Dragonball GT Episode 13 (Aired 5/22/96) Koitsu ga oyadama!? Nazo no Kagaku-sha Myuu This is Father and Son? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu Eventually, Ruudo breaks free of its rock casing -- to reveal a giant yellow robot doll baby (with a stubby tail.) Gokuu laughs at its weird face (old Victorian style, used on porcelain dolls), while Trunks notices its great power level. Ruudo walks forward, showing how tall it is. Doru-Takki wants Ruudo to fight for him, while he and Pan go off to play; Pan complains that she has no intention of playing with him. Gokuu and Trunks can't get past Ruudo to rescue Pan, and Pan is panicking at being stuck with this pervert doll-loving fanboy. Gokuu tries to anger Ruudo by slapping his butt at the robot. Pan is upset at not having a voice to complain with, and is horrified when Doru-Takki talks for her ( DT: "Pan-chan, how do you like this dress?" Pan: "It's wonderful! Thank you, Doru-takki-san!" DT: "No need to be so formal, 'Doru-takki' is ok." Pan: "Doru-takki." DT: "Pan-chan." Pan: "Doru-takki." DT: "Pan-chan.") He picks out a china dress for her, but decides that her hair has to be done up properly first (using a toothbrush). Pan hopes to be restored again, so that she can get her revenge for this embarrassment. Gokuu gets Ruudo to chase him -- right at Trunks. Gokuu gets some altitude and blasts Ruudo in the face; he is surprised to see no damage. He runs away down Ruudo's leg. This is Trunks' chance to get to Pan, except that Ruudo steps on the pillar holding Gokuu, and the boy is catapulted up into Trunks' head. They both fall. Ruudo steps on them. With Pan's hair fixed up in two buns on the sides of her head, Doru-Takki is ready to put the china dress on her. A voice disturbs them. It is Dr. Myuu, the scientist that created Ruudo, and put Doru-Takki in charge of collecting energy for the robot. Myuu wants to talk to Doru-Takki. At first, Doru-Takki is so formal, kneeling with head bowed, that Pan can not see the monitor screen to see Myuu's face. Myuu wants to know what the status is on gathering up the Dragon Balls. Myuu complains that they only have one Ball, and Doru-Takki promises a second one soon. Myuu now appears on the screen, looking like a cross between Dr. Gero, and the North Kaiou. (Long flowing red hair, and embedded mirror shades.) Myuu wants the Balls to wish for domination over all of the galaxies (from what I can tell.) Pan objects that this is not what the Dragon Balls were created for. [Commercial Break.] Myuu wants the second Ball brought to him now, and Doru-Takki says that it'll take a few moments, as Ruudo is currently dealing with 2 interlopers. This makes Myuu wake up, as he demands to know what is happening with Ruudo. Myuu asks if Ruudo has enough energy to reach level 3, and Doru-Takki answers that level 2 is enough to beat the two boys. Myuu is invited to watch Ruudo's progress. Right at this moment, Trunks and Gokuu turn SSJ, and explode from under Ruudo's foot. The robot falls, destroying a pillar and much of the floor. The heroes revert to normal, Doru-Takki panics, Pan congratulates the boys, and Myuu snarls/laughs. Trunks and Gokuu attack again, causing Ruudo to fall again. (Note: Ruudo sounds like a big manhole cover grating against the ground.) Ruudo swivels its head and fires eye bolts, then gets up. Its arms start spinning like two giant airplane propellers. The resulting wind blows out the fires in the temple's urns, and pushes against the heroes. They realize that while Ruudo has great power, it uses that power without understanding it, like a child would. Myuu chews out Doru-Takki for improperly taking initiative without consulting him first, reminding the otaku of who it was that gave him this position and responsibility. The idea was for Myuu's "child" to grow up to the point where it could play with whole planets, and Doru-Takki screwed up. Gokuu and Trunks use energy attacks against Ruudo's shoulders, making it lose energy and overheat. The robot drops to its knees, stops rotating its arms, dissipates the heat, and struggles back to its feet. The heroes try again, rapidly bashing the robot from all angles. Pan cheers them on, watching the monitors. Myuu notices Pan stuck in Doru-Takki's belt. Doru-Takki mentions that Pan used to be a girl, a friend of the two intruders. Myuu says that Pan has great energy, and should be sacrificed to Ruudo. Doru-Takki and Pan both panic over this. Doru-Takki objects, and Pan cheers him on. Myuu decides that if Doru-Takki wants to be with Pan so badly, both of them can be given to Ruudo. He hits some buttons on his control panel, and some white beams turn Doru-Takki into a doll. And, a strong wind blows them into the urn. The souls of the two dolls leave their bodies, and enter Ruudo's mouth. Trunks and Gokuu look in the urn for Pan, and Ruudo blows them out of the way. The liquid in the collector flask reaches the top, and Myuu leans forward in anticipation. Ruudo turns red, with red lights streaming across it. The narrator comments on Ruudo's change, asks if Gokuu can defeat Ruudo, what will happen to Pan's soul, and asks who Myuu is. Gokuu calls out Pan's name. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, July 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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