Dragonball DD Fanfiction

Dragonball DD Fanfiction

Fanfic sent to by by: Jason Dodge


One day Vegeta was training with Goku and Goten was training with Trunks. An hour into training the sky turned black, the wind kicked up to at least 100 miles per hour, and lighting crashed in the sky. Goku said, “Wasn’t it clear and sunny a few moments ago?” Vegeta responded, “It was Kakarot, it was?”  Then all of a sudden strike of lightning hit the ground right in front of Goku. A second later a teenager with an immense power level appeared. The teenager stated, “ Do not be afraid I am here to help you and your planet.” Goku questioned, “What do you mean and who are you?” The teenager responded, “To answer your second question my name is Jason I am a sayian like you. I am here because earth is in grave danger.” Vegeta also questioned, “What the heck are you talking about you a sayian?”  “Well yes I am a sayian but I was not alive ½ an hour ago. The supreme Kia granted me and some of my friend’s life to warn earth of the dangers it’s in.” At that moment Gohan, Videl, and Pan walk up and don’t seem to see Jason. Pan, who was wished to be the same age and power level as Trunks, runs up to Goku and yells, “Grandpa!!” Goku hugs Pan and says, “Pan how are you doing?” “Good, watch what I can do.” After saying that Pan powers up and goes to Super Sayian (SSJ) Level 2, then she powers up even more and goes SSJ3. When Trunks sees this he exclaims, “Wow you really amazed me this time Pan!” Pan blushes and says, “Thanks.” Jason grabs Pan on the shoulder and says, “Sorry to break up your reunion but we have some business to take care of” Pan looks at Jason and says to Goku, “Who is he?” Goku replies, “This is Jason.” Pan says, “Oh, well he’s cute.” Trunks glares at Pan. Pan looks at Trunks and says, “Hey I’m just kidding. You know I love you and only you.” Trunks smiles at Pan. Pan then powers down.

Jason says to Goku, “the reason earth is in trouble is because all the major villains you have ever defeated up to Kid Buu, whoever that is, are coming back and none of them are any weaker then the evil dragon ball dragons. Goku says, “How can that be?” Jason replies, “They have all been training in the deepest, darkest, hottest part of hell. And there the gravity is at least 1,000 times stronger than earths gravity.” Gohan asks, “When will they come here?” Jason says nervously, “They will be here in five years.” Pan looks at Trunks and has tears in her eyes. Trunks asks her, “Pan what’s the matter?” Pan replies, “Nothing, nothing at all” and runs into Gokus’ house just as she burst into tears. “Wonder what that was about,” says Goku. Goten says, “I know but I can’t say.” Trunks looks at Goten and says, “If this is something about me and Pan you better tell me.” Goten replies, “I will give you a hint it has to do with that you and Pan turn 18 in one month and this thing wont be able to happen if we are all training.” Trunks jaw drops open and Trunks says, “I-I-I-It can’t be. I forgot all about that. I’ll be right back.”

As Trunks goes in to talk to Pan Goku says, “Hey everyone why don’t we go while we plan on what we are goanna do?” Jason says, “That sounds like a good idea, let’s go.” After that everyone goes inside to eat. When everyone is inside Jason asks, “How will we get enough food to feed us all?” Gohan exclaims, “Easy just wish for it!” Jason questions, “How do we do that when the Dragonballs are gone?” Goten answers, “Well the dragon gave that power to my dad just watch!” At that moment the front door was blasted away and a huge power level flooded the room. Then a figure stepped into the room and yelled, “Jason the time has been brought down to 2 ½ years!” Jason turns to the figure and replies, “Ryan we all hope you’re kidding.” Ryan replies, “Heck no I’m not.” Jason asks, “When will everyone else be here?” “Within ½ a day.” Answers Ryan. Jason nods his head. Five minutes later trunks walks out of Goten’s room with Pan. Trunks starts to say something but Bura walks in, looks around, walks up to Trunks and hugs him. Trunks says, “Hey sis what’s up.” Goten fades and appears behind Bura then puts his arms around her waist. Bura says, “Hey Goten.” Jason mutters, “Not again.” And blasts Goten in the back. Goten yells, “What the heck was that for!!” Jason replies, “Stop flirting and get down to business!”

After that everyone gets something to eat and then sits down. Bura asks Goten, “What is going on around here that I don’t know about? And who are these weird people? I have never seen them before.” “Well,” says Goten, “To answer your second question, These people are sayians just like us. This is Jason and that’s Brian.” “Well, then why are they here and why haven’t seen them before?” Questions Bura. Jason answers, “You have never seen us before because we have been dead we were sent to earth because all the villains you Z warriors have fought are coming back to destroy earth they have found a way from hell to earth. The villain's power levels are all going to be at least 799,999,999. Also just to tell you there are two more of us coming, Steven, and Anthony. “ Jason says, “Ok, the others should be here soon.” At that point there was a crash and a chubby short haired sayian appeared. Jason says to the sayian, “Steven where is Anthony he should have come with you.” “Well,” replies Steven, “Anthony meet up with Bardock, who is as strong than Brian but not as strong as me so his power level is 200,000,007. As you know my power level is 200,000,008 at its max. And Brian, well his power level is 200,000,007. So I think having Bardock on our team will help us a lot. So Anthony is trying to get King Kia to let Bardock come down here to help.” Steven then rests for a few seconds, "They should be here in about a day and a half." Jason says, "Ok then we got some time before we have to start the major training." Pan then asks Jason if her, Trunks, Goten, and Bura can go on a date Jason replies, "It aint up to me ask your parents." Trunks asks Vegeta and he says yes and Pan asks Gohan he replies as long as you're back within a day.” Pan hugs Gohan and says, “Thanks Daddy.” Trunks says to Pan, “Lets go Pan.”

At that time Goten hits trunks in the back and says, “Wait for me and Bura we got to get ready.” Trunks responds, “Did you ask you guys parents.” “Yes we did.” Replies Goten. Pan asks Goten five minutes later, “Where’s Bura at we’ve been waiting for five minutes.” Goten smiles and says, "She’s getting ready.” Trunks looks at Pan and says, “Look at you, you sometimes take an hour to get ready for a date.” Pan blushes and replies, “I know, it’s just that us girls always take a long time to get ready. I didn’t need to only because I’m already ready. The only reason I am though is because I was gona ask you to go on a date with me when I got here but I couldn’t because of stupid Jason.” All three of them laugh at that. Ten minutes later Bura walks out of the bathroom. Goten’s jaw drops open in shock, Trunks does the same. Bura asks Goten, “Is this good enough for you.” Goten doesn’t reply. Pan says to Bura, “That’s a yes.” Pan then kicks Trunks. Trunks is snapped out of the trance and says to Pan, “What was that for, why did you kick me.” Pan glares at Trunks and responds, “You never look at me like that. That’s why I kicked you.” “I never look at you like what?” Asks Trunks. Pan replies, “Look at Goten and you’ll see what I mean.” Trunks looks at Goten and mutters, “Oh, like that sorry.” Bura kicks Goten and says, “Lets go.” At that Goten, Bura, Trunks, and Pan fly off. When those four are gone Jason says, “I’m going to sleep.”  Everyone agrees.

Five miles away Pan, Trunks, Goten, and Bura on the ground. Bura and Goten are training, and Trunks and Pan are training. After 18 hours of training Pan and Bura fall onto their backs from Exhaustion. Trunks and Goten look at each other and then look at Pan and Bura. Trunks then announces to Bura and Pan, “You two lasted twelve hours longer then last time. That’s pretty good especially for you two. Good job!” Trunks and Goten then lie down next to their girlfriends. Pan and Bura smile at each other. Pan then kicks Trunks in the ribs; Bura does the same to Goten. Goten and Trunks both loose all their air. Pan and Bura jump up and get into ready position. Trunks whispers to Goten, “Switch.” Goten nods and attacks Pan, and Trunks attacks Bura. Then the girls both fade and appear by each other. Pan then says to the boys, “ Me and Bura have been practicing a new move and we wanted you two to be the first ones to see it.” Bura and Pan stand in the fusion dance position. When Trunks sees this he yells, “Goten fuse now.” Just then Pan says, “Hurry up boys we all know you can fuse also.” Goten nods at Trunks. Trunks and Goten then get into the fusion dance position. Then all four of them do the fusion dance. A few seconds later Gotenks appears and sees the fused Pan and Bura. Gotenks then says, “Who are you the princes of the wimps.” The fusion of Pan and Bura says, “No, my name is Buran. Also known as your worst nightmare.” Gotenks responds, “Ha, that’s funny lets see what you got.” At that Gotenks charges Buran. Buran just stands there, turns around, And starts to hum. Gotenks stops in mid air and starts to fall asleep. Buran then turns around with a blast in her hands and yells, “BURANS’ KAAAAMMMEEEHHAAAMMEEEEHAAA!!!” At that Buran fires a Kamehameha at Gotenks. Right before the blast hits Gotenks he wakes up and dodges it. Gotenks laughs, walks up to Buran and says, “That was good you almost got me.” Buran then laughs and requests, “Gotenks look behind you,” Bura then moves to the side. Just as Gotenks turns around he gets hit in the stomach with the blast. The blast keeps going and goes through ten mountains with Gotenks in front of it. The blast then stops and Gotenks fissions. After the fission is done Goten and Trunks are knocked out. Then Buran flies over and does the fission technique. When Bura and Pan are apart Pan picks up Trunks and Bura picks up Goten.

When Goten and Trunks wake up the four of them are in front of The Sayian All You Can Eat Buffet. Trunks and Goten both ask, “What happened?” Bura then explains to the boys what happened. After Bura is done explaining Pan asks the boys, “Do you two smell anything good?” Goten and Trunks sniff the air, when they do their eyes go wide. Pan then says to them, “We are at our favorite buffet. Lets go in and eat.” Then they all fly in to the buffet. The cashier says, “Well if it isn’t our favorite customers. Two dollars each please.” Trunks and Goten's mouths are watering when the give the cashier their money. Then the four of them sit in the sayian section. Bura and Pan are holding their boyfriends. Goten mutters, “Let us go now.” At that Pan and Bura let go and Goten and Trunks fly to the food. One minute later the boys get back with two plates that are half the size of the table piled with food. Pan and Bura then say, “Lets eat.” Up in the other world Andrew is trying to get King Kia to let Bardock go down to earth King Kia thinks for a minute and says, “O.k. as long as he says hello to Goku for me.” Bardock replies, “I guess I can.” Right before King Kia sends Bardock and Anthony down Thomas comes running over and yells, “Wait for me, I’m coming to help.” Thomas then powers up to his max. King Kia utters, “Your as strong as you brother with a power level of 200,000,010. You can definitely go.” King Kai then sends the three down to earth.

At Gokus’ house Vegeta is training with Goku and both of them are in SSJ4. Just as Vegeta and Goku both throw a punch Thomas appears in between them. Vegeta and Goku both hit Thomas in the face. Thomas then grabs their arms swings them around him and throws them up in the air. As Goku and Vegeta are thrown they hit each other in the head and fall down to the ground. The two sayians are knocked out when they hit the ground. Thomas then announces, “Those two really need some more training,” and then laughs. When Goku and Vegeta wake up Goku slurs, “What the heck happened?” Jason answers, “My brother Tom here knocked you out and I Just discovered his power level is two more than Andrew which means it’s 200,000,10, and that’s the same as mine.” Thomas then says to Goku and Vegeta, “Go find you kids so we can train you.” Goku and Vegeta nod, and then instant transmission to the first place they think the kids could be. Meanwhile at the buffet Pan has her head on Trunks shoulder, and their both sleeping. Goten and Bura on the other hand are making out. Goku and Vegeta then appear, when they appear Pan and Trunks wake up. Trunks then says groggily, “Hey dad, hey Goku what’s up.” Goku looks at Goten and says to Goten, “Son we have to go be back in at the most three minutes.”

After that Goku and Vegeta leave. Trunks says to the other three, “Well the time has come.” At that Bura and Goten instant transmission. Pan then walks over to Trunks, kisses him and says, “Lets beat these villains.” And then hugs Trunks. Trunks thinks to himself, I can’t let her down we both want to get married and I always wanted a kid I’m sure she does too. Dang it this isn’t good. If I die it might ruin her life. But then again she could just ask Goku to wish me back to life. But what if Goku dies. Trunks stop thinking like that think happy and good. Not sad and bad. Trunks then kisses Pans’ forehead and says, “Lets go.” Trunks then uses instant transmission. When Pan and Trunks get to Gokus’ house Goku says to Trunks, “I thought it would be Goten and Bura that got here last. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.” Goku then turns to Gohan and gives him some money and mumbles, “Here’s your 500 dollars. I guess you won the bet.” Jason says to Trunks, Pan, Goten and Bura, “You guys can’t go on anymore dates till this is over.” Trunks then says, “And why’s that Jason.” Jason answers, “That you don’t have to worry about.” Goten then utters, “Jason you CAN’T tell us what to do you little…” Goten powers up to SSJ4, puts his hands into a cup by his side and yells, “KAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAMMEEEHAAAA!!” But before Goten fires the Kamehameha Jason blasts him. Goten then falls to the ground and disappears. When Goten disappears Bura starts to cry and Goku curses at Jason. Trunks then says, “Hey you two stop for one he aint dead, for two he’s only knocked out, and for three he’s probably at the lookout.” Jason then said to Trunks, “That’s right so lets go to the lookout.”

At that everyone starts to fly to the lookout but before they can lift off piccolo arrives and asks, “What the heck is going on here someone explain.” Jason then explains what’s going on. When Jason is done explaining everyone leaves for the lookout. On the way there Jason sees Pan and Trunks laughing in the back. Jason slows down and grabs Trunks. “Good I knew you would do that. I need to ask you something.” Jason responds, “What is it,” and looks at the ground below. Trunks asks, “Did something happen to you in your past when you were alive that makes it so you don’t like me and Goten flirting with our girlfriends. If there is tell me and Pan cause maybe we can help you.” Jason looks up with a very sad face on and flies off to the front. When Tom sees Jason fly past him he flies to Trunks and asks, “What the heck did you ask my brother?” Trunks then tells Tom what he said and what Jason did. Tom responds by saying, “You never should have asked him that now he’s gona tell you what happened and the story is long. This is the fifth time someone asked him this but the first time they offered to help. I really hope you can help him.” Tom then flies next to Jason. Trunks then flies to catch Pan. When he catches her he mumbles, “You were right it does have to do with his past. I owe you two hundred dollars. Some girl probably dumped him. No girl would ever dump me and I know that for a fact.” Pan looks at trunks and responds, “I know differently, I just might dump you for making fun of peoples past. So I would stop if I were you before I get Bura to fuse with me and help me beat you up.” Trunks replies, “Hey I was just kidding, please don’t threaten to dump me I don’t want to be al alone, please don’t dump me, please.” Trunks then puts an arm around Pan and says, “I love you Pan.’’ Pan responds, “I love you to Trunks.” Pan then kisses Trunks. Trunks smiles when she’s done. Pan looks at Jason and says, “Trunks I think he saw us kissing.” Trunks sighs. Ten minutes later everyone gets to the lookout. Piccolo then asks Jason to finish explaining what’s going on. So Jason does and it takes him ten minutes.

After Jason is done Piccolo says, “Man this is too much for me you guys handle it yourself. I’m nowhere near strong enough to help,” and flies off. Jason looks over and sees Pan and Trunks sitting on the other side of the lookout. Jason then goes over to Trunks and Pan and says, “I’ll tell you what happened in my past that resulted in me not liking it when you two flirt. I know that’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do but I can’t except it.” Trunks responds, “Ok then go ahead and start.” Jason starts out with, “In my life, alive and dead, I have only had one girlfriend. She was just like you Pan but she never spent much time with me. In the total of the nine years we were together we only spent time between classes together and only went on two dates.” Jason stops and wipes his eyes then continues, “The first date was to a restaurant. I ordered the food and then we ate this was our freshman year in high school so it was the sixth year we were together. After we ate two of her friends came in and she went to sit with them. Twenty minutes later they left and I paid the bill for us all. They weren’t even in our party. But still I paid for them; I should have only paid for us. The next day in school during energy training she came in and put a note in my desk. When I saw her do this I was fighting the sayian that was best in the class for two days. Well she stayed and watched. So I decided to impress her. I sent the whole class including her to an arena. When we were there I let Anthony here who was the best in the class beat up on me. It didn’t hurt at all five minutes later I was on the ground, everyone thought Anthony beat me but then I faded and appeared by Andrew and kicked him in the face. Then I grabbed him by the tail spun him over my head, threw him up and used my own special attack that I made. You all know it well it’s called the Kamehameha wave. I shot it at him and well lets just say it was his first time going to the nurse to be healed. That was the last class I had to become best in to work for freiza and that was a privilege because supposedly I was a lower class sayian. Then I sent everyone back to the school.

When we got there freiza was there. That was the first time I saw him and hated him from that point on. No liked him so I made a plan. When I was in a crowd I powered up a Kamehameha attack. When freiza was in line of fire I hit him, And blasted five inches of his tail right off. Well freiza went insane then everyone was laughing and everyone except freiza and his henchman knew who hit him. I faded to class. This class was the only one Brittany, my girlfriend was in. when I got there everyone gave me high fives and Brittany kissed me it was the only kiss I ever got from her. My teacher upgraded me to the best student in the class which is equal to a 100% in your high school. That was the best day in my life. When Andrew got out of the nurses office well we became friends. Now to mine and Christy's second date first I waited for three hours in front of a movie theater waiting for her. When she got there she was with a friend. I then bought three tickets for The Death Of Freiza: The Movie. Her and her friend sat in the front. And I had to sit6 in the back because there were no seats in the front left. Brittany and her friend left early but I didn’t even notice. So when the movie was over I waited for half an hour in the front again and then it hit me that she left without me. So I left without her and flew to my house. By the way this was our ninth year together. At the end of the year she came to my house with some punk called Prince Vegeta I could have easily fought with him and beat him but I didn’t. When Brittany asked to come in, me being the idiot I am, I let her in. I knew what was coming she was going to dump me but it was worse than that. When she came in I told her to sit down and she did, then she said, ‘Jason I had a great time and I really like you a lot I wish we could have gone on more dates but we can’t. All these nine years was just a bet in third grade you were the most unpopular sayian there was but now you’re the second most popular guy I know. But I got to break up with you. Maybe I’ll see you at Vegetas’ and my wedding. Bye, see you later.’ Then she left and two weeks later those two got married and had a kid, they named him prince Vegeta. That’s your dad over there trunks now he knows who his mother is.

Anyway a year after you dad was born the planet exploded. And all but five sayians died. Well in the after life I never even saw her but I dedicated all my training to her. But why should I have done that when she’s the one that ruined my life if she knew what I did she wouldn’t even care.” When Jason finishes eh sits down, burst into tears and screams, “SHE USED ME SHE FREAKIN USED ME!!!! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME BRITTANY, BOTH YOU AND VEGETA ARE FREAKIN JERKS. I HOPE YOU BOTH COME DOWN HERE ALIVE SO THAT I CAN KILL YOU BOTH AGAIN, SO JUST COME DOWN SO I CAN FREAKIN KILL YOU. YOUR BOTH FREAKIN A…” At that Jason stops and faints. Everyone including gotten is standing around Jason. Pan and Bura both have tears running down their faces. Goten mutters, “I never knew if only he told earlier… Wait we can help him, Trunks come here.” Trunks walks over to Goten, Goten whispers something to Trunks and they both disappear. An hour later Goten returns. Goku asks Goten what him and Trunks are doing, but Goten doesn’t respond he just looks at Jason sitting in the corner, and then walks over to Pan and Bura. Goten then tells Pan and Bura what him and Trunks are doing. A few minutes later Goten disappears. Goten than appears next to trunks in the other world. Trunks is in the middle of saying something, “…Christy just tell us what really happened.” Brittany nods and says, “The truth is I never hated Jason actually I loved him. But then one day prince Vegeta came and asked me to marry him.

So with the sayian custom I had to but I hated him. A year after we were married I had a son Vegeta called him prince Vegeta, after him. A year after that freiza blew up the planet and all but five sayians died. Up here I watched Jason train every day after me and Vegeta got divorced. The first day of his training I heard him dedicate his training to me so I did the same thing I dedicated my training to him and now my power level is 199,999,999. And now that I know he still remembers me I want to go down and apologize to him.” Goten nods and responds, “lets go and talk to King Kia.” Five minutes later King Kia sends Christy down to earth. When they get there Jason has his back to them and Goten is talking to him. When Goten is done talking Jason says, “I’m so sure she’s sorry she hates me and I know that.” Christy then says, “Jay are you sure about that.” Jason then turns around when he sees Christy he powers up to his max and says, “you little… you best have come here to fight because that’s what your gona get.” Christy shrugs and powers up to her max. Jason then charges Christy but she flips over him and blasts him in the back. Jason falls to the ground. Jason then fades and appears behind Christy. Jason puts his right arm around her neck. Jason then opens his left hand and puts it up to Christy's back. Jason powers up a blast but before he can fire it Christy kicks him. Jason falls to the ground in pain. Christy then puts her foot on Jason's chest and says, "What's wrong with you. Do you want to lose me again?" Jason looks puzzled, "Huh, what do you mean loose you again?"  Christy sighs, "Jason why do You think I'm here?" Jason answers, "to fight me. Duh." "Is that all You think about JD." Jason says, "OK now I'm confused what's going on here." Jason looks at Trunks and Goten, "What's going on?"  Trunks responds, "Don't look at us. We don't know." Christy says to Jason, "The only reason I married King Vegeta was because he asked me to, and as you know once the Prince asks someone to marry him its required of her to marry him. If I had a choice I would have stayed with you." Jason says, "but what about the dates why didn't we go on more, or at least go alone on the two we had." Christy replies, "I was scared. Ok I was scared." "Why were you scared?" "Because I didn't want to get hurt. But then the day Vegeta asked me to marry him I was going to..." "You were going to what?" "I was going ask you to marry me." "Huh."  "That day I was thinking about my future and then noticed that i kept thinking of you as my husband so I decided to go ask you even though it's the men that are supposed to ask the girl to marry him but I didn't care.

Then I remembered that that day was the end of the bet but I didn't care. Then I heard a knock on the door well i thought it was you but it was Vegeta. Well that's when he asked me. After that I went to your house and you know what happened after that?" Jason sits down on the ground and then says, "I can't decide if this is good or bad. It could be good because i always wished for this, but it could be bad because well of the time its happening. And u shouldn't be down here any way. When D-day comes your gona die for sure." Christy laughs, "you sure about that." Christy then raises her hands to the sky and powers up but very calmly. Jason is shocked, "Oh my god how did you do that." "I just powered up." "Yeah I know that but you did it very calmly, that's what I want to know how u did it so calm." "I think you know the answer to that question." "It can't be...your not ...are you?" "Well what do you think I am?" "No you aren' can't be it was my goal in life." Trunks steps in, "What are you guys talking about?" Jason replies, "Have you ever heard of the ultimate sayian." "Yeah but that's just a legend aint it." Jason shakes his head, "No it aint a legend, but the legend is mostly false." What do you mean false." "Well the ultimate sayian isn't the strongest of all sayians.

The ultimate sayian is a sayian that can power up calmly and much quicker than any other sayian. It was my goal in life but it looks like it wasn't my strong point it was Christy's." Christy responds actually it wasn't my strong point but I kept trying so I just succeeded in it and well... never mind but all that matters is that is that I am an ultimate sayian." Christy looks at Jason and asks, "You Feeling better about me being here" "I guess I am, as long as everything your saying is true." "It is but I think we need to get training. And maybe I can help you become an ultimate sayian." "That would be cool, but we have one more day before we have to train in the hyper bolic time chamber. So I was thinking that we could..." "That we could what," asks Christy, "Go on a real date." Jason nods. "Ok, let's go then." Christy flies off and Jason looks over to Goten and Trunks, "Thank you both." Jason then follows Christy. Trunks looks at Goten. Goten nods. Trunks and Goten fly off. Both Pan and Bura look confused but follow. Goku says, "Well I'm gona get some sleep you should to Vegeta." Vegeta nods, "Ok but i aint sleeping in the same room as you." Goku makes a weird face, "Well duh." At that Vegeta and Goku go separate ways to sleep. Brian, Steven Anthony, Tom, and Bardock do the same. Gohan looks at Videl, "What do you want to do?" Videl responds, "Sleep I guess." "Ok then let's go." Gohan walks towards the last room. Videl says, "Gohan, you know this might be the last time we are going to get to sleep together.” “Yes I know but don’t think like that. Come on I'm tired lets go.” Videl follows Gohan into the room. Mean while Buran and Gotenks are trying to do something.

One day later Bura and Pan appear. A few minutes later Trunks and Goten appear behind Bura and Pan. The four sayians sit down. A few minutes after they get back Goku, Vegeta, Steven, Brian, Tom, and Bardock appear yawning. Tom says, "Hey Trunks where's my brother." "I don't know he didn't get back yet." Well now we can yell at him." Trunks laughs. A few minutes later Gohan and Videl come out of their room. Gohan says, " Well we're all her lets get to the hyper bolic time chamber." Pan responds, "Actually dad Jason and Christy aren't here. Ironic aint it." "Wait Jason aint here that is ironic." Trunks says, "Well since Jason aint back and wont be for a while I'm sure, me, Goten, Pan, and Bura have something to show everyone." Goku nods, "okay then go ahead." At that Trunks, and Goten fuse into Gotenks and Bura and Pan fuse into Buran. Gotenks says, "Hope you all are ready for extreme power." Five minutes later Gotenks and Buran are in the fusion position and every one is standing back. Buran looks at Gotenks and nods, at that they start the fusion dance. Three seconds later a new figure is standing in place of them. The figure says, “My name is Botanks. I am an ultimate fusion.” Botanks then powers up to SSJ4. Goku says, “dang you power level is 199,999,998.” Botanks nods.

Two hours later Jason and Christy return laughing. When they land on the lookout Goku says, “Ok now that everyone is here lets get started.” Jason replies, “Good idea Goku.” At that everyone walks towards the hyperbolic time chamber. When they get there Goku messes with the controls and says, “I set the time at one day out equals ten days and the gravity is 5,000 times stronger than earths gravity. So it will be very, very hard to move for those who live on earth.” Goku turns to Popo, “Popo open the door in two years and five months.” Popo nods. They all then enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After an hour they are all able to move around. Goku sets up training groups. Gohan, Goten, and Trunkstrain together. Bura, Pan, Videl, and Christy train together. Brian, Jason, and Goku train together. And Vegeta, Tom, Steven, and Anthony train together. After they stay in for the whole two years and five months everyone is at least as strong as 789,099,000. When Popo opens the door Goku exclaims, “hey it’s a lot easier to walk out here then it was in there.” Vegeta replies, “duh Kakarot we were just in 5,000 times earths gravity for two years and five months. Twenty four years and two months if you count the time in the hyperbolic time chamber.” Popo asks the Z warriors if they should be going to find the villains. Jason replies, “Popo’s right we better get going.” At that everyone flies off. A few miles later they run into Napa. Napa says, “Well look who dropped by it’s the weaklings.” Napa scans the group and says, “Ha the highest power level here is 200,000,000. None of you stand a chance.” Vegeta appears behind Napa and says, “You wana bet.” And slams down on Napa’s head fades and appears under Napa and fires a blast right through his chest. Vegeta then fades and appears by Goku. Trunks whines, “Dad I wanted to kill Napa.” And then laughs. Goten says, “ shut up I think I hear someone.” Everyone shuts up.

Goten then says, “yep I here two people they sound like Freiza and Cooler.” Goten flies to the east everyone follows. One hundred yards away the see cooler talking to freiza. Goten whispers to Trunks, “you take Cooler I’ll take Freiza.” Trunks nods and charges at cooler while Goten charges at Freiza. Right before trunks and Goten hit them Cooler and Freiza fade. They appear above trunks and Goten. The Changeling brothers blast Goten and Trunks at the same time. But the sayians dodge the blasts and fire off their own and both get direct hits. The Changeling brothers go flying. Goten and Trunks join hands and yell, “DOUBLE KAMEHAMEHA.” The blast hits freiza but Cooler dodges it. Cooler then yells, “ Stupid monkeys you think you can beat the all mighty Cooler.” He then powers up to his final and most powerful stage. Then out of nowhere Cooler appears behind Goten and trunks. Before the boys can move out of the way Cooler blasts them both in the back with his death ray. They both fall fifty feet to the ground. Pan and Bura both scream, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” But Goten and trunks both stand up and say, “is that the best you got Cooler.” They both then power up to super sayian level 2. Cooler laughs and says, “So you both survived that blast lets see if you survive the next.” But when Cooler blasts the spot the sayians were at they’re not there. Trunks then yells, “hey Cooler up here.” When Cooler looks up he sees to Kamehameha waves right in front of his face but he blocks them. The two sayians' jaws drop open in shock and a minute later they are both hit on the head and go flying down to the earth. Before the boys hit the ground Cooler appears under them and fires two blasts at them. He succeeds in two direct hits. Goten and trunks regain consciousness and look at each other. They then stand in mid air and yell, “FUSH——UN——HU.”

They succeed in doing the fusion dance and fuse into Gotenks. Gotenks fades and a split second later appears above Cooler. Gotenks slams down on coolers head. While cooler is flying down to the earth Gotenks starts spitting out the ghost kamikaze attack. The ghosts then all charge for cooler. When cooler sees them he punches and kicks two at once. The ghosts then explode and blow off his arm and leg. While cooler is dazed the rest of the ghosts attach themselves to cooler. A few seconds later the only thing left of cooler is his tail and Gotenks destroys it. At that Gotenks floats down to the ground and defuses. When Goten and trunks appear they both fall to the ground unconscious. Vegeta then yells, “what the heck. They go into one battle in their fused state and they still get knocked out, how helpful is that. If they fight in a more extreme battle.” Christy says, “Vegeta calm down they just fainted due to a side effect of being in high gravity then going into low gravity so quick.” Anthony agrees with Christy, “She’s right that does happen sometimes.” All of a sudden Goku flies off. Everyone follows him while Jason carries the boys. Gohan asks Goku, "Dad what's the matter." Cell's here that's what." "Dad is that good or bad." Goku responds, "I don't know but I think it's bad he has a huge power level compared to Cooler." "Crap that aint good. Oh well I'll take care of him." "Ok son go ahead." Videl says to Gohan, "Wait I'm coming. I'm gona help." "Ok then come on." Gohan flies off towards Cell and Videl follows.

A few minutes later everyone is a few hundred yards away from Cell. Cell has his back turned to the Z fighters. Cell says, "Finally you all showed up. I have been waiting for a long time for this Gohan. I still remember what you did to me. Know what you and one other can fight me." Gohan looks at Videl and nods. Gohan says, "Ok Cell we're ready." "Then both of you step forward." Gohan and Videl both step forward. All of a sudden Cell fades. Cell appears behind Videl and lifts his tail over her head. Gohan yells, "VIDEL GET OUT OF THER HE'S GOIN..." All of a sudden Cell puts his tail over Videl's head and absorbs her. Cell says, "Well that was my revenge, now to fight tourney style." Gohan yells, "CELL I DON'T THINK SO ME AND YOU ONE ON ONE YOU JUST DID SOMETHING YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE." Gohan powers up to ssj4, "Cell I am a hell of a lot stronger then I was the last time we fought i hope your ready for a real fight. And it aint going to be anything like the last one. Gohan bows his head down to the ground. Goku yells, "Son don't remember last time you went above ssj4." "Dad shut up this is my fight not yours." All of a sudden the ground starts to shake and rocks start to float around Gohan. Gohan lifts his head and his eyes are pure red. His hair starts to grow to ten times its original length. His hair turns silver and the red hair on his body all turns silver. The sky turns pitch black. Gohans' muscles start to grow to ten times their size at ssj4. Gohans' power level goes from 799,999,999 to 850,999,999. all of a sudden everything is calm again as Gohan finishes his transformation to ssj5.

Cell laughs and powers up himself to about the same as Gohan. Gohan says, "Shall we begin," and charges at Cell. Before Gohan hits Cell, Cell fades and Gohan stops. Gohan then fades and appears in the air. Cell appears below Gohan. Gohan hammers down on cells head, fades, appears below Cell and fires a blast at him. Before the blasts hits him Cell fades and appears behind Gohan. Cell wraps his tail around Gohans' neck and tries to strangle him, but Gohan grabs Cells' tail and Rips it off of Cells body. Gohan turns around with Cells' tail still in his hand and throws the tail down at Cells feet. Cell looks at Gohan and says, "Your still no match for me so just give up you stupid weak..." before Cell can finish his sentence Gohan punches him hard in the gut. Gohan punches Cell over and over. When he stops Cell starts to heave. A few seconds later Cell barfs up Videl. Cell lifts his head and looks at Gohan, "Not again." Gohan fades and appears behind Cell. Gohan powers up a blast and fires it through Cell. Cell falls to the ground with a hole in his stomach. Cell gets up and regenerates his stomach. Cell then cups his hands to his side as Gohan does the same. AT the same time they both yell, "KAAAAAMEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAMEEEEHAAA!!" Cell fires the blast but Gohan fades and appears behind Cell. Gohan fires the Kamehameha at Cell and disintegrates Cell.

Gohan powers down and goes over to Videl, "Damn you Cell." Goku walks over to Gohan, "It aint your fault son. These kind of things happen in these kinds of situations." "I know dad its just it aint only her that's dead." "You mean..." "Yes, a baby." Gohan sits down next to Videls' dead body. "You think you can revive them both." "I'm not sure but I can at least revive Videl." "Ok. I'll be right back." Gohan flies off. Goku turns to Goten, "Goten go follow your brother." "Ok dad." Goku then puts his hand on Videls' chest and concentrates his energy to his hand. Goku stops. Goku then looks over to the group and says, "Does anyone else here know how to revive the dead?'Cause I could use some help." Jason responds, "Nope, sorry." Christy then says, "Well actually I can." Christy walks over next to Goku and sits down. Goku says, "You positive that you can revive the dead." Christy nods, "Yeah I'm sure, and with both of us we will be able to revive the baby and Videl for sure." Christy then puts her hands on Gokus' and Focuses her energy. Goku also focuses his energy. A few minutes later Videl starts to open her eyes. When she looks at Goku she says, "Are we all dead." "No we are all alive." "But the last thing I remember was getting suffocated in Cells' tail." "Yes that happened but then Cell barfed you up and me and Christy revived you."Then where's Gohan?" "Oh he should be back soon." Videl Stands up, "Did you revive the..." "Yes we revived the baby." "Ok good." A few minutes Gohan lands in front of Videl and at first he doesn’t see her, “Dad did it work?” “Look behind you for the answer son.” Gohan turns around and sees Videl, “You’re alive.” “Well duh.” “What about the baby.” “I think so, why don’t you check.”  “Ok.” Gohan puts his head up to Videls’ stomach. When he takes his head away he’s smiling, “Yep our baby’s alive. But now that that’s taken care of we got to find the next guy.” Gohan flies up into the air behind everyone and looks around all of a sudden he screams in pain and falls to the ground. 

Everyone turns around to see the reason that he fell and they see kid Buu laughing his head off. Goku, Vegeta, Pan, Bura, and Videl back up. Jason says, “what’s wrong with you guys you scared of a weakling.” Goku responds, “Jason you don’t you guys back away this guy could kill you all in one blast. He could blow up the earth in less then thirty seconds.” Jason says, “ok sure.” Thomas then says, “I’ll take care of him.” Tom then charges kid Buu but when he gets to the spot where kid Buu was standing he aint there. Tom looks around puzzled. All of a sudden kid Buu comes flying down and slams Tom in the head. Tom goes flying down to the ground. Buu fades and appears under Tom and blasts him in the gut. Tom is hit by the blast and most of his energy is sapped. Tom then falls to the ground just as Goten and Trunks wake up. Trunks says, “What happened.” Trunks and Goten then look up and yell, “holey crap it’s kid Buu.” They both then fade and appear by Goku. Trunks then ask Goku if he thinks they can beat Buu again. Goku responds. “I don't know I really don’t know.” Trunks looks at Goten and says, “fusion.” Goten says, “no double fusion.” Trunks asks, “You mean Botanks.” Goten nods. Bura and Pan say, “ok lets get to work.” Goten then fuses with trunks, and Bura and Pan fuse. Buran then looks at Gotenks and says lets fuse. At that they both turn ssj3 and fuse. When Botanks appears he says, “Who's the sorry son of a b---- that wants to die today.” Jason says, “holy crap look at that power level, its huge.” Kid Buu then starts to pound on his chest. Botanks floats over to Kid Buu and jabs his stomach twice. Buu bends over in pain and Botanks hammers Kid Buu in the back Kid Buu flies to the ground. Right before Buu hits the ground he fades and appears above Botanks. Buu then fires a blast at Botanks but Botanks blocks it. Kid Buu then stretches out his arm and wraps it around Botanks. Botanks tries to get out of Kid Buu’s arm but can’t. All of a sudden Botanks starts to flash and then disappears. When Kid Buu notices that Botanks is gone he screams an ear-piercing scream. All of a sudden something starts to come out of Kid Buu’s stomach.

A few seconds later Botanks emerges from inside of Kid Buu, and says, “that is something I do not want to do again,” and laughs. When Botanks turns around he sees Kid Buu fully healed laughing. Botanks jaw drops open and stutters, “Wh-wh-what is h-he. My attack didn’t e-even hurt him. HOW DO I KILL THIS THING?” Buu then charges at Botanks. Botanks fades and appears in the sky. All of a sudden Botanks splits into four glowing pieces. When the pieces stop glowing Bura, Pan, Goten, and Trunks appear floating in the air with only a little bit of energy left. When Buu sees Bura, Pan, Trunks, and Goten appear he hesitates for a minute and then starts to laugh. At that time the four sayians wake up still with very little power. Buu then powers up two blasts. Bu then fires the blasts at Bura and Pan. When Goten and Trunks see this they jump in front of pan and Bura with their backs to the blasts. When the blasts hit them they fall to the ground with major burn marks on their backs. As all this is happening Goku has been making a sprit bomb with the energy released from the battle and from anyone else who gives energy. Just as Buu is about to fire another two blasts at Bura and Pan Goku yells, "Hey Buu remember this, " and throws the sprit bomb at Buu. Buu tries to block the attack but can't. Buu is pushed for a few feet and then the attack goes through him and destroys him. After everyone is sure that Buu is dead they fly over to Goten and Trunks. Goku puts his hand to his son's head and Jason puts his hand to Trunk's head. They both say the same thing…the boys are dead.” As they say that Bura and Pan burst into tears. About an hour later they stop and Pan says, "Grandpa cant we wish them back." Goku shakes his head, "I already tried and I couldn't. I think it has something to do with the fact that the portal to hell is open." Pan says, "but you were able to revive Videl." "I guess we were just lucky." Pan and Bura start crying again. Vegeta fires two weak blasts and hits Pan and Bura in the back, "Shut up, your both acting like babies this kind of crap happens in these situations.

We have to close the portal now then maybe Goku can bring them back." Pan and Bura both stop crying and stand up. Bura looks at Goten and Trunks, “They sacrificed themselves for us Pan.” Pan nods, “I know. I know.” Bura says, “Well If we want them back then we got to close the door way to hell.” Pan nods, “Lets go.”  Bura and Pan start to fly away but Goku stops them, "Girls wait, we don't even know where the portal is we all need to split up into groups of two. Me and Vegeta, you two, Gohan and Videl, Jason and Christy, Anthony, Steven and Brian, and Tom and Bardock." A few minutes later everyone is in their groups and Goku says, "You all know how to close the doorway if you run into it right." Everybody nods, "OK good lets move."  When everybody flies off and in groups Jason looks at Christy and says, "You want to split and go somewhere instead of this." Christy laughs, "Your a lot funnier than i remember." "I'm not kidding I mean it." "That aint right Jay, we need to close the door way so that Pan and Bura can revive their boyfriends." "Ok, but after this is over me and you got some catching up to do." Goku then appears in front of Jason and says we need your help we found the portal an almost got it closed we just need a little more energy. And I aint gona use the sprit bomb because of all the evil energy." Jason nods, "Ok lets go." Jason looks at Christy and says,  "You should come also." At that they all fade and appear by the portal. Jason and Christy both fire a very big blast at the portal causing it to close. A few minutes later Goku revives Goten and Trunks and everybody says good-bye and they all split onto separate paths.

  *Author's note: I know everyone didn't get to fight but I brought them all into the story for a reason.


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