Dragonball GT Episode 22 (Aired 8/14/96) Abakareta yabou!! Ja-aku seimeitai Bebii Violent Ambition!! Birth of the Evil 'Baby' The secret room is HUGE, and Gokuu and Pan are in awe of the machine caring for Baby. Myuu staggers towards his creation, apologizing to it. During all of this, Baby seems to be sleeping, its heart beating noticeably, but like it is in pain. Gokuu and Pan speculate over whether Baby is a new kind of machine mutant, and Trunks tells them that Baby is very different from the others -- a much more potentially powerful "neo-machine mutant". Myuu wants to know why the intruders understand his secret creation, and Trunks indicates that he'd been informed by Gill. Gill claims that if Baby succeeded, it's kind would be superfluous -- it was either Baby, or them. Which is why Trunks has already cut the power to Baby's computer. Myuu snaps. Of course, Trunks -- as the son of Bulma -- has the skill to modify Myuu's computer's programming. At this point, as befits the death of someone important and powerful, the rain starts (in this case, it is a rain of meteors punching through the crystalline bio-dome and splashing into the artificial lake.) Myuu becomes one with his computer in an attempt to save Baby. Trunks claims that he'd killed Baby for the sake of all life in all of the galaxies. When Pan realizes that Myuu's goal of conquest included Earth, she gets righteously indignant, while Gokuu is unimpressed. Trunks sides with Pan. Gill comments that it, and it's kind, are guilty of doing many bad things for Myuu. Pan corrects the robot, adding that it had at least helped them stop Myuu. Gill is happy with this thought until Pan insults it as a joke; she then hops around like a boxer to challenge the little mecha. Trunks says that there was a lot of data to discover when he left M2, and he goes into a flashback. When Trunks was still a tablet, Gill had teleported to Myuu's planet late at night. A strange robot surprised Gill, but it only wanted to punch the helpless Trunks tablet before wandering away. Gill then freed Trunks, and they discussed their findings on the machine mutants until the fake Trunks slab (created by Gill) teleported in. The two intruders share a laugh as the flashback ends. Back in reality, Trunks comments that it was a good thing he'd uncovered Baby. Otherwise, there'd be no way of knowing what horrible things Baby would be capable of doing, given that Myuu is such a talented scientist. Myuu cries out for his creation to not die. He goes mad, rambling on about how he slaved over Baby, to make it big and strong. He demands that Baby live, as he smashes his fist into the control console monitor. [Commercial Message] Pan is feeling a little pity for Myuu, and Gokuu ponders over the fun he could have had fighting Baby. Trunks tries to get the boy to become serious. Gokuu wonders if the neo-mutant is really dead. He crawls over the glass container like a cockroach, inspecting the monster. Myuu berates the boy for this show of disrespect, until Baby wakes up. Gill yells "Danger!", and Myuu coos over his little "cute Baby". The neo-mutant powers up, becoming fully formed. Trunks is confused, having thought that he knew what he was doing. Myuu becomes a gushing daddy, while Gokuu expects the worst. Baby explodes free of his container, blowing the Saiya-jin out against the distant bio-dome walls. (The dome shows holes where the meteors have fallen through.) Myuu collapses to the ground. Gokuu yells for the others to stand alert, which they do. Myuu commands Baby to send the Saiya-jin to Hell. Baby marks his targets, and says "sa -- ru -- jin". As Baby floats into the air and begins to power up some more, Gokuu calls out "Pan", "Trunks" -- "Now!" All three fire off their trademark energy balls, and blow Baby to bits. Disheartened, Myuu presses a button on his chest, which converts the remains of Baby's container into a space ship. A bit of pink goo sneaks up Myuu's leg as the doctor stumbles to the ship. Myuu (with the damage he's taken, it is clear that he too is a machine) says "good-bye" and blasts off. Pan yells at the doctor to come back, and has to be restrained by Gokuu. Trunks tells her that with Baby dead, Myuu can no longer be a threat on his own. It is time for them to return to the task of finding the Dragon Balls. Pan asks about their ship -- Gill pulls out the energy knife to show that the ship can be restored. In his own ship, Myuu vows to make Baby's successor, to take over the galaxy and destroy the Saiya-jin. Unfortunately, Baby takes over Myuu's body, and bursts out -- killing Myuu. Baby comments on the programming it had received, and the legacy bestowed on him by Ruudo and the other mutants. But, Baby has his own plans and goals. He sets his sights on M2 to intercept his prey. (When Baby crushed Myuu's head, the #1 Dragon Ball rolled out.) ---------------------------- Note: I can't find "seimeitai" in my dictionaries. I am assuming that it means "birth", until someone can prove otherwise. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, November 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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