Dragonball GT Episode 17 (Aired 6/26/96) Pan ni Omakase! Gokuu kyuu shutsu sakusen!! Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Gokuu!! Gokuu and Trunks are peacefully sleeping in a holding cell. Rirudo is staring at them from a monitor at his chair, wondering if these two wimps could really have the powers that Dr. Myuu is looking for. Rirudo orders that a group of medical robots examine the two prisoners. Meanwhile, a strange growth of greenery is making its furtive way closer to the mouth of the big metal tower. When she thinks that the coast is clear, Pan moves forward -- into the path of a group of purple drone robots. They trample her without noticing it. This bothers Pan so much that when the final robot, a flag-bearer, stops on top of her, she loses her temper and trashes it. As Pan gets a little deeper into the tower, she is faced with the problem of getting past all of the robots marching around. She decides to sneak along the ceiling pipeworks, but the pipe she is on immediately breaks and drops her into a big guard robot. Pan evades notice by slipping onto a side corridor before the guard can turn around. But, the pain in her head makes her want to return home. It also makes her careless -- the wall she is leaning against opens out onto a conveyor belt. The belt drops her into a pile of robot bodies, in what is obviously a robot factory. Pan becomes happy with a new idea. In her new disguise as a purple robot, Pan is extremely happy with her ability to get around unchallenged. Then, she stumbles onto a meeting, where Shogun Rirudo, in front of the teaming robot minions, gives a special medal to Gill for its part in giving them some of the Dragon Balls. Pan is outraged. Gill calls out "Shogun Rirudo -- Banzai." "Dr. Myuu -- Banzai." Pan realizes that this must be a planet belonging to Myuu, and the guy standing in front of her must be Rirudo. Further, Gill is probably one of Myuu's creations. Before she can speculate much more, a nearby robot berates her for blocking the exit; the presentation is over. In a lab elsewhere, Trunks and Gokuu are being (CAT) scanned. When the 3-D analysis of Gokuu is built up, the lead medic-robot becomes alarmed. This robot interrupts Rirudo's mooning over Gill (Gill has all of the spare parts that it can eat) to show the Shogun that Gokuu's energy level is really high. Rirudo is shocked by the data. He wonders if Gokuu could have easily defeated the EC4, and if it is wise to send the boy on to Myuu as ordered. Gill approaches and offers to turn over all of the data it has on Gokuu and Trunks' fighting pattern -- thus easily allowing them to defeat the humans. Rirudo praises Gill for this. [Commercial Message] The EC4 are hooked up to Gill, and they watch every battle that Gill has recorded -- for Gokuu, Trunks and Pan. Rirudo is happy about this (the data on Gokuu is completely entered into the EC4.) While the two human males sleep, Pan is complaining about being stuck in with another bunch of purple robots. She is additionally concerned as she watches the robots ahead of her phasing through a solid wall. She stalls for time, but is pushed ahead by the robots behind her. Bouncing off the wall, Pan is declared to be broken, and is summarily thrown into a room filled with other malfunctioners. (One robot keeps repeating "Where am I? Who am I?") Another robot explains that this is the room for broken "machine mutants." It tells us that the machine mutants were made by Dr. Myuu, and that they destroyed the planet's original population. The robot gets stuck repeating "this planet's inhabitants" as the camera shows us that the mutants have taken over. (It is an old robot, so it remembers what had happened so long ago.) It also knows that Gill, the prisoners, and the Dragon Balls are all at the top of the tower. It asks what Pan will do with this info, and she replies that she will rescue the prisoners, of course. The old robot disagrees, and points out the garbage compactor walls that are suddenly closing in on them. Pan throws off the top half of her disguise, blows out the sealed doors, and pulls all of the junk robots to safety. The old robot tells Pan of the elevator at the end of the hall; Pan thanks it, and she runs down the hall still wearing the bottom half of the robot shell. Rirudo is alerted to the explosion, and tells the EC4 to capture Pan. The EC4 has absorbed all of the data on the humans, and the smallest of the 4 robots asks the leader for permission to handle Pan alone. The runt then taunts Pan, easily phasing into the corridor walls to evade her attacks, before easily hitting her with its missiles. The robot gloats over how Gill (identifying Gill by its human-given name) has taught them all about the humans' fighting patterns. Pan breaks into tears, then says that she hates all of them. Pan's energy ball takes the runt robot by surprise and reduces it to a blackened shell. Pan states that while she may be a small girl, she is still strong. The remaining 3 robots are watching videos of Pan and Trunks arguing over whether Trunks can give Gill a snack. The three are amused at how completely the humans will suckered in by DD4649T22006RS. Trunks says that Gill's finding of a Dragon Ball was great, and the EC4 leader says "of course, Gill was built by Myuu to have its own "dragon data" (Dragon Radar.) Gokuu opens his eyes, saying that that was a mean trick (he had been lying awake for a while.) Gokuu adds that Gill really was their friend. The leader claims that the robot was just following its programming. Then, Pan busts into the room. One robot blindsides her, slapping Pan into the wall. Gokuu won't permit this to happen, and he powers up a bit to escape his restraints; at the same time, destroying Trunks' medi-pod (and the entire room.) Trunks also wakes up. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, September 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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