Dragonball Never Say Never

Dragonball Never Say Never

Fanfic sent to my by:  Terri

A/N: Hi, this is just a short piece I have always wanted to write about Goku and his father meeting for the first time… so please enjoy and remember this story is MA because of a little swearing.

Never say Never

“My father? Are you…Serious?” Goku asked bluntly.

“Yes Goku… Very serious… He is a well respected man in hell, ironic I know but true…” King Kia said smiling.

“You don't say… Well I guess… I would love too go and meet him…” Goku said laughing.

“Alright… well we don't have to go anywhere; he's actually waiting at the soul station with King Yama…” King Kia said snorting.

Bubbles raged at pulled at King Kia's shirt.

“Alright Bubbles… we will get you some thing to eat! Don't burst a bubble!... AH HA AH HA AH HA… bubble! GET IT!!” King Kia roared at his own amusement.

He turned around to see Goku, but he was gone.

“Bet I guess where he has gone!” King Kia said shrugging.

* * *

Goku appeared next to King Yama with his fingers still on his head. King Yama looked down and smiled.

“Arrgh Goku… we have been waiting…” He said smiling at the young man.

“Hey King Yama… Nice to see you again…” Goku said with a smile.

“My god… it is true, a Saiyan with manners… Never thought I'd see the day…” A man said with his back turned to them.

A familiar hair cut formed on his head whipped around as the man looked at Goku. Goku held still as if he felt he could lose the moment and wake up. The man smirked.

“Speechless too…” He said smiling.

Goku swallowed hard. He couldn't help staring at the man's eyes, hoping to search his soul for answers. But he found nothing but emptiness. Goku sighed.

“I'm Goku… nice to meet you…” He said forcing a smile.

“Goku… Arrgh yes… you're earth name…” He said taking a step forward.

“By you're appearance… I'm guessing you're not from around here…?” Goku asked looking at the marking on the man's wrist.

A small tattoo was marked into his flesh baring the symbol of hell. The man sighed.

“A comedian as well… You are my son… there is no mistake about that…” He said smirking.

Goku smiled.

“Bardock… I have heard so much about you…” Goku said offering his hand.

Bardock looked at it for a second.

“An earth tradition maybe?” Bardock asked holding out his hand too.

Goku grabbed his hand and shook it. Bardock smirked.

“I needed to tell you something…” Bardock said as he let go of his hand.

“Ok…” Goku said blinking.

“The Kia's have decided that…” Bardock started.

* * *

Vegeta flew one more powerful punch in the air before retiring to dinner. He slower floated to the ground. He looked up into the dark sky.

“Something… is about to arise…” He murmured.

“VEGETA!! Get you're smelly arse in here!! NOW!” Bulma yelled from the kitchen door.

“Infernal women!” Vegeta cursed under his breath.

He started to walk towards the house.

Never have I been as insulted as a royal prince as these past few years… damn this hell hole! AND DAMN THAT WOMEN!

He opened the door slowly and walked in. Bulma's family was there, including the idiot she called a mate. Vegeta shook his head and sat down in his usual spot. He looked over at Yamcha. No bite mark was clear on his neck. Vegeta shrugged.

Why would anyone want that thing anyway… even that women ‘can do better' as they say…

Vegeta sighed as Bulma passed him his food.

“What do you say Vegeta?” Bulma's mother asked.

Vegeta grunted. He hated doing this.

“Thankyou…” He mumbled.

“You tamed the beast…” Yamcha laughed.

Vegeta glared at him and Yamcha's laughs dulled down to whimpers. He smirked in accordance.

“Behave monkey magic!” Bulma said smirking.

Vegeta frown his eyebrow at her. She laughed. She loved the way he new nothing about the earth or its history.

“What's this monkey magic you always speak of?” Vegeta asked while shoving food into his mouth.

“Vegeta manners please!” Bulma's mother squeaked.

“I'll show you after dinner if you promise never to do that again!” Bulma said closing her eyes.

Vegeta shrugged. He didn't see the big deal, but he loved annoying and making the women feel uncomfortable. He continued eating no worrying about it.

* * *

Bulma sat Vegeta down in front of the T.V and turned it on. She changed channels to Monkey Magic. Vegeta sat and watched it closely. Bulma giggled at how intense he was watching the program.

“That should keep you out of my hair for awhile… trying to figure out why there mouths don't match the words…” Bulma said laughing.

“What do you mean?” Vegeta asked.

“Just watch it!” She said walking out.

Vegeta sat back as he watched the old show play on the T.V. He didn't see what was so interesting, but they hadn't talked yet so her sat and waited.

* * *

“So they are letting me fight in the world martial arts tournament… it is kind of like a rewords system…” Bardock explained.

“So you can come compete with us then?” Goku asked laughing.

“Yes… only for two days but…” Bardock explained.

“That's great!! Vegeta will love to hear this!!” Goku said smiling widely.

“Vegeta… you mean… he is living on earth?” Bardock asked.

“Yeah… and don't tell anyone, but him and my friend Bulma are going to become a couple and have a child!” Goku said.

“A child… But… I thought you two were the only Saiyan's left, how could he have a child…?” Bardock asked.

“I have a son… on planet earth, there are humans, exactly like us except without a tail…” Goku said smiling.

“That's amazing…” Bardock said shocked.

“Outrages huh?” Goku said.

“Well what's the use in standing around talking about it… let's go to earth and I can see for myself!” Bardock said putting his hand on his fathers shoulder.

“You mean you can leave?” Goku asked.

“I've already been granted permission…” Bardock said smiling.

“Ok well hold on to my shoulder…” Goku said bringing his fingers up to his forehead.

Bardock held on tight as the disappeared from the soul station. King Yama sighed.

“I wish I could get a few days off!” He mumbled.


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