Dragonball GT Episode 21 (Aired 8/7/96) Nante kotta!! Kinzokuban ni natta Gokuu What is this!! Gokuu is Turned to Metal There is a stare-off, and then the attack -- the shockwave flattens the countryside. There's more fighting and Gokuu is kicked into a movie theater in the city. Gokuu hides in the rubble, and Rirudo tries to blast him out into the open. This causes the movie projector to start running, and when the fighting resumes, Gokuu is amused that the female movie character seems to be screaming in fear of Rirudo. The Shogun angrily blows up the projector, and bats Gokuu out to the lobby. The boy lands on top of two drink fountains, and comments on the delicious juice pouring on his head. Rirudo wants to finish this off, and says "Good-bye" as he uses his mouth blast. Gokuu aims the juice at the Shogun, blinding him, and escapes. A game of hide and seek follows until Gokuu's hiding place collapses under him. Gokuu then hides by standing in front of a poster advertising the movie -- Star-zine. Pan flies up, yelling that she has the Dragon Balls, but couldn't save Trunks. Gokuu yells back that Pan should not come any closer to the battle. Rirudo attacks Pan, while using his liquid metal attack on Gokuu. Both Saiya-jin get nailed, and are quickly encased in metal tablets. Back at the tower, Rirudo tells Gill to teleport the tablets containing Gokuu and Pan. Gill gladly transports Gokuu, but objects that it is not necessary to send Pan. Rirudo threatens Gill, and Pan is sent as well. Then, at Dr. Myuu's lab, Myuu arrives and is very happy to have all of the Saiya-jin PLUS the Dragon Balls. He orders the operation to begin. All three tablets are placed on operating tables. [Commercial Message] Myuu switches on the system. Targeting lasers draw intersecting lines on Gokuu. Gill teleports in, and Myuu bids the robot to watch on as the work is about to begin for cutting up the Saiya-jin in order to collect their energy. But, Gill rushes over to Gokuu's control panel and shuts it down. Myuu demands an answer for this. Gill replies with "Girurururu", and fires a rocket at Myuu's control console, destroying it. Gill then pulls out a strange knife. Myuu asks who had created M2, but Gill answers that its friends are Pan, Gokuu, and Trunks; if Myuu threatens them, then Myuu is not needed any more. Myuu can't understand this, and the robot uses the knife to emit a special beam that melts Gokuu's tablet. As Myuu is coping with the idea that all of this had been an elaborate trick, Gokuu is freed, followed by Pan. Pan takes a moment to recover, then wants to exact revenge on Gill, while Gill is trying to tell her what is going on. In the meantime, Myuu's henchbots grab Trunks' slab. If the tablet is broken, it can't be restored, making it a good hostage. One henchbot is sent to operate the transporter, but is obstructed by Gill. There now ensues a game of keep away with Trunks' tablet, until Gill blows up the teleporter -- distracting the henchbot trying to catch the tablet. The tablet shatters on the floor. Myuu is as distressed as Pan and Gokuu are. Then, Trunks shouts out that it's ok, he is "over here". The camera pans to show Trunks coming down the stairs along one tall wall. Gill chides Trunks for being late, and the boy apologizes -- he was busy. Gokuu guesses that all of this was part of the plan; Pan doesn't understand at all. Gokuu adds that this proves that Gill is A-OK. Trunks states that he and Gill had planned all of this up to this point. The Trunks tablet was a fake. Pan angrily grabs the robot, then is happy that Gill wasn't a traitor after all. Myuu orders his henchbots to open fire. The bots are destroyed and Myuu runs up the stairs that Trunks had come down. Trunks flies to the top of the stairs to stop Myuu, then shows the other two heroes the "secret room". He opens the door at the top of the stairs to reveal a huge open space. In the middle, in a big glass jar, is a metal larva-like embryo. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, November 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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