Dragonball GT Episode 15 (Aired 6/12/96) Mou Gure te yaru!! Pan no iede!? "I Can't Take Anymore!!" Pan Runs Away!? The ship is flying through space again, and Pan is wondering if her current recipe needs more spice. Gill samples it, and lists off stuff that it thinks should be added to the food. Pan is upset at the criticism coming from a robot, while Gill claims that it wants to make Pan's food more delicious. Pan attacks the robot for implying that her food tastes bad. Gokuu finds this all very entertaining, and is chewed out by Trunks for forgetting their mission to save Earth. Trunks continues, saying that since they have to go up against Dr. Myuu, it would have been better if Goten had come instead of Pan. Pan overhears this and demands to know Gokuu's opinion. Gokuu doesn't care either way, and Trunks tries to cover over his error. But, Pan doesn't know how to handle this situation, and runs upstairs, crying. Gill follows her. Looking out at the starry darkness, Pan is still crying. Gill holds out a handkerchief, commenting on the tears. Pan angrily denies that she is crying, but eventually returns to her despair without hitting the robot. Gill is confused by this. Later, Gill senses a Dragon Ball on a nearby planet. The ship heads for the new planet. Then, the crew stands on the surface of the desert planet, trying to look hip in their sunglasses. They quickly succumb to the intense heat and return inside the ship. A giant sand centipede attacks the ship, spitting a ton of sand that hits Pan full in the face. The centipede squeezes the ship before being chased off by Gokuu and Trunks. Later, as Trunks is ironing out the wrinkles from the ship, he has Gokuu act as look out. The water lines have been damaged, and when Pan tries to help, she is told by Gokuu to stop bothering Trunks. This is the last straw; Pan enters the ship, packs up some belongings and a canteen of water. She says that she hates Gokuu and Trunks, then flies away into the desert. Only Gill notices this, and becomes concerned for her. But, it is too hot for flying, so Pan sets down and switches to walking. When she stops for a drink of water, her parasol blows away. She runs after it, and falls down a sand dune, losing some of her water. Gill decides to fly after Pan -- Trunks and Gokuu ask the robot where it is going, but don't understand the answer ("after Pan".) Eventually, Pan runs out of water, decides that she can't go any farther, and discovers that she is lost. Gill switches from flying to walking also, and disturbs a giant sand centipede. The robot evades the danger, but calculates that Pan is very likely to run into her own centipede very soon. Pan collapses to the ground just as a centipede raises its head and approaches her. [Commercial Message] Doru-takkii arrives on Dr. Myuu's planet. He is rehearsing his speech as he walks towards Myuu's office. However, his sweet praises of Ruudo's abilities fall instead on the ears of Shogun Gilldo. (Gilldo is a big, hulking kind of guy, who later turns out to be a "Machine Mutant".) Doru wants to know where Dr. Myuu is, and is told that Myuu is not on the planet. Doru tries to turn to leave, but discovers that Myuu did leave a message for him -- "Die." Gilldo fires off an energy bolt that hits Doru-takkii in the head and kills him. Gilldo immediately contacts Myuu, and asks for his next assignment. Myuu shows images of Gokuu and Trunks, demanding that the pair be brought to him so that the doctor can use their power in his experiments. Back on the desert planet, Gill succumbs to the heat and falls into a sand dune. It perks up on discovering Pan's abandoned canteen. But, after dragging the canteen for a mile or so, Gill realizes that it doesn't know where Pan is. At the ship, Gokuu is trashing a sand centipede, and Trunks tells the boy to be more gentle (the battle is disturbing Trunk's repair work.) Gokuu thinks that trashing centipedes is fun, and asks Pan to join him. Finally, Gokuu notices that Pan is missing. Pan's limp body is sliding down a sand dune into the waiting maw of a centipede. She recovers enough to evade the monster, but is too weak to fight well (this is similar to what happens to Gokuu when he becomes famished.) Pan is about to be devoured, and she asks Trunks and Gokuu to save her. Instead, Gill comes soaring out of the sky and rams the monster. As Pan passes out from the heat, she watches Gill valiantly rushing at the monster's head, and she mutters "Gill, it's OK -- escape now." She dreams -- seeing her friends and family. She apologizes to them. Then, she wakes up to water being dropped on her face by Gill. Not only did the robot find water, but it also killed the centipede, and recovered the #5 Dragon Ball. Pan suddenly turns on the robot, panicking it, and apologizes for her behavior. Then, Gokuu and Trunks show up. They all go to the rock quarry where Gill found the water, and frolic. Trunks apologizes for what he'd said earlier, and welcomes Pan into their quest to save Earth. All is well with the gang again, and because of Pan's running away, they now have another Dragon Ball. The narrator comments on their recent events, and asks what will happen with Shogun Gilldo and Dr. Myuu. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, August 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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