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Dragonball Z GT Fusions Guide

During DragonBall Z/GT, desperate times called for desperate measures and "fusion" was one of those measures. In the show it's when two (can be more for a Namek-jin fusion) characters combine to form a much more powerful being. Usually one being is dominant and his or her personality is more apparent but the fused character's overall personality is completely unique. Other then the Namek-jin fusions, fused characters are usually extremely cocky. Everything else varies from the characters who fused and what method(s) they used to do it. Listed below are the types of fusions (successful, and unsuccessful/imagined) that occur in DBZ and GT.

[The Types of Fusion]

Namekian Fusion: This fusion is exclusively for Namek's. First, one Namek places his hand on the other, then ki is concentrated and the fusion begins to take place. The Namek's have the ability to choose which of the two bodies they want to use. The resulting warrior is much stronger than either warrior alone. If by chance the two warriors fusing were once one being and parted for whatever reasons, the Fusion becomes twice as powerful.

Fusion Dance: The 2 warriors must be equally strong and close in size. Then in order for the fusion to work, the 2 must perform a dance. Any mistake in the dance will end up in a deformed fusion. While performing the dance, the two must yell Fu..sion..ha. If done properly, the 2 will become much stronger than eithe one alone. However, it only lasts 30 minutes, but at SSJ3 they can only stay fused for 5 minutes. The fused fighter's have combined features, but are a completely different person.

Potara Earrings Fusion: It has the same results as the Fusion Dance, the characters must simply wear the Potara Earrings and look at each other to fuse. However, there's one "slight" downfall: the users stay fused forever. In the Buu saga Goku and Vegeta are able to defuse back to their original selves after entering Kid Buu because the laws of physics differ within Buu.

[The Successes Fusions]

This is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta. We see Gogeta in DBZ Movie #12: The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta and again at the end of Dragonball GT when Vegeta and Goku are trying to stop Omega Shenron.
The fusion result of Goten and Trunks. Gotenks is seen in the Buu Saga when all else has failed to stop the evil Buu. It takes Goten and Trunks awhile to finally get the fusion right and when they do get it right they mess around to much and end up running through their timelimit.
This is the fusion between Piccolo and Kami. Since they were once a single being, rejoining the 2 halfs made them much stronger than if one of them fused with someone else. Before the 2 fused they decided on keeping Piccolo's body since it was much stronger & younger. This fusion resulted in a powerful Super Namek and was the strongest being on the planet at the time of the fusion.
Kibito Kai:
This fusion wasn't intended and happened accidentely when Supreme Kai and Kibito were showing Goku the Potara Earrings.
Old Kai:
This fusion happened when an old witch grabbed the Potara Earring off of the Supreme Kai 15 generations back. When the witch put on the earring the two were stuck together forever.
When Piccolo was wished back to life on Planet Namek he quickly picks up Frieza's power and starts to travel to it. On the way he comes accross one of the last Namekians, Nail. Piccolo is informed that he is no match for Frieza but if the two fuse they just might stand a chance. Piccolo is hesitant but finally agrees. They decide on keeping Piccolo's body and when the fusion is over Piccolo goes on and on about how great he feels.
Super 17:
When Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu meat up in hell they make a new Android 17. When this new Android 17 escapes from hell he meets up with the old Android 17 that Gero had made years back. The two fuse and create the all powerful Super 17.
We see Vegito when Goku and Vegeta fuse using the Potara Earrings. They would never have fused knowing that they could never again seperate but they knew they had to in order to defeat Majin Buu. When Buu absorbed Vegito they happened to defuse. Vegeta and Goku then crushed the Potara Earrings.

The Unsuccessful Fusions]

  • Chibi Trunks + Goten = Fat Gotenks (Fusion Dance)
  • Chibi Trunks + Goten = Old Man Gotenks (Fusion Dance)
  • Goku + Dende = Denderotto (Fusion Dance)
  • Goku + Vegeta = Fat Gogeta (Fusion Dance)
  • Goku + Vegeta = Old Man Gogeta (Fusion Dance)
  • Kuririn + Piccolo = Piririn (Fusion Dance)
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