Dragonball GT Episode 11 (Aired 5/8/96) Ruudo no meroi!? Ningyou ni sareta Pan The Curse of Ruudo!? Pan turns into a Doll With triumphal music in the background, the Para ship returns to Planet Ruudo. The gravity returns to Ruudo standard. Gill lands on Pan's head. Her anger is short lived, as she tries to get Gill to help her out. Gill just retreats, saying "danger, danger". Pan can't understand the control panel. Instead, she decides that since Gill is a machine, like the ship is, it should just naturally be able to figure out how the ship works, and to tell her what button to press to return to Gokuu and Trunks. The robot points to a button that she depresses -- a trapdoor opens and Pan falls down into the garbage chute. On Beehei, Gokuu wonders where Pan went, and Trunks demands answers from the Paras. The villains sway and chant "1 - 2, 1 - 2, I don't know." "1 - 2, 1 - 2, I don't know." "1 - 2, 1 - 2, I don't know anything about Planet Ruudo." On Ruudo, the ship lands and dumps its luggage, and Gill, on top of Pan's head. She tries to figure out where she is, while Gill stuffs its "face" with electronics cables from one box. Nearby, similar ships are lined up in two rows, looking like fungus growing from the rock face. Pan guesses that she's on the villains' planet. Then Gill discovers the location of a Dragon ball. Pan wonders why the Ball would be here, and decides that it must be a souvenir that the 3 space "tourists" brought back here with them. She carries Gill, looking for the souvenir. It takes her to a castle-like pillar. At this point, Gill panics and calls out "danger" repeatedly. The closer they get, the more Gill panics. (The robot pretends to be dead.) Pan wants to know what kind of danger, and is told "the dangerous kind" (Gill switches from saying "chiken" to "abunai".) Pan gives up and flies to the pillar alone. Once inside, Pan hears chanting. There is a giant door, with a huge lock. Above the door are many smaller, human-sized openings. Inside is a very creepy hallway lined with old cracked statues of Ruudo holding giant urns. Pan is getting freaked out by this, then she reaches the huge cavern with Mochimochi, the current Ruudo statue, and the chanting worshippers. Mochimochi tells the worshippers to keep chanting -- their lives are Ruudo's power. Pan sees the second Dragon Ball just before two guards discover her. [Commercial Break.] The Earth ship lands on creepy Planet Ruudo, and Trunks steps out. Gokuu follows with the Paras tied up on a rope. The Paras bite onto the ship with their teeth, refusing to leave the ship. Trunks presses a button on the ship and zaps them. The Paras plead to not be taken to Mochimochi (from now on referred to as M2). Gill flies up and finds them. It says that Pan is in danger. In the cavern, Pan is trashing guards. M2 notices, and Pan flies to him to berate M2 for behaving so badly and taking the Dragon Ball. M2 introduces himself as the priest of Ruudo-sama, and that he is trying to bring back the dead god. While he is talking, Pan takes the Ball and flies back up above the door. She tries to leave, but a light glows in the statue's eye and hit Pan. She is turned into a doll, and the Dragon Ball bounces back to M2's feet. Pan silently wonders what happened -- why she can't move anymore. M2 is about to put Pan in the urn, wondering where the other Ball is, when an earthquake makes the priest drop Pan on the floor. The quake is caused by Trunks and Gokuu (still dragging the Paras by the end of his rope) flying down through the earth. Gokuu can't find Pan. The Paras claim to have found the Ball, but M2 doesn't buy it. He turns the trio into dolls and throws them into the urn -- the liquid level in the flask increases noticeably. Gokuu calls this "horrible", but M2 says that since this was for Ruudo, it was a "great thing" he did. M2 then demands the second Dragon Ball. The statue shoots out more light, hitting the worshippers instead. M2 stares in horror, tricking Trunks into looking backwards. M2's whip pulls Trunks to the ground, but the whip can't touch Gokuu. Gokuu tries to punch M2 in the face, and suddenly gets a big gun stuffed up his nose for a point-blank shot to the head (very funny scene.) Mochimochi calls for the ultimate weapon to be brought out -- a huge blue lion with an orange mane and massively long fangs. Gokuu fires an energy bolt to the ceiling -- the falling rocks land on the lion-mecha and crush it (also a funny scene.) Pan, still lying on her back, silently calls out to be saved. Gill runs towards her, and Pan thinks that it has found her. Except, Gill is running away and it steps on her face. Pan vows to never forget this indignity. Gill stops and turns. It picks her up, recognizing the doll as looking like Pan. Then, the robot is booted away by some mysterious person who picks up the Pan doll. Mochimochi can't believe that "Lion" was destroyed. Suddenly, there is an explosion and M2 blows up. Gokuu and Trunks are ok. They react to a cackling voice that comments on how the intruders have some skill. M2's whip coils up, and acts alive. It regains its original shape -- that of a yellow serpent demon named "Muchi" ("whip"). Muchi claims to be the True Priest of Ruudo. ------------------------------------------ Note: Muchi calls itself "Ruudo-sama no shinkan", or Ruudo's priest. Shinkan translates to "a Shinto Ritualist." Note: This episode really reminds me of several issues of the early Cerebus comic. I expect more parallels later on. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, June 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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