Dragonball GT Episode 18 (Aired 7/10/96) Deeta Nya Nai Ze!! Gokuu no Chou-honki Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Gokuu's Ultimate True Determination The EC3 (AKA, the EC4 minus 1) are laughing as Trunks and Gokuu look at Pan's fallen body. Gokuu won't let them get away with this, and one of the EC3 replies that with Dr. Myuu's data on the humans' fighting patterns, they are undefeatable. Gokuu isn't so sure about that. He tells Trunks to take Pan to safety, locate Gill, and recover the Dragon Balls. When Trunks goes to Pan, the biggest EC3 robot attacks, but is blocked by Gokuu, who tells it that its opponent is Gokuu only. Trunks escapes with Pan. Gokuu and the EC3 leader fight, with Gokuu getting the worst of it. The EC3 tells Gokuu that the data they have on him came from Gill, and Gokuu acts surprised and angry. Rirudo is watching via his monitor, and he praises Gill again for its help. Gill replies "Giro" happily. Gokuu is given the chance to surrender, and doesn't take it. And, there is more fighting. Gokuu gets roughed up again. The leader comments that Gokuu is only fighting at a fraction of his known measured strength. Gokuu smiles and fires off an energy ball. The EC3 sink into the floor to evade it. Gokuu hasn't seen this trick before, and he stands stunned long enough for a robot to set his pants on fire again. He has to actually be told that the robots can phase through metal before he catches on (the leader asks if he can not do such a simple thing himself, and Gokuu answers that this is not "simple" -- it's awesome.) Gokuu asks how they like his next attack, and rapidly fires off energy balls in all directions. The robots get blown out of the walls, and onto the floor. They ask "who is this guy?", and Gokuu claims that it is now his turn to kick butt. Trunks takes Pan to the ship and discovers that it has been ransacked. He confirms that the Dragon Balls are gone, and accidentally hits Pan in the head with a can. Pan wakes up, and is told that the Balls are indeed missing. Pan gets angry. [Commercial Message] The EC3 still want to fight. However, the leader announces that they will continue as the "mega cannon". In a silly transformer sequence, the three robots combine into one larger, stronger robot. It powers up, and Gokuu is happily impressed by the sight. Rirudo anticipates a good battle, and the action begins. Eventually, Gokuu gets blasted through the nearby forest. When he recovers, he gleefully comments on the Mega Cannon's great power. Then he steps things up. Mega Cannon switches to flying formation, and looks like a dragon fly. The resulting game of tag makes Rirudo angry, and the Shogun starts emitting black tendrils of energy. Mega Cannon is now a little faster than Gokuu, and its laser beam attack keeps the boy running away. MC switches to power drill mode, and now uses a ballistic attack. This is played for laughs for a few minutes. Then, Gokuu grabs the tip of MC's head drill, and powers up a bit in order to hold MC at bay. He then throws MC into a cliff and powers down. He tells MC that this has been fun, but now that he knows their full abilities, he is bored with them. He adds that he has powers that Gill hasn't seen yet, and Rirudo watches on, emitting lightening and black tendrils. The Shogun soon settles down, and then leaves the tower to take on Gokuu himself. Gokuu unleashes a rapid series of body punches that Mega Cannon is unprepared for, and finishes it off with Kamehame-ha. The three bodies of the Energy Cannon 3 fall heavily to the ground. Gokuu doesn't have time to gloat -- his stomach is growling at him. He doesn't have time to search for edible food -- the great power he senses coming at him is MUCH greater than MC's was. At the ship, Pan is arguing with Trunks -- she wants to go along to get the Dragon Balls. Then, they too feel a great ki, and wonder whose it is. The narrator tells us that with Shogun Rirudo getting involved, the "Super Battle" is about to begin. Rirudo and Gokuu both fly towards the ship. ---------------------------- NOTES: My Japanese wife originally heard the Shogun's name as "Girudo". However, the title for episode 19 gives it as "Rirudo". I have changed the Shogun's name in the earlier episodes, to correct this error. "Ki" (AKA, "Chi") means "your internal energy force." It could be treated as life energy, or as energy that you focus on when you are about to hit an opponent in Karate. ------------------------------------------ This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, September 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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