Dragonball GT Episode 14 (Aired 6/5/96) Rizumu de Batchiri!? Ruudo Kouryaku!! Can We Get the Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Ruudo!! Ruudo is now at full power, red with radiated heat. Lasers shoot from its eyes, blasting through the castle walls and detonating against the surrounding countryside (ala Nausicaa). The heroes are impressed, and Myuu is proud of his "baby". Trunks calls out that they have to rescue Pan quickly. Inside Ruudo, Pan is having a nightmare -- Doru-Takki is about to kiss her. She wakes up. Floating around her are many other dolls, and she realizes where she is. Doru-Takki floats up, trying to kiss her. She screams and slaps Doru-Takki silly. The noise causes all of the other sacrifices to wake up. Doru-Takki escapes, complaining that this is not his "cute Pan-chan". She says that this is the real her. The Para Brothers also wake up, wondering where they are. Pan continues bashing Doru-Takki for being etchi, and then fires off an energy ball. It ricochets everywhere, and Doru-Takki tells Pan that she should have listened to him when he told her to stop. The energy ball still ends up hitting Doru-Takki in the head. Causing the sacrifices to look his way and recognize him. He is quickly surrounded. He insults them, telling them to not act so rudely to the person that knows how to get to the exit. Pan gets the rabble to settle down and follow her lead (including a little bit of morale-boosting cheerleading.) Outside, Ruudo is getting carried away with its new powers; blowing up the countryside. Doru-Takki is afraid of doing anything that will expose him to Myuu's wrath again. So, he refuses to tell Pan his secret. Pan was expecting this, and she mobilizes the Para Brothers. They go into their dance routine (very silly -- I like it) and quickly have Doru-Takki jumping like a mistreated puppet. He is then asked: Q: What is your name? A: Doru-Takki. Q: (I'm not sure, something like "where are you from?") A: Doll Planet. Q: What is Ruudo's weakness? A: It's heart. Up above them, is a red glowing ball. Doru-Takki explains that Dr. Myuu spun the structure of Ruudo around this heart when it was created. The heart is probably their only way out. Suddenly, Gokuu yells in pain, being squeezed in Ruudo's right hand. Pan rushes to Ruudo's chest and looks out through its skin. But she is so small and far away, that Gokuu can't hear her yelling. The only option is for Pan to fire an energy ball at Ruudo' heart. This only screws Ruudo's system up for a moment, but it is enough for Gokuu to escape. Pan comments on this, and Doru-Takki insults her impetuousness -- which gets him pummeled. Doru-Takki explains that Pan can't do it alone; the attack has to also come from the outside at the same time. Pan rushes to Ruudo's skin, trying to get Gokuu to attack Ruudo's heart. [Commercial Break.] Gokuu can't hear her, so Pan attacks Doru-Takki to find a way to contact the boy. Doru-Takki doesn't know of a way, and Pan starts to give herself a headache as she tries to think. The Paras then tell her that they can do telepathy; she attacks them for not saying this earlier, then pats them on their heads for being so useful. Doru-Takki begs for Pan to rub his head and call him a good child also, for revealing what he knows. Pan doesn't notice the otaku standing behind her, and she bashes him in the chin as she is so happy at having a solution to their problems. Then, she asks if Doru-Takki had said something to her -- Doru-Takki mutters "I thought so, she is frightening." Pan nicely asks the Paras to perform the telepathy, and they pull out old-style radio microphones. In (bad) 3-part harmony, they start announcing that "they understand". (From this point on, the Paras do all of their talking in bad 3-part do-wop. Hilarious.) Pan tells them to quit screwing around and just get to work. They again answer "we understand" in 3-part do-wop. Outside, Ruudo is using its lasers against Gokuu. The boy avoids them, but almost gets crushed under a huge falling pillar. Gokuu hears the Paras singing in his head, saying that he should attack Ruudo's heart. He doesn't know where that is, so Pan fires a bolt at it, causing it to shine briefly. The Paras tell him to attack that spot. Trunks is avoiding Ruudo's grasp, and he asks what to do. Gokuu yells out to shoot for the heart. But, as Trunks is taking this in, Ruudo hits him point blank with its mouth cannon. The blast destroys the castle. Trunks is immobilized, propped up against some rubble. Leaving Gokuu to fight alone. His blast hits Ruudo in the correct spot, but has no effect. Ruudo responds with eye lasers that Gokuu barely evades. The Paras call out that it was Pan's fault for not attacking simultaneously with Gokuu. They try again, but Gokuu's blast hits first. Doru-Takki berates them for their timing, and Pan knows what the problem is. She tells the Paras that this time she'll count to three. Gokuu doesn't like this arrangement, because he can't count in English. So, on 'three', Pan fires, and Gokuu is slow. They try again, and Gokuu fires on 'two.' Ruudo attacks Gokuu with eye blasts, the Paras do-wop insults at him, and Ruudo fires another mouth blast. Gokuu gives up on this counting business and suggests an alternative -- "Katsudon", "tendon", "oyakudon". The Paras don't understand this counting system, and Pan can't believe that Gokuu is still thinking about food (all three words are names for dishes served in a bowl.) But, Pan doesn't care anymore what they do, as long as it works. ALL of the sacrifices call out "katsudon", "tendon", oyakudon". Pan and Gokuu fire -- and their attacks hit Ruudo's heart dead-on. The heart explodes, Ruudo's eyes go crazy, and the robot falls apart. The head shuts down, and all of the souls of the sacrifices return to their bodies in the urn. Which causes them to all return to normal, scattered across the ruins. Pan runs to Gokuu, they embrace, and Gokuu shows that he has the #6 Dragon Ball. Gill becomes functional again and runs up, but is kicked away by Pan for being too slow. Pan wonders where Doru-Takki is. The pervert flies by in a one-man flier, and disappears up among the clouds. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, July 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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