Dragonball GT Episode 23 (Aired 8/21/96) Kakusareta Kiki!? Nanbasen to Nazo no Shonen A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked and Mysterious Boy Gill fires a rocket at the Capsule Corp. ship, releasing an energy wave that causes the frozen liquid metal to release the ship. Gokuu, Pan and Trunks comment on this, and tell Gill that it has done a good job. They get in the ship, and prepare to launch. Pan is glad to get away from this planet, but doesn't want Gill to take offense. The engines fire to take the heroes on to the next Dragon Ball. However, Hyper Mega Rirudo is still alive, and he secretes an arm to grab a leg of the ship. At first, Pan blames Trunks' driving for the sudden roughing up they get, then she blames Gill. Looking out a window, they see Rirudo, who asks if they really plan on escaping M2 so easily. Trunks passes on the fate of Myuu to Rirudo, which only makes the Shogun more angry. He excretes another arm and grabs a second leg on the ship. Gokuu doesn't want to screw around any more, so the three open the door of the ship and they simultaneously blast the machine mutant in the face. He lets go, and the ship flies away, throwing the heroes into a pile inside. Below, in a massive crater, Baby flows away from Rirudo's destroyed body. Frustrated that it's plan failed, Baby screams. Inside the ship, Pan complains about where Gokuu's hand is located, calling him a pervert. Gokuu denies that it's his hand that's touching her breast. When the pile is sorted out, Pan asks Gokuu to help find the next Dragon Ball. However, Gokuu is starving, and is therefore useless. He keeps complaining, and Pan tells him to be quiet. Gill starts calling out, and Pan yells at it to shut up. But, Trunks announces that they've located the next Ball. It is on a spacewrecked starcruiser trapped in the gravity well of a small star. Gill adds that the star's gravity pull is dangerously strong. Gokuu challenges Pan to help get the Ball, and she berates him for being the one earlier that was too weak to do anything. (Gokuu also hopes to find food on the ship.) The three, wearing protective suits, ride space scooters to the ship. The wreck looks like it was in some kind of battle. Inside, there is more damage, and no signs of life. Gokuu wants to look for food. Pan states that they should get the Ball and leave before they get barbecued. Gill declares that the Ball is behind a door. The door opens and they enter what looks like an airlock. There is air in here, and they take off their helmets. Gill points out another door; Gokuu blasts it out of the way. The #1 Ball is mounted in some kind of holder in an open-sided pillar. Pan removes the Ball, while Trunks comments that this all feels too easy. Pan tells him to not worry about it. Then, she apparently feels someone's ki. Gokuu and Trunks can't feel it, so Pan plans to check the ship alone. The ship rocks, and Gill says that they have five minutes before it's too late to leave. Pan gives the Ball to Gokuu for protection, then runs off. Gokuu complains about Pan's behavior. Before Trunks and Gokuu can mount the scooters to leave the ship, it starts to explode and Gill tells them that they really only have two minutes left before the ship is destroyed. [Commercial Message] Pan is walking in the corridors when she is attacked by a large egg-bodied robot standing on bird-legs. Pan demands an explanation, and it answers by firing a bunch of missiles at her. When the smoke clears, Trunks and Gokuu are revealed, having caught the missiles with their arms, legs, and teeth. Pan asks why they are here with her, and is told that Gill says they're running out of time. Pan quickly destroys the robot; she is pleased with herself, but the others don't think that it was any big deal. Gill announces that the ship is falling into the star. They find a white faced, green haired boy in a cabin -- he is just barely alive. Then, they run back to the space scooters while Gill counts off the remaining seconds (until Pan hits Gill on the head.) They escape the shipwreck, but the scooters are not strong enough to escape the gravity well. The wreck is consumed, Gokuu's suit starts smoldering, and they abandon the scooters (which also fall into the star.) Pan can not fly hard enough, and she starts to fall behind (the alien boy is strapped onto Trunks' back and has his own helmet.) Gill fires off a cable that attaches itself to a leg of the Capsule Corp. ship. (The gravity well is very steep for this star -- it tapers off quickly over only a few hundred meters and does not seem to affect the CC ship at all.) Gokuu grabs Gill, and Trunks grabs Gokuu and Pan. Gokuu lays out his plan. Soon, they are all safely wrapped up with Gill's cable, and Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha to propel them back to the safety of their ship. Then, they fly away. The alien is put on a medi-bed. It has an unusual anatomy, but seems to be stable for the moment. Gill is commanded to check for subspace communications, and locates a hospital on a nearby inhabited planet. (Sounds like Planet "Pitaru".) Trunks and Pan say "We've been rescued." Gokuu agrees -- This planet MUST have food. Pan bops him on the head. It is a pretty green/blue planet like Earth, with a big hospital. Pan accompanies the alien as it is wheeled on a gurney, stopping outside of ER. She seems worried about the boy's chances. They wait a long time. Finally, a doctor comes out to tell them that the worst is over and the alien is ok. Pan and Trunks are relieved. Then, they discover that Gokuu has disappeared. He is hiding under the couch, and he angrily says that he hates hospitals and wants to leave this planet immediately. In the recovery room, the monitoring equipment starts malfunctioning. While the nurse tries to fix the problem, the boy wakes up and stands up on the bed. His confused expression turns evil and the hospital is rocked by a massive explosion. Several people in the corridor outside the room look to have been killed in the flames. A nurse tells the heroes that the blast came from the alien boy's room. The narrator asks what kind of creature the boy is, and what have they brought to this planet? ---------------------------- Note: I am not sure of the name of this planet. It sounds like "Pitaru", which could be "Petal". It is not written anywhere, and is not mentioned again later. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, October 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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