the Namek Kami, who was ridiculously strong for this point in DBZ. Goku was taught mainly how to stay calm, and to visualize winning. Whilst strength wasn't a major factor is the training, it helped Goku control his power a lot more, and become less naive. He trained here for 3 years, and his strength was improved dramatically, making him far stronger than anyone else, even Piccolo. He even surpassed Kami's strength during this time, without God even noticing.


Piccolo's Self-Training

After being spat out as an egg from his father, Piccolo inherited all of his power, and trained intensively in the woodlands in order to achieve the strength necessary to defeat Goku. He pushed himself past any ordinary limits, and really did become a whole lot stronger. He learnt some new techniques in the time he spent alone too, teaching himself, with hate and resentment pushing him all the way.


Vegeta's Training

Not a lot is known about Vegeta's training when he was younger, but from the Bardock Special it is evident that he went through extensive training against saibamen, able to defeat whole groups of them as a small child. He also conquered a lot of planets for Frieza, and probably got a lot of strength power-ups from taking serious damage. I assume that he must have had the same basic training as most of Frieza's troops, which is most likely to be his foundation.


King Kai's Training

This is quite possibly the most influential training of anyone's life. To reach King Kai, you must run Snake Way, and that is no easy feat. It took Goku about 3/4 of a year to do it, and he was comparatively strong at that time! The thing that makes King Kai's training so good is not only the obscure methods he uses, but the increased gravity on the planet means that the persons strength and speed will be increased. At first King Kai taught Goku strength and speed by getting him to chase Bubbles, and hit Gregory. Once this was accomplished, Goku went on to learn the two most useful attacks in his life:- The Kai-o-ken, and the spirit bomb. These were useful allies, and quite possibly the best attacks in the whole series. When leaving King Kai's, Gregory states that he's even stronger than the master himself, which is quite an achievement. 

King Kai has also trained Yamcha, Tien, and Chao-zu, but he only taught them the basics of strength and speed, as none of them were capable of learning the attacks that Goku did. He attempted to train Piccolo, but the Namek decided to train by himself, but was a bit disappointed when he saw how fast and strong everyone else had become from King Kai.


Piccolo's Wilderness Training

After Goku's death, Piccolo took Gohan, and decided to utilize his almost unlimited potential. At first Piccolo just left him in the wilderness to survive on his own, teaching him to show courage, and making him a lot faster and stronger. Piccolo slowly formed a bond with the kid, feeding him, and watching over him, becoming one of the good-guys. He later returned, and personally trained Gohan, giving him a good foundation in martial arts. Piccolo's training was tough, harsh, and somewhat painful, but Gohan pulled through, and became an excellent fighter, only really able to show it during the end of the Saiyan saga. It didn't take Gohan long to become stronger than Piccolo, achieving it after his spirit and time training with his dad.   


Piccolo's Self-Training

This time around, Piccolo was training himself in order to be strong enough to combat the Saiyans, who's arrival was imminent. He meditated, and increased his power greatly, especially with the use of his mind, able to lift entire pyramids without touching them. Gohan was amazed that Piccolo was able to achieve such seemingly impossible feats. 


Kami's Training 

This differed greatly to the training he gave in Dragonball, with him having a group of the most powerful warriors in the world on his lookout this time around, and teaching them very little. He helped them increase their power slightly, but compared to Goku, their advances were insignificant. The one crucial facto of this training was the room of spirit and time, where everyone found out how impossibly strong Saiyan are, and that it'd be an extremely tough fight to defeat them.


Increased Gravity Training

Goku was the first person to use this, training intensively hard on his way to Namek in order to have the power to save his friends. He accidentally got a lot powerful by hurting himself, but didn't abuse it due to limited sensu beans. During this time he pushed himself way past the limit, and discovered how powerful he could become. He got the idea of gravity training after he'd been to King Kai, and had such an increase in power there. The main thing that improve was his speed. He managed to get the dial all the way to 100 times the Earths gravity by the end of his trip.

Vegeta also used a capsule pod for his gravity training, trying to become strong enough to defeat both Goku and the androids. He got powerful enough to reach the entry point to become a Super Saiyan. He managed to go all the way to 300 times the Earths normal gravity. Chibi Trunks also trained in here, with Vegeta teaching him, and helping him become a whole lot more powerful in order to do well in the martial arts tournament.


Saiyan Ability To Increase Power When Close To Death

Whilst not essentially a form of training, this was used to make the Saiyans a lot stronger. When healed after almost dying, a Saiyan can almost double their power. Goku accidentally used this, but Vegeta discovered this during the battle against Frieza. He abused this slightly, purposely getting hurt in order to become stronger, but it wasn't quite enough to defeat Frieza, although it gave him a crucial power boost. 


Yardrat Training

When Namek blew up, Goku managed to escape in a pod, and landed on a planet called Yardrat. Here he met some very friendly people, and whilst they weren't very strong, they knew lots of useful techniques. It was here that Goku learn instantaneous movement, a skill that later proved vital in getting him out of some tight situations, and saving the Earth too.


Spirit And Time Training

This was critical in assisting the warrior in terms of power so they could defeat Cell. Two people went in at a time - First it was Trunks and Vegeta, then it was Gohan and Goku. Whilst the former people went all out, and managed to surpass the level of Super Saiyan, Goku and Gohan decided to increase their power as Super Saiyan, as ascending makes you a lot slower. Everyone got infinitely more powerful, but it was Gohan who benefited from it most, with Goku forfeiting a lot of the training he could do in order to help his son get stronger. 


Future Gohan's Training

This was the base style given to Future Trunks, as Gohan taught him to fight in order to beat the androids. This happened in an alternate timeline to the one we are familiar with, and it increased Trunks' strength massively. When Gohan died, Trunks went past the limit of anger, and became Super Saiyan, a feat which would have never been accomplished without Gohan's help. Admittedly, Gohan's training was completely original, he preferred to train Trunks in a similar way as Piccolo trained him.  


Afterlife Training

After sacrificing his life to stop Cell from blowing up the Earth, Goku was stuck in the afterlife, but that didn't stop him from training and becoming stronger. He fought against many warriors from the past, and was trained some more by King Kai. He learnt the skill of fusion, and how to become SSJ 3 whilst dead. This contributed greatly to his knowledge of fighting, and his technique, as well as hugely increasing his strength. His improvements were put to the test when he was wished back to fight in the martial arts tournament, with it being interrupted, and him going onto fight Majin Vegeta and Buu, his strength proving vital to his overall victory.


Chi-Chi's Training

Not much is known about this, except that Chi-Chi would train Goten while Gohan studied. This is where Goten first became a SSJ.


Vegeta-Trunks Training

Not much happens here, it's basically Vegeta and Trunks in 450X gravity, in Capsule Corp. Trunks spars with his father, and is able to become a SSJ. Vegeta also gains considerable strength.


Gohan-Goten Training

These two train before the 25th World Tournament. Goten shows he can become a SSJ, and the two spar. Goten throws rocks at Gohan for him to dodge. Gohan also invites Videl over, and he teaches her how to use Ki power, and teaches her and Goten sky-dancing.


Z Sword Training

After nearly dying versus Buu, Gohan is taken back to the Supreme Kaio's Planet and given the opportunity to pull out the legendary Z-sword, which he does. He trains with this heavy sword a while, gaining some strength. The Z-Sword is smashed when Goku throws a block of the hardest known metal at it.


Fusion Training

Goku says that the only way to defeat Buu will be if Trunks and Goten fuse, and so he trains them by teaching them the special fusion dance. Then, after Goku is taken to Other World (his time ran up), Piccolo continues this training with the boys. This goes on until they are able to make thin Gotenks, then fat Gotenks, then normal Gotenks, then SSJ Gotenks.


Gotenks in the Room of Spirit and Time Training

Super Buu arrives at Kami's lookout, demanding his promised fighter. However, Videl and Piccolo manage to buy one hour, which Goten and Trunks use the Time Chamber to train for about a week. Their time is cut in half when Buu gets mad, but they are still able to reach SSJ3 as Gotenks.


Old Kai's Training

Old Kai uses his abilities to raise Gohan's power. He dances around him for five hours chanting, then sits with his arms out, focusing Gohan's power. Gohan is able to reach his Mystic Saiya-jin abilities after this.


Uub's Training

At the end of DBZ, Goku takes Uub to train near his home. We later see the end of this training in the first episode of GT when Goku is sparring with a much stronger Uub near Kami's lookout.

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