Dragonball GT Episode 4 (Aired 2/28/96) Uontedo!! Gokuu ga shimeite hai!? Wanted!! Gokuu is a criminal!? (See note below) Pan and Trunks intend on following after the truck, but Gokuu suggests that they teleport instead. The robot tries to sneak away, but while it has the Dragon Radar, Pan won't let it out of her sight -- she ties it up and stuffs it in her pack (which Trunks gets to carry.) However, after a couple of painful attempts at teleporting (the trio only goes a few feet forward and 30 feet down) they discover that Gokuu has lost the ability to teleport (probably because he's a child again.) In his palace, Don Kia is interrupted during his pudding break by two minions -- they've found a strange spaceship, which is being analyzed as they speak. Don Kia, though, only cares for fast money, and orders the ship to be sold for scrap. That night, the trio infiltrate the research center where the ship is being held. Pan expects it to be located in a hard-to-find place, but Gokuu spots it out in the middle of a courtyard. (Pan is annoyed that Gokuu showed her up like that.) They close in, past all of the guards, but make several silly slip-ups (for comic effect.) The ship is in an open area, well-lit. Gokuu volunteers to fight it out with the guards, and Pan dismisses him. Finally, a guard throws a coke can into the darkness, hitting Pan in the head. Pan breaks down, but Gokuu and Trunks keep her from crying out loud. A rock hits Trunks on the head, and he lands backwards atop of the robot. It complains and the guards are alerted. [Commercial Break.] The shooting begins. Gokuu wonders why Pan wants to fight now, when she wouldn't let him do it before. She answers that they have to judge things "case-by-case." Gokuu hears it as "cake on cake" and wants to eat again. The good guys easily trash the baddies. Gokuu frees the ship from it's skyhook, down onto a flatbed hovercraft. Pan takes the hovercraft's wheel. Don Kia's two minions show up (one is called something like "Kiru-sama") Pan can brake, but she can't drive worth beans. Many statues of Don Kia get destroyed. The two minions are waiting on the road for the hovercraft, and they use a twin energy ball attack -- which is defeated by Gokuu's counterattack. Gokuu's energy ball arcs up along one building, and is easily batted away by a weird leopard man. The leopard and Gokuu spot each other, and the new villain thinks that the boy may be a Saiya-jin. The trio escape with the ship. Back in his palace, Don Kia is chewing out the two minions for losing the money that the ship represents. He goes too far in handing out his insults, and Rejjik (the weird leopard) speaks up. Don Kia immediately falls over himself in sucking up to Rejjik. (The two minions are charged several million Gametsu as a result of their bungling.) Fortunately, the trio had been caught on camera, and the villains wonder what it is that the aliens wanted. Don Kia, at least, doesn't think that the trio will escape very easily. The next day, Trunks works on the ship, then they go into town to get food for all of them. When they arrive, the townsfolk panic and bolt, revealing all of the ugly "wanted" posters on the walls. Pan is upset at being portrayed this way, but Gokuu finds it fun. Then the police arrive, and are easily evaded. At night, it rains again; which irritates Pan. All of them suffer from hunger pangs. The robot starts sounding off, causing Pan to hit it in the backpack. However, Trunks notices that the robot is acting like a giant Dragon Radar, and he runs off to see if there is a Dragon Ball nearby. Soon after, the police arrive again, trapping the trio inside a poor section of town. ------------------------------------------ Notes: The title is redundant. Literally, it is "Wanted!! Gokuu is designated as wanted!?" An alternative title could be "Gokuu has a bounty on his head!?" The names for the new characters are still tentative, since they have not appeared in print in romaji yet. The new name status is: Kiru -- This seems to be the name of the little red dwarf that works for Don Kia. Geal -- The Female minion that works with Kiru (she is named in episode 5.) It is pronounced "Gail". ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, May 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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