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Saiya-Jin Characters in GT

SSJ4 Gogeta
the fusion of Goku and Vegeta thru the Fusion Dance.  Gogita appeared to fight against the most powerful evil dragon.  Fusion only lasted 20min instead of the full 30 due to the power level was to high to matain 30 min.

result of Baby's takeover of Vegeta's body. After reaching Oozaru form, Vegeta-Bebi was defeated by Gokou. Baby fled from Vegeta's body but was killed by Gokou.

Good Guys in GT

Don Kiaa
a flashy dresser who rules the planet Imegga with and limp fist.  Everything on the planet is leased from him, making life extremely difficult for common citizens.

little robot with the feature of a dragon radar created by Dr. Myuu. It was found by Gokou, Pan, and Trunks and befriended the crew.

don Kiaa's male lackey.  He's short and looks like a shaved gorilla.  He can perform weak ki attacks with Shira.

Para Para Brothers
three brothers, Bon, Don, Son, who use there dancing and music technique to control there victims.  It leave them dancing helpless open to for attack.

goten's cute but stupid girlfriend.

Robot Scientist
a "defective" robot scientist that befriends Pan and helps her around M2's maze-like interiors.

don Kiaa's female lackey.  She can perform weak ki attacks with Geeru.

a "master" of the game Suugorou.  He battles Goku for his freedom from the game, but has to win.  Only problem is , Goku never seems to get a good roll from the dice.

Suugorou Son
a son Raccoon who is very skilled at shape shifting.  They're working against Goku in the Suugorou game disguised as the dice that he rolls, but he befriends him later.

Bad Guys in GT

Artificial 17
android created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu in hell. He escaped through a portal into the land of the living (Earth) and fused with Android 17 to become Super 17

 Baby (Bebi)
surviving Tsufuru-jin when the Saiyans took over his home planet, Plant. He attempted to take revenge by slowly turning Earth's inhabitants into his zombies (who later returned to normal after Dende and Mr. Popo sprayed them with a special water). He also recreated his planet with the dragonballs and took over Vegeta's body to become Vegeta-Bebi. (killed by Gokou)

Doll Tokii
the true leader of the Ruudo Clut, an organization which is really just a front for gathering energy for Bebi. 

Dr. Gero (Android 20 )
evil engineer of Red Ribbon. He developed a hatred towards Gokou since Gokou destroyed Red Ribbon. He devoted the rest of his life trying to destroy Gokou by creating a number of androids to do the job, but was betrayed and killed by Android 17. In hell, he allied with Dr. Myuu to create Artificial 17. 17 betrayed and killed him once again. (killed by Android 17/ Super 17)

Dr. Myuu
evil scientist who created a number of robots and mutant androids (including Gill). His laboratory and creations were destroyed by Gokou, Trunks, and Pan. He himself was betrayed and killed by Baby, who he rescued from space. In hell, he allied with Dr. Gero to create Artificial 17. After escaping to Earth, he ordered Super 17 to kill Dr. Gero. Super 17 eventually grew annoyed of Dr. Myuu and killed him. (killed by Baby/Super 17)

General Rirudo
the second in command of the Machine Mutant Army, beneath Dr. Myuu.  He is fairly powerful, and can turn anything he touches into steel. He also has 2 more forms that he get more powerful each time, Mega Rirudo and Hyper Mega Rirudo.

the Cardinal of the Ruudo Cult.  His weapon is a whip that changes living things into dolls.  He gives the dolls to Ruudo to increase his power.  

the robitic High Priest of the Ruudo Cult that disguises itself as a whip, the same whip Moochii used.  He can control non-living objects with his power, which he uses to attack. 

Super 17
fusion result of Android 17 and Artificial 17. He killed Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. (killed by Gokou)

evil dragon of the 7 star dragonball.
Specialty: ability to absorb and control other creatures. It was born when Bulma used the dragonballs to revive the people killed by Majin-Vegeta. (killed by Gokou)

dragon of the Earth dragonballs; turned evil due to over using the wishes. Split into seven seperate evil dragons.

evil dragon of the 1 star dragonball. Ii-Shenlong  fused with all the dragonballs and became the strongest of the evil Shenlongs. (killed by Gokou)

evil dragon of the 2 star dragonball. This dragon of water (pollution) was born when Bora was wished back to life. (killed by Gokou)

evil dragon of the 6 star dragonball. This dragon of hurricane was born when Oolong wished for a pair of panties. (killed by Gokou)

Suu-Shelong's older brother; evil dragon of the 3 star dragonball. This dragon is associated with ice.

evil dragon of the 4 star dragonball. This dragon of the sun (heat) was born when Daimao wished to restore to full power.

evil dragon of the 5 star dragonball. This dragon of electricity was born when Gokou was wished back to life to fight Nappa and Vegeta. (killed by Gokou)

Mr Roshi

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