Dragonball GT Episode 16 (Aired 6/19/96) Mashin Wakusei M2... Uragiri no Giro!? Machine Planet M2... Gill the Backstabber!? We start out with Pan piloting the ship, and being attacked by hundreds of robot ships. Turns out that Pan is playing a virtual video game against Gill and losing horribly. (The screen shows that Gill is spelled "Gill".) Gokuu wakes up, complaining that Pan is still playing this game. Trunks arrives and consults Gill on the whereabouts of the next Dragon Ball. Pan immediately challenges the robot to another round, and Trunks asks who is winning (the Street Fighter-style display shows Gill-50, Pan-0.) Gokuu wants them to stop so that he can sleep, and Pan yells out "one more!" This time, the ship's interior shows the game so that Trunks can watch. Pan loses again, spectacularly. Trunks returns to flying the real ship, while Pan chases Gill around to try to force it to play yet one more round. When she catches it, it suddenly starts letting off steam and acting like it has overheated (to Pan's concern.) The lights go out in the ship for a moment, allowing Gill to see outside a window. It stares out at a passing planet and mutters that it wants to return there. But, when Gill realizes that Pan has walked up behind it, it yells "Pan! Danger!" and runs off again. Later that night, while the others are sleeping, Pan wakes up and stares at the white planet with what seems to be a big splotchy blob covering part of its face. The next morning, Trunks is acting surprised at the news from Pan. He doesn't want to make any detours at this point in the quest to save Earth, but Pan insists that it'll only be for a short time, and for a good cause. Gokuu thinks that they may be able to get more food there. Trunks caves in, and Pan thanks them both. Gill stares out at space and says "I'm coming home." Part of the planet is red sand and craters, part is lush forest, and the rest is deserted city ruins. In one tower, Shogun Rirudo is asking for a status update. A robot answers that the ship has changed course for planet M2. Rirudo is pleased at the work of "DD4649T22006RS". Myuu appears on the screen, and he also asks for a report. Rirudo replies that he will soon deliver their prey, and is given the run of M2 to make good on the promise. [Commercial Break.] The ship lands in a wood-lined clearing, and the kids step out to stretch. Trunks tells Pan to stay near the ship, and she agrees to it. Suddenly, there is a scream -- Gokuu had flown up into a tree and found an apple, but when he bit into it, he hurt his teeth. Pan rags on him for blindly eating strange food, but it turns out that the apple is really a VERY heavy metal ball. Pan wants to keep the pretty thing as a souvenir, until Gill eats it. The robot gets a much bigger energy boost than it had been expecting, and lights up the woods. There's an explosion, which leaves the robot pounded into the ground, and acting sheepish. (Gokuu apologizes for finding the apple in the first place.) Later, the heroes reach the city, and comment on how run down the deserted place looks -- in fact, the entire planet seems to be people-free. Gokuu calls out "Is anyone here?", which causes an alarm signal to sound. Suddenly, they are surrounded by thousands of green versions of Gill (Pan blames Gokuu for this.) One of the green robots greets DD4649T22006RS, and welcomes it back home. However, while it seems to be recognized by all of the green robots, Gill claims to not know any of them. It also claims to not know if this is its home planet. Suddenly, Gill acts as if it remembers something (or has been summoned somewhere)and floats off. Gokuu hopes that Gill will return with food. The heroes are left behind, surrounded by all of the green robots. When Shogun Rirudo calls out "DD4649T22006RS", all of the robots in the area freeze up. The Shogun is in the tallest tower in the city, watching on a holographic projector. Gill joins him, and he congratulates DD4649T22006RS for luring the humans to M2. Meanwhile, Gokuu is exercising on an escalator, and Trunks is wondering if Gill had been acting strangely just now. Then, Gill shows up and leads them deeper into the city (Pan has another metal apple in her hand, but Gill ignores it.) They get to an older part of the city, and Gokuu senses the great power of the four stupid-looking robots that had been planning to ambush them. The robots phase out into the open (they can swim through solid stone, if they want.) The leader is amused at Gokuu's sensing them, and looks forward to a fun time (as well as getting the Dragon Balls.) The leader tells the others to power up, and the resulting explosion sends Pan and Trunks into the walls of the nearby buildings; Gokuu was ready for this, and stayed on his feet while being pushed backwards. Gokuu is impressed, not having felt this much power in a long time. He introduces himself and asks who the robots are. The leader replies "M2's commandos -- Ener-cannon Shin-go" (The Energy Cannon 4.) Pan wants to know what the EC4 -- who are now holding Gill -- are planning to do with her friend. She is told that this isn't "Gill", it is "DD4649T22006RS", who is a member of EC4's gang. Pan doesn't buy this and runs forward. Into a trap. One robot breaks up into thousands of BB's that shoot forward and encase Gokuu and Trunks. This robot sprays the two heroes with sleeping gas and they pass out. Another robot (with missiles for fists) chases Pan away. This robot plans on hurting Pan until Gill speaks up. Gill states that Pan is stranded here and can't escape; further, the Dragon Balls that Shogun Rirudo wants are on the bodies of the two captives. This satisfies the leader, and the robots fly away. Pan has trouble believing what has happened, and wonders what she should do now. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, August 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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