Dragonball GT Episode 8 (Aired 4/17/96) Gokuu mo dokkan!! Ohige pawaa zenkai Gokuu also Thunders!! The Whiskers' Power is at Full Trunks is forced to get closer so Zuunama can tell if "she" is prettier than yesterday. Trunks stalls, while Pan hides behind a fake cactus and tells the "bride" to get moving. It looks like the plan will fail, and Gokuu wants to just cut to the combat -- Pan tells him to wait. Turns out that Zuunama LIKES Trunks better than Reenu, and they return to its mountain. Zuunama comments on Trunks' beard stubble, and has to be told to stop touching "to avoid getting sick". They jump into a pool, and swim in under the mountain to the caves inside. The rescuers lose Trunks and try to figure out what happened. Doma guesses that they went swimming in the pool, and Gokuu strips down to the skin. Pan complains about seeing Gokuu naked, and the boy says that he'd taken a bath with her many times when she was younger. Pan claims that it was different then, and Doma can't understand how the boy can be Pan's grandfather. (Pan drop kicks Gill when the robot's panicking gets too distracting.) Gokuu finds the underwater entrance. In the cave, Trunks finds a magma pool, and wipes the sweat from his face -- smearing his lipstick. He also loses his wig, as Zuunama is pulling out lingerie for "her". Zuunama decides that "Torairansu" looks even prettier than Reenu. They sit down to eat, and "Torairansu" tries to get the monster to drink the sake as a "toast". Turns out that Zuunama is a teetotaler. So, Trunks has to trick it into looking the other way so he can splash the sake on some fruit. Zuunama eats them all (stuffed into his face by the eager Torairansu.) (This is a funny scene.) Zuunama comments on the strange taste. It quickly gets drunk -- an angry ugly drunk. It wants more fruit, ignoring the fact that it's eaten them all. The other heroes show up in the chamber at this point, and are seen by Zuunama. [Commercial Break.] Zuunama is pissed at the interruption, and starts bashing everyone. Gokuu eagerly looks forward to the fight, but the monster passes out. Trunks changes out of the dress, saying it's good that Zuunama normally doesn't drink. Doma cuts one whisker, and the kids laugh at Zuunama's weird-looking face. It sneezes, blowing Doma away, and wakes up. It asks why Torairansu has changes clothes -- Trunks answers and adds "I am male". Zuunama discovers its mustache has been cut, and it starts making a huge earthquake. Which quickly ends. Zuunama thinks that the earthquake is still going and asks if the intruders are scared. Pan realizes that Zuunama doesn't create earthquakes -- it only senses when an earthquake is about to happen and takes credit for it. Doma is angry at having been taken in for so long. Zuunama discovers that its fraud has been uncovered and still tries to fake it. But, the lava pool below the cavern explodes, and everyone is forced to run (Zuunama blames its lack of control on the scissors and the sake.) They leap into the pool with the lava close behind. Gokuu uses an energy bolt to propel him into Zuunama, and hence pushing all of them to the outside world, and to safety. The mountain is threatening to go volcanic, pouring lava down on the village. Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha to blow it out. Instead, he blows it up. Gokuu doesn't really care. Later, at the ship, Pan gets Reenu's Dragon Ball. Zuunama has been accepted by the villagers as an earthquake early warning system. Suddenly, the Ball floats up out of Pan's hand, and into the hands of one villager. The villager's disguise disappears to reveal a blue-faced alien. The alien flies up to his ship. The alien ship flies away into space. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, May 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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