Dragonball GT Episode 24 (Aired 8/28/96) Bebii gyaku shuu!! Nerawareta Saiyajin!! Baby's Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!! The hospital staff struggles to contain the flames as the heroes run up to them. Pan asks what's happened to the alien boy, and the rescuers don't know. A secondary explosion goes off with a cloud of black smoke, sending everyone into coughing jags. All except for Gokuu, who has rescued the nurse and the boy. The boy is wheeled into another room, and Pan says that even if Gokuu hates hospitals, it's good that he'd stayed inside with them. However, Gokuu is missing again and Trunks comments that the boy really does hate hospitals. The alien is partially awake, and Baby thinks to itself that it has another chance coming soon. Outside, Gokuu is halfway up a tree, refusing to come down and enter the building to eat. The only thing on this planet is the hospital, but Gokuu's hunger is not enough to force him to enter the hated place. Pan and Trunks pull Gokuu away, as the alien boy watches from a window. Baby has inserted itself inside the boy's body, and it sticks its head out from under the hospital gown. Baby is pleased with its trap and is eagerly looking forward to sucking out the power of the 3 Saiya-jin. It asks the heroes to just wait for it to discover its needed opening. The male heroes find a river and catch fish bare-handed. One big fish catches Gill. The robot gets free and hides behind Trunks. Pan is near the hospital, petting a deer (the deer tries to suck her nipple and Pan calls it "etchi".) The alien boy comes up behind her, commenting that the deer really is cute. She asks if its ok for the boy to be out walking like this, and he says that he's feeling fit enough. He asks where Gokuu and Trunks are (catching food) and the deer bumps Pan in the butt. Pan complains to the deer, turning her back on the alien boy. Baby reaches out to grab her neck, looking forward to getting the Saiya power very soon. But, Gokuu and Trunks pick this moment to arrive, and Baby has to bide its time some more. Then, the main surgeon arrives. He tells the boy that it's too early for him to be outside walking about. The alien is put into a wheelchair and pushed back to the hospital. The surgeon tells the boy that he's not strong enough to be outside, and Baby decides to engulf the doctor (apparently entering the doctor's body through his ears.) The surgeon/Baby asks a nurse to take the alien boy back to the hospital (the boy doesn't seem to be dead, but he's not overly active either.) Baby laughs at having found a new victim. The three heroes are lying on a riverbank, having eaten all of the fish. Trunks thinks that the weather is perfect for finding the next Ball. Pan wonders how Earth is doing, and Trunks thinks that she is homesick. Gokuu is still starving (the clouds remind him of food). Pan is also still hungry, but Gokuu refuses to return to the hospital. The main surgeon walks up and asks them to come eat. Gokuu claims that if they enter the building, people will give them shots and they'll die. The doctor assures them that this won't happen. 24 plates of food later, Gokuu is feeling better. He asks for refills. The doctor wonders if the older boy is named "Trunks"; would Trunks like to have a tour of the hospital? Trunks claims to have never been in a hospital on Earth, and so he wants to go on the tour. [Commercial Message] Trunks and the doctor enter an isolated lab. Trunks is impressed, and he plays with the controls of some scanner equipment. The doctor grabs Trunks by the throat and drools over the chance to get the Saiya power. Baby exposes itself, saying that it is the culmination of Myuu's science. With the three Saiya-jin's power, it will become perfect. Trunks asks what had happened on the shipwreck, and Baby answers that it had sucked everyone dry. Baby launches itself at Trunks, and he asks if this is Gokuu's cue. Gokuu replies "yes"; Baby gets hit by an energy blast. The mutant is smashed over onto the floor. Turns out that the heroes had sensed Baby back on the shipwreck, and had entered the trap to see what would happen. Before engaging Baby in combat, Pan wants to know why it had one of the Dragon Balls. Baby says that Myuu possessed that one Ball, and from the data Myuu had gathered, Baby knew that it could be used as bait for the trap. Otherwise, Baby has no use for the Dragon Balls -- it just wants the Saiya-jin. It attacks Pan, but is blown away by Gokuu. Baby gets a little roughed up, and looks like it will be destroyed as the heroes prepare to blast it all at once. Baby gets mad and powers up. The resulting explosion knocks them away, and carves open Trunks' shoulder. This is the opening Baby wanted; it enters Trunks' body through the wound. Gokuu and Pan realize their mistake, and Baby glories in the powers it can command from a Saiya-jin. Trunks/Baby blasts Gokuu in the face. When Gokuu tries to fight back, Pan reminds him that it is Trunks that will get hurt or killed. While they are arguing over this, Trunks/Baby attacks again. It looks like Gokuu is in real danger, except that the next blast goes wild; Trunks is trying to get control back over his body (the only choice that would be even worse for Baby to make would be to try to control Vejiita.) Trunks goes to SSJ and Baby basks in the power it feels. Unfortunately, its victim yells out "I am TRUNKS!!" and the mutant is expelled back to the lab floor. Trunks powers down, and slumps over from weakness. Baby realizes that it still can't achieve the power of a Saiya-jin. Gokuu spots its hiding place. Baby emits a blinding light from its eyes. Gill senses Baby's escape, but Gokuu can't react in time. Later, as people are waiting to board a departing spaceliner, Baby emerges from its hiding place behind a piece of luggage and takes over a new victim. Gokuu loses Baby's energy signature, and the mutant boards the liner. The heroes return to their ship, and Trunks speculates over what happened. Pan is repulsed by the idea of a machine sneaking inside a body, then asks if Gill can do the same thing. Gill panics and Pan laughs at her joke. Trunks and Pan wonder if they should go after Baby or after the remaining Dragon Balls. Gokuu is asked for his opinion. He says "Of course... I'm still hungry." Pan asks if the only thing he ever thinks about is food. He stands up, and succumbs to his starving stomach. The narrator asks what the body-consuming Baby is really planning on doing, and the camera shows that everyone on the spaceliner has been sucked dry. And, the liner is heading towards Earth. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, October 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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