Dragonball GT Episode 12 (Aired 5/15/96) Kami no otsuge wa chou-meiwaku!! Ruudo Kidou The Oracle of God is REALLY Troublesome!! Soldier Ruudo Mushi and the heroes are in a stand-off, while the worshippers run away. Mushi's first moves are to snap its whip-arms at the ground near the heroes' feet. Gokuu, based on the last guy they fought, says that he looks forward to fighting Mushi. Mushi snarls that since the pair don't know the extent of its frightening powers, it will demonstrate first -- then it starts whipping the floor again. Rock slabs rise from the ground, as Mushi explains that it is a demon with control over earth. The slabs attack. Gokuu and Trunks run away, barely avoiding the slabs. Trunks wants to know what to do, and the only reaction possible is to smash up the slabs that get too close. They get hit by some slabs, and Trunks uses an energy ball to blow more away. Then, more slabs swoop in to attack, knocking Trunks through a wall and down to a courtyard below. Extra slabs drop down on him, burying him under a pyramid of rock. Trunks catches the slabs on his shoulders, but now he can't move because of the weight. Gokuu shows up through a doorway, and runs down some stairs to see if Trunks is ok. Mushi snaps the stairs, and they weave, throwing Gokuu to the ground below. Mushi snaps several pairs of swords, which fly at Gokuu, caging him in. Gokuu escapes the cage to attack Mushi, while the demon snaps on a pillar. Two fire pots attached to the pillar join, to make a flying, fire-belching cannon. Gokuu's pants burn, as Mushi commands the cannon to keep attacking. Gokuu grabs one of the swords and destroys the firepots with it. Gokuu challenges Mushi to a direct combat; the demon gets angry and snaps the floor; it grows hands which grab Gokuu's legs. Trapped against the floor, Gokuu gets whipped and kicked, while yelling out "Stop this!" The boy escapes, but Mushi snaps the wall, and a statue reaches out to grab Gokuu again. Pissed off, our hero goes SSJ; destroying the statue and smashing Mushi to the ground. Mushi can't understand what just happened. Meanwhile, a monkey-man with long blond hair is in a room, watching the battle via a monitor screen. The monkey strokes the Pan doll in his arms. He comments on Gokuu's energy, which would be good for giving to Ruudo, but Mushi is not strong enough to defeat the boy alone. Then, a messenger enters the room to tell the "Sect's Founder" (the monkey) that some strangers have arrived and killed Moshimoshi. The Founder replies that he wants the worshippers to gather in front of Ruudo, and adds that everything is ok. The messenger leaves, and Pan silently wonders how this wimp could be the Founder of the Ruudo sect. He keeps stroking Pan, and chuckling. He then uses his ring to summon what looks like a silver flashlight. [Commercial Break.] In front of Ruudo's statue, the worshippers are waiting. Many have been injured, and are bandaged up. They are curious about Doru-takki's coming out to see them (it's been a long time since that last happened.) They expect their Founder to make everything all right again. (Note: Doru-Takki translates to "Doll"-Takki. I don't know what "Takki" is supposed to mean. If it was "Tacchi", it would be "Doll Touch".) Doru-Takki is announced, and the rabble murmurs as their founder appears. He talks very formally. He praises them for their hard work in praying to Ruudo, and says that their God is ready to appear. All that remains is for them to join with Ruudo (all of this is very cryptic.) Doru-Takki then turns on the flashlight and aims it at Ruudo's head. The crowd guesses that they are to be Ruudo's next victims, and are correct. Doru-Takki bids them farewell, as the beams from the statue's eyes turns the panicking worshippers into dolls. The flashlight beam turns from red to green, causing a massive wind to sweep the screaming dolls into Ruudo's giant urn. The liquid level in the collector flask rises, but it is still not enough. Normally. It is sufficient for a surprise attack on the two intruders, allowing Doru-Takki and Pan to slip away and play together. He snuggles against Pan's face, and she panics. Underneath the pyramid of rocks, Trunks goes SSJ, destroys the rocks with a kick, and then flies off to rescue Gokuu. Gokuu is still SSJ, and is causing Mushi to wonder where this increased power and speed came from. Their battle is more or less equal, until a smash against the rocks causes Gokuu to revert to normal. Mushi chokes the boy, until an energy ball blindsides Mushi and destroys the demon. Trunks asks if Gokuu is ok, and the boy thanks his friend. A TV set is showing all of this from within a girl's playroom, but Doru-Takki ignores it. This is now "cute Pan's" room, and Pan guesses that this guy is a "Doll Otaku". He claims that Pan is now his #1 favorite doll, and won't be given to Ruudo. The next problem is to decide what clothes to dress her up in. Doru-Takki has difficulty deciding, and finally chooses a light aqua blouse. He struggles to remove her shirt, and Pan silently screams out against this "etchi" behavior. Ultimately, he lifts her shirt up (revealing a flat chest) but is interrupted by an alarm. Ruudo's energy is not enough to make it god-like, but is at least enough for it to move around and fight. Doru-Takki is upset that the boys are disrupting his fun, and wants to use Ruudo to dispose of them -- he apologizes to Pan for the delay. Gokuu and Trunks reach Ruudo's statue, and wonder where to go to find Pan. Trunks notices a lone doll lying on the ground, as Gokuu finds the Dragon Ball again. Doru-Takki tells them to leave the Dragon Ball alone, and introduces himself. And, for bothering him while he and Pan play together (Gokuu calls out Pan's name, confirming it to Doru-Takki) he will have them killed. He uses the flashlight on the statue, and a green beam makes it wake up. Gill, still lying helpless on the ground, calls out "danger, danger". The energy from the urn beams up, and cracks form across Ruudo's body. Doru-Takki laughs maniacally. ------------------------------------------ Note: I'm not exactly sure how to translate "Kidou". The kanji used to make this word does not appear in my dictionary. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, July 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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