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Dragonball Z GT Transformations Guide

[Types of Transformations]

Since the show started, the creator of Dragonball, Akira Toriyama, really got a taste for transformations of characters. That way, you could never tell if the bad or the good guys had another trick up their sleeves. In this section you will see a picture along with info on just about all of the transformations ever seen. On this page is only a summary of the types of transformations featured in the series.

This type of transformation is very commonly used in manga and anime. A character builds up ki and changes his or her form. Henshin basically means 'changing forms'. Each consecutive form is more powerful than the one before. The first transformation we see is the one from Zarbon, one of Frieza's henchmen. He changes from a handsom guy into a frog-faced monster. Others who used this type of transformation are Cooler, Frieza and Garlic jr. (although the last one also uses the Makyo Star to power up).

Powering up and changing form with the use of ki (and/or the Makyo Star) is one thing, absorbing other beings to gain strength is a whole other ballgame. In Dragonball two creatures use this type of transformation. The first one we get to know as Cell. This creature is an android, #21, designed by Red Ribbon Army's evil genious Dr. Gero. He designed this allmost totally biological android with the help of DNA he gathered from all the strongest warriors on Earth. It has the strength of a Super Saiyan, the regenerative powers of a Namek etc.. When it hatched it only missed one thing: the strength of the Androids #17 and #18. Cell absorbed both androids, one at a time, changing two times and reaching perfect form. At a certain moment, #17 was removed from his being, which made him revert to an earlier form.

The second character to use absorption, and the undefeated champion of absorption, was Buu. Buu is a creature that was created by the evil magician Bibidi, over 5 milion years ago. He was so very evil and powerful that he was able to defeat the Higher Gods of the Universe, the KaioShin, and he absorbed several of them. After absorbing the Dai KaioShin (the most important KaioShin), his evil was weakened because of the good of the Dai KaioShin. It also made him take the form of this rather chubby God. In his weakened state Bibidi was able to imprison Buu, after which Bibidi was destroyed by the East KaioShin, better known as Shin. Bibidi's son Babidi succeeds in freeing Buu, and Buu starts absorbing. First he splits up into an evil and a good Buu, and the Evil Buu absorbs the Good one, making him change into Super Buu. Super Buu than absorbes Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan, each time changing form.


[People that use Transformations]

The first big villian we see in GT. Baby tries to destroy the remaining Saiyans and re-create the Tuffle planet that the Saiyans had destroyed long ago.

Form 1
We see Baby like this when he is in Dr. Myuu's lab. He gradually gets taller/bigger as he continues to take energy from people. Around the time he lands on Earth is when he changes to form 2.

Form 2
In this form he is much taller and much stronger than his previous state. He is now strong enough to take on the remaining Saiyans. After he takes over Vegeta he takes control of every single person on Earth (excluding Fat Buu, Uub & Hercule). I'm not counting the body's Baby inhabits "forms" since Baby himself stays the same, but when Baby does change after leaving a host body I will show the change.
Form 3
We only see Baby in this form (his final form) for a short moment. This is when Goku shoots of Vegeta's tail making Vegeta a whole lot weaker thus Baby leaves the beaten up Vegeta and tries to escape on a space ship. Goku watches calmly & shoots a nice Kamehameha at the ship blasting him into the sun.


This villian and his team of evil henchmen are out to get Goku and friends in a tournament.

Form 1
In this form Bojack is a worthy opponent but he eventually decides to power up because of Gohan.

Form 2
Once Bojack powers up his skin changes to a lighter green and his jacket rips off.


The final villian in DBZ, Buu has an enormous amount of unique and powerful transformations. He even comes back with new transformations after being destroyed at the end of DBZ!
Fat Buu
This is the first form we see be in, but not actually his first form. When he manages to absorb the Grand Supreme Kai in Otherworld, he takes on not just a similar appearence, but a love for sweets, and more pure of heart. Later when Evil Buu is seperated from him, Fat Buu becomes pure good and actually joins up with the good guys.
Evil Buu
This is the pure evil side of Fat Buu seperated out of his body. He is much stronger than Buu, and actually manages to absorb his good half, and become the all powerful Super Buu.
Super Buu
After Evil Buu eats Fat Buu in cookie form, he transforms into Super Buu. Super Buu gets a power increase and seems to be a lot more intelligent and talkative than his previous forms were.
Super Buu (W/ Piccolo)
When Super Buu absorbs Piccolo, his intelligence rises even further than it had before. He gains all of Piccolo's attacks, too.
Super Buu (W/ Gotenks)
Super Buu cleverly absorbs Gotenks by releasing Buu Goo from his body and surrounding Gotenks with it, thus bringing him into his own body bycontrolling the goo. He gains some of Gotenks powers as well as a longer head piece.
Super Buu (W/ Gohan)
After absorbing Gohan, Super Buu turns into these even stronger form. At this point, it seems the Potara fusion of Vegeta and Goku is the only thing stopping him.
Kid Buu
After Goku and Vegeta rescued everyone who was inside Buu, he turns into his true form... Kid Buu! This form isn't as talkative as the others, but he packs quite a wallop. He can even learn attacks just by seeing them in person.
Super Kid Buu
In a flashback we see in the series, Super Kid Buu is shown after Kid Buu absorbs South Kaioshin. He kills two other Kaioshin (North and West), East Kaioshin is able to escape before being killed. He doesn't stop there however, he absorbs Dai Kaioshin which is what turned him into Fat Buu.
After Kid Buu's defeat Goku makes a wish to have him rencarnated as a good person. Uub (Buu spelt backwards) is the result of this wish. We see him fight Goku on the very last episode of DBZ they then go off to Kami's Lookout and train for 10 years.
In DBGT Uub fuses with Fat Buu and gains his ability to turns anything into chocolate along with Fat Buu's other moves of course. He fires his turn into chocolate move at Baby Vegeta and lets Baby turn the move back on Majuub turning him into chocolate instead. Little did Baby know Majuub is strong enough to reverse this and starts powering up inside Baby!


An android created by Dr. Gero, Cell not only knows about his transformations before hand, but actually manages to achieve them when he proves to be the weaker of his opponents!
Dr. Gero's super computer created this small android from the cell's of the earth's greatest fighters. Cell spent years of isolation in this form while the computer programmed data into his brain.
His "shell" form (seen below) spawns from this egg. Bulma, Gohan and Krillin find it. They soon realize something very powerful is about to attack earth...
Cell breaks out of his egg, and turns into this.We don't really know how much power he has in this stage, he just has to de-generate to it in the alternate timeline. We never see this stage in the present.
Imperfect Form 1
This is the first form we see Cell in. His horns are extending outwards, instead of upwards like in his later forms.He absorbs people by piercing them with his sharp tail which allows him to suck the entire body: skin, fluids brain and all, into himself. He does this to tons of innocent humans.
Imperfect Form 2
After Cell absorbs #17, he reaches this form. Cell's power increases dramatically and he gets a human-like mouth, too. When Vegeta battles Cell, his pride dominates him and he allows Cell to absorb #18. Which takes us to his "Perfect" form.
Perfect Cell
As I said above, after he absorbs #18 he turns into this form. This form is so powerful that most of the Saiyans can't even injure him! He gains a lot of familar attacks (Special Beam Cannon, Kamehameha, etc). Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 state is the only person who really has a chance against this machine.
Perfect Cell Full Power
Cell gets so engraged that he turns into this form. He has a golden aura around him, and has USSJ2-like abillities (muscle mass growth). This was the same mistake that Trunks made, now Cell has a dramatic drop in speed which makes him easier to hit for Gohan.


Brother of the evil Frieza, Cooler is able to take it a step beyond his brother, and reach a fifth transformation.
Form 1 to 3
Although Cooler is never shown in any of his first three forms, we do know they exist. When he arrives on Earth and is talking with Goku he explains he is currently in his fourth form, and can even surpass it with a fifth.
Form 4
Unlike Frieza, Cooler prefers to stay in this form, and not use his 1st form when out of combat. Cooler is not only stronger than Frieza when in this form, but has much more control over it, and may explain why he could surpass it.
Form 4 Full Power
After Goku powers up and proves to be stronger than Cooler, Cooler decides to use what is thought to be his maximum level. Cooler's muscle mass and strength increases greatly, however he still proves no match for SSJ Goku. So thats why he goes one step beyond what his brother Frieza ever could.
Form 5
Although it is never exactly stated, it is assumed to be Cooler's ultimate form. He gets an enormous power-up and proves far stronger than Goku. That is, until Goku powers up. Once SSJ even the all powerful form 5 isn't good enough.
Meta Cooler
After Cooler's previous defeat, parts of him lived on and actually become absorbed by a robotic star. The star then started producing millions of robotic type Meta Coolers. In this "upgraded" state he far surpassed his previous strength and in addition can have any mistake or flaw instantly fixed by the Big Ghetti Start when found. It is later shown that these are not the real Cooler, and are all being controlled by part of Coolers brain back in the Big Ghetti Star.


Thought to be the strongest being in the universe, this evil ruler has many forms, and even one he tries out on Earth against Future Trunks.
Form 1
Frieza is in this form for quite a while. Although it's his first form, no one can seem to defeat him in it. When Vegeta eggs on Frieza to transform, he does.
Form 2
Frieza is a bulky and taller in this form. Vegeta is no match for Frieza now. Piccolo puts up quite a good fight, which makes Frieza want to transform to Form 3.
Form 3
Frieza transforms into this reptile-like form when Piccolo begins challenging him. He isn't in this form for very long. This is probably his strangest looking form.
Form 4
Frieza's final form. Some of the Z Warriors thought he looked wimpy in this form, but they were showed wrong. He can only be challenged by SSJ Goku at this point.
Form 4 Full Power
As Goku seems to have the upper hand, Frieza decides to go full power. His muscle mass greatly increases, as does his power level. Unfortunately for Frieza, SSJ Goku is still stronger.
Cyborg Freeza
After Frieza was killed by Goku, Frieza's remains are found in space by King Cold. Cold's scientists rebuild him, so they both decide to go down to Earth. Frieza is once again killed, but this time by SSJ Future Trunks.


Garlic Jr:
Son of Garlic granted immortality in DBZ Movie #1 we see him transform to try to destroy the Z-Warriors when he opens the Dead Zone.
Form 1
In Garlic's first form he was a small green punk with pointed ears. He was more powerful than Kami. But in the long scheme of things that wasn't such a big deal. This is his natural state and what he is seen in most of the time.
Form 2
In order to fight the Z-Warriors Garlic transformed into a monster of a creature. His facial features very similar. But other than that he changed compltely. His muscles are much bigger and more bulky, he was also a lot taller.

A powerful demon from Movie 12, Janemba's strength surpasses that of even a SSJ3, but will it match Gogeta?
Form 1
This the boy responsible for accidently releasing Janemba's soul in Otherworld. Janemba possesses the boy, and eventually transforms into his own body.
Form 2
In this flubbery childdish state, Janemba proves fairly strong, but what proves to be the most efficient is his incredible library of attacks he is able to pull off.
Form 3
When Goku finally manages to enrage this strange demon, he transforms into an enormously more powerful state. So strong, he can easily defeat that of a Super Saiyan 3. But a Saiyan Fusion, may prove different.

General Rildo:
2nd in command on planet M2, seen in DBGT. Rildo has several forms, all of which he is able to test out on Goku.
Form 1
In Rilldo's first form his strength isn't what you should watch out, it's his ability to turn anyone or anything into metal. However, when fighting Goku he is forced to transform because Goku is to fast to be hit with the attack. Rilldo also has a Rocket Punch attack like Android 16 which can be used for a long distance punch.
Form 2
Rilldo in this form is slightly less than the power of Kid SSJ Goku. In this transformation he absorbs several other robots that had been previously beaten by Goku. The drill and most of his other new found abilities prove fairly useless, and he is forced to transform yet again.
Form 3
In Rilldo's final form, he gains the ability to control ANYTHING that is metal. Now seeing how the entire planet they were on is made of metal, Goku is starting to look pretty out matched.

Master Roshi:
The early master and friend of Goku and Krillin is very strong considering he is only human and is able to transform in a matter of seconds.
Form 1
This is Master Roshi's normal form. In this form he's pretty strong considering he's only human. Even when he fights people he stays in this form because he knows how the muscle increase can slow him down.
Form 2
When Roshi is preparing do use the Kamehameha Wave he powers up into this form. He doesn't have to transform to preform a Kamehameha but they are much more powerful when he does. This transformations takes only a matter of seconds and only a few people have ever seen him transform.

Zaacro & Raiti :
These shapeshifters transform into Namekians and trick some of the Z-Fighters into thinking there planet is Namek.
Form 1
Zaacro and Raiti are shapeshifters trapped on a deserted planet. After seeing Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin land on the planet, they fool them into thinking that they are Namekians and the planet is Namek. They lead them on a wild goose chase hoping to steal an opportunity to escape the planet on their spaceship.
Form 2
This is Zaacro and Raiti's true form. Once in this form they gain no power ups or anything like that. Transforming into this state is very easy and requires very little time.

Frieza's right hand man. This pretty boy becomes one ugly mother in his transformed state, check it out
Form 1
In Zarbon's first form we don't see him get into any real fights because of his superioir power that is until he fights Vegeta on Planet Namek. His max power level in this form is 21,000 but still isn't enough to beat Vegeta so he decides to transform.
Form 2
Zarbon's second form takes away his pretty boy look and turns him into a vicious monster in appearence. His base powerlevel in this form is 34,000 giving him a powerup of 11,000. With this added power, he easily tore into Vegeta, but later on after Vegeta become stronger, not even this new added power was enough so he was killed by Vegeta.
Mr Roshi

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